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2024's Top 5 Maryland Dating Sites that Dating Experts Recommend

Who isn’t frustrated with these so-called "up and coming" dating sites in Maryland? There’s simply too many to choose from and too much bad advice on the web about which ones actually work. That’s also not to mention how the pandemic is changing how we date, including vetting partners for their lifestyle, vax status, etc.

In the past, living in Maryland’s best cities - like Baltimore, Columbia, and Germantown -  was basically guaranteed that men would be able to find a hookup, a date, or a long-term relationship with a little effort. Or, for those that were studying at Johns Hopkins or Towson University and practically felt that finding women was inevitable - the truth is that modern dating apps are the primary way that men and women get together these days.

Let us help you choose the best Maryland dating sites and sites to suit your needs.

There are a ton of singles using dating sites in Maryland

Maryland gender breakdown

When you think of dating apps, it’s easy to assume that you’ll only find success in huge cities and populated states. But you’d be wrong. While Maryland isn’t exactly one of the most populous states (just a little over 6 million people), there are plenty of singles here looking for either relationships or something more casual.

We’ve found that 30.17% of people in Maryland are single. It may be one of the lowest percentages of single people per state in the US, but let’s look at the numbers. There are 829,000 single guys here and 882,173 single women. Having more women in the city means better odds of finding the one for you!

The 5 Best Dating Sites in Maryland Right Now

As you probably know, there can be some big differences between dating apps. While some are a better fit for men in Maryland, others can simply be a poor fit depending on what you’re looking for.

To help you get the best success when looking for women, we chose the 5 best dating sites in Maryland based on the most important criteria:

  • Popularity
  • Cultural fit for Maryland
  • How easy it is to use
  • Basic vs. paid features
  • UX/UI experience
  • And more

In the next section, discover our five (5) best dating site recommendations for the state of Maryland. Good luck!

#1 - eHarmony (Android, iOS) is one of the best dating sites in Maryland

Android screenshots of eHarmony

Do you want to get access to a 70% chance of getting married in one year? If so, eHarmony is the best choice for dating sites in Maryland for long-term matches.

Unlike most dating apps, eHarmony starts the process with a detailed questionnaire and requires a paid membership. Both the length of the questionnaire and coming up with the “cover fee” of a paid membership means that you’re gaining access to people who know what they want in life. Plus, you know that most users on the app have their life together, substantially weeding out time-wasters and spam profiles.

As with simply dating in general, persistence and patience are key with eHarmony, but becoming one of the 7 in 10 to find the right match is worth it. Try eHarmony today!

What makes eHarmony great

  • Highest success rate for long-term relationships
  • Matches are actually matches, not just a random sampling of available Maryland women
  • Easy to form legitimate connections based on shared interests and personality types
  • Designed for serious users

What could be improved with eHarmony

  • Requires a large time investment
  • Users are not allowed to search for matches on their own
  • Not popular with younger demographics

#2 - Hinge (iOS, Android) gives you access to a “hidden” pool of dates and hookups

Hinge features

If you’re fed up with the competitiveness of apps like Tinder and feel that you’d do better where you’re appreciated, Hinge is the right app for you. With more than six million active users on Hinge, it’s likely that there’d be some overlap with other dating apps, where women are looking to meet the most men in their area.

What makes Hinge great is that it’s not the most popular app, which gives you access to women that would otherwise be unavailable or hidden based on some app’s algorithm.

Pro tip: If you want a competitive advantage, try Hinge’s paid features with its “Preferred Membership” for a month to get unlimited likes, extra roses, extra gifts, and much more - all of which make you stand out from free users.

Why Hinge is one of the best dating sites in Maryland for men

  • Get access to a totally new pool of women
  • Less competition based on superficiality versus other apps

What could be improved on Hinge

  • The app feels 2nd-rate when compared to other apps’ design
  • Not available for desktop
  • There may be fewer 10/10 women on the platform

#3 - AFF is the best dating site in Maryland for no-strings-attached relationships


Are you looking for a great dating site in Maryland for hookups?

If so, you should try AFF. AFF is a popular hookup app that instantly puts you in touch with millions of willing partners in Maryland and beyond. Matching with real sexy women in Maryland is a cinch because everyone on the app is using it to find sexual partners and have fun - you won’t need to worry about discussing what you really want and staying discreet!

Adult Friend Finder’s profiles help get rid of the guesswork with other “hookup”-type apps, where you’re never sure if you’re speaking to a scammer or a real person. Users on AFF find the right partner with its filtered searches, where you can search by age, location, sexual preferences, body type, and much more.

