9 Sizzling Spots To Find Baton Rouge Hookups in 2020 (Where We Go)

Attractive singles drinking and looking for Baton Rouge Louisiana hookups

Baton Rouge is the hub of Louisiana and it’s jam-packed with unique restaurants, entertaining bars, live music and a sexy singles scene. We're a pretty big city after all, so finding Baton Rouge hookups shouldn't be that hard. . .unless you only visit the same old places.

So which Baton Rouge hookup apps, sites and bars will actually get you laid? Whatever your preference, it’s good to know which spots and online resources are the best because some nights, you might just want to sit around in your underwear and thumb through Tinder. Whether you’re in Longwood or Valley Park, we’re giving you the hottest Baton Rouge hookup sites, apps and bars that will actually get results.

We set our team loose in Louisiana’s state capitol and had them sample all the bars, apps and websites where they might get laid in Baton Rouge. We then interviewed locals at different colleges, like Baton Rouge Community College, and we stopped at a few bars to speak to Baton Rouge singles. Lastly, we looked at nationwide data for the most popular apps and websites, and then we looked at local data. Not only is Baton Rouge one of the easiest cities for hookups, but it’s also one of the most creative and fun places for singles!

Take a look at our list and let us know what you think. If you think we should add another place to our list, let us know in the comments below!

Where Hot Baton Rouge Hookups Happen (Apps & Hookup Bars)

We’ll start with the most useful Baton Rouge hookup apps and hookup bars. Our crew gave each bar or location high marks on specific factors, which we’ve detailed below. Find out why we gave the Baton Rouge hookups we found here deserve a thumbs up!

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The Bulldog is the greatest Baton Rouge bar overall

The Bulldog is the greatest Baton Rouge hookup bar overall


Listen, we can blow smoke up your ass till The Saints come marching in, but we can’t dispute the reviews on this bar. It’s been rated as one of the top Baton Rouge hookup bars with the best drinking patios in the city. It’s centrally located, they’ve got large screen TVs, and they have a famous beer tap fountain serving 81 fine draft beers (mostly craft and local).

We were hip to The Bulldog because they deserve the rating they received. They’ve got a healthy mix of ages and types--come dressed up or dressed down. You can bring your best friend (dog-friendly patio) or an entourage of human friends and chat it up with others. The environment is cool and welcoming, the perfect storm for successful hookups.

We can sing all The Bulldog’s praises, but go ahead and see for yourself. Check out their site or social media pages for events, specials and happy hour.

Adult FriendFinder is the Baton Rouge hookup site that delivers the best results (try it free)

Hookup app Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder is the hookup app that is going to give most people the best results. There are more than 90 million users who log onto this Baton Rouge hookup site daily in the hopes of finding someone for some quick fun.

It’s a popular site not only in our city but also around the world. Adult Friend Finder has been the hookup site for short-term romance since 2006. It’s one of the oldest and most established hookup sites still in use today. It's also where you can get laid in Baton Rouge without too much effort.

Each year, Beyond Ages compiles a list of hookup apps with known results, and each year Adult Friend Finder makes our list of best hookup sites and apps.

Do yourself a favor and check out Adult Friend Finder's free trial now! You have nothing to lose and it really doesn't get any easier to find a local hookup.

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Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


Our pick for the best bar to get laid in Baton Rouge is The Hayride Scandal

Our pick for the best bar to get laid in Baton Rouge is The Hayride Scandal


When you walk through the doors of Hayride, you’ll feel like Doc Brown just took you for a ride in the DeLorean and you’ve traveled back 80 years. You’re surrounded by Victorian-era romance, intoxicated by the atmosphere and eclectic music.

We loved Hayride for the intimacy of this hidden-away Baton Rouge gem. At Hayride, you can mingle in a sultry and sexy environment, warm up with a cocktail and get comfy in the arms of a plush couch. Initiate conversation with others, make new friends or bring a few of your own. Get a feel for this intimate, classy, and upscale environment.

They’re famous for their happy hour where drinks go for $6 from Monday through Saturday, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Cougar Life is the most successful cougar hookup site for Baton Rouge (try it free)

Cougar Life hookup app

Older women feel the gravity of age, both physically and psychologically. Many of them search for men online to avoid the societal stigma of casual hookups at their age. Many of them have migrated to hookup apps to avoid outside judgment.

If you’re looking for an easy way to meet sexy, older women try Cougar Life. With more than 7 million members on Cougar Life, you better believe that many of them are in Baton Rouge and looking for a real man.

Women on Cougar Life are typically 35 and above and they’re seeking mature men--both young and old. Therefore, if your mom is still washing your boxer-briefs, you’re probably better off at the Penthouse.

Otherwise, Cougar Life is easily the most high-quality cougar app in the big cities, especially Baton Rouge. Each year, Beyond Ages compiles a list of our favorite cougar dating sites and Cougar Life rises to the top each year.

Try Cougar Life’s free trial today and find the hot older woman who will fulfill your fantasies.

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The Brickyard South is a fun and eclectic Baton Rouge hookup bar

The Brickyard South is a fun and eclectic Baton Rouge hookup bar


The Brickyard South is the place to go--day or night--when you’re bored and looking for entertainment. There’s something happening each day of the week--bottomless mimosa Sunday, Dinner-on-the-patio Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wings and Whiskey Wednesday, Bingo Thursday, Burger Friday, and Sippin’ Moscow Mules Saturday.

Of all the local options full of people looking for hookups Brickyard is one of the best. You are going to have a lot of options here, especially on the busier nights.

