10 Proven San Antonio Dating Apps That Actually Work in 2020

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Love can be a battlefield, especially if you’re single in Alamo City using the wrong dating app. Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of San Antonio dating apps, but if you choose the wrong one, it can turn your love life into a fiasco.

New apps are constantly appearing on the horizon pledging to help singles from Alamo Heights to Skyline Park find love. But not even the latest artificial intelligence program will help if you’re using an app not suited to your needs. Technology alone isn’t enough to guarantee a great date in San Antonio, let alone a tiny town like Uvalde where the number of potential dates is limited.

The wide range of dating apps available in San Antonio, from apps zeroing in on specific requirements to those that present an assortment of singles, means selecting the one that will work best for you won’t be easy. Don’t worry, we’re here to help save you from the heartache, not to mention the waste of time and money that a mediocre app can bring.

We’ve taken all of the best dating apps in San Antonio for a test drive to make it easier for you to make an informed decision.

With 31.5 percent of San Antonio’s 1.54 million residents being single, use of the right app will help the dating odds fall in your favor. So if you want to know which apps brought fellow San Antonians dating success, keep reading.

Give the app that best matches your needs a try and let us know how you made out in the comments below.

The Best San Antonio Dating Apps To Try

Our list begins with a summary of the top local niche dating apps. Afterward, we'll review the best general dating apps for San Antonio singles.

Cougar Life is the best app for finding women above 30 and the men who are looking to date them

Cougar Life is the best dating app to meet women over 35

If you’re a guy who’s turned on by older women or you’re a lady who likes the idea of experimenting with younger men, San Antonio is a virtual dating paradise. Not only does this city have a substantial number of young, single guys, there’s also an abundance of attractive, single women in the over-30 category, too. If you’re from Alamo Heights, you likely know that already there are tons of great places to meet a San Antonio cougar.

Cougar Life is the perfect app for men who are interested in single older women as well as over-30 ladies wanting to date both younger and older men. Its membership base of more than 7 million active profiles is one of the reasons it has such a great success rate.

Cougar Life has been in the No. 1 spot on the annual list of our favorite cougar dating apps in San Antonio for the past three years. One reason it rates so high is the outstanding mobile experience it offers users. The app is very easy to use, even if you’re new to the online dating scene.

Whether you’re a guy in the market for an older woman or you’re a mature lady who’s interested in dating a younger man, this app can help you out. Give Cougar Life’s free trial a try. We’re confident it’s a choice you won’t regret.

Try Cougar Life For Free


San Antonio college grads looking for fellow college grads should hop on Elite Singles

Elite Singles is the best dating app to meet people with college degrees

If you’re looking for love with a fellow college graduate, San Antonio is where it’s at. Home to colleges like Trinity and San Antonio University, more than 25 percent of this city’s residents are college grads.

But how do you find someone with a college degree? Sure, you can hit the local bars and clubs and hope for the best, but we have a better solution: Elite Singles.

Despite being one of the newer entrants to the dating app market, Elite Singles already has a solid membership base of more than 13 million users. It has an impressive growth rate of 165,000 new members per month. As if that weren’t enough to pique your interest, 82 percent of its users possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher. That means there will be a sizeable number of intelligent potential dates at your fingertips if you decide to download Elite Singles. The app also guarantees you compatible matches, thanks to the personality test that is part of the sign-up process.

Take note guys: you will definitely have an advantage on this site. With women making up 56 percent of the app’s membership, your chances of landing a date are decidedly above average.

If a college education is high on your dating priority list, give San Antonio’s general dating apps a pass. Elite Singles is the best app to help you find what you’re looking for.

Try Elite Singles For Free


Short-term fun up in San Antonio is easy with Adult FriendFinder

Hookup app Adult FriendFinder

Sometimes when you’re looking for a quick fling, you want an app for a specific niche. Other times, you want something that offers as broad a user base as possible. If you’re currently in the latter camp, then you need the best app for a quick fling in San Antonio, Adult FriendFinder. AFF is, indeed, a friendly app, one with over 90 million active users.

