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These Are The Best 5 Dating Sites in Kentucky in 2024

A fit woman using a Kentucky dating app while jogging

If you’re frustrated with modern dating sites in Kentucky, you’re not alone. From hearing bad advice about which ones actually work, or just being overwhelmed with the sheer number of dating sites out there, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit out of the loop. Plus, throwing the pandemic into the mix and how women are choosing partners more carefully from the safety of dating sites, it’s simply harder to find a partner these days.

Before the pandemic, living in Kentucky’s best cities - like Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green -  was guaranteed that men would be able to find an easy hookup, an exciting date, or a long-term relationship with only a little effort. Or those that were studying at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville knew they’d eventually cross paths with women on campus. In truth, modern dating in Kentucky is all about which apps you use.

We are at your service to help make it easier for you when picking the best Kentucky dating apps and sites.

There are tons of singles using dating sites in Kentucky

Kentucky gender breakdown

In terms of the percentage of single people, Kentucky is about average. As of today, 29.15% of the state's adult population is single. That's around 663,000 women to 644,000 men. Looks like the odds are in your favor.

In case you're wondering, those 663,000 single women don't all live in the big cities like Louisville and Lexington! Some of them may be in smaller suburban areas. This is why the best way to meet them is not by going directly to their town and hoping to run into someone. Your best chance of meeting these women is through one of the dating sites below.

The 5 Best Dating Sites in Kentucky Right Now

As mentioned above, not all apps are created equal. There are some substantial differences between dating apps. Some are geared for hookups, some are better for long-term relationships, and some simply give you alternative dating options.

In the next section, discover our five (5) best dating site recommendations for the state of Kentucky. Good luck!

#1 - eHarmony (Android, iOS) is one of the best dating sites in Kentucky for singles looking for serious love

eHarmony screenshots on Apple

eHarmony is synonymous with finding serious love in Kentucky. How good is the app? Let’s just say that users who use the app have a 70% chance of getting married in one year. Incredible, no?

The secret to eHarmony is that the app starts off with a questionnaire for users to fill out about themselves AND the women they’re looking for. The length of the questionnaire means that you’re gaining access to compatible matches in Kentucky - not just user-generated rankings that other apps use (such as Tinder). While there is a fee to use eHarmony, this helps weed out timewasters and those who are just “playing the numbers”.

As with dating in general, persistence and patience are key with eHarmony, but becoming one of the 7 in 10 to find the right match is worth it. Try eHarmony today!

eHarmony is the best dating site in Kentucky for serious relationships because…

  • Highest success rate among all dating apps
  • Matches are actually matches, not just a random sampling of available Kentucky women
  • Designed for serious users that know what they want in life

Drawbacks about eHarmony?

  • Requires a large upfront time investment that most people simply won’t invest
  • Users are not allowed to search for matches on their own, which could lead to some missed opportunities
  • Not as popular with younger women than 25+ demographics



#2 - Coffee Meets Bagel (iOS, Android) gives Kentucky access to serious relationships with professional women

Coffee Meets Bagel on Android

If you’re into professional career-oriented women, Coffee Meets Bagel is the perfect platform to find your match.

First off, Kentucky women outnumber men on the app 60/40, which means the odds are already in your favor. Matching is simple, it’s based on “beans” or tokens that enable you to choose a limited amount of women. This might seem like a limit, but because women aren’t being bombarded with messages and “likes”, you’re more likely to stand out.

Matching on the free version of the app is based on six criteria: gender, age, height, distance, ethnicity, and religion; however, using the premium membership unlocks even more criteria to really hone in on what type of woman you’d like to meet in Kentucky.

Last, CMB does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Men will get a fresh set of matches at noon (lunchtime for most workers), so you’ll be sure to have an opportunity to meet with someone nearby.

Why Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the best dating sites in Kentucky

  • Get access to a totally new pool of career-oriented women
  • Women tend to be more open-minded and responsive
  • Invite your friends for more “beans” to match
  • Sign-up doesn’t require a huge time investment

Where Coffee Meets Bagel needs improvement

  • The free version of the app only gives a few opportunities to interact with women; then it’s all for paid memberships unless you share invites or follows
  • Not the largest pool of available women out there
  • Women tend to be choosier than on other apps due to professional reasons
  • You can’t browse profiles and you will only receive messages from women whose profiles you like



#3 - AFF is the top hookup sites in Kentucky right now (try it free)


Are you looking for a great dating site in Kentucky for casual fun? If so, you should try AFF. AFF is a popular hookup app that instantly puts you in touch with millions of willing partners in Kentucky and beyond. Matching with real sexy women in Kentucky is a breeze because everyone on the app is using it to find sexual partners - you won’t need to worry about discussing what you really want and staying discreet!

Users on AFF find the right partner with its filtered searches, where you can search by age, location, sexual preferences, body type, and much more. Plus, users can post content a la Facebook or use video chat to show that they’re real and match expectations.

