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The Top 5 Dating Apps in Providence for 2024 That Dating Pros Love

A beautiful woman in a cafe using the top Providence dating apps

Providence, Rhode Island is the perfect mix of small-town charm with big city living. You've got friendly folks, a bunch of museums and parks to hang out in, and plenty of single women looking for a date. But if you're a busy guy or you're just not that great at approaching women in public, does that mean dating is hard for you? We say, not really. In fact, if you use one of the top Providence dating apps on our list, you might just jumpstart your dating life!

The great thing about Providence is that it remains one of the top cities in the US for single guys. The dating scene isn't as big as that of NYC or LA, but that just adds to its charm. That means most of the people you'll meet are friendlier and just a little more open to some conversation. That applies both to people you meet at the city's popular bars and on the dating apps we've mentioned below.

So if you're not sure which dating app in Providence will give you the best results, try these ones out:

#1 - eHarmony (Android, iOS) is one of the top dating apps in Providence for serious singles

eHarmony iOS

eHarmony has more than 12 million active users worldwide, many of whom are in Providence. It's one of the best relationship apps in the market with a variety of different people using it. According to recent stats, 20% of eHarmony's users are between 18 and 29 years. But the majority of its users (33%) are older singles within the 33-44 y/o age bracket.

What's unique about eHarmony is how it connects users based on compatibility. Unlike Tinder which connects its users based on proximity and looks, eHarmony analyzes its users' personalities based on their information and past on-site behavior. This helps the app connect with like-minded singles together, thus making it more likely for eHarmony couples to stay together for a very long time.

We also need to mention that almost 70% of eHarmony users end up meeting their future spouse on the app within one year of using it. Sof if you want to find love ASAP, eHarmony is the app for you.

What makes eHarmony a great dating app in Providence

  • Has a very large userbase
  • Matches are highly compatible on eHarmony compared to other dating sites
  • Offers different ice-breaking methods including the ability to comment on users’ prompts instead of just texting them directly

What we didn't like about the app

  • The sign-up process takes a while
  • You’re not free to select your matches



#2 - Match (Android, iOS) is a tried and tested relationship app

Match iOS

A decade ago, Match.com was the go-to dating site for singles ready to mingle. Those days are gone now and Match has new competitors, but it's still one of the best dating apps out there and the third most popular dating site in the country.

The app is part of Match Group which runs Tinder and Hinge, but it tends to attract a more serious type of singles, mainly those who want something long-term and can't find it elsewhere. These singles are often in the 35-44 y/o age bracket (even though you can still meet hot young users on Match, but not as many compared to those on Tinder or Bumble).

What we liked about Match

  • Popular and credible among serious adults
  • You can easily find a relationship on it if you give it some time (around 6 months)

What we didn't like about Match

  • Many fake profiles and spammers
  • You can’t get anything from it without paying a premium



#3 - Looking for hookups? AFF is the top Providence option

AFF homepage

AFF is a dating app that Providence singles like. It has more than 60 million users worldwide, and many of them are in Providence. It's marketed for those who want casual fun and are blunt about it. They also tend to follow a basic non-written rule that says "what happens on AFF, remains on AFF."

We've been using AFF for years, and what caught our attention is how straightforward the users are. There's no room for beating around the bush or girls who'll make you text them for weeks then flake on you right before the date. Pretty much everything is quick and simple on AFF because everyone knows what they want.

What makes AFF a great dating app in Providence

  • Very popular
  • Best option for single guys
  • You won’t waste your time on meaningless conversations that lead to nothing
  • Everyone is looking for the same thing

What we didn't like about the app

  • Doesn’t have an app
  • The site design could use an update
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for a fling or more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


#4 - Younger singles in Providence use Zoosk (Android, iOS)

Screenshots Zoosk Android

Zoosk is one of our top dating apps that, unfortunately, doesn't get enough credit. Even though it's more popular in Europe and some parts of South America than in the US, the app still has some decent popularity in some cities, including Providence, especially among young singles between 18 and 24 years.

What already had a detailed comparison between Zoosk and Match. Feel free to read it if you want to see how it compares to Match. We also mentioned that part of what we like about Zoosk is its unique "behavioral" matchmaking process called SmartPick, which is an algorithm that recommends ideal matches for you based on what you do on the app: who you match with, how long you talk to someone, and more.

What makes Zoosk a great dating app in Providence

  • SmartPicks is a great way to discover singles near you
  • Very popular among Providence singles
  • Overcomes spamming and catfishing by asking users to verify every single photo they add to their profiles

What we didn't like

  • Doesn’t have a ton of users in other cities
  • Users, especially women, tend to be a bit picky and flakey



#5 - Tinder (Android, iOS) remains a reliable dating app in Providence

Tinder iOS screenshots

You can always rely on Tinder to get women or anywhere in the world. It's the Big Daddy of all dating apps and the most popular across the globe. According to recent studies, Tinder has more than 50% market share in the online dating market almost twice the size of its nearest competitor.

