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The Best Spots for Atlanta Hookups in 2023 (Our Favorites)

Sexy girl texting and looking for Atlanta hookups online

Atlanta has a lot to offer when it comes to hookup bars, but it can be difficult to navigate them without a little help. If you use one of the many Atlanta hookup options online, you might have better luck, but it can still be hard to know where to start.

In a city with just under a million people, there are a lot of great places to meet people, and plenty that are not so great. It can be easy to waste time and money trying to meet people the wrong ways, which is why a little guidance can help.

We’ve put together a list of the best hookup hotspots in our city, so you can stop searching and start meeting other people looking to have a great time. Whether you’re looking for an upscale haunt in Buckhead, something a little out of the way in Bufford, a college bar near Spellman, or something a little more divey in Grove Park, we have a hookup spot for you. You don't have to be a Georgia Tech alum to be an expert hookup artist in Atlanta.

So, take a look at our recommendations and get out there to meet someone fun tonight! If we’ve missed any of your favorite spots, let us know in the comments.

Our favorite spots to find Atlanta hookups

We are going to get you started with a list of the best Atlanta hookup options that are both popular and successful. We’ve reviewed a lot of hookup options online along with bars for finding hookups in Atlanta. Here are our favorites.

AFF is Atlanta’s best hookup app these days (try it free)

If you're not on at least one hookup app right now you're missing out on a lot of options. So many hookups start online these days that you just can't miss it. The first option you need to try, and the best hookup app in Atlanta, has been AFF. This is especially true for single guys.

AFF is REALLY popular in Atlanta and with over 60 million members might be the biggest hookup app period. Tinder is another decent option but it's more about relationships these days and less about more casual fun.

If you're a single guy in Atlanta AFF is going to be your best hookup option.

What really makes this app stand out, aside from how popular it is, is that the women using it are actually willing to hang out. If you've been on most other apps it's filled with women who are just looking for attention or compliments. AFF has way more singles that actually follow through. It's pretty nice.

If you haven't tried out their free trial below you need to give it a shot. There are too many good opportunities online that you're missing out on if you don't!

Try AFF For Free!
Using this link to AFF's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good-looking.


Havana Club may be the best way to find hookups in Atlanta

A hot girl at Havana Club


If you’re in Buckhead and want to party, head on over to Havana Club. You’ll quickly see why this is one of our favorite Atlanta hookup bars. The place is massive, with three different rooms dedicated to different kinds of music. There are quite a few bars, so even when it gets crowded, it isn’t that difficult to get a drink. Better yet, get a VIP table and don’t worry about heading up to the bar all night.

On Saturday nights, they have free salsa lessons in the Latin room, so put on your dancing shoes and ask someone to join you! Or check their calendar for other drink specials, events, and DJs. Havana Club has something for just about everyone, making it one of Atlanta’s best hookup bars.

The best Atlanta pickup bars we've tried

Whether you want a gal who daintily sips on cocktails or one who can chug down a pint of beer in one go, no doubt you'll find her at these spots:

Woof’s on Piedmont is a laid-back place to catch a game or someone's eye

Cocktails from Wolf's on Piedmont


Woof’s on Piedmont is the place to go if you are looking for a no-frills hookup spot with a good bar menu and well-priced drinks. They have over 27 TVs, so your team should definitely be on. Grab a beer and some wings, and strike up a conversation with another fan. A great ambiance all around that makes it one of the best bars in Atlanta for singles.

Head over on a Wednesday for Trivia Night or take a look at their calendar for even more events, like poker night and softball, as well as their specials. With so much to offer, it is no wonder Woof’s is one of the best hookup bars in Atlanta.

District is where all the hot girls dance all night

The huge crowd at District Atlanta


If you want to get lost in a huge crowd of hot girls dancing to some of the best music, you have to go to District. The minute you enter, it's like you've walked into the future. The huge dance floor has over 300 floating orbs--just enough to help you see all the girls on the dancefloor. You might even meet some sexy Baton Rouge girls dancing here... With world-class DJs, exquisite bottle service, and a guarantee that you'll have a great time, it's impossible not to get laid here!

Golden Eagle is a cozy throwback in Reynoldstown, one of the best bars in Atlanta for singles

Please note: Golden Eagle is no longer in operation as of May 2, 2021
source: goldeneagleatl

Cocktails from Golden Eagle


If you’re in Reynoldstown and are looking for a no-nonsense diner-style club, head on over to Golden Eagle. You will not be disappointed. There are two sides to Golden Eagle, a more formal dining room and an intimate lounge area, perfect for meeting someone looking for fun.

