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2024 eHarmony Review: Will eHarmony Find Your Perfect Match?


Is eHarmony worth it? With the state of online dating these days, we all want to dedicate our free time to finding a new love or romantic partner. However, investing time in online dating apps certainly offers some mixed results. And on top of that, how do you know you’re having a hard time simply by choosing the wrong dating app (::cough:: Tinder::cough::).

So many people are using dating apps today - especially Millennials. Millennial men spend roughly 85 minutes a day, going at it for almost 10 minutes each session. Millennial women are right there with them, clocking in about 79 minutes daily and browsing for around 7.6 minutes each time. With all these users, apps like eHarmony really help you connect with a good number of potential matches.

Does eHarmony work? You betcha! To help you figure things out, BeyondAges has a guide to this unique dating platform that’s been providing consistent results for long-term romance since its launch over two decades ago, (August 22, 2000, to be exact). 

eHarmony is one of the best dating apps out there. By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of what eHarmony is, how it works, pros & cons, and some topics you oughta know. Plus, I’ll show you my personal experience with the site for an honest look at why eHarmony is the right choice for finding lasting relationships.

Best of all, we’ve included a handy FAQ if you scroll down - perfect for when you need answers ASAP. Let’s go!

Our official eHarmony review: 

The eHarmony dating app gets a solid 5/5 from us, based on how many matches we’ve managed to get (34), all of whom were real people and were open to going on dates straight away!

Straight to the Point - Is eHarmony Worth It?

Based on our and many others’ experience, eHarmony is indeed worth it! It’s one of the best dating sites for finding monogamous relationships, or even hookups if you’re open and honest about what you truly want!

eHarmony users

Methodology: How I Reviewed eHarmony

All BeyondAges reviews are evaluated according to specific guidelines to ensure that every review provides real, verifiable value to our readers: 

Strategy Approach 
In-Depth Analysis Our reviews are the product of intensive, long-term use of dating platforms, ensuring thorough and comprehensive insights.
Real Experience Feedback Insights are provided by a team of experts with a background in dating and relationship coaching, rooted in hands-on experience.
Expertise with Perspective Leveraging extensive experience in the dating field, we offer advice that is both insightful and even-handed, reflecting a depth of knowledge.
Dynamic Review Process Our approach is continually refined to incorporate the latest in dating tactics, keeping our advice relevant and actionable.
Focus on Digital Dating Dynamics We specialize in the digital realm of dating, assessing a wide spectrum of online interactions from messaging on apps to video date etiquette.
Interactive Community Guidance We actively engage with our readers, fostering a vibrant community dialogue that enhances and informs the collective dating journey.

What does this mean in practice? As your author, I spent several weeks evaluating eHarmony. 

For this review, I evaluated eHarmony over the course of a month. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  • First, I created a free, blank account and let it sit for a few days. During this time, I wanted to see if there were any messages or spam before I even added a profile (a potential red flag). Additionally, I wanted to see if eHarmony offered any discounts on their membership at this time to entice me to sign up
  • Second, I completed my profile over the course of a week. First, I just uploaded a photo and filled out minimal details. Same process as before: Look for user interaction without messaging.
  • After this, I’ll add quality photos, my age, gender, location, and a quality bio so I have the best chance of getting real interactions with legit users. 
  • Next, I’ll use the site as a free user for a couple of weeks to see if I can send messages and manage actual dates. I do this to take note of missing features on eHarmony that other apps may have. 
  • Following that, I sign up for a paid account if eHarmony seems even remotely legitimate. For the remaining several weeks I’ll use the site with this premium account and see if I’m able to get any more dates this way.
  • I then create my review and update it regularly depending on when there are changes to the eHarmony site.

Ultimately, I want to see first-hand if the site is legit and whether or not the paid features are worth the money. From this process, I can give you a detailed run-down of what the site is actually like to use. 

Now, let’s talk about what other people are saying about eHarmony just to give you a broader overview before we start.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

We wish to be upfront with our readers that some of the links within our reviews might be affiliate links. This means if you click on these links and decide to make use of the services offered, BeyondAges may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. This commission helps us to maintain our site and continue to provide insightful content. Our reviews and assessments are always impartial and based on our true experience and in-depth research. Our goal is to provide you with value-driven advice to enhance your online dating experiences. We greatly appreciate your support which enables us to keep delivering quality content that’s open and free to all.

