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2024's Best Dating Apps in Newport News Dating Coaches Prefer

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What's the best thing about living in Newport News? Some say it's the low cost of living. Others would argue that it's one of the best cities to live in if you don't like to drive. Many younger folks would say that the number of high-quality universities top their list. But for us, we can't deny the fact that it's one of the best cities to live in if you're single and looking for someone to date... especially if you use one of the best dating apps in Newport News.

Dating in a dense metropolitan area might seem like the ideal scenario. However, more laidback cities like Newport News provide the perfect setting for finding someone special. People aren't too busy in this city, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and outdoor venues where you can set up a first date.

So if finding a date is one of your top priorities these days, using Newport News dating apps should help you out. We've tried and tested over a thousand dating apps to come up with the list of options that work wonders in this city.

The 5 Best Dating Sites in Newport News Right Now

Twenty years ago, the online dating market consisted of a handful of dating sites. Today, the market is oversaturated with more than 1,500 apps, all claiming to be the best in what they do.

In today's article, we're listing the five best dating apps for Newport News singles to use. Check them out and use the ones that suit your goals better. Here they are:

#1 - eHarmony (Android, iOS) is the favorite dating app in Newport News for serious singles

eHarmony on iOS

There’s a reason that eHarmony is extremely popular not just in Newport News, but the whole country. With more than 12 million users, the app has a strong track record of helping singles in Newport News find real love.

When you sign up, you'll be asked to complete a compatibility quiz. Your answers, filters, location, and previous on-app behavior will be analyzed by the app to connect you with compatible matches not only based on looks and proximity, but also on goals and vision.

Such a unique approach is the reason eHarmony couples are the happiest among those who meet online (I added the study below). The dominant age bracket on eHarmony is between 30 and 44 years which makes it the go-to app for those who want a committed relationship. But make no mistake, you can meet younger singles as well on eHarmony, but they tend to be less active on the app compared to those who use Tinder or Hinge.

What makes eHarmony a great dating app in Newport News

  • Matches are highly compatible
  • Thorough and detailed
  • High female to male ratio

What we didn't like about the app

  • Not for those who just want hookups
  • The sign-up process takes a lot of time compared to other dating apps



#2 - Bumble (Android, iOS) is another great dating app

Bumble features Android

Bumble is the second most popular dating app in the country and one of the fastest-growing apps out there. It has more than 100 million users across the globe and a large user base in California, especially among serious single women.

It's a ladies' favorite and the most female-friendly app out there. Everything about it is designed to help the ladies find love without wasting their time. What they love about the app is that men can't send the first message on Bumble, even to the women they match with. She has 24 hours to text you first or else the match will expire. This keeps the ball in her court, which is great if you're the type of guy who isn't good at starting conversations.

The app also has a great feature for solo travelers called BFF. Once you use it, the app will connect you with tons of locals from all genders with whom you can connect both online and offline.

What makes Bumble a great dating app in Newport News

  • Has a high female-male ratio (1:2) compared to Tinder (1:4)
  • Has a ton of beautiful, successful women who have their life together
  • Great for serious relationships

What we didn't like about Bumble

  • The 24-hour window may cost you a lot of hot matches
  • Not for impatient guys who prefer to start conversations



#3 - AFF is the top hookup choice for most singles (try it free here)


AFF is one of the biggest dating apps on the planet and has more than 80 million users across the globe, all searching for one thing: quick, fun hookups. Whatever or whoever you may be into, there's bound to be someone who fits the bill and is ready for a fun hookup.

The site is easy to use and has a wide range of users on it who don't beat around the bush or hide their intention. Unlike on Tinder, you won't be wasting days, if not weeks, begging a girl to go out with you only to get flaked on at the last minute. People here are more straightforward and will be down to see you as soon as they feel the spark.

What we liked about AFF in Newport News

  • Easy to use
  • Has a big local userbase
  • Plenty of singles from all walks of life looking to hook up

What we didn't like about the app

  • You won’t get as many results before you upgrade
  • No app, so you need to use a browser to use AFF
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


#4 - Coffee Meets Bagel (Android, iOS) prioritizes quality over quantity

Coffee Meets Bagel on Android

What separates Coffee Meets Bagel from other apps in the market is how it focuses on quality over quantity. People rarely pay attention to who they swipe on. They just watch a photo or two, swipe left or right then move to the next target with no consideration for the person's personality or views. But things are different here on Coffee Meets Bagel.


The app gives you a specific number of matches every single day to choose from. This allows you to make a calculated decision before choosing your next date "hopefully" and thus increases the odds that this person will be compatible with you. This is why Coffee Meets Bagel one of the top Newport News dating apps if you like to take things slow.

What we like about Coffee Meets Bagel

  • Popular among busy, young professionals
  • The app suggests matches for you, no need to swipe for hours
  • You can focus on each match without being overwhelmed by messages from other people

What we didn't like about the app

  • Not ideal if you’re looking to date plenty of people at the same time
  • You can’t search for your own potential matches



#5 - Match (Android, iOS) is old but gold

Match.com on Android

Founded in 1995 by Match Group (the same company that runs Tinder and Hinge), Match.com is the oldest site on our list and one of the oldest dating apps in Newport News. For years it has been the dating site singles used when they're bored. And even though it lost the throne to its younger brother, Tinder, it still has a decent market share in the app scene (#3 in America with 31% share), especially among older users.

