The 9 Best Phoenix Dating Apps & Sites for 2021 (Our Favorites)

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Finding that special someone can be tough in such a big city. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or something long-term, you can always go online to get a bit of help. Some of the best dating apps in Phoenix have literally found thousands upon thousands of matches for people.

It can be a pain to find that “special someone” by traditional means, you’re usually dating like an absolute madman for years until you happen to come across that person. Dating apps do make that process a whole lot easier; we know - we’ve done the research. We don’t explicitly do super general research either, we like to go deep - like city-to-city deep. That’s how we found these apps and sites that work in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chorus screenshots

#1 - Chorus (Android; iOS) is one of the best dating apps in Phoenix if your friends have good taste

Chorus is incredible because it’s unlike anything we’ve seen in the online dating world. Often our friends say things like “you’d be so perfect with _____” or something along those lines - many times they’re right.

With Chorus, your friends are in charge of finding a date for you. They match you with people they think would be good for you. Of course, you can also veto their choices, but isn’t it fun to just sit back and let your friends help you out?

Chorus is one of the best dating apps in Phoenix - here’s why:

  • It’s super unique! Your friends do the matching for you
  • There’s a video chat feature that brings you straight into a zoom call
  • It was recently redesigned and looks great

What can be improved:

  • The user base is quite small
  • It isn’t very responsive for Android



eharmony app features

#2 - eHarmony (Android; iOS) is the best dating site if you want to find a long-term relationship in Phoenix

eHarmony is one of the oldest apps on this list but it also happens to be the best option if you're looking for a real relationship. Why that is has been pretty simple in our experience; there are a ton of people using it in Phoenix and they've really cracked the system for actually helping you find compatible singles.

The results speak for themselves, 75% of all marriages that begin online start on eHarmony's app. 75%! No other app even comes close. They also do a TON of the work for you by taking your detailed preferences and matching you up with people who meet them and are also looking for people just like you.

If you're looking for more than something casual this should be the first app you try. Check out their trial offer below and see what we mean. There's a reason tens of millions of people are using it.

eHarmony trial

Phoenix loves eHarmony - here’s why:

  • If you want something serious, this is the best places to be
  • The absolute best success rates of any app out there (3/4th’s of all relationships that lead to marriage that start online start here)
  • Their user-base is very even
  • LOTS of users in every city

Here’s what you might not like about it:

  • They pick the matches for you so you don’t have control over that
  • The questionnaire is kinda long



Tastebuds screenshots

#3 - Tastebuds (iOS) is one of the best Phoenix dating apps for music lovers

Tastebuds is a dating app built from the ground up with one goal in mind - to use music as a mechanism for dating. What do I mean by that? You’re matched based on your music preferences; so if you’re really into pop, and someone else is explicitly into country music, you two won’t even see each other as potential matches.

Tastebuds is for you if you’re a music diehard. It is by far one of the best dating apps in Phoenix because it’s super unique.

Here’s why we love it:

  • You’re given options based upon music preferences – so cool!
  • The user base is quickly growing
  • It’s super easy to sign up!

Why it’s not our favorite:

  • It is only for people who are diehard music lovers.
  • There isn’t an app for Android


AFF features

#4 - AFF is the best hookup app in Phoenix

AFF is currently the best hookup app in Phoenix that we've tried, especially for guys. The only other real contender is Tinder but that app has been gradually turning into a basic dating app. AFF is the only app that has both a HUGE number of users and a total focus on fun in the bedroom.

What make AFF a good option locally is that there are just a lot of people using it. They have over 60 million active members and a lot of them are in Phoenix. These are just attention-seeking women either, they actually have been much more willing to meet up than other apps. If you've tried Tinder you've probably noticed that the majority of people are just looking for attention, it's different here.

If you're not looking for anything long-term you should check out their free trial below. So many casual meetups only start online these days that you need to be where the action happens.