Dating Experts on eHarmony

Sample eHarmony profile on mobileDating experts and industry professionals tend to give eHarmony great marks when compared to other dating apps. Here are some positive quotes from Forbes’ own review on eHarmony:

  • "From client feedback, eHarmony is one of the best dating sites out there, particularly for people who are interested in a long-term, committed relationship," states Carla Manly, Ph.D., noting the importance of the platform's Compatibility Quiz.
  • According to Chanel Dokun, a relationship expert, eHarmony and similar online dating platforms are advantageous because they "provide us access to more prospective partners" and facilitate connections with individuals who share our values​.

    Dokun also shares her personal experience with eHarmony, where she met her now-husband, exemplifying how eHarmony can lead to successful, long-term relationships​.

Pretty good, right? While the Forbes article is a great read, here’s what real users are saying about eHarmony:

User Testimonials for eHarmony

Vice Vincent - TrustPilot

“eHarmony It's a great platform. It's a place to meet people in my life in particular, and to go from online to dating, so that two people who have never met each other slowly become the other half of their lives.”

Mirwais Sherani - TrustPilot

I really find this app the best app just your data and information will be secure just I am sharing my experience

I really find eHarmony one of the best app there are a lot of apps similar just I recommending only eHarmony please avoid from other apps because you will find scammer just using women pictures.

The best app is only eHarmony just I am sharing my experience with you

_danigirl - Reddit

I (F53) joined on a free weekend 10 years ago and met my husband who had a paid subscription. We have been married now for 8 years. It definitely can work, but I'm also in a city with almost 1M people. So I think your location may impact your success rate a little.

At this point it can't hurt to try. Just be brutally honest in your responses when filling out your profile and complete it entirely. There is no point in being matched with people you aren't compatible with.

Steve - Consumer Affairs

I found eHarmony to be the best of the many sites I tried. It's a little pricey but well worth it. I met a few matches that didn't match well, so I edited my criteria a little bit, and then met my wife.

Already feel like eHarmony is for you? Check out the eHarmony trial and see just what everyone is talking about!


Quick Details - eHarmony Pros and Cons

eHarmony is an online dating platform that has gained popularity for its unique approach to matchmaking and compatibility testing. To get a sense of what eHarmony is, it’s important to understand that like any online dating service out there, eHarmony has its own set of pros and cons. 

Here are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of using eHarmony:

eHarmony Pros

  • Extensive Compatibility Questionnaire
  • Scientific Matching Algorithm
  • Large and Diverse User Base 
  • Focus on Serious Relationships
  • Plenty of Useful Online Resources for Dating Success
  • Safety Features
  • Useful Communication Tools

Extensive Compatibility Questionnaire

eHarmony's service starts off with an extensive Compatibility Quiz. This detailed questionnaire consists of 80 questions, which are designed for users to express their personality, interests, and what they're looking for in a partner. 

This questionnaire is important, as it leads to more meaningful connections AND screens out those who aren’t going to put in the work (making eHarmony a good choice to filter out timewasters and “casual” dating).

Scientific Matching Algorithm

eHarmony compatibility

eHarmony uses a comprehensive Compatibility Score algorithm to match users based on personality traits, values, and preferences. Users receive a score between 60 to 140  (low compatibility to high compatibility) to indicate mutual compatibility with potential matches​. 

Before you even start messaging, you’ll have a pretty good idea of some common ground and shared values that your match has.

Large and Diverse User Base 

eHarmony has a large and diverse user base of various ages and demographics, increasing the chances of finding a compatible match. Here are some recent estimates:

  • eHarmony has over 51 million users worldwide, including over 20 million members across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom
  • There are over 10 million active users on the platform 
  • Over 750,000 paid subscribers​

Focus on Serious Relationships

eHarmony is known for attracting individuals who are looking for serious, long-term relationships rather than casual dating or hookups. This can be a pro if you're seeking a committed partner and you’re tired of non-commital dating.