If you held a gun to our head and made us pick one app to try first for shorter-term relationships it would be this one. We have seen people get the best results with Adult FriendFinder across a much wider range of ages than any dating app out there. If you are not in your early 20’s or late teens that is probably the best option out there for you (and you can try them for free). It is well worth your time to check them out. We've tested and reviewed a lot of options out there, as we did in our Iamnaughty.com review, to find out the best option for you.

On our annual lists of the top hookup apps and sites, AFF consistently appears in the #1 slot. It’s been around for over two decades and has been one of the top sites of its kind for more than half of that time. Most of its users would be just fine using only AFF from now on, it’s just that good. It helps that, unlike some other apps, AFF has no problem not focusing on long-term relationship.

People of all looks, ages and preferences are on Adult FriendFinder, with an especially high number of people in their 30s. This is an essential San Antonio app, and one that you should definitely have in your stable. For the easiest connections with the most diverse user base, there really is no other better option.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you haven't tried it yet, you need to check out Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer with this link and see for yourself. We've tried out and ranked over 100 different sites and apps and most guys have done better here than anywhere else. There isn't an easier option out there.


eHarmony will match you with other single parents who are looking to find love

Cougar Life is the best dating app to meet women over 35

If you’re a single parent who’s already dipped a toe in San Antonio’s dating pool, you know how hard it can be.

It's a challenge even in a city the size of San Antonio. Despite a chunk of America’s 12 million single-parent households living there, San Antonio is tough on single parents.

Dating someone who understands the demands of parenthood — a fellow single mom or dad, perhaps — is often the best choice. If that’s who you’re looking for, then eHarmony is a great choice. Not only is it one of the most reputable dating apps, but its 15 million-plus membership base also makes it easier to find other single parents who are seeking a mate.

Its three-month guarantee, which comes courtesy of its patented Compatibility Matching System®, is used to weed out anyone who isn’t serious about finding a real relationship.

If the system hasn’t matched you with compatible singles within the 90-day window, eHarmony will pony up an additional three months on its site for free. This is going to be the best serious dating app if you want results.

So if you’re looking for a compatible, long-term mate in San Antonio, don’t hesitate; eHarmony offers you your best chance of finding what you’re looking for.

One final note for the guys out there looking for proven spots to meet a MILF in San Antonio, this app is great. It really strikes the sweet spot where you have a lot of single women and they are very receptive to messages.

Try eHarmony Now


If you’re sexy and are looking for fun, Tinder is THE place

Logo for Tinder app

If a relationship is your goal, Tinder is not the app for you. However, if you’re a care-free San Antonio single looking for some fun, Tinder is worth downloading. This is one of the top hookup apps in San Antonio and it's packed with singles seeking a fling.

Competition on Tinder is intense for men. Attractive ladies are in high demand and nabbing their attention isn’t easy. That’s because their inboxes are always full of messages from eager guys looking for a little action. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to make an effort with your profile picture. A standard headshot won’t cut it. If you want her to read your message, you have to grab her attention with a truly eye-catching photo.

Ladies, you won’t have to work nearly as hard to get noticed on Tinder. In fact, if you’re attractive, you can expect a whole lot of male attention. From compliments to propositions, you’ll receive all kinds of invitations, most of them sexual.

But if you’re a woman who’s looking for more than a physical connection, it’s unlikely you’ll find that here. There aren’t very many men in San Antonio using Tinder to find a relationship. Most guys use the app to get laid when they’re in between girlfriends. If that doesn’t appeal to you, give Tinder a pass.

Try Tinder For Free


San Antonio’s larger ladies (and the guys who love them) will find lots of dates on eHarmony

Big, beautiful women and the men who find them attractive need to check out eHarmony first.

Although general dating apps do offer a lot of variety, they’re not the best place for BBW and the men who like them. Few big, beautiful women are interested in competing with average-sized ladies for men’s attention. They don’t want to be compared to thinner women or feel disappointed if their profile doesn’t garner much male attention.

The lack of full-figured ladies using San Antonio’s general dating apps makes it pretty hard for the men who like a Rubenesque figure to find a woman they’re attracted to. This can lead to them becoming discouraged and abandoning the site. It’s a vicious circle, really. The scarcity of these men leads to fewer BBW signing up and vice versa.

