These 9 Outstanding Dating Apps In Nashville Will Rock Your 2020

Nashville Tennessee lady using a dating app on her computerIn today’s world of online dating, there are many high-quality options to choose from. This is why it can be difficult to find the best dating apps in Nashville. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered. We tested out dating apps from Buena Vista Heights all the way to Lawrenceburg. We did all the hard work so that you can start matching with new sexy singles today.

It isn’t always easy for people to find the best dating apps in Nashville. As we will demonstrate, there are a variety of different popular options to choose from. Even people over in the boonies of Lawrenceburg will be able to succeed with online dating. The same goes for younger adults studying at universities like Vanderbilt or Tennessee State.

Finding new people to go on dates with can be hard if you try to do things the old-fashioned way. After all, it isn’t easy to run into attractive people organically that are also looking to meet other singles. This is where the wonderful world of online dating comes into play. More and more people are starting to use dating apps for all sorts of intentions, from flings to long-term serious relationships.

In Nashville, attractive men and women tend to use certain dating apps for particular intentions. Although there are always exceptions to our generalizations, our choices will help you pick the app that works the best for whatever you're seeking.

Listed below are various Nashville dating apps which have been tested and proven for success. We aren’t the only ones who recommend them either. We know lots of local who use them too.  Since right around 32.3% of Nashville's 680,000 people are single, there are plenty of options for you and all of your single friends to pick and choose from.

The Dating Apps In Nashville To Try Immediately

To start us off, we are going to seperate the best dating apps in Nashville into specific categories. Once we describe which apps work best for particular groups of people, we will provide you with the best general dating apps in Nashville.

Men interested in older women or women interested in younger guys in Nashville need to check out Cougar Life

Cougar Life is the best dating app to meet women over 35

Nashville has a lot of beautiful single women over 30 that are looking to play around with some young men raging with hormones. If you have ever been out around Belle Meade, for example, you know exactly what we’re talking about here. The abundance of beautiful women on this app is why this app is consistently in our list of favorite cougar dating sites and apps.

Although this may not be the best dating app in Nashville for those seeking a long-term relationship, practice always makes perfect. If you want to spend some time learning from some of the experienced masters in Nashville or want to meet a younger man who might not have otherwise given you the time of day, make sure to sign up for a free trial on Cougar Life.

We have tried out all the best places to meet Nashville cougars and have had a great experience but you just can't beat how easy Cougar Life is.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Most people in Nashville looking for a quick fling have the best luck on Adult FriendFinder

Homepage for the best adult dating app Adult FriendFinderNot everyone is looking for a long-term relationship. With so much going on you might just be looking for some short-term fun with someone who isn't looking for any strings attached. If that is the case Adult FriendFinder is going to be what you are looking for. There are a lot of sketchy apps out there and they are one of the very few that actually delivers on their promise.

They have over 90 million active members and have been the most popular app for short-term fun since they started in 2006. They are pretty popular in Nashville and really the best option unless you are a really good looking guy or pretty good looking woman interested in dating people under 30 (in which case Tinder is better).

For those of us who are not models or actually interested in hooking up with people out of their 20's Adult FriendFinder's free trial is where you should start. You can try them for free there really isn't any excuse NOT to give them a shot and see what we mean. We have tried out all the best hookup apps and hookup sites in Nashville so you don't have to waste any more time!

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you haven't tried it yet, you need to check out Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer with this link and see for yourself. We've tried out and ranked over 100 different sites and apps and most guys have done better here than anywhere else. There isn't an easier option out there.


Career-focused college graduates seeking intellectual partners to take on a date should check out Elite Singles

Elite Singles is the best dating app to meet people with college degrees

Due to great institutions like Vanderbilt and Tennessee State located right here in Nashville, there are many people who want to find someone to date who has a head on their shoulders. Understandably so. Not everybody enjoys dating a McDonald’s burger flipper.

Right around 30% of the population in both Nashville and the state of Tennessee have some type of college degree. What makes a dating app like Elite Singles stand out is that it features members who are professionals. If you want to find somebody who knows where they are headed in life, this is a great option to consider.

Those who want to go on dates with educated career-focused people tend to have a harder time finding a partner. After all, it is difficult to meet people who spend a lot of time on the grindstone. You can always find a boring one-night stand at a bar. Go to Elite Singles if this isn’t the type of partner you want to find. This app might not get the attention of the Nashville Scene, but it's worth your time.

Try Elite Singles For Free


Single parents in Nashville usually have great luck using eHarmony

eHarmony is the best app for single parents

Sometimes, relationships don’t work out as they were intended. Even after having a child with somebody, two people commonly decide that they are better off alone. If this applies to you, you are in good company. There are over 12 million single-parent households in the US alone. A large chunk of these households are located right here in Nashville.

You might have seen this website featured back on some TV commercials not too long ago. In reality, this is a platform which has proven itself to be successful time and time again. Due to its sophisticated matching system which explores your personality and matches somebody who is similar to you, those who are seeking a deeper level of compatibility tend to make eHarmony one of their top choices especially when it comes to dating apps that lead to relationships.

