Atlanta's 9 Best Dating Apps That Are Worth Your Time in 2020 (Legit)

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If you’re tired of the local dating scene and the disappointments it can bring, it’s time to analyze where you’re going wrong. If you’ve embraced online dating, we bet that reviewing the Atlanta dating apps you’re using will change your luck.

Not all apps are created equal. Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of phenomenal Atlanta dating apps. But if you choose one that doesn’t suit your needs, well, it leads to nothing but frustration.

If you download an app just because it promises to find love for singles from Virginia-Highland to Grove Park, you’ll probably regret it. If an app can’t accommodate your particular needs, it won’t matter how advanced the technology is. It simply won’t work for you. It takes far more than the latest AI to find a relationship in a city like Atlanta. Dating gets tougher still, especially in a hamlet like Senoia where the dating pool is all but dried up.

As a single living in Atlanta, there are lots of apps, from those that accommodate niche needs to those offering a broad range of dating profiles. Picking the app that’s right for you will save you a whole lot of time and money, not to mention aggravation. That’s where we come in. We’ve tested all of the best Atlanta dating apps to help you choose the perfect one.

Finding love among Atlanta’s 491,626 residents, nearly 34% of which are single, won’t seem so daunting with the right app. Want to find out which apps brought fellow Atlanta singles their perfect matches? Read on! And don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

The Best Atlanta Dating Apps To Try

We’ll start by discussing the best local niche dating apps. Then we’ll talk about the general dating apps that work best for Atlanta singles.

If you are more relationship-focused eHarmony is #1

Dating app eHarmony homepage

If you are looking for something a little more long-term eHarmony is almost always the best option out there. You have probably heard of them before and it's for good reason. When it comes to getting the results you want in your dating life they are by far the most helpful option.

There are a few reasons why we think you will get the best results if you check out their trial:

Their results are amazing compared to other apps

There's one stat you need to know when trying to decide what dating app you want to try, success rates. Of all the marriages that started online eHarmony is responsible for nearly 75% of them! That is an incredible success rate. They are more than 3 times as successful as any other app out there when it comes to long-term success.

When you have evidence like that it's hard to think about using another option. We certainly had much better results using them as well.

You will have a lot of options and people actually respond!

eHarmony has over 30 million members (a ton) which will give you a lot of options. The downside of big apps like that is that it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle and not get noticed. This app is particularly great at making sure that doesn't happen.

It comes down to their unique matching system. The signup process is a little long but it really helps with this. You get automatically matched up with people who match your preferences, are compatible with you, and looking for a partner just like you. Instead of blasting out 100 messages a day or dealing with people who are getting 100 messages a day it's a way more focused approach. This means every message is actually read and MUCH more often responded to.

If you are looking for something real checking out their trial below is going to be well worth your time!

Try eHarmony Now


Adult FriendFinder's free trial is our favorite for finding a quick fling (especially for guys)

Homepage for the best adult dating app Adult FriendFinderWhen it really comes down to it there are only a couple of apps in Atlanta that you can actually find success with for short term fun if you are a guy. We will talk about Tinder and it’s limitations in a bit but first want to talk about how Adult FriendFinder is the app that is going to be most useful for the vast majority of people out there.

Not everyone is looking for long-term dating and if that sounds like you Adult FriendFinder is the best option for you (most likely). We have tried a lot of apps and when it comes to real results we have not seen an app work better around the city. Sure, Tinder is great if you only want to meet people in their early to mid 20’s but if you want an app that works for all ages this is one you need to try out first.

Tinder is very focused on helping people under 30 find other people under 30. If you are interested in people 30+ Tinder just isn't a great option. If you are not in the top 10-15% in looks Tinder isn't a great option. If you don't want to have to send out hundreds of messages to women just looking for validation Tinder isn't a great option. This is where Adult FriendFinder really pulls away and other apps really fall behind like we saw when we reviewed

Every year we put together a full review of all the best hookup apps out there and AFF has been the best choice for most people for a while. You want to have the most opportunities possible (they have over 50 million active members) and an app that helps connect you with people interested in the same things. AFF does both splendidly.

These types of apps definitely are not for everyone. They are 100% focused on helping men and women find other people to meet up with quickly and easily. If you are tired of frequenting bars and clubs and just want to get down to business, check Adult FriendFinder out. All the other “fling apps” are a complete waste of time.

Adult FriendFinder is especially good if you are looking to meet people over 30 (or are 30+ yourself). It is still great for the younger crowd but there is nothing better for those with a little more experience.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you haven't tried it yet, you need to check out Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer with this link and see for yourself. We've tried out and ranked over 100 different sites and apps and most guys have done better here than anywhere else. There isn't an easier option out there.