Plenty of Useful Online Resources for Dating Success

Unlike other apps, eHarmony guides you through the process of finding online love. To do so, eHarmony provides access to articles, PDFs, videos, and blog posts created by relationship experts in the following categories: 

Here are a couple of excerpts to get you started:

Article: The Happiness Index: What Makes a Couple "Perfectly Happy"?

eHarmony Author: Jeannie Assimos

Excerpt: Assimos highlighted some key insights from one of eHarmony's commissioned surveys for finding relationship happiness:

"This is what stands out for the relationships reaching the pinnacles of happiness: they are similar in age (like, exactly the same age!), are more than likely on their first marriage, and the reason they got together in the first place? Pure love. Perfect happiness was most common among 25-44 year olds. Besides being similar in age, these couples share personality traits like confidence and optimism, and have the same outlooks on life. They both highly value open communication, compromise, and relationship therapy"​.​

Article: Dating an Independent Woman: Are You Up for It?

eHarmony Author: eHarmony Editorial Team

Excerpt: “It takes a strong man to even considering dating an independent woman. To start, she depends on herself and doesn’t need anyone else to take care of her. She also won’t take any of your BS, which means if you want to attract a woman like that, you have to bring your A-game. Dating independent women isn’t for everyone, and this article will help you decide if you’ve got what it takes.”

Safety Features

eHarmony has various safety measures in place to protect user information and provide a safer online dating experience. Here is eHarmony’s official statement on the platform’s overall safety:

As the #1 Trusted Dating App, eHarmony is committed to helping you stay safe on eHarmony through our dedicated Trust & Safety team. They are here to make sure you get the best experience on eHarmony while also helping you find love. This highly skilled in-house team, available 7 days a week, has over 15+ years of experience in creating a safe dating platform for our members. They stay on top of trends and use best-in-class tools and technology combined with human review so all members can feel safe on their journey to find real love.” - (Source

Useful Communication Tools

eHarmony provides various communication options, including guided communication, which involves a series of pre-set questions to help users get to know each other gradually. Features like Smiles, Icebreakers, and Greetings are available on eHarmony to interact with matches​.

eHarmony Cons

  • Cost of Premium Membership
  • Limited Control of Finding Matches
  • Time-Consuming Questionnaire
  • Limited Free Features
  • Narrow Focus
  • Limited Search Options

Cost of Premium Membership

You gotta be in it to win it: eHarmony is relatively more expensive compared to some other dating platforms. You need a paid subscription to access many features, and the cost can add up over time. 

(See the Premium Features - How Much is eHarmony? section below for current rates and more info)

Limited Control of Finding Matches

The matchmaking process is highly automated, which means you have less control over browsing and selecting potential matches. You rely heavily on the algorithm's recommendations. Bear in mind that this isn’t unlike other apps’ ELO rating, which pair users based on their attractiveness instead of compatibility. 

Time-Consuming Questionnaire

The Compatibilty Questionnaire is a double-edged sword. The extensive questionnaire on eHarmony means that you’ll have to spend at least 30 minutes to start interacting with matched users based on how complete your profile is (represented as a percentage). However, this is responsible for the low amount of fake profiles on eHarmony.

Note: Don’t cheat the quiz. The Compatibility Questionnaire can be completed in multiple sessions, so take your time for better matches. 

Limited Free Features

While eHarmony offers a free account option, it has limited features. To get the most out of the platform, you'll need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Narrow Focus

eHarmony's emphasis on long-term, serious relationships may not appeal to individuals looking for more casual or short-term connections. If that’s what you’re interested in, here are some options that you might prefer:

Site Our Experience Our Rating Free Trial Link
Best for hookups
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • Our top hookup site for the year
  • Not good for long-term relationships
Try AFF For Free
Experience Highlights Experience Highlights
  • Ideal for affairs
  • Couples are welcome
  • Also good for simple hookups
  • Values privacy
Try Ashley Madison

Limited Search Options

The platform's emphasis on compatibility testing means there are fewer search filters and options for users to customize their searches. For example, you’ll only be able to search for users within 150 miles of your location, making it a little less ideal if you travel frequently. 

Note: You can change your location on eHarmony, however it’s not guaranteed whether you’ll have access to all the matches in your original area (ie. new users).