Who needs that kind of aggravation? If you’ve had enough of the general dating apps, then it’s time to give eHarmony a try. It’s the best app to bring satisfaction to BBW and the men who desire them. So if you’re a San Antonio single that falls into either category, give this app a try. You won’t be sorry!

eHarmony does a fantastic job because they have a HUGE number of people using it. The site only matches you up with BBW who are looking for someone like you.

When you can use an extremely popular dating app that does all the work for you it's something special and is a big reason most guys have the best success with BBW using it.

If you really want to boost your chances you should also be checking out our favorite ways to meet a San Antonio BBW. This is where we've had the best success and so will you.

Christian Mingle will match you with the single Christian partner of your dreams

Finding love can be a real struggle for people of faith. In fact, San Antonio’s general dating apps can be an absolute nightmare for Christians.

Some Texans identify as Christian on their profiles because they went to church as a kid with their mama. Unfortunately, this can lead to disappointment for devoted Christians, especially if they go on multiple dates only to find none of their matches share their faith.

If you’ve lived this and hate the dating game, we do have an answer for you. And that is Christian Mingle. Ranked the top Christian dating app in San Antonio, Christian Mingle filters out those who aren’t sincere in their beliefs. It will drastically increase your chances of finding a mate who takes his or her faith seriously.

If general dating apps have left you feeling disappointed and your church is light on singles, check out Christian Mingle. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make in your love life.

If you’re 50+ in San Antonio, Our Time is the best dating app for you

If you’re a 50+ single living in San Antonio, you’re not alone. There’s a healthy number of older singles in Alamo City looking for a relationship. Their method of choice? Dating apps, specifically Our Time.

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for a general dating app, you should seriously consider Our Time instead. We’re not saying you won’t find anyone to date on a general app. But who wants to scroll through the thousands of 20- or 30-somethings to find the right type of mate. That’s not only time consuming, but downright exhausting.

That’s why Our Time is the right fit for you. Not only do many of the 50+ crowd in San Antonio use the app, but you also won’t have to sift through a large number of profiles to find a suitable companion. This app also features an easy signup process. Even if you’re not tech savvy you’ll be able to complete a profile in no time.

So, if you’re ready to take San Antonio’s older online dating scene by storm, Our Time is the app for you.

General San Antonio Dating Apps You Should Consider

If you believe variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to relationships, then a general dating app with a large selection of potential matches will be right up your alley. Here’s a look at your best app choices:

If you’re looking for a relationship, eHarmony can’t be beat

If love is what you seek, then your search for the perfect app should begin and end with eHarmony. With its patented Compatibility Matching System® and three-month guarantee, eHarmony is head and shoulders above its competition.

As part of the sign-up process, prospective members must take 15 minutes to answer questions about their personalities, likes and dislikes before their profile can be activated. That successfully eliminates the incomplete profile issue that is rampant on so many other dating apps.

The signup process does take some time, but if you’re guaranteed great matches, isn’t it worth it? Your answers allow the app’s matching system to link you to people who share your interests and that definitely helps you to avoid disastrous first dates.

If your objective is to find someone in San Antonio you’ll actually enjoy spending time with, then eHarmony is the app for you.

OkCupid and Plenty of Fish are adequate apps but have a few pitfalls

No list of San Antonio dating apps would be complete without OKC and POF. Many Alamo City singles have used these apps at one time or another.

The great thing about both OKC and POF is their large membership bases, offering users a variety of people to choose from. But here’s the rub: most OkCupid and Plenty of Fish subscribers have invested little time in their profiles. We’ve tested all of the major dating apps out there and these two have the worst member engagement we’ve ever seen.

If you do decide to give either of these apps a shot, do so knowing that you’ll have to put in a lot of time and effort to have any measure of success. If you’re willing to put in the time, you might even find that special someone. Frankly, we don’t believe the exertion is worth it, not when there are other apps sure to offer better results for far less sweat equity.

If you are looking for more great guides to finding the right dating apps check these out:

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