We recommend The Brickyard South for grub on Taco Tuesdays and hookups on Bingo Thursdays. They serve up $4 drink specials during drunk bingo and your chances of interacting and mingling with others increase “across the board” (Bingo!).

You’ll have to check out their social media feed to get a taste of how awesome and interactive this place is going to be. If you meet someone in the Facebook comments section, check out our guide on how to meet women on facebook and actually meet up.

Coffee Call is the spot for hot coffee and getting laid in Baton Rouge

Coffee Call is the spot for hot coffee and getting laid in Baton Rouge


Not everyone who comes to Beyond Ages is a drinker. If you’re here for Baton Rouge hookups, but you’d rather hook up over coffee and pastries than loud karaoke and strong drinks, you’ll love Coffee Call.

We go out of our way to choose locations that receive high marks as hookup spots and serve quality food and beverage. Coffee Call’s signature beignets topped the list of the best beignets around New Orleans. After you read our guide on how to hook up with women, read this article to find out why we love Coffee Call so darn much for Baton Rouge.

Mmm. . .we can say the same thing about their beignets and hookups at Coffee Call: hot and delicious. We recommend coming after-hours, post-bar for the perfect opportunity to hang out and hook up.


The Baton Rouge Hookup Bars and Sites that Are Worth a Shot

Now that we’ve covered some of our favorites, here are a few more proven places to find Baton Rouge hookups.

The Rum House brings sexy hookups from the Caribbean to Baton Rouge

Find some great Baton Rouge hookups at the Rum House


At The Rum House, there’s a sign hanging that reads: “Leave your worries at the door and soak in the carefree atmosphere that we strive so hard to achieve. Eat some tacos, drink some rum, and free your inner beach bum!”

We chose this as one of the top Baton Rouge hookup bars because it’s a favorite of Louisiana State University. It has easy parking, and it’s easy on the eyes. The top of the bar is an actual boat’s hull and the Caribbean drinks will pour all day. The atmosphere is open, airy and pristine with a mix of old and young customers. Guaranteed, your chances of hooking up over drinks increase on Wednesday nights (2-for-1 Margaritas).

They’re open Monday through Friday. We know the south still puts a lot of weight on men to approach women, so check out our guide on how to successfully approach a woman at a bar.

Olive or Twist is a more upscale Baton Rouge hookup bar

Olive or Twist is a more upscale Baton Rouge hookup bar


With respect to the environment and drinks, you would be hard-pressed to find a bar with more class and quality than Olive or Twist. From 2016 through 2018 they were voted one of the top three bars in Baton Rouge. According to Baton Rouge’s Dig magazine, they have the best cocktails and the best staff in all Baton Rouge.

We chose Olive or Twist because it will spice up any boring afternoon. Invite some friends and have a handcrafted cocktail, or feel the evening slow down. Mix and mingle with others who are also unwinding after a day of work or check out their fantastic menu. Once you see this place, it will be your new favorite after-work happy hour bar.

Tinder turns the heat up in Baton Rouge

Hookup app Tinder

Maybe you’re on a business trip and you’re working the Capitol City for a week. Or perhaps you’re a local looking to get laid. Either way, Tinder is pretty much like a sailor’s dick: it’s heavily used and popular with the ladies.

Tinder is the heavily trafficked Baton Rouge hookup app. It’s where out-of-towners or locals log in with hopes of packing in or getting packed. Don’t get excited, though. Tinder users are generally between the ages of 18 to 28--you want someone who can legally drink, don’t you?

Here’s another hitch: if you’re not absolutely smokin’ hot, you probably won’t have the best chances on Tinder. That’s because most users are counting on their looks to get lucky.

Women get the most attention on Tinder, but men really don’t get too much play. And although it’s a hookup site, Tinder’s platform has shifted over the years as some users have found long-lasting relationships. But it's still where you can get laid in Baton Rouge if you're hot enough.

If you’re so-so looking, you’ll have better luck on Adult FriendFinder. If you’re having trouble on Tinder and you’re not ready to give up, we might be able to help. Good luck!

Try Tinder For Free


The Station Sports Bar & Grill is the best sports bar to get laid in Baton Rouge

The Station Sports Bar & Grill is the best sports bar to get laid in Baton Rouge


The Station Bar Sports Bar and Grill is incredibly beloved in Baton Rouge--it’s been around for 30 years, after all. It’s also, by leaps, one of the most successful Baton Rouge hookup bars in the city. I’ll set the scene: It’s a bar inside of a train car, colorfully adorned with sports memorabilia, serving burgers, bar food and ice-cold beers.

We loved The Station because they’ve got specialty nights. We learned that the most successful hookups happen when you interact in ways that don’t feel forced. Tuesday is Sing-It-or-Wing-It Karaoke night and Wednesday is Comedy Night. Local musicians occasionally steal the stage, so feel good about hooking up and supporting local talent. It's one of the best bars to get laid in Baton Rouge!

Find a sexy single in the aisles of Trader Joe’s

Find a sexy single in the aisles of Trader Joe’s looking to get laid in Baton Rouge


Nowhere else can you find inexpensive quality food, witty signs and mottos and opportunities to strike up a conversation with the attractive woman standing in the freezer section, her hands on the Wild Rice and Mushroom Sausage-Less Sausage. If you aren’t familiar with Trader Joes, check out their social media feed.

We chose Trader Joe’s over all other grocery stores for hookups because the customers are as diverse as the food and alcohol selections. As you wander down the different aisles, passing up the bag of Mochi Rice Nuggets for the Uncured Bacon Jam, pay attention to who surrounds you. Strike up a conversation over a bag of Bollywood Popcorn and comment on today’s food samples. You never know where a quick grocery store conversation can lead!

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