Younger men interested in mature women should try Cougar Life

Cougar Life is the best dating app to meet women over 35

If you’re a guy who likes his ladies with a little extra life experience or you’re a woman interested in dating younger guys, Atlanta is THE place to be.

This city boasts a healthy supply of young single men, older men who like women their age and sexy, single women in the 30+ category. If you live in Virginia-Highland, we’re not telling you anything you didn’t know already.

If you fall into either of these categories, Cougar Life is a surefire way to find the one you’ve been looking for. This app is the best one for guys who want to hook up with single older women especially if you don't have time to check out the top Atlanta cougar bars. It also works well for ladies interested in dating both younger and older men.

Cougar Life consistently hits the No. 1 spot on the annual list of our favorite Atlanta cougar dating sites and apps. With its membership base of 7 million-plus active profiles and its first-rate mobile experience, it stands head and shoulders above its competitors.

So, if you’re a man who favors older women or you’re a lady hankering for a stud, Cougar Life’s free trial will get you what you’re looking for. We’re willing to bet that you’ll enjoy the experience.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Atlanta college grads looking for fellow college grads should hop on Elite Singles

Elite Singles is the best dating app to meet people with college degrees

If you want to date someone with a college degree, you’ve hit the jackpot in Atlanta. Home to colleges like Emory University and Georgia Tech, 34% of this city’s population is made up of college grads.

If you’re wondering how you can find a college-educated date when you’re no longer in school, the answer is Elite Singles. Even if this app wasn’t great, which it is, it would still be a better option than trolling the bar scene hoping to find “the one.”

Despite being one of the newer apps on the dating scene, Elite Singles already boasts a membership base of more than 13 million subscribers with a monthly growth rate of 165,000 new members. Sure, there are some great free dating apps out there but you tend to get what you pay for and none of them can really compare to the more selective paid apps.

If the large membership base isn’t enough to whet your appetite, then this will be: a whopping 82% of Elite Singles subscribers have a bachelor’s degree or higher. With stats like that, you have great chances of finding a date with an IQ at least as high as yours.

Elite Singles knows brains aren’t everything, though. The app covers all bases by making sure you’ll match with someone who shares your interests and opinions. The app requires you to take a personality test when you sign up. This test helps pair you with an intellectual equal you’ll actually enjoy spending time with.

Whether you’re a man or woman, Elite Singles is a great choice. Keep in mind that guys do enjoy a greater selection because women make up 56% of the app’s user base.

If being college educated is a must on your list of dating criteria, hop on Elite Singles. Aside from going to college, it’s the smartest move you’ll ever make.

Try Elite Singles For Free


Single parents in Atlanta should check out eHarmony

Cougar Life is the best dating app to meet women over 35

Dating as a single parent in Atlanta can be stressful. Balancing children with a social life isn’t easy. It gets even tougher if you hang out with childless singles who don’t understand the struggles that come with parenthood.

The solution? Finding a fellow single parent who is also looking for a relationship. A good chunk of America’s 12 million single-parent households are in Atlanta. But that’s no guarantee you’ll find someone you’re compatible with.

That’s where eHarmony comes in. With a membership base of more than 35 million people, your chances of finding a great single mom or dad to date is pretty good. eHarmony even offers a little peace of mind to singles with its three-month guarantee. This means if eHarmony’s patented Compatibility Matching System® hasn’t found you a great match within 90 days, you’ll get an extra three months for free.

The Compatibility Matching System® uses an in-depth questionnaire to find your matches. It’s something you need to fill out when you sign up. Dates are based on shared interests and values. This questionnaire assures you that you’ll enjoy talking to your date even if he or she doesn’t turn out to be “the one.”

Even if your first date doesn’t elicit sparks, not to worry. eHarmony has a great batting average with about 70% of its members finding a spouse within one year of joining.

So if you’re a single parent looking for love, nothing beats eHarmony. We've seen a lot of single guys who want to meet Atlanta MILF's do really well here. If that sounds like you check it out now.

Try eHarmony For Free


Sexy, fun-loving singles: Tinder is your jam

Logo for Tinder app

If serious relationships aren’t your thing but you just want to find other like-minded singles who want to get laid in Atlanta, Tinder is for you. From no-strings-attached relationships to flings to one-nighters, Tinder offers it all.

If you want a long-term commitment, however, your chances of finding it on Tinder are minuscule, and you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Tinder works equally well for both men and women, although guys definitely need to work a little harder to be successful. Why? There’s an intense rivalry among guys for the attention of good-looking women in Atlanta. So guys, if you want to use this app successfully, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Your first and most important step is to upload several unforgettable profile pictures. If you want attention from the woman you’re interested in, your pictures must grab her attention. Keep in mind, sexy women on the app get constantly inundated with messages from ardent admirers. If you want to get responses, your pictures need to be amazing.