Best of all, you can use the app’s free trial to cop a feel, but you’ll really want to signup for a membership to really get the party started!

Why AFF is the first choice for finding Kentucky hookups:

  • Huge user base (not a complete sausage fest!)
  • Fewer timewasters and scammers than other dating/hookup apps
  • Abundant search options for all types of pleasure

What could be improved on AFF?

  • The site design could use an update
  • Some users are way too forward
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for more short-term fun you need to try out AFF. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


#4 - Plenty of Fish (Android, iOS) is a great way for singles to meet up for dates in Kentucky

PoF on iOS

Among dating sites in Kentucky, Plenty of Fish (PoF) is often misunderstood. In the past, it may have had some design flaws or felt second-rate, but the truth is the app has come a long way - if you know how to use it!

PoF is a great app if you’re looking for women that are tired of the competition and meat market qualities of other apps, like Tinder and OkCupid. Instead, PoF is a great resource for finding plain janes and hidden gems that often get passed over for smoke shows and provocative women.

PoF has a decent paid membership known as “Upgraded Profiles”, enabling men to add up to sixteen (16) pics, receive a boost in search rankings, and enable you to see who browsed your profile (great for research), and more!

Why PoF is a great dating site:

  • Less competition than other apps
  • Paid membership features give you more functionality than other dating apps
  • Paid memberships are affordable

What could be improved on PoF:

  • May not have as many top-tier profiles and attractive women as other dating popular apps
  • The interface isn’t as intuitive as other apps



#5 - Christian Mingle (Android, iOS) is for religious singles

Christian Mingle iOS

Over 75% of people in Kentucky are religious and report themselves as following some form of the Christian faith. That means that Christian Mingle is the best dating site for Christian singles in Kentucky!

As you may have guessed from the name of the app, all users on Christian Mingle are practicing Christians - which already gives you something in common. For those who are ready to settle down with a committed partner or for others who simply want to avoid the “meat markets” that other Kentucky dating sites offer, Christian Mingle makes the dating process easy. Because of the app’s purpose, it’s much easier to screen out scammers and spammers, while focusing on similar values when searching for a life partner.

Best of all, Christian Mingle offers a free trial to try it out. With 15+ million active users, you’re certain to find a partner that shares your Christian beliefs to create a happy life together.

Why Christian Mingle is a great site for finding a pious partner:

  • 15 million + Christian singles on the app
  • Simple app design that’s easy to use
  • Easier to find people with similar values
  • Plenty of free features to try before deciding on a paid membership for even better results
  • Available on desktop and as a smartphone app

Christian Mingle needs to improve a few things, like:

  • Limited dating pool when compared to other apps
  • There are plenty of denominations of Christianity, so it may be hard to find a 100% match
  • No dedicated search function but great browse features
  • Canceling the app is a bit of a hassle, requiring users to contact customer support instead of being able to do it on your own



The Best Hookup Sites in Kentucky

Sexy woman with bangs

Of all the best Kentucky hookup sites, only AFF and Tinder really get the best results. Here’s why:

AFF is designed around discreet fun

Kentucky is a smaller state than most people realize. With everyone knowing each other’s business, AFF helps protect your reputation and privacy, screening out “tourists” and “time-wasters”. Plus, you can prescreen users via video to set realistic expectations before meeting up.

Tinder essentially means hooking up

Tinder has a reputation for a reason. While it doesn’t have the directness of AFF, the younger demographic on Tinder makes it pretty simple to arrange a hookup, especially in Kentucky’s college towns.

The Best Dating Sites in Kentucky for Serious Relationships

Married couple posing near a barn door

Beyond Ages recommends eHarmony as the first choice among Kentucky dating sites when you’re looking to find a serious relationship with real women. As a second option, Match offers another option that savvy men are opting for.

eHarmony should be the first option for those searching for real love

eHarmony is a natural choice for Kentucky's growing number of young professionals looking to raise a family. Quality matches skip the meat markets and focus on the app’s high rate of success. After all, who’s got time to mess around these days?

Why is Match a good option?

When it comes to Kentucky dating sites, Match has the name-brand recognition and the prize of being the oldest dating platform out there. Since 1995, Match has been a reliable way of finding a compatible partner among a pretty extensive user base in Kentucky.

The Best Free Dating Sites in Kentucky

Choosing the best free dating app to try

The unspoken rule of online dating apps is that you get what you pay for. However, free dating apps let you get your feet wet and see a glimpse of what’s out there. Like the app and spot some cuties? Then it’s time to get a paid subscription.

Besides the apps we’ve recommended in this article thus far, the following are also some of the best free Kentucky dating sites that we recommend:

  • Hily
  • Hinge
  • Zoosk

Try out these dating apps and you might just find that special someone today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Dating Sites in Kentucky

What is the best dating site for Kentucky?

The best dating site for Kentucky has to be eHarmony. This site is more towards forming relationships than hookups. Folks in Kentucky are more lenient towards relationships, which is why eHarmony is the best one to go for.

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