The biggest downside for eHarmony is that it can be a little time-consuming to set up your profile. After all, the goal here is to find somebody that you connect with on a deeper level. Not just some random person you think is attractive. For single parents especially, eHarmony tends to really work best for those who want a serious long-term relationship.

This app is particularly good if you're a single guy who wants a proven way to meet a single MILF in Nashville. It's hard to find a faster or easier way to make that happen.

Try eHarmony Now


Beautiful & confident singles seeking a fling should try out Tinder

Logo for Tinder app

If you are a woman, you really can’t go wrong by using Tinder. This is an application which is designed to favor women. Women are also the ones who tend to have the easiest time matching with other singles on this platform. This isn’t to say that men can’t have success on Tinder, though. Especially if you are both attractive and looking for a fling. On the flip side, you should be looking elsewhere if older women looking for sex is what you're after.

The Tinder system is really simple and straightforward. Simply swipe right on those you find attractive, and swipe left for those you aren’t interested in. Although there is a profile section which you can fill out, the description is rather small. At most, you can write a paragraph, show off your favorite song and your hottest pictures.

In reality, though, those who use Tinder will be instantly judged on their looks. Nobody is forced to read the profile descriptions or even scroll through more than one picture before they make a final decision. Then, there are those who will simply like each profile to boost their chances of success.

To summarize things plainly, Tinder is great for a fling. Sure, you might be able to secure a relationship with this application. Unless you are at least a 8 or 9/10, though, you will have very little success. If you are a guy, you will also be at a disadvantage. For whatever reason, girls are the ones with all the power on Tinder in Nashville. If you don't have the looks to cut it, you might be better off looking elsewhere (yes, even Buffalo's, which is actually one of the better Nashville hookup bars we've tried).

Try Tinder For Free


Bigger women in Nashville (and the men who love them) should go straight to eHarmony

Being a woman who is bigger than others can put you at an extreme disadvantage on various dating sites. Whether or not you know it, though, there is a large target audience of men seeking a beautiful lady just like you on eHarmony.

Just because you are a little heavier than other women doesn’t mean that you can’t have success with online dating. In fact, there is a large group of men who are only seeking to find a woman who is just like you. If you want to filter out the ones who don’t, save yourself the pain of rejection from narrow-minded jerks by going straight to eHarmony.

eHarmony does a fantastic job because they have a HUGE number of people using it. The site only matches you up with BBW who are looking for someone like you.

When you can use an extremely popular dating app that does all the work for you it's something special and is a big reason most guys have the best success with BBW using it. You need to check out their trial offer here.

Guys who want to meet Nashville BBW with ease are going to love this app. It makes your life a LOT easier.

Finding other faith-based singles in Nashville is easily done on Christian Mingle

In the online dating world, there is a large portion of people who aren’t religious. Even those who are religious don’t necessarily follow the tenets of Christianity. As any Christian knows, it can be toxic to date someone from another way of life or religion. If your faith is the most important thing in your life, find other Godly singles at Christian Mingle.

The reason that this is the most popular Christian dating app in Nashville is that it really breaks down the person behind each profile. As Christians know, there are various different denominations of the faith. Sometimes, certain denominations aren’t entirely compatible with one another.

On Christian Mingle, you will not only be able to find somebody who is a Christian. You can also find someone who shares the same beliefs and lifestyle as you. If you want your next relationship to be your last one, this is a great app to check out. Nashville already has a large Christian population. You can separate out the fakers from the true believers right here.

Finding singles over 50 in Nashville is best done using Our Time

There are many reasons that one can end up being single over the age of 50 in Nashville. From terrible circumstances such as death to unfortunate breakups or a hectic career, not everybody winds up married in their later years. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay single, though.

In Nashville, the best app for dating over 50 is easily Our Time. Since it is designed for people over 50, even those who aren’t entirely tech-savvy will be able to easily set up their profile and start meeting new singles today.

A Few General Dating Apps In Nashville To Consider

Now that we have gone through the apps for more specific tastes here are our favorites that don’t cater to a particular crowd:

If you are looking for something real check out eHarmony

When it comes to giving you the best chances of meeting single women seeking men in Nashville that compatible with you can beat eHarmony in Nashville. Unlike the other major dating apps out there, eHarmony actually has a signup process that is more than throwing up a couple of photos and a lame joke or two.

A more intensive signup process allows for much better automatic matching and also filters out the people who are not even committed enough to spend 15-20 minutes to answer a few questions. If you are looking for more than a quick fix and want to save a lot of time and money in the long run you can’t beat them.

OKcupid and Plenty of Fish are also decent but have some downsides

No list of dating apps in Nashville would be complete without including OKC and POF. These are two sites that almost everyone has signed up on at one time or another.

Now, OKC and POF have a lot of users, which is great. The problem is that very few people on the site seem to actually put much effort into it. We have yet to find another app that has as little activity per subscriber.

You can definitely get results if you spend a lot of time but in our experience, it just wasn’t worth it. The same amount of time and effort spend on other apps yielded much better results.

If you are looking for more great guides to finding the right dating apps check these out:

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