Best of all, you can use the app’s free trial to cop a feel, but you’ll really want to signup for a membership to really get the party started. With 60+ million users (and always growing), it’ll never be a struggle to find DTF partners in Maryland with AFF.

Why AFF is great for Maryland hookups

  • Huge active user base
  • Fewer timewasters and scammers than other apps
  • Great UI/UX interface
  • Abundant search options
  • Paid memberships significantly increase your odds of meeting up in person

Here’s what could be improved on AFF

  • Highly competitive if you’re looking for attractive partners and in-demand preferences
  • Many users can only access AFF via the web app
  • Can feel a bit like a “meat market”
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for more short-term fun you need to try out AFF. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!

#4 - Bumble (Android, iOS) is the best app for women seeking men in Maryland

Bumble features Android

Bumble is a unique app perfectly suited for Maryland’s college-age female population. Usually, guys have to do all the grunt work when it comes to apps like Tinder; with Bumble, it’s reversed.

Bumble puts the ball in the lady’s court once you’ve matched.  Any time both users swipe right on one another’s profiles, a 24-period countdown starts, giving only a brief period for a woman to respond. This motivates her to reach out before you’re gone forever. Talk about FOMO!

Why Bumble is great for dating in Maryland

  • Geared towards women
  • Better quality matches
  • Great paid membership perks

Bumble does still have a few drawbacks

  • Waiting on messages makes it hard to be spontaneous or available (or even remember who you swiped on…)
  • Filling out your entire profile can take a lot of time and may seem redundant

#5 - Match (Android; iOS) is one of the better dating sites in Maryland for successful dating

Match.com on Android

When it comes to dating sites in Maryland, longevity absolutely matters. After all, if they’re still in business, they must be doing something right. That’s the story with Match, which has been around since 1995!

With more than 20 million active users on Match, the app helps men find a long-term partner through its intuitive app or website. Better yet, Match users don’t have to deal with the lengthy questionnaire of eHarmony - after all, you’re here for dating, not filling out an endless survey!. With more and more dating apps appearing every day, Match has a track record of success for dating -  perfect for men in Maryland that want to find a quality partner that hopefully is for the long-term.

Why Match is great for meeting women in Maryland

  • Large user base
  • Simple to filter matches by criteria like “non-smoker”, “athletic”, “has kids”, etc.
  • The initial questionnaire is brief

What could be improved on Match

  • The smartphone app isn’t nearly as good as the website
  • Older demographics typically use Match
  • Not reliable for finding a casual relationship

The Best Hookup Sites in Maryland

Cuddling after hooking up

Of all the best Maryland hookup sites, only AFF and Tinder really work. Here’s why:

AFF is designed for discreet fun

Maryland is a smaller state than most people realize. To protect your reputation and privacy. AFF only lets users engage those who are serious about having fun - no tourists and timewasters here! While AFF has a free trial, we suggest trying out the premium features as well to unlock everything this site has to offer. In our experience, we’ve met some women who are serious about getting it on!

Tinder = hookup

Tinder is practically synonymous with hooking up using a dating app. While it used to be one of the best hookup apps in Maryland, Tinder now also caters to those looking for a relationship. It also doesn’t help that most users on Tinder are hyperfocused on looks. Despite this, Tinder is still a pretty decent app to use if you’re looking for something casual.

The Best Dating Sites in Maryland for Serious Relationships

Couple lounging at home

We recommend eHarmony as the first choice among all other Maryland dating sites when you’re looking for serious relationships with women. As a close second, Plenty of Fish offers another option that savvy men are choosing.

eHarmony helps those looking for real love

eHarmony is a natural choice for Maryland's growing demographic, especially those who have professional careers in the Baltimore/DC metro area. Quality matches skip the meat markets and focus on the app’s high rate of success. After all, who’s got time to mess around these days?

Why Plenty of Fish (POF)?

When it comes to Maryland dating sites, not all users are on all platforms. Plenty of Fish gives you another chance that would have otherwise been lost on eHarmony - especially for those that are intimidated by the long questionnaire. On top of that, PoF is a free app, though some of the best features are behind a paywall.

The Best Free Dating Sites in Maryland

A woman texting during a festival

You get what you pay for. Even among the best free dating sites in Maryland, a paid membership puts more functionality and better odds at your fingertips. Beat out the other guys who can’t or won’t pony up the cash, and gain access to features that will simplify your life.

Conversely, free dating apps tend to attract more singles looking to see what’s out there. Besides the apps we’ve recommended in this article thus far, the following are also some of the best free Missouri dating sites that we recommend:

  • Hily
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Hinge

Try out these dating apps and you might just find that special someone today!

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