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The 5 Dating Apps & Sites in Florida that You Shouldn't Pass On in 2024 According to Dating Coaches

In a state that draws in so many singles, you’d think that finding a date or a hookup in one of the many dating apps in Florida would be easy. Sadly, there are about as many fake dating apps and sites here as there are potential matches. In our list of the best Florida dating apps and sites, we uncover some of the top options that have worked for us. But if you’re in a bit of a rush, here’s a sneak preview of our favorites:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best For Relationships
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Easily the best option for long-term relationships
  • 75% of all online marriages start here
  • 70% of users meet their spouse within a year
  • In-depth signup and matching process
Try eHarmony
Best For Casual Fun
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • The best way to meet women for casual relationships
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • Not good for long-term relationships
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder

According to the most recent demographic data throughout the state of Florida, there are 446,725 more women than men in the state - which is a whopping 2.25% of the total population. In other words, there are 96 men to 100 women, which are good odds for men, no? (see more data in a minute…)

Nevertheless, the post-pandemic world has changed the way we communicate and find romantic partners. With fewer opportunities to meet up in person, people are turning to dating apps in Florida in greater numbers to find a genuine connection.

Instead of letting love happen by chance or through fragmented social networks, people are taking relationships into their own hands. Believe in the apps and sites; there’s a reason people use them—they work! Fortunately for you, to make life easier, we’ve sifted through all the dating apps and ranked them. So whether you want to find a casual encounter or the love of your life, here’s the cheat sheet to modern love.

There are tons of singles using dating apps in Florida

Florida gender breakdown

People in the city tend to have it easy. In places like Jacksonville or Miami, you can imagine there are plenty of bars or hangouts to meet people. Over 22 million people live in the state of Florida, and 28% are single; that’s over 3 million men and 3 million women looking for the right person!

If you haven’t had success, you’re not alone. There just aren’t that many places where people feel comfortable being themselves and getting to know someone new. So here’s what the rest of the people are up to, read on for the conclusive list of the best dating sites in Florida.

Methodology: How We Recommend the Best Dating Apps in Florida

Compiling the best dating apps is no easy task. To bring our readers a definitive list of the best dating apps in Florida, every BeyondAges contributor follows strict and comprehensive guidelines. Unlike other dating sites, our reviews are always up-to-date and sourced by local experts–not rehashes of stuff you can find elsewhere. 

Aspect Approach Description Criteria for Writers Editorial Standards
Targeted Testing Conducting detailed evaluations of dating apps focusing on features and strategies effective for men dating in Florida. Each app is thoroughly used to ensure a comprehensive understanding of its suitability in the state. Writers must be knowledgeable about various dating apps and understand the unique dating landscape in Florida. Editors ensure reviews are thorough, state-specific, and maintain clarity and accuracy.
Florida Dating Experience Utilizing the real-world dating experiences of our team in Florida to assess each app's practicality for local men. The team's insights provide a realistic perspective on app effectiveness in the state. Writers need firsthand experience in Florida’s dating scene and the ability to compare it with broader dating dynamics. Editors prioritize content that is relatable and practical for Florida-based users.
Dynamic Adaptation Continuously exploring new dating approaches and trends in Florida to keep advice relevant and effective for local men. This includes state-specific strategies tailored to Florida's unique dating environment. Writers are expected to stay updated on the latest dating trends and shifts in Florida’s social scene. Editors ensure that content is current, incorporating the latest trends and data.
Florida Online Focus Focusing on the impact of online dating and digital communication within Florida’s dating dynamics. This includes an in-depth exploration of platforms popular in Florida, evaluating local pros and cons. Writers should have expertise in online and digital dating platforms popular in Florida. Editors emphasize the local relevance and practicality of online dating advice.
Local Community Engagement Engaging with Florida-based readers to share experiences and build a vibrant, state-focused community. This interaction enhances trust and tailors the dating experience to Florida’s unique culture. Writers need to engage with and understand the Florida dating community, encouraging reader interaction. Editors foster a community-focused approach, ensuring content resonates with Florida residents.