How Does eHarmony Work?

eHarmony users 2

eHarmony operates based on a comprehensive mechanism designed to match individuals for serious relationships. Here's how it works:

Signing Up and Compatibility Quiz
  • Sign up and complete a Compatibility Quiz with ~80 questions.
  • Questions cover likes, dislikes, communication style, and motivations.
  • Results in a detailed Personality Profile.
  • Generates a Compatibility Score for matching.
Matchmaking and Interaction
  • Provides matches with a compatibility score and profile information after the quiz.
  • Free basic membership allows sending "Smiles" and "Icebreakers."
  • Anonymous browsing and profile visitor tracking are available.
  • Premium membership is required for additional features like viewing photos and sending personalized messages.
Membership and Safety
  • Offers free basic and various premium membership plans.
  • Premium features include unlimited messaging and detailed search capabilities.
  • Trust & Safety team maintains platform security.
  • Users can report suspicious activities.

eHarmony Features - What Makes it Different From Others?

Feature #1 - Extensive Compatibility Questionnaire

As mentioned before, eHarmony's compatibility questionnaire is a detailed assessment that helps users express their personality traits, values, preferences, and relationship goals.

Compare this barrier to entry with apps like Tinder, where you can start using the app within minutes (for better or worse). 

Feature #2 - Matchmaking Algorithm

Instead of mass swiping when it comes to messaging/liking every profile you come across, eHarmony’s proprietary algorithm analyzes your information provided in the questionnaire. You’ll then receive a list of compatible matches based on compatibility scores, but also fresh suggestions based on new users.

Feature #3 - Photo Verification

Ever browse profiles on dating apps, only to see memes, heavily-filtered profile photos, and even nudes? Well, you won’t find that on eHarmony. On eHarmony, here’s their stringent photo verification criteria to give you an idea of what pictures you’ll need to submit for approval:

Basic Requirements for Approval:

  • File Format: Photos must be in .jpg format.
  • Size: There is no specific size requirement, but the photo should be large enough to be seen clearly.
  • Content: The photo must feature the user only; friends and family should not be included to ensure clarity of who the user is​.

Reasons for Rejection:

  • Quality: Blurred photos or those where the user is not visible will be rejected.
  • Inappropriateness: Photos containing nudity, or that are provocative or pornographic, are not allowed.
  • Children: Photos of a child alone or children without adults are not accepted.
  • Irrelevant Content: Photos that focus on pets, objects, or scenery instead of the user.
  • Personal Information: Photos should not include personal details like names, addresses, phone numbers, or social media handles.
  • Altered Images: Photos that have been edited to significantly change the user's appearance.
  • Illegal Content: Images depicting illegal acts or activities.
  • Offensive Material: Photos with vulgar symbols, gestures, or gang signs/colors.
  • Sensitive Content: Images of a dead animal, with the exception of fish, are not acceptable​​.

Tips for the Best Photos:

  • Clarity: Avoid blurry images or photos with dark shadows.
  • Proximity: The primary photo should be a close-up or headshot, not taken from a distance.
  • Presentation: Users should appear upright and smiling, presenting a casual but engaged demeanor.
  • Recency: Photos should be recent, reflecting the user's current appearance to avoid misleading potential matches​​.

For more information and detailed guidelines, you can refer to eHarmony's page on photo approval.

Feature #4 - Video Dating

Another feature that sets eHarmony apart from other apps is its video date feature, allowing users to have video calls with their matches within the platform. 

A feature introduced from worldwide pandemic lockdowns, Video Date is responsible for eHarmony’s status as a top dating app. The introduction of the Video Date feature has proven to be successful - according to eHarmony’s in-house analytics: "[Video Date] saw a 28% increase in new user sign-ups relative to one month prior following the addition of the Video Date feature" and general "use of non-video features picked up since launching the virtual date element with text messages increasing 20%"​​.

According to Gareth Mandel, Chief Operating Officer at eHarmony, in an interview with Forbes: "By introducing Video Date and pairing it with our text-based messaging, our members aren’t forced to rely on convention... Instead, we're fully supporting them in their quest to connect with one another no matter the situation" and this feature enables members "to experience dating in even more ways with the comfort of the additional safety and security layers eHarmony provides"​​.