Why you should try AFF

  • They have a massive number of users on their app (over 50 million)
  • Guys don’t do better anywhere else in our experience (and we’ve tried over 100 apps)
  • Very few people just looking for an ego boost

What we don’t like about it

  • Many users can only access via web app
  • Needs a design upgrade
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


Tinder screenshots

Tinder’s goal was to make dating quick, fun, and easy. And they accomplished that goal, hence making Tinder one of the best dating apps in Phoenix. They were one of the first companies to introduce the swipe feature - now almost every dating app has it. But of course, since Tinder did it first, Tinder remains one of the most popular apps out there. So even if you spend every waking moment swiping at potential matches, you’ll never run out of people to meet!

Why you should try Tinder:

  • It’s super fun and simple
  • Their app runs very smoothly – no glitches/bugs
  • It has an enormous user-base

What we didn’t love:

  • It’s not too great without a subscription.
  • Ideal for the younger crowd (under 30).



Hinge features

#6 - Hinge (Android; iOS) is an app that can work for many

Hinge is for those that fall in between the super-serious and kinda-serious dater groups. The app’s motto is “designed to be deleted” and they actually deliver on that quite well. Most of the people on the app are there for something serious, so it makes it easy to find the right people. They literally have an entire research division with the job of finding out what works for creating long-term relationships and what doesn’t.

Now if you’re looking for a fling, don’t discount Hinge either! Even if you’re looking for a fling, you can still get lucky here!

Hinge is one of the best Phoenix dating apps - here’s why:

  • It’s for the semi-serious of dating
  • They frequently post articles on how to date better
  • They have a big user base (5 million +)

What Hinge could improve:

  • It can get pricey if you want to unlock all their features
  • You need to work on your profile



Match screenshots

#7 - Match (Android; iOS) remains one of the better dating sites in Phoenix

Match has been around FOREVER - seriously, even longer than eHarmony (5 years longer to be exact). They are committed to finding singles a significant other for the long term. They don’t go about it quite as seriously as let’s say eHarmony, but the purpose of Match is still to find people life-long partners. Despite the many new apps and sites popping up, Match still remains pretty popular.

Why Match is one of the best dating sites in Phoenix

  • Their user-base is enormous, there’s no shortage of matches
  • You can search through people by inputting certain criteria (athletic, non-smoker, has kids, etc.)
  • Their questionnaire isn’t super long, but thorough enough to get you great matches

What we didn’t enjoy:

  • It’s best used on a computer
  • Users tend to be older than on platforms such as Tinder



Elite Singles features

#8 - EliteSingles (Android; iOS) is for educated singles above 30

EliteSingles was created to help match over-30 singles who are professionals in their industries. It focuses on career-minded singles who want to meet other singles who match either their educational attainment or income. So if you’re a busy, well-educated guy, this might just be one of the best dating sites in Phoenix you should try. On other platforms, this doesn’t always work, but Elite Singles manages to do this pretty well.

What we like about Elite Singles:

  • It’s specifically for career-oriented people
  • They are constantly updating algorithms to give users better results
  • Users are given 3-7 suitable matches per/day

What we don’t like:

  • They pick the matches for you
  • There doesn’t seem to be a verification system, so users can put pretty much any occupation in their profile



Silver Singles screenshots 2

#9 - Silver Singles (Android; iOS) is one of the top dating apps in for people 50+

SilverSingles is specifically for anyone over the age of 50. This is an essential platform because older users usually don’t have much luck on apps like Tinder, Hinge, etc. Here, there is a consistent steady flow of suitable older matches for users - every day they’ll send you a bunch of choices for you to choose from. They also offer a pretty intricate personality test so you’re only seeing those who fit the bill.

Why you should try it:

  • It’s unique to the over-50 crowd
  • They have a large user base despite being pretty niche
  • Their personality test works really well

Why you should give it a pass:

  • There is no free trial.
  • It doesn’t work well on Android.



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