Author Credentials:

Hello, my name is Scott Mahoney. As a man with DECADES of experience dating in Florida, I’ve created this guide to help you sort which apps work (and which ones, well, don’t!). After finding significant success with long-term relationships and some gratifying hookups, I’ve decided to share my knowledge here so you can enjoy a lively love life you deserve. Drop a comment below to start the conversation today! 



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The 5 Best Dating Apps in Florida Right Now

Online dating can be hard, especially when you don't know where to begin. Here are the best dating apps we've tried in the past year.

#1 - eHarmony (Android; iOS) is the highest-ranked dating app in Florida

Android screenshots of eHarmony

Most dating apps these days often have more men than women. As a guy, I know how frustrating that can be, especially if you're looking for a genuine connection and not just another quick hookup. If this has been your biggest frustration, you need to be eHarmony.

eHarmony is more than just swipe-left-swipe-right dating app. It's a dating app that takes compatibility seriously. By suggesting only matches between singles who are at least 85% compatible, eHarmony brings together singles who are serious about finding a genuine connection. This focus on real connections over looks and sex practically ensures that there are just as many women as men on the app. Just make sure you honestly and thoroughly answer the signup questionnaire--this is eHarmony's basis for finding you your perfect match.

If you're not convinced, picture this: 7 out of 10 people who use eHarmony are able to find their future life partner within just a year of being on the app. If that's not enough of a draw for all you singles who want a serious relationship, we don't know what is!

Need more info on how eHarmony works for a regular guy? We’ve created an eHarmony review where you can see how the site works, how you can meet people, and how you might one day find love online!

Why we chose eHarmony

  • eHarmony has matched people for decades
  • Equal number of men and women
  • 75% of online marriages started on eHarmony
  • Great matches are suggested right away; no sifting through hundreds of profiles
  • User-friendly and easy to use even for older singles

What could be better

  • It takes some time to get started compared to other dating apps, but that’s part of why it works
  • Younger people often choose other apps

What people think of eHarmony

Joseph Woitko - TrustPilot

Best computer dating site. High value and price.

Eharmony does the best job I have seen in a computer based service with a difficult task-human interaction. Psychological profile test and scoring model for compatability seems generally accurate, although some explanation of how the traits were generated would be helpful. People who use it display high quality and are serious about their goals in finding a partner. Dating advice is friendly and tolerant, provides many safety tips. Eharmony quickly removes scam artists and fake profiles from the site, often within 24 hours. Expensive, but high value.

Mickey - TrustPilot

“By dating site standards Eharmony does well. There is still the usual rejection that is a part of on line dating but it seems to be a little less on Eharmony. I think it has to do with it costs money so people take it a little more seriously when they are spending their money, LOL”

What’s your experience like using eHarmony in Florida? Leave a comment below and share your experience with the BeyondAges community.



#2 - Zoosk (Android; iOS) is a great choice for relationships

Zoosk Apple Screenshots

One of the best dating sites commonly used in Florida is Zoosk. People love this alternative to apps like Tinder, especially young people who are more serious about relationships. The app and website are both fully featured and are generally on par with popular new apps regarding their look and feel.

Especially popular with younger people, Zoosk prioritizes matching single people together. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people looking for a more casual relationship, but overall, it’s on the more serious side.

The key with Zoosk is that you have to pay after your 7-day free trial, but when it comes to dating sites, sometimes you get what you pay for. Premium memberships generally mean people are more serious about finding a good match, so Zoosk might be a good fit if you are too.

Why you should choose Zoosk

  • Minimalist app with a modern style that’s easy and quick to set up
  • Lots of active users, with representation for LGBT people


  • Zoosk is generally more popular with younger people
  • You have to pay to send messages to other Zooskers after the 7-day trial period

What people think of Zoosk

Lorri L. - SiteJabber

Met lots of great guys!

The app was a little difficult to navigate in the beginning, there was no instructions. Once I got the hang of it, though I was getting about five guys a week that I was interested in chatting with. I really liked the filter so you could see some good information before going out. Most guys, we chatted on the app and then exchanged phone numbers talked on the phone, and then met at a restaurant. Everybody I talk to that was a match for me was super nice, and I was surprised to find so many single men in my area. I ended up falling in love with someone who lives 2 1/2 hours away, but we are making it work And I am so in love.