Pro Tip: How Do You Use The eHarmony Video Date Feature?
  • Both members must be online.
  • The eHarmony app must be open on your phone.
  • If you are using the web, eHarmony must be the active browser tab.
  • After all this, you can request to Video Date with your match.
  • However, the video request can be easily accepted or rejected by the person on the other side
  • Then your device will ask for your permission to grant eHarmony access to your microphone and camera.
  • To proceed, click the “Allow” button.
  • Confirm to accept or start a video call.

Feature #5 - Favorites List

Users can add profiles to their favorites list to keep track of members they are interested in. This helps you find matches and take the time to respond to them instead of mass replying.

Feature #6 - Success Stories

The platform features success stories from couples who have met through eHarmony, providing inspiration to current users.

(Find out more info about finding on eHarmony by scrolling down to the What’s the Success Rate on eHarmony? section below)

Feature #7 - Guidance and Advice

eHarmony offers dating advice articles and resources to help users navigate the world of online dating and improve their relationships. You won’t find this easily on other apps, including other top-performing sites like Bumble and Hinge.

Feature #8 - Well-Designed Mobile App and Desktop Version

eHarmony offers a well-designed mobile app (App Store / Google Play) for users who prefer to access the platform on their smartphones or tablets. Considering that other long-term relationship dating apps often limit users to only the desktop version with mixed results, having the option to message on both is a huge plus for using eHarmony at home or on the go.

Premium Features - How Much is eHarmony?

So, what is the cost of eHarmony? Here's a breakdown of eHarmony's premium subscription plans:

Subscription Plan / Duration Duration Pricing (as of November 2023)
Premium Light 6 months $69.90/month
Premium Plus 12 months $49.90/month
Premium Extra 24 months $39.90/month

Important: The REAL cost of eHarmony? It’s cheaper than you think…

Despite these relatively expensive costs, I was able to receive my Premium Light 6-month membership at a 60% discount at $158. This is spread over 4 installments for $39.80, which makes it certainly more affordable at $26.53/month.

eHarmony receipt

Which plan is right for me?

eHarmony pricing

Note: eHarmony prices change frequently due to sales, so keep your eyes open for those!

How much eHarmony costs should be determined by your dating goals and how much time and effort you're willing to invest in the search for love. Whether you're curious or on a serious quest for a meaningful relationship, there's an eHarmony subscription tailored to your needs.

6-Month Subscription:

  • You're pretty serious about finding the right partner, but you want some flexibility.
  • Recently single and looking to get back into dating? This plan gives you some time.
  • You'd like to take a bit more time to explore the site and connect with potential matches.
  • It's not a sprint, but it's not a marathon either.

12-Month Subscription:

  • You're all in for the long run, determined to find that special someone.
  • You're a believer in eHarmony's matching approach and ready to give it the time it deserves.
  • Just got out of a long-term relationship? This plan offers some room to breathe.
  • You're not in a rush, but you want to make the most of the platform.

24-Month Subscription:

  • You're on a mission to find a life partner or future spouse.
  • Patience is your strong suit, and you're in it for the long game.
  • Building a deep, meaningful connection is your top priority.
  • You have confidence in eHarmony's compatibility system and are willing to let it work its magic over time.

Is eHarmony worth it? If a 70% success rate sounds enticing to you, read the next section…

What’s the Success Rate on eHarmony?

Let’s be honest: The success rate of dating platforms varies based on what type of relationship you’re looking for. For eHarmony, "success" in online dating means long-term relationships and marriages

Check out these statistics from eHarmony:

Of course, these claims are positive and biased by eHarmony. However other statistics about eHarmony’s “success” rate from 3rd party dating sites offer a different perspective. 

  • eHarmony revealed a success rate of 7%, indicating that 4.7% of its users find a long-term relationship within a year of using the platform, a rate which was noted to be higher than other dating platforms​. (Source: Online for Love):
  • Various sources corroborate that eHarmony stands out among dating platforms for American singles aspiring for a loving and fulfilling relationship​ (Source: DatingAdvice.com

Why the difference? The truth is that numerous factors including a user's profile, compatibility with potential matches, communication efforts, and the level of active engagement in seeking a committed relationship. In other words, if you’re willing to put in the effort and trust eHarmony’s platform, you have a VERY GOOD chance of finding long-term love. 

Is eHarmony Good for Christians?