The app tends to attract a specific type of singles. Mostly adults within the 33-44 age bracket who want to settle down and are too busy to find love elsewhere. The site itself is pretty straightforward, but you won't get anything decent out of it unless you upgrade to premium. We also noticed a lot of fake profiles and spammers using the site, but they rarely upgrade to premium, so make sure you only match with and date verified accounts.

What makes Match a great dating app in Newport News

  • Older singles love it
  • Great for dating local mature women
  • Most users have verified accounts

What we didn't like about the app

  • You must pay to see results
  • You’ll stumble upon a decent number of fake accounts while surfing the site



The Best Dating Sites in Newport News for Long-Term Relationships

Proposing to his girlfriend

In the previous sections, we shared our top five dating apps for Newport News singles. These are the ones that will bring you the best results without wasting your precious time or money. Now, and in the following sections, we will divide those apps into two categories based on usage: relationship apps and hookup apps.


Because not all dating apps are built the same. You can't guarantee a casual fling on a site like Christian Mingle the same way you can't find a religious hottie using AFF (very difficult, but never say never).

Each guy has his own preference and vision, some want a loving, long-term partner while others want to hop from one fling to another with no strings attached. To both types, I say, "we got you covered." And, we're starting with the two best relationship dating apps in Newport News. Here they are:

eHarmony is where serious singles meet in Newport News

What makes eHarmony the best relationship app in the market? First off, it's the only dating app founded by a marriage consultant. The company uses a unique algorithm that doubles down on compatibility rather than just proximity when suggesting matches to its users. Those suggested to you on eHarmony don't just live a few miles from you, but also have similar goals and values as yours. This ensures that both of you have a fun time together.

A recent survey showed that eHarmony couples had the happiest marriages compared to those who met on other dating sites.

The company also has a higher matchmaking rate compared to apps. More than 4% of the country's marriages over the last decade began on eHarmony. This means that 532 Americans marry every single day thanks to eHarmony. This may sound small in one of the biggest countries in the world, but it's the largest among other dating apps.

We tested eHarmony in many locations over the past years and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a happy, long-term relationship. If this is you, then give eHarmony a try and begin your free trial here...

Bumble - 85% of its users are "pro-commitment"

Like I said previously, Bumble is a ladies' favorite. The app has one of the highest female-to-male ratios in the market mainly because it was initially marketed to help women find the right partner. But is Bumble good for relationships?

The quick answer: Yes

And here's the proof:

  • According to a recent Bumble report, 85% of its users said they were pro commitment and serious about finding love on the app
  • 1-4% of the surveyed users said they use Bumble only for hookups
  • One of every 4 users (25%) said they'd gone on at least one date within a month of joining Bumble

The Best Hookup Sites in Newport News

A sexy woman posing on the couch

Now that we covered the best relationship apps in Newport News, it's time to share our top recommendations for casual hookups. Here they are:

AFF has a community of fun-loving adults in Newport News

As I said, AFF is the largest dating social network for adults. Anything you're looking for you'll find it here. From no-strings-attached hookups to a big community of friendly, like-minded singles.

The app is also great for solo travelers in general and those who just moved to the city and want to have some quick fun. The users here are straightforward and don't beat around the bush. They won't let you text them for days or weeks and then flake on you at the last minute. Yes, there will be some flakes from time to time, but they're few compared to those you can normally get on the likes of Tinder and Bumble.

Tinder is another great hookup app in Newport News

Tinder is the main dating app on everyone's phone. It's so popular the word "Tinder" is now synonymous with "online dating" and you can barely go anywhere in the world without Tinder being the top dating app there. But what about hookups... Can you find hookups in Newport News via Tinder?

Yes, but with a few conditions. It's a numbers game after all, and if you look good and have a good profile then eventually someone will be down to going out with you as soon as possible and possibly spend the first date at your place or invite you to come over.

But, if you want to consistently have casual hookups with hot Tinder girls then you MUST look really hot to have this happen. Tinder is so competitive and hot women on it are spoiled by hundreds of thirsty men lurking in their DMs. In other words, you must give her a reason to hook up with you and not someone else, and this reason is basically a hot body and some cool conversation skills.

The Best Free Dating Sites in Newport News

Trying out a dating app while at the office

Our top three recommendations for the best free sites in Newport News are:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • OkCupid

But, here's a better question: Do you need a paid subscription to get dates?

The answer: It depends...

Whether you use a free or a paid dating app will depend on your unique situation.

We've seen it all. A guy triples his matches by just purchasing a premium account (or boosts) and a guy spends hundreds of money each month on dating apps without receiving anything notable.

Some guys are too hot they already have hundreds of matches in their free Tinder accounts, and some are looking for something specific - for example, dating from a certain religious group - that they can't get what they want on a free site.

So, what should you do?

Assess your situation by yourself, test the app you want to purchase for a few weeks, and don't upgrade until you're fully satisfied. Some apps are really good and deserve each penny you pay, and some are a complete waste of time and money.

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