Tip for consumers:

I did have to say no to 50 to 100 guys until I found someone and I wanted to go out with.

Products used:

3 month subscription, it did not take me three months to find the love of my life.

What’s your experience like using Zoosk in Florida? Leave a comment below and share your experience with the BeyondAges community.


What are the Worst First Date Questions? A Dating Coach Weighs In…

So, you managed to get a date off of the apps mentioned in this article. The only problem is that you’re a bit rusty–which questions should you NOT ask on your first in-person encounter?

According to Devyn Simone, dating coach and resident relationship expert at Tinder, here’s two of the worst questions you should avoid saying if you want to make it to a second date:

  • “Why are you single?” - This question can put the other person in a defensive position and may not yield honest or meaningful answers. It could also make them feel uncomfortable if the reason is personal or sensitive.
  • “How many dates have you gone on, from [insert app name here]?” - Asking about their history on dating apps can be intrusive and doesn't necessarily provide insight into their compatibility with you. It may also lead to uncomfortable assumptions or judgments.

Instead, Simone suggests a more present approach. For example, substituting “What have you enjoyed about being single” and “What are you hoping to find a partner?” are more about the bright future, not the ugly past.

#3 - AFF is the top hookup site in Florida (try it free)


AFF has been acknowledged as the best hookup app for years. Other apps have been popular in the past, but as of today, AFF is the go-to for casual encounters in Florida. This prolific hookup site attracts thousands of new members every day. As for its largest demographic, most users tend to be in their 30s or older with a large percentage being male. However, that hasn’t stopped plenty of guys from hooking up with plenty of women of all ages.

With free trials on their platform and over 60 million active users, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for on AFF. If you’re a man who’s had a hard time on other apps, AFF might be a good site to try out. Women have an easier time finding a hookup when they want to. AFF is like the hookup site for the everyday man. Don’t try your luck on Tinder or Bumble, do what millions of others are doing, and try AFF.

To give you a more detailed look at how AFF works and how it performs for regular guys, you can also have a look at our Adult FriendFinder review.

  • Florida’s highest traffic hookup app
  • Easy to find connections for both men and women
  • Clear messaging ensures everyone on AFF is looking for the same experience

What could be improved

  • A lot of ads make using the app sometimes a challenge
  • The app is a little out-dated

What people think of Adult Friend Finder

Philip - TrustPilot

 “I'd say that AFF is probably above average, there's definitely worse out there and it has the most important thing - a bunch of women. Id say it's not got as many as hookuphangout.com (in my area certainly) but still has enough to keep you busy. There are occasional time wasters but overall i like this site a lot and will be taking a longer subscription when my month trial runs out. Happy days.

​​J.B. - TrustPilot

“Don't know what these other people are talking about. I can honestly say that I have met a a few chicks here. I suppose you just have to know what you're doing. Aff is as legit as it gets.”

What’s your experience like using AFF in Florida? Leave a comment below and share your experience with the BeyondAges community.
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!

Avoiding Cluster B Personalities: Symptoms to Watch Out For

If you’re looking to meet up with a women from a dating app, be forewarned that some users may have Cluster B personalities - a potentially dangerous disorder that can be disastrous for your life if you become involved with them. 

To protect yourself, refer to the table below to diagnose someone who is setting off alarm bells:

Personality Disorder Symptoms
Antisocial or 'Sociopath'
  • Lying, conning, and exploiting others
  • Acting rashly
  • Irritable and aggressive
  • Fighting or assaulting other people
  • Breaking the law
  • Not caring about the safety of others or themselves
  • Not showing signs of remorse after hurting someone else
  • Failing to meet money, work, or social duties
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Frantic efforts to avoid abandonment 
  • Unstable and intense interpersonal relationships 
  • Significant and unstable self-image or sense of self 
  • Impulsivity in potentially self-damaging areas 
  • Recurrent suicidal behavior or self-mutilating behavior 
  • Emotional instability 
  • Chronic feelings of emptiness 
  • Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger 
  • Transient, stress-related paranoid thoughts or severe dissociative symptoms
  • Need to be the center of attention 
  • Inappropriately seductive or flirtatious behavior 
  • Rapidly shifting emotions 
  • Dramatic, exaggerated emotions and expressions 
  • Over-concern with physical appearance 
  • Constantly seeking reassurance or approval 
  • Gullibility, easily influenced by others 
  • Excessively sensitive to criticism or disapproval
  •  Low tolerance for frustration or boredom 
  • Impulsive, not thinking before acting 
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships, often seeming fake or shallow 
  • Threatening or attempting suicide for attention
  • Grandiose sense of self-importance 
  • Preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love 
  • Belief of being special and unique Need for excessive admiration 
  • Strong sense of entitlement 
  • Exploitative of others 
  • Lack of empathy 
  • Often envious of others or believes others are envious of them 
  • Arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

Hinge features

Hinge is a new app on the scene that makes matching and starting up a conversation a little easier. Users have to answer common questions to build a profile when signing up. Then, to send a message, a match can send a response to your answer, basically kicking off the conversation with an icebreaker.

This modern app boasts tons of helpful tech to show you who you match with and allows you to filter out people based on anything from age or distance to education, politics, or interest in children! Although geared towards millennials, users in Florida are found across all age ranges so anyone can get lucky!

Why Hinge is one of our favorite apps

  • Conversational messaging means you always have something to talk about with your match
  • Dating From Home notifications make it convenient to video chat or call your match
  • Most Compatible matches make it 8 times more likely that you’ll go on a date

What we don’t like about it

  • Likes and Matches are limited, for free users
  • Signing up can take time, but it is a fun new way to try online dating

What people think of Hinge

Sönke Schmachtel - TrustPilot

like the possibility to choose also other things than pictures as they are important to me but I see trouble in using the input to do a correct match correlation

really nice that you can also like texts and other things than pictures. what however really left me wondering how hinge does take care about the following problematic thing: if you can choose only one thing to like and that also always ends up as a suggestion to someone .... would you then logically choose that text and like it anyway even though maybe the rest is not right away convincing.... probably not.

So case 1 you dont choose it ... this means you dont get it in future suggestions which is not good



#5 - Match is still a great choice for relationships (Android; iOS)

Match.com on Android

The original dating site, Match, has been linking people together for almost 30 years. With that sort of track record, you can count on them to have a classic site and mobile app, with a clean look and plenty of useful info when you meet your match. In 2022, Match is still one of the best dating sites in Florida.

Match uses an advanced algorithm to connect you with people looking for similar singles on their platform. When you are matched, the app compares your profile’s likes and dislikes to that of your match to show you how similar you are to the other person.

What we love

  • Compatibility percentage gives you an idea of how much you’ve matched right away
  • Match Guarantee, if you haven’t been matched after paying for 6 months, you get your money back

What people don’t love

  • There can be lots of inactive or spam accounts that you have to sift through

What people think of Match

Killian W. - SiteJabber

It has many single men and women looking for real partnerships

Match, a 25-year-old dating site, is great. It has many single men and women looking for real partnerships. The site's simple interface, detailed profiles, and powerful search tools make it easy to find matches. Match is great for online dating.



The Best Hookup Sites in Florida

Sexy woman at the beach

Whether you live in Florida or you’re just visiting, sometimes you just want to have a good time. You want the perks of the single life while also having the company of someone who’s into the same things you are. This is where hookup apps work a treat, and here are the best ones we’ve found.

AFF is the premier hookup site we’ve tried

The most popular hookup site in Florida is, without a doubt, AFF. The big reason it’s so popular? When you match with someone else on AFF, you both know what you’re looking for. Not only are users on the same page, but our studies have shown that users can have success on AFF regardless of their age, demographic, or sexual orientation.