Yes, eHarmony is a suitable option for Christians who are looking for compatible partners who share their faith and values. Thanks to the platform’s search options, you can screen for users who are of the Christian faith (as well as other denominations). eHarmony allows users to specify their religious beliefs and preferences when creating their profiles. 

Here are some reasons why eHarmony can be a good choice for Christians:

Feature Description
Compatibility Matching eHarmony's system focuses on aligning users with similar values, interests, and life goals, appealing to Christians seeking partners sharing their faith.
Religious Preferences Users can specify their religious beliefs and preferences, aiding in finding Christian matches or those with similar religious backgrounds.
Serious Intentions eHarmony attracts users with serious intentions, aligning with Christians’ desire for a committed and spiritually compatible partner.
Diverse User Base The platform has a diverse user base, including Christians from various denominations, increasing the chance of finding someone with similar values.
Safety Features eHarmony offers safety measures to protect user information and ensure a secure online dating experience.

Is eHarmony better than Christian Mingle for finding a Christian partner?

Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer. Here’s why:

  • When compared to Christian Mingle, you’ll simply have a larger pool of people to choose from with eHarmony. 
  • Vice versa, everyone on Christian Mingle belongs to some denomination of Christianity. eHarmony has multiple options for Christianity AS WELL AS other religions/sects.
  • If belonging to the Christian faith is a dealbreaker for you, then Christian Mingle might narrow your search.
  • Bear in mind that you can use both apps - there may be some crossover, but the larger the net you cast, the more fish you’ll catch!

eHarmony vs Other Apps - What’s so Different?

eHarmony Tinder Christian Mingle
Relationship Focus Long-term relationship, marriage Casual dating, Hookups Christian dating, long-term relationships
Matching System Compatibility Matching System® Swipe mechanism Profile-based matching
Price Point Higher starting price, no additional costs Lower, with in-app purchases Lower than eHarmony
Inclusivity Broad, initially perceived as a Christian app but now caters to all walks of life Broad Christian-focused
Safety Strong track record of safety with no known data breaches in the past 10 years Varies Varies
User Quality Higher quality, fewer fake or incomplete profiles due to in-depth sign-up process and internal vetting Varies Varies
Overall Suitability Ideal for individuals seeking serious, committed relationships Ideal for casual dating and hookups Ideal for Christian individuals seeking like-minded partners

Is eHarmony Safe for Personal Data?

Yes, eHarmony is an incredibly safe app to use if you practice basic best practices of online interactions. eHarmony's commitment to security and privacy involves:

Security Measures:

  • Utilizing SSL encryption to protect data transmission.
  • Implementing multiple security layers to safeguard user information.

Trust and Safety Team:

  • Monitoring platform activity for unauthorized access.
  • Educating users on personal safety and data security.

Privacy Policy:

  • Clarifying data collection, usage, and sharing procedures.
  • Ensuring no sale of personal information to third parties.

User Privacy Controls:

  • Allowing users to manage profile visibility and communications.
  • Providing features to block and report terms of service violators.

User Responsibility:

  • Encouraging strong, unique passwords for account security.
  • Advising caution in sharing personal information.
  • Promoting awareness of digital privacy and security best practices.

With plenty of online dating apps becoming the targets of hackers and scammers, eHarmony has shown itself to be a step above most apps (see the previous for all the ways eHarmony guarantees your interactions on the app. 

However, eHarmony did have a major breach back in 2012. Since this significant event and the fallout resulting from it, eHarmony overhauled their security measures and it remains one of the safest dating apps available. 

Who is eHarmony For? My Experience 

Ah yes, the moment we’ve all waited for: My own review of eHarmony.

Before we begin, I started with some normal questions:

  • Is eHarmony worth it when there’s a plethora of other dating apps out there?
  • Is eHarmony good?
  • Is the eHarmony dating site as good as the app?
  • Is eHarmony safe?

Following the BeyondAges review process (see the Methodology: How We Reviewed eHarmony section at the start of this guide), here’s what I found out during each phase:

Free Version (Empty Profile)

I started with an empty profile on eHarmony. After a quick email confirmation and account verification (it took about 5 minutes), I was set up on the platform. It’s really simple.

I briefly browsed through eHarmony on both mobile and the app, getting a foothold on the app. With a modern interface on the app not unlike Bumble and the web version resembling a slicker version of OkCupid, evaluating all the features offered by eHarmony seemed straightforward.

