The 11 Best Dating Apps In Denver That Will Work For You In 2020

This woman is on one of the best dating apps in denver, but where are you?

Will online dating work? Of course! It's all a matter of using the best dating apps in Denver to find true love though.

City data shows 34.5 percent of 719,116 Denver residents are single. Somewhere out there is another decent girl or guy who is equally sick of hearing his or her married friends tote their marriedness around like a badge of awesomeness.

Thankfully, we live in an era when it’s never been easier to find a partner. 20 percent of all relationships begin online. Part of that is due to the intelligent design of modern dating apps.

The trick is to find which online dating service is best. We studied the most widely-used dating apps between Cherry Creek and Baker and interviewed local users about their favorites. We found the best dating apps in Denver for you to use.

This is how online dating works: Each app has its own gimmick-- its own hook--to help you catch a catch. We’re not all dipping our poles in the water for the same type, so how can we trust that one app will be right for all of us?

Whether you’re straight, Christian, atheist, single parent, BBW, or over 50; we’ve made it easier to decide on an app that’s right for you. You just have to know yourself well enough to know what you want and that you won’t settle for anything less than fireworks.

We’ve concluded the following apps are the best dating apps in Denver. Find the best fit and explore the singles in our city. We look forward to hearing about your experiences on any of these apps. Please feel free to leave us a comment.

The Best Denver Dating Apps We Tried

We’ll give you a list of apps for each category and then our opinion about each app.

If you are looking for a real connection eHarmony can't be beaten in Denver (try it now)

Homepage for eharmony dating app

When you're looking for more than a quick distraction there is really only one game in town, eHarmony. This app the magical combination of being super popular in Denver (over 30,000,000 active members) and actually helping people discover and connect with other compatible singles. An app that actually helps you? After trying out over 100 different apps we could hardly believe it too!

This is what really sets eHarmony apart from the crowd:

People on this app actually want to take things offline

Once we had gone through the somewhat long process of signing up for their trial and answering all the questions (it takes a little time but it's worth it) it became pretty clear that people who aren't really interested in using the app for real wouldn't even make it that far. All the attention seekers and flakes you find on other apps didn't make it through the process.

This left a big group of people that were extremely motivated to actually respond to our messages and take this to the next level. The response rates and dates we see are so much better than other sites. If you had bad results elsewhere you are very likely to do much better on eHarmony.

Their matching system actually works

Most apps just fling your profile out into the pool with the thousands or millions of other singles to sink or swim. eHarmony has a much more intelligent approach where they actually automatically match you up with people who match your preferences and are likely to be compatible with you. There are a ton of garbage sites out there, like we saw in our Charmdate review, that really make eHarmony look good.

eHarmony is responsible for 75% of all marriages that start online so they must be doing It right!

No more scrolling through 100's of profiles and sending hundreds of messages to other people who are getting bombarded. You get the cream of the crop sent to you and they actually read your messages when you send them. It really is a great system to use and helps you build some connections with your matches before your first date.

Everyone looking for some kind of relationship (short-term or long-term) should check out their trial. It's very likely you have been missing out on some great people.

Try eHarmony Now


If you just want something physical and short-term Adult FriendFinder is best

Homepage for the best adult dating app Adult FriendFinder

Of all the apps geared toward short-term flings we tried, there are only two that delivered; Adult FriendFinder and Tinder. Tinder is great if you fit both of the following criteria:

  • You are between 18 and 28 and only want to meet up with people in that same age range
  • You are in the top 10-15% in looks (especially for guys)

If you can say "yes" to both of the above Tinder will work decently for you. If that isn't the case, you are probably going to have a better time with Adult FriendFinder (especially if you want to meet women over 30). AFF has as many, or more, users as Tinder (50,000,000+ active) and have been around for a much longer time. There really isn't any comparison.

If you held a gun to our head and made us pick one app to try first for shorter-term relationships it would be this one. We have seen people get the best results with Adult FriendFinder across a much wider range of ages than any dating app out there. If you are not in your early 20’s or late teens that is probably the best option out there for you (and you can try them for free). It is well worth your time to check them out.

You should check out their free trial if you are just looking for some short-term fun in the Denver area. You don't have anything to lose and could have a great time.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you haven't tried it yet, you need to check out Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer with this link and see for yourself. We've tried out and ranked over 100 different sites and apps and most guys have done better here than anywhere else. There isn't an easier option out there.

College grads seeking college grads in Denver should try Elite Singles

Elite Singles is the best dating app to meet people with college degreesA college degree isn’t just an expensive piece of paper. It’s the ability to see something through from beginning to end. It’s extensive training in how to think, and how to understand the multi-faceted aspects of a situation before making a decision. For college grads seeking college grads, Elite Singles is the best dating app in Denver.

Denver is home to Regis University and the University of Colorado. There are 248,095 residents who, like you, have passionately devoted their lives to studying and earned a Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, or higher.

Whether you studied classic literature or epidemiology, you’re likely to find a match on Elite Singles.

Try Elite Singles For Free


Men interested in older women or women interested in younger men should try Cougar Life

Cougar Life is the best dating app to meet women over 35The dictionary defines cougar as a middle-aged woman seeking a romantic relationship with a younger man. Women over 30 are typically more established, independent, and confident than their younger counterparts. The best dating app in Denver, for women over 30, is Cougar Life.

Cougar Life helps women over 30 find a find a cub, and helps cubs attract and keep an older woman. This isn’t an app for men with mommy issues. Cougar life attracts independent and mature men who are ready for a relationship but haven't had much luck at the best cougar bars in Denver.