Plenty of Fish is surprisingly a great hookup option

No, you’re not reading this in 2005. Plenty of Fish is still going strong as one of the top hookup apps in Florida. Sure, it’s a little oldschool, but we can say that it’s still reliable. Most of the users on Plenty of Fish are on the more mature side (think: 30s to 40s), but that’s perfect if you’re looking for a hookup partner who’s that age.

Are You Ready for a Hookup? Stats You Should Know…

Engaging in hookup culture can be either a positive or negative experience. To help you get a grasp on what you’re getting into (pun intended), here are some relevant statistics from a recent survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) pertaining to men and hookups:

  • Negative Mental and Emotional Consequences: 82.6% of undergraduate students reported negative mental and emotional consequences from hookups, including embarrassment, loss of respect, and difficulties with steady relationships.
  • Regret After Uncommitted Sex: 78% of women and 72% of men who engaged in uncommitted sex experienced regret afterward.
  • Lower Self-Esteem Scores: Those engaged in hookup culture had lower overall self-esteem scores compared to those who had not.
  • Low Condom Use in Hookups: Condoms are used in only 46.6% of hookup instances.
  • Increased Risk of STD Transmission: Hookup culture increases the risk of STD transmission due to the likelihood of having multiple or concurrent partners.
  • Unwanted Hookup Experiences: 7.6% of college students said their most recent hookup was an experience they did not want to have or in which they could not consent.

The Best Dating Sites in Florida for Relationships

A couple getting married at the beach

Not into hookups? You’re not alone. You and plenty of other singles in Florida are also looking for a long-term relationship. Here’s where you can go to meet them.

eHarmony has an unbeatable track record

If you want to go by track record, eHarmony is the all-time top choice for you. Here are just a few stats that are worth considering:

  • There’s an almost equal number of men and women on the app.
  • Up to 4% of all married couples in the US met on eHarmony.
  • Within a year of using the app, 7 out of 10 users were able to find their future spouses.

So if you’re serious about finding a relationship and you want a dating app that actually works, look no further than eHarmony.

Coffee Meets Bagel attracts some pretty classy singles

We don’t know what it is about Coffee Meets Bagel, but it seems like the app for discerning singles who are picky about their future significant other. That’s good news for you if you’re not the type who just jumps into a long-term relationship without thinking it through. The reason we say this is because Coffee Meets Bagel only gives you a few possible matches a day. This lets you really get to know each potential match before you agree to go on a date with them.

The Best Free Dating Sites in Florida

Using a free dating app in bed

In Florida, we’ve found that the people who pay for premium features are quickly placed in relationships and often find stronger matches. When you pay for a professional dating site, you have more options to build your profile and more info on the person you’ve matched with. By paying for full features, you can send more messages, see who liked your profile or have access to more filters or info from your matches.

Some people meet the right person on free apps, but if you want to match with someone who’s equally dedicated, there’s one surefire way: pay for the premium membership!

If you want to try out your luck on a free app, there are some options you can test-drive to see if you have any luck. However, if you don’t find success, don’t give up too soon! Every app or website has a paid option, so make sure you know what features you can pay a little money for to see if it helps you find the right person.

Free dating sites in Florida are some you may recognize. If you’re sure you can’t afford a paid site, why not start with one of the following:

  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • Bumble

Upon further investigation, when users have paid for premium features, most said that they wished they had invested earlier so they could meet quality matches sooner. However, you could end up saving yourself some time, and even some heartache, by giving dating your full energy, so why not pay for a little help!

FAQ about Dating Sites in Florida

In Florida, a variety of dating apps cater to different preferences and needs. The most notable among these are eHarmony, known for its focus on long-term relationships, and Zoosk, which offers a balanced approach suitable for both serious and casual dating. AFF (Adult Friend Finder) stands out as a preferred choice for those seeking casual hookups or non-committal encounters. 

Hinge and Match are also popular, offering user-friendly interfaces and algorithms that facilitate meaningful connections. Each app has its unique features, catering to a diverse range of users from those seeking serious commitments to those interested in more casual interactions.