If you’re an attractive woman who enjoys male attention, Tinder will be lots of fun for you. From compliments to suggestions to meet to indecent proposals, you’ll get it all. You’ll love Tinder as long as you use it knowing you probably won’t meet Mr. Right.

If you’re looking for someone to put a ring on it, there are other Atlanta dating apps that will help you find your forever love.

Try Tinder For Free


Atlanta’s larger ladies (and the guys who love them) are on eHarmony

If you’re a big, beautiful woman or a man who lusts after them, then eHarmony is the best app for you.

BBW and the men who prefer them seldom have success on any of Atlanta’s general dating apps. That’s because there simply aren’t enough people from these two groups using them.

Few BBW are interested in competing with smaller women for men’s attention. The scarcity of full-figured women on general apps makes it hard for men who like a curvy figure to find a woman that takes their fancy. As a result, men who are looking for BBW don’t keep their profiles active for long. And who can blame them? It’s frustrating to spend time and money on a dating app and never find what you’re looking for.

eHarmony does a fantastic job because they have a HUGE number of people using it. The site only matches you up with BBW who are looking for someone like you.

When you can use an extremely popular dating app that does all the work for you it's something special and is a big reason most guys have the best success with BBW using it.

If you’ve had enough of the disillusionment that comes with general dating apps, eHarmony is the answer. It’s the one dating app in Atlanta where Rubenesque ladies and the guys who desire them can come together, leaving behind stress and frustration. If that sounds appealing, why not give it a try? It’s a download you’ll never regret.

A little time on this app along with our favorite places to meet BBW in Atlanta is a surefire recipe for success.

eHarmony is also the best Christian dating app in Atlanta

The dating game isn’t easy at the best of times, but for Christians, it can be even more difficult. Signing up for one of Atlanta’s general dating apps may seem like a great idea initially. But it can lead to disappointment for people of faith. There are thousands of profiles to sift through, and only a small portion of those identify as Christian.

If you’re a Christian, do you really want to go through all of those profiles? Even if you do find a few potential candidates, there’s no real way to tell how sincere they are in their beliefs. All too often, people identify as Christian because they were baptized as a child or because they believe God exists — even though there is no relationship there to speak of.

This is maddening for true Christians. Who wants to waste time going out on several first dates only to discover that none of their matches share their devotion?

If we’re preaching to the choir, then it’s time for you to give eHarmony a try. It’s the perfect Atlanta dating app if you want a serious, long-term commitment. That’s because eHarmony is responsible for more Christian marriages than any other dating app. Another stat of interest, especially for the guys, is that 58.6% of this app’s 10 million members are female.

The eHarmony algorithm finds you a match based on your personality. It also has safeguards to discourage insincere “Christians” from completing the signup process. While not 100% foolproof, the app is still responsible for thousands of successful matches.

Want to be one of Atlanta’s success stories? Download eHarmony now!

Our Time the best Atlanta dating app for 50+ singles

If you’re an over-50 single looking for a relationship, Atlanta is the dating pool for you. There are a ton of older singles in Atlanta looking for love, and a healthy portion of them are using Our Time.

Designed for the 50+ single, Our Time averages 8.9 million monthly visitors. That certainly gives it a major advantage over Atlanta’s general dating apps.

Let’s face it, with a general app you’ll have to sift through the profiles of thousands of 20- to 30-year-olds in the hopes of finding some matches in your age range. Does that sound appealing? What it is is a lot of work for subpar results.

Our Time is way better than all the other apps for those who are 50+. Its signup process is relatively simple even if you’re not tech-savvy. So give it a whirl, there are some great dating sites in Atlanta but none that are quite so good for those 50+. We’re sure you’ll find someone great in no time.

General Atlanta Dating Apps You Should Consider

If you believe variety is the spice of life, these general Atlanta dating apps will be right up your alley:

OkCupid and Plenty of Fish are adequate apps but have a few pitfalls

Every dating list simply must include OKC and POF. And the list we’ve put together for Atlanta is no exception. Used by practically every Atlanta single at one point or another, these apps are well-known for their huge membership bases that supply something for pretty much everyone.

Don’t get too excited, though. There may be a lot of choices on these apps, but neither boasts a high success rate. That’s because many of the apps’ subscribers have sparsely filled-in profiles. This makes it really hard to find someone you might be compatible with. In fact, of all of the Atlanta dating apps we’ve tested, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish have the worst member engagement.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find someone to date on these apps. But if you do, it’s usually a fluke or it’s because you spent a lot of time scrolling.

If you decide to try OKC or POF, do so knowing you’ll have to put in a lot of time to find what you’re looking for. If it gets to be too much, you can always switch to another app that will offer better results for way less effort.

If you are looking for more great guides to finding the right dating apps check these out:

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