Cougar Life is free to sign up and free to find matches. It has multiple membership packages available. Every year we put together a list of our favorite cougar dating apps and Cougar Life has been the best in Denver for several years.

Wine isn’t the only thing that gets better with age. Try Cougar life’s free trial.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Rebounders and trainwrecks seeking Mr. Right Now have luck with Tinder

Logo for Tinder appNot everyone is ready for commitment. And sometimes, after a rough breakup, people just need a short term relationship. Although you might know someone who found his or her soulmate on Tinder, it shouldn’t be seen for more than it is: a fling app. Tinder is the best dating app in Denver for singles looking to mingle (or get some dingle).

For some, Tinder is the first resort because swiping right is easy. It’s easier than getting dressed up, staying at the bar till last call and waiting for the bottleneck of sexy drunks to start coming your way.

If you’ve got a sweet face and a rockin’ bod, you’ll probably do well. But don’t worry, men. A lot of girls choose the guy with glasses and a sense of humor over the meathead with six-pack abs. It depends on the girl and her tastes. The Tinder app is free to use and has added features at a cost.

Welcome to Tinder. Proudly the place for rebounds and one-night stands.

Try Tinder For Free


Selective single parents find love on eHarmony

eHarmony is the best app for single parentsSingle parents are possibly the busiest, most hard-working, and careful daters. They’re typically responsible and selfless and looking for a partner with matching values and ideals. There are more than 12 million single-parent US Households, and many of those are in Denver.  eHarmony is the best dating app in Denver for single parents.

eHarmony is the app we trust most for single parents. There’s a free trial that allows you to cancel within three days. The signup process may seem like a deep moat between you and the castle, but it acts as a safeguard. It helps filter out those who are neither serious nor patient enough to answer a few questions. If you happen to be a single guy, this is going to be one of the best ways we've found to meet a MILF in Denver.

With more than 15 million members, eHarmony helps users connect at multiple levels. If you’re hoping to harmonize with someone special and establish a lasting and meaningful relationship, try eHarmony.

Try eHarmony For Free

Luscious and curvy women in Denver are on eHarmony (and the guys looking for them)

Full-bodied women tend to believe in body positivity. They think that modern beauty standards are a construct of society. They’re looking for a relationship with loving beings who have similar beliefs. eHarmony is the best dating app in Denver for full-figured women. There haven't been many new dating apps that actually work for meeting a BBW so sticking with the tried and true makes sense.

This is the most popular app among luscious women seeking someone accepting of all people and bodies. And if you’re a man, eHarmony is a top spot where you’ll find a Denver BBW who won’t reject you and who doesn’t base her self confidence solely on her physical body.

eHarmony does a fantastic job because they have a HUGE number of people using it. The site only matches you up with BBW who are looking for someone like you.

When you can use an extremely popular dating app that does all the work for you it's something special and is a big reason most guys have the best success with BBW using it.

The app is easy to use, and the standard membership is free. You can upgrade to the Gold and Platinum membership for added features. eHarmony is specifically designed for women who are voluptuous and the men who desire them. #EffYourBeautyStandards, #HonorMyCurves

The most loved app among Christians in Denver is also eHarmony

Christians are always seeking God-centered relationships that are meaningful and lasting. Unfortunately, dating apps are flooded with users who claim Christianity yet who don’t uphold all the values of the religion. eHarmony is the best dating app in Denver for believers.

This city has a strong faith-based Christian community, so you don’t have to waste energy on those who don’t share the same values. Equally important, you shouldn’t be disenchanted into believing there are no good Christians left.

eHarmony is specifically designed for Christians. You’ll have options like viewing profiles, sending private emails, or joining chat rooms. Have faith… your match might just be a click away.

If you’re a silver-haired fox and more than 50-years old in Denver, try Our Time

Daters over 50 are self-secure and know precisely what they want, and sometimes it’s just friendship. They’re ready to find someone who shares the same interests and core beliefs. Our Time is the best dating app in Denver for the 50 and older crowd.

If you’re hesitant because of the technology, you’ll love OurTime. OurTime is a user-friendly dating app and the most popular among Denver seniors. Once signed up, users can browse for other members, upload photos, and adjust settings. There are options for the type of relationship you seek, whether friendship or romantic relationship. OurTime takes the pressure off if you’re not ready to date quite yet.

The Paid account allows access to send and receive messages. The free account never expires and will enable users to view more than 1.4 million member accounts. Try OurTime for free today!

A Few General Denver Dating Apps To Consider

Now that we have gone through the apps for more specific tastes here are our favorites that don’t cater to a particular crowd:

If you’re looking for more than a quick meet up, check out eHarmony

When it comes to giving you the best chances of meeting a single woman seeking men in Denver you are actually compatible with you can beat eHarmony in Denver. Unlike the other major dating apps out there, eHarmony actually has a signup process that is more than throwing up a couple of photos and a lame joke or two.

A more intensive signup process allows for much better automatic matching and also filters out the people who are not even committed enough to spend 15-20 minutes to answer a few questions. If you are looking for more than a quick fix and want to save a lot of time and money in the long run, you can’t beat them.

OkCupid and Plenty of Fish are also decent but have some downsides

No list of dating apps in Denver would be complete without including OKC and POF. These are two apps that almost everyone has signed up on at one time or another.

Now, OKC and POF have a lot of users, which is excellent. The problem is that very few people on the app seem actually to put much effort into it. We have yet to find another app that has as little activity per subscriber.

You can definitely get results if you spend a lot of time, but in our experience, it just wasn’t worth it. The same amount of time and effort spend on other apps yielded much better results.

If you are looking for more great guides to finding the right dating apps check these out:

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