Tinder is easy and fun to use because you can swipe through so many women in one day. Just keep in mind that there are tons of people on Tinder. Good news if you can stand out with your photos and bio. Bad news if your profile isn't all that eye-catching. Pro tip: upload some photos where you look great and you'll get twice as many matches. Seriously, give it a shot.

What we liked about Tinder in Providence

  • The most popular worldwide
  • Easy to use
  • Tons of hot girls use it every single day

What we didn't like about the app

  • Highly competitive
  • Tends to benefit guys in the top 10% of looks



The Best Dating Sites in Providence for Long-Term Relationships

A newlywed couple

Each one of us has his way of managing his dating lifestyle. Some want to stay single as long as possible while hopping between casual flings while others are in the dating market to find the hottest and most caring girlfriend/wife they can get.

The online dating industry understands this so well. Some apps brand themselves as just for hookups, others call themselves relationship apps, and some do both to different degrees. Even big dating companies diversify their apps to match all types of users. Match Group, for example, has a wide range of apps (ex: Tinder, Hinge, Match) to reach as many users as possible.

But what about you? Should you use all the popular apps out there and see what you can get or should you stick to only those that match your current needs?

In the following section, we divided our app recommendations into two categories based on usage, and we'll start with the two absolute best relationship apps in Providence. Here they are:

Sign up on eHarmony to find serious, committed matches

There are many reasons that make eHarmony the best relationship app in the past decade not only in Providence but the whole country. Every day people start a loving, committed relationship on eHarmony more than on any other app on the market (even more than Tinder, the world's most popular dating app). Several surveys and studies suggest that eHarmony is also responsible on nearly 4% of America's yearly weddings (more than any dating site).

But what about happiness? Are eHarmony couples any different from those who meet on other dating sites?

The answer is: YES.

Those who meet on eHarmony are more compatible and have better relationships compared to couples from other dating apps. According to a recent study, eHarmony couples scored the highest in marital satisfaction compared to other serious online daters.

We've been using, and recommending, eHarmony to our users for years and we recommend it to you as well if a long-term relationship is what you're looking for in Providence. According to the company's report, 70% of its users find real love less than a year from joining eHarmony. So check it out and start your free eHarmony trial here. You won't regret it...

The ladies in Providence love Bumble

Bumble is one of the fastest-growing dating apps with more than 100 million users worldwide. It's also the second most popular in the US. and is expected to outrank Tinder in the next few years. The app was basically designed to help women find love in a noise-free atmosphere. Women have many privileges on Bumble the most prominent of which is initiating the first move.

There are other perks to using Bumble including a wide range of filters, the presence of many hot women, and a high female-to-male ratio. The numbers also favor Bumble when it comes to helping users find long-term love. For example, these were the numbers found in one of Bumble's reports:

  • 85% of Bumble's users were pro-commitment and said they were using the app to find long-term love
  • Only less than 5% of the users said they use the app for casual hookups
  • 25% of the users said they'd gone on at least one date within four weeks from joining Bumble

Bumble is worth giving a shot, especially those looking for real love.

The Best Hookup Sites in Providence

About to hook up

Since we already covered the best relationship apps in Providence, now is the time to share the two hookup apps that stood out in the city and why you should use them. Here they are:

AFF is what works in Providence

As I said earlier, AFF targets those who want to stay single for as long as they can while enjoying the physical perks of being in a relationship. It's the largest social network for adults who want to save their time and energy.

What we like about AFF is that it cuts to the chase. There's no need to get all coy and shy about your desires. You can find anything you want from casual flings to bedroom tips and dating advice, plus a large community of like-minded singles. We recommend AFF to our single friends in Providence. If that's you, then give it a try and sign up for free.

Tinder--you just can't ignore it

As I said earlier, Tinder is the biggest dating app out there not just in Providence, but the whole world. It was initially made for hookups and casual flings before it became an all-around app.

You can always find hookups on Tinder. It's just not that easy anymore. Before, you could've gotten away with a cheesy one-liner and an eggplant emoji. But now, and as it became more popular, women are becoming pickier about who they match with. It's also challenging to find quick hookups on Tinder without being either super hot or someone with high social status like the dude from The Tinder Swindler.

The Best Free Dating Sites in Providence

Woman texting in a park

Obviously, paying for an app will give you more exposure and thus get you more matches and better dates. But does that mean that you should pay for every site you use? The answer is no.

Dating apps aren't created equal. Some work for certain people, in certain locations with certain goals, while others work for almost everybody. It all depends on you, your looks and your unique situation. Paying for a dating app helps you find people who are just as serious about finding a date as you are. But on the other hand, a free dating app tends to have a larger pool of users.

We already recommend Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid as our best free dating sites, and want you to use them. But even if you decide to upgrade, you shouldn't do it before you test those apps - or any other ones - first for a few weeks. See if the app really works for you and can bring you results then, and only then, upgrade. You can't imagine how many useless apps we see every day and all claim they are the best in the market. So, watch out.

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