Free dating apps are a great option for Florida residents looking to explore the dating scene without financial commitment. Apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble are frequently recommended due to their wide user base and ease of use. These apps provide a platform for various kinds of relationships, from casual hookups to serious partnerships. 

While they offer free versions, some features might be limited, and users often have the option to upgrade to premium versions for enhanced functionality. The appeal of these apps lies in their accessibility and the ability to test the waters of online dating without an upfront investment.

What Is the Best Dating App for Serious Relationships in Florida?

For those in Florida seeking serious, long-term relationships, eHarmony is often touted as the best option. Renowned for its comprehensive compatibility matching system, eHarmony focuses on creating meaningful connections based on psychological principles and user preferences. This app's approach to online dating is more thorough and intentional, making it a favorite among those who are serious about finding a life partner. 

The success rate of eHarmony in leading to lasting relationships and marriages is a testament to its effectiveness for users looking for more than just a casual dating experience.

Are There Any Hookup-Specific Apps Suggested for Florida?

For individuals in Florida interested in casual dating or hookups, AFF (Adult Friend Finder) is widely recommended. Known as a leading platform for non-committal encounters, AFF caters to a vast user base interested in casual sexual relationships and adventures. 

The app provides a straightforward, no-strings-attached approach to dating, making it ideal for those not looking for serious commitments. With its focus on casual encounters, AFF offers a liberating platform for individuals to explore their desires without the expectations of a traditional relationship.

How Do Dating Apps Cater to Different Demographics in Florida?

Dating apps in Florida cater to a wide range of demographics, accommodating diverse preferences and relationship goals. Apps like Zoosk and Match offer services that appeal to a broad audience, including various age groups and relationship interests. 

These platforms provide flexible options, from casual dating to seeking long-term commitments. eHarmony, on the other hand, is particularly appealing to those looking for serious, lasting relationships. The versatility of these apps means that individuals of different ages, backgrounds, and dating intentions can find a platform that aligns with their specific needs and expectations.

What Safety Precautions Should Be Taken When Using Dating Apps in Florida?

Safety is a paramount concern when using dating apps in Florida. Users are advised to exercise caution, particularly on free hookup apps where the risk of encountering fraudulent profiles is higher. Verified accounts on certain platforms can provide an added layer of security, helping to establish trust and authenticity. 

Users should also practice safe online behaviors, such as not sharing personal information prematurely, arranging first meetings in public places, and staying alert to any signs of deceptive or suspicious behavior. Many apps have built-in safety features and offer guidance on how to date safely, which users should familiarize themselves with.

How Do Dating Apps in Florida Ensure Quality Matches?

Dating apps in Florida employ various algorithms and strategies to ensure quality matches. eHarmony, for instance, uses a detailed compatibility matching system based on psychological principles to pair users. This approach considers multiple dimensions of personality and preferences to create highly compatible matches. 

Other apps like Zoosk and Match also use sophisticated algorithms that learn from user interactions and preferences, continuously improving the quality of matches over time. The focus is on facilitating connections that have a higher likelihood of leading to meaningful interactions, be it for long-term relationships or casual dating.

Is There a Balance in Gender Distribution on These Apps in Florida?

Many dating apps in Florida strive to maintain a balanced gender distribution to enhance the user experience and increase the chances of successful matches. Apps like eHarmony are known for having a relatively equal number of male and female users, which is important for those seeking heterosexual relationships. 

This balance helps in providing a wide array of potential matches and ensures that both men and women have a reasonable chance of finding compatible partners. The gender distribution can vary from app to app, and some may have a more skewed ratio depending on their target demographic and the nature of the relationships they cater to.


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Contributing Authors:

Tom Senkus

For more than two decades, Tom has dated extensively and studied behavioral psychology as a way of understanding the complexities of human nature until he became an expert. After traveling as a touring musician and living in more than 15 countries, Tom has cross-referenced his experience in seduction, dating, and interpersonal dynamics with the ever-changing landscape of 21st-century dating. His work as a writer has appeared in 500+ publications (digital and print). Tom is also the author of several books (available on Amazon). In his free time, you can find Tom recording music and cooking the best Cincinnati-style chili you’ve ever had.

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