The drinks are creative and strong, the service is accommodating, and the décor is dark and moody, all of which makes the Golden Eagle one of the most exciting hookup bars in Atlanta.


The hookup apps in Atlanta dating coaches prefer

A huge number of hookups start online now. You don't have to spend all day on the apps but spending 10-20 minutes a week sending messages can really pay off. These are the best hookup apps in the city right now:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

The best clubs for finding hookups in Atlanta

There's nothing quite like loud music, drinks and a huge crowd to get everyone pumped up for a good time. Check out these bars and you might just get laid in Atlanta!

Johnny’s Hideaway is energetic and fun

Hot girls at Johnny's Hideaway


If you want to dance, but aren’t that into hip-hop or techno and just want the hits, head on over to Johnny’s Hideaway, one of Atlanta’s original nightspots and one of the best hookup bars in Atlanta. The crowd is always looking to let loose and have a good time. With a Sinatra Room and The King’s Corner, Johnny’s attracts a bit of an older crowd, so if you’re interested in a cougar, this is your spot!

This is one of those places where you can find instant hookups. The booze are flowing and the energy is great. Join Johnny Hideaway’s for all-request Mondays or Ladies Night on Wednesdays. Get a drink, meet someone interesting and dance the night away.


Best places to meet sexy Atlanta girls during the day

Not a huge fan of the bar and club scene? Here are some daytime hangouts where you can find hookups in Atlanta.

Condesa Coffee is a surprising spot to get laid in Atlanta

Coffee shops like Condesa Coffee might not strike you as the ideal place to find hookups. But in reality, they're actually pretty good spots to check out. For one, most of the girls you'll meet here are a little more laidback. They're usually just hanging out, chatting or enjoying their drinks. They're not quite as on guard as they'd be at a bar. So if you need a nice cup of joe to get your day started, check out Condesa Coffee. It reminds us of some of the cafes where girls go to find Birmingham hookups. You might just be surprised who you'll meet!

Hit two birds with one stone at Equilibrium

Please note: Equilibrium Fitness is no longer in operation as of March 20, 2020
source: EQFitATL

While lots of women will tell you NOT to go to the gym to meet single gals, we beg to differ. Lots of Atlanta girls who just happen to be single go to the gym to both work out and socialize. At least, this is the case with Equilibrium. It's one of the best gyms in the city and they have an assortment of classes where you can meet someone new. Get chatting before the Spin and Strong class. Commiserate after a grueling HIIT session. Or flirt with someone while you're on the treadmill. It's all easy and effortless at Equilibrium!

Other great hookup spots to get laid in Atlanta

Now that we’ve listed a few of the best ways to meet hot Atlanta girls, we are going to give you a few more options to find hookups.

Northside Tavern is perfect for music lovers

Northside Tavern at night


Northside Tavern is one of the best dive bars you’ll ever go to, not just in Atlanta, but in the entire country. It is everything a perfect dive bar should be, with cheap beer, pool tables and live music seven nights a week. The crowd is diverse and super laid-back. If you come here with the right mindset, you are guaranteed a good time.

This is the type of place that you can come alone, cozy up to the bar, have yourself a few drinks and a few dances, and leave with someone special. It’s no wonder that when locals are looking to scratch that certain itch, they come here. And that makes Northside Tavern one of the best bars in Atlanta for singles.

Tinder is where hotties find Atlanta hookups

Hookup app Tinder

If you’re young and hot, first, count your blessings. Then head on over to Tinder where you’ll have a lot of success. Tinder is one of the most popular online platform for finding hookups in Atlanta. Everyone’s heard of it and almost everyone’s tried it. Even women looking to get laid in New Orleans sometimes find matches in Atlanta.

However, because so many people are on Tinder, there is a lot of competition. Which means if you are young and good looking, you’ll do well. If not, it can be somewhat hit or miss (usually a miss!). But it is still one of the most popular hookup platforms, so if you’re feeling confident in your photo game, give it a try!

Map of our favorite places to find hookups and meet girls

Now that you've seen all of our top hookup spots in Atlanta above it's time to make a plan. Using the map above you can see which locations are close together. If you really want to be successful it helps to try out several places and see which really click with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Atlanta Hookups

Where can I meet single girls in Atlanta?

You can meet lots of single girls in Atlanta through apps like AFF and eHarmony. And you can also find them in the best bars for singles in Atlanta like Havana Club, Golden Eagle, and Northside Tavern.

Is dating easy in Atlanta?

Definitely, with plenty of bars where singles go, you'll never run out of people to meet and places to check out.

Is Atlanta known for nightlife?

Absolutely, with all the hookup bars mentioned above, Atlanta will make your night out one to remember.

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