Okay, first issue: Answering the Compatibility Questionnaire was intimidating, but I managed to complete about ¾ of them in one sitting (about 15 minutes). This was already more than I had invested in the setup of apps like Tinder or Hinge, but the questionnaire is not optional to optimally interact with others on eHarmony. In other words, messaging sucks - and it makes you look like a cheapskate!

(For a preview of what types of questions you’ll expect on eHarmony, browse these guides: 67 Perfect Eharmony Questions And Answers & How to Complete the eHarmony Questionnaire)

Did I receive any spam during the initial setup? Thankfully no, but I did receive a number of helpful emails on how to use eHarmony and reminders to complete my profile. So far, so good!

Free Version (Filled Out Profile)

After the first few days elapsed, I completed my profile. 

eHarmony guides you through the process, telling you what you’re missing by giving you a percentage of “completeness”. In my case, I added more photos from my old dating profiles and completed the questionnaire. Some pictures were rejected, so be prepared to have an inventory of images - I had 4 rejections, so be prepared.

To be comprehensive in this review, I again waited a few days for scammers, bots, and spam messages. Again, nothing!

Paid Subscription

After about a week, it was time to sign up for the paid subscription (6-month Premium Light).

At this point, I began my quest to message 50 different women in a variety of ways:

  • Messaging users directly (especially those with “New Here” and “Online Now” on their profile)
  • Sending Icebreakers and Smiles
  • Liking and Commenting on photos and interests 

Through these methods, I began my quest to find out the answer you've been waiting for…

Notable Observations on eHarmony:

Who’s on eHarmony?

In my area, I managed to find a very wide age range. Most of the demographics centered around those in their late 20s and 30s, though there are still plenty of users in all other age brackets. This makes sense, as eHarmony is designed for people to get married and for long-term love.

My reasons for using dating apps are not unlike why people in the US use dating apps - to find social connections in a hectic and frankly atomized world.

Confession: In all honesty, I used eHarmony years ago, but I didn’t even bother to fill out my profile or sign up for a membership, so this was basically a fresh test. However, I was impressed by the modern design improvements for eHarmony compared to its old design(s).

You pay for what you get

I’ll be blunt: eHarmony is unusable unless you pay for a subscription.

Without any way to optimize your profile, you won’t have a way to see other members' messages. eHarmony certainly has women ready to settle down from all walks of life, but all women never keep them waiting. Strike while the iron’s hot is the best approach when it comes to eHarmony (read my success below).

What’s the response rate for eHarmony?

I found that contacting online users was the best way to get a response. Out of the ten messages I sent, most were while I was using the app or within a few days. Anything beyond a week was lost in the mix…

How legitimate are other users?

During the course of my evaluation, I got to know other women better on the app and they are indeed legitimate - that is if you’re not looking for casual hookups. Compared to other dating sites, you won’t find the same “not looking for a hookup”. On eHarmony, it’s understood why everyone is on the platform.

Truthfully, what I found most profound about eHarmony was that it felt exclusive in a good way. There are plenty of legitimate profiles and relatively few ones - most likely because scammers may not want to lose a substantial subscription fee if their profile is reported as malicious; nor would they want to spend time answering the extensive questionnaire.

What type of success can I find on eHarmony?

I did find success on eHarmony simply by messaging a local profile (turns out we live pretty close). However, this was purely catch-and-release - I had a girlfriend during this evaluation period and it would be unethical as a journalist to start a relationship with a stranger.

Here’s what that looked like:

eHarmony conversation

“Scammer” detected

There was one “scammer” that did send me a message. And I can’t blame eHarmony for being unable to avoid it: steering me off the site through personal messages.

Here’s our exchange:

Request to move to Snapchat

You can tell this is a scam because there was no interaction before being prompted to leave the platform for another (in this case, Snapchat). Most legitimate users pay a premium subscription to see messages, so that’s also a red flag…

So, you can see that even though eHarmony has stringent guidelines against this type of behavior, it’s an unavoidable problem.  Keep an eye out for those looking to boost their OnlyFans, exchange personal data, or just waste your time in general.

Conclusion: eHarmony Gets Better Results Than Other Dating Apps

To conclude this eHarmony review, you should know that eHarmony is one of the best choices if you’re seeking serious, long-term relationships. And just like those nurturing and fulfilling relationships, the catch is that you’ll have to be willing to invest time and money into the process. 

eHarmony gets results, so sign up today if you’re ready to settle down with the next love of your life.

For more app reviews and dating advice, make sure to use the search bar at the top-right of your screen for desktop users to search BeyondAges’ extensive catalog of guides. By applying this knowledge from our team of experts in a proactive manner, you’ll get the results you’ve only dreamed of. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions about eHarmony 

If you’ve finished our eHarmony review and still got questions? Or, maybe you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read an entire article? No problem - we’ve got you covered with the following eHarmony FAQ:

Is eHarmony a free dating site?

Unfortunately, eHarmony is not a completely free dating site. While it does offer some free features to users, it primarily operates on a subscription-based model, where users can choose to pay for premium memberships to access additional features and benefits.

Pro Tip: For a list of great options for free dating sites organized by BeyondAges in your local area, click here. 

Is there a free trial for eHarmony?

eHarmony occasionally offers free trials to new users, allowing them to try out some of the premium features for a limited period without immediate payment. These trials can provide a taste of the full eHarmony experience.

Don’t worry - if you want to learn how much eHarmony costs, check our Beyond Ages guide -  “How Much eHarmony Costs in 2024: The Ultimate Pricing Guide”

How many bots should I expect on eHarmony?

eHarmony, like many online dating platforms, employs various strategies to minimize the presence of fake profiles and bots:

  • Users have the option to verify their identity through a voluntary verification process. 
  • The platform's customer support teams investigate and address reports of suspicious profiles, and security measures are in place to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. 
  • Additionally, eHarmony encourages users to report any dubious profiles they encounter.

However, it's important for users to exercise caution. While eHarmony strives to maintain a genuine user base, no online dating site can completely eliminate the possibility of encountering fake profiles or bots. 

Stay vigilant, use common sense, and report any suspicious activity you come across to enhance online safety.

What’s the ratio of men to women?

eHarmony’s ratio of men to women is just as you’d expect on safer apps like Bumble. While still male-heavy (like all male-female dating apps), eHarmony does not typically disclose its exact male-to-female ratio publicly, and the ratio may also change over time as new users join the platform. However, the latest stats from Statista Consumer Insights place eHarmony near the top with 51 million users worldwide

If you’re worried about whether the dating app is a total “sausage fest”, you should understand that eHarmony is a numbers game (albeit, a more intentional numbers game). Users join and leave the site all the time - which is why you should always interact with new users on eHarmony before their inboxes get filled.

Also, to get a more accurate sense of what the gender distribution in your area (up to 150 miles maximum) and age group is, explore the platform and conduct searches to see the profiles of users in your area. 

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, eHarmony offers a mobile app that allows you to access the platform on their smartphones and tablets. The eHarmony mobile app is available for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the respective app stores (App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices).

Is the app as good as the desktop version? Yes and no

  • Yes, the mobile app provides many of the same features and functionalities as the desktop version of eHarmony, allowing users to create and edit profiles, receive and review matches, communicate with other members, and access various tools for finding compatible partners. 
  • The one drawback to using the mobile app is that you’ll have a harder time navigating all of eHarmony’s features, as they’re more visually compressed than most desktop/laptop monitors.

Keep in mind that you'll need an eHarmony account to use the mobile app effectively, and some features may require a paid subscription.

Is eHarmony good for seniors?

Absolutely! eHarmony is an excellent choice for seniors seeking meaningful relationships or companionship. The site’s emphasis on compatibility matching aligns well with the preferences of older adults looking for committed relationships and companies with similar values and life goals. 

Admittedly, seniors seeking their peer group may be off-put by more of the modernized features on apps like Tinder. Instead, eHarmony offers what seniors are looking for: extensive safety measures, guided communication, a diverse user base, and dating advice resources - all of which are particularly helpful for seniors re-entering the dating scene. 

There is, however, one distinct drawback - eHarmony does take some patience to work through interacting on the website. If you’re a senior and you get frustrated with all of the apps on your phone (especially push notifications, which can be silenced), you may want to use the desktop version exclusively.


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