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The Top Charlotte Dating Sites & Apps in 2024 (What Works for Us)

Trying out the best dating apps in Charlotte in autumn

Online dating can be confusing if you've never done it before. There are so many apps to try, and finding someone you are actually compatible with may be challenging. However, with more and more people finding successful relationships online, you don't want to miss out on the best dating sites in Charlotte!

On top of that, the Covid pandemic has permanently changed the dating atmosphere. What that means for you isn’t necessarily fewer dates, it just means you have to change your dating style. People are going out less and staying online more, so if you want to find your special someone, online is where you should be, too.

Our team of experts has the solution for you. We have tried over 150 dating apps to find the best ones in Charlotte. No matter where you are--South Park, Greenville, North Charlotte--these dating apps will help you find the person you're looking for.

North Carolina has a great dating scene but these apps will be especially helpful to people in Charlotte.

#1 – TanTan is phenomenal if you’re tired of bots

Android screenshots of TanTan

So, you’re tired of matching with fake people - with rubbish profiles. We’re with you on that one. TanTan has taken a stand to keep its platform free from bots almost entirely. They make real dating easy and rewarding - no more matching with someone who’s just trying to steal your money.

You should join TanTan if you want access to an enormous amount of REAL singles without the hassle of picking through false profiles. You should join TanTan if you want a date SOON with someone you’re actually interested in. Honestly, just join TanTan… you won’t regret it.

Why TanTan is phenomenal in Charlotte:

  • TanTan makes sure you aren’t matching with bots.
  • TanTan is rated 4/5 stars with over a MILLION reviews.
  • The app is well designed and aesthetically pleasing.

What we don’t like about it:

  • Some users report they go “overboard” with the options you need to pay for.
  • They keep your matches behind a paywall.

#2 - eHarmony (Android; iOS) is the best Charlotte dating site for long-term relationships

eHarmony features on iOS

eHarmony is the app that you probably know plenty of couples who met using it (whether they told you or not). It's been the most popular app for relationships in Charlotte for a while and has been delivering the best results that we've seen. If you're after a committed relationship this is the best dating site for you.

What sets eHarmony apart from the rest is their ability to actually understand what you want and help you find compatible singles. They do ask a lot of questions but it really helps with the process. Instead of spending hours scrolling through profiles every day they send you matches that you have a good chance of clicking with.

When you're responsible for 75% of all the marriages that start online you must be doing something right! No other dating site in Charlotte comes close to this type of success rate. Check out their trial below and stop wasting your time!

eHarmony trial

Why eHarmony is one of the best dating sites in Charlotte

  • eHarmony has the highest success rates of any app we’ve ever seen (by far)
  • Your matches will be based on compatibility and personality rather than just appearance
  • There are LOT of people in Charlotte using it so you’ll find good options

What we don’t like about it

  • Setting up your profile is a more involved process than most
  • It does most of it for you so not a lot of options to influence the process

#3 - Hily is for you if you want something genuine

Hily on iOS

Things have changed. They’ve changed a lot. With the advent of social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook, people have slowly begun moving away from genuine in-person interactions and towards sharing filtered, unrealistic snippets of their personal lives. In short, people on large are becoming more fake than ever before.

But, listen: you’re in luck. If you can’t stand this world of disingenuous relationships, then Hily is the place you should be. If you’re looking for someone you can relate to on a DEEP level - or at least have a deep conversation with - then get on this platform today.

Why Hily has made our list of the best Charlotte dating sites:

  • Users on Hily appreciate deep and meaningful conversations.
  • You can meet and chat with people around the world.
  • They have fun features such as compatibility quizzes.

What we don’t like about it:

  • Users report a fair number of bugs when using the app.
  • You’ll likely match with bots every now and then.

#4 - AFF is the best hookup site in Charlotte

AFF features

AFF has been Charlotte's best hookup app for most people for a while now. Tinder is also a decent option but there are a LOT of people who haven't had a good experience using it, especially single guys. AFF has been different and the only option we've found where guys can consistently find good success as well.

Now that Tinder is morphing into more of a dating app AFF is the only top Charlotte hookup site that focuses purely on fun in the bedroom. If you're not looking for anything serious but still want to have some fun you need to check out their free trial below.

There are a ton of people in Charlotte on it and over 50 million active users. That means that there are plenty of options out there. In the dating game the more options you have the better your results will be. If Tinder hasn't been working for you this is the best Charlotte hookup app for you.

Why you should try AFF

  • Really popular in Charlotte with a ton of users total (over 50 million)
  • Single guys have had the best success on this app compared to everything else
  • Really focused on fun in the bedroom instead of relationships

What we don’t like about it

  • Many people can only access via web app
  • Not crazy about the design or ads
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!

#5 - Bumble (Android; iOS) if for women who like to be in control

Bumble on Android

Bumble is a great app for women to take control of their dating lives. If you are a woman that has tried online dating before, you have likely been overwhelmed by messages. Most of which might have been harmless pickup lines, but many women get inappropriate and offensive messages.

To counteract this, Bumble was created for women to be the ones to message a man first. This allows women to talk to as many or as few men as they want and allows them to set the conversation tone. If that doesn’t make it one of the best dating apps in Charlotte, I don’t know what does!

Why Bumble is the best dating site in Charlotte for women

  • Women control who messages them
  • Bumble is extremely popular among millennials
  • Using the app is easy as there is little to no learning curve

What we don’t like about it

  • It can be hard for men to stand out when they aren’t making the first move
  • Women who aren’t used to making the first move might struggle with it at first

#6 - Tinder is a decent app for young people (Android; iOS)

Tinder iOS features

Tinder is one of the most well-known dating apps, as there are over 50 million active Tinder profiles. Tinder has a bit of a reputation for casual flings, but many people are finding love on the app as well. Using Tinder is super easy as you just need to swipe right on a profile if you like it and left if you don't. The focus on Tinder tends to be on pictures, so pick your best ones to get those matches!

  • The dating pool on Tinder is huge as there are over 50 million active users
  • Using Tinder is quick and easy as it only takes a couple of swipes to see a profile
  • One of the decent dating sites in Charlotte for users in their 20s and early 30s

Why we don’t think Tinder is the best site in Columbus

  • Meeting up with people from Tinder isn’t as common
  • Tinder’s main focus is pictures, so most judgements are appearance-based

#7 - Zoosk is one of the best dating sites in Charlotte that rivals Tinder (Android; iOS)

Zoosk app

Zoosk, previously part of Facebook is increasingly becoming more popular as an alternative to Tinder. As we mentioned earlier, Tinder has a reputation for casual flings, which puts some people off if they want a long-term relationship. Thankfully, they are more likely to find one on Zoosk.

The app functions similarly in that you can swipe through profiles and "like" people you want to match with. With over 40 million users on Zoosk worldwide, it's a great alternative or addition to dating sites like Tinder.

Why Zoosk is becoming one of the best dating sites in Charlotte:

  • Users can put a question on their profile for other people to answer to get the conversation rolling
  • Searching for matches is easy as you can narrow it down to certain categories such as gender, distance and age
  • There are over 40 million users on Zoosk

What we don’t like about it:

  • Zoosk does not recommend matches to you
  • The free version of Zoosk is limited

#8 - Dine Dating is one of the best dating sites in Charlotte for foodies (Android; iOS)

Dine screenshots

Dine Dating is the perfect app for people in Charlotte looking to try new restaurants or visit their favorite ones with a date. On Dine Dating, users need to select their three favorite bars or restaurants in the city. Then, you can send or receive date requests to meet at one of your suggestions. Dine Dating is free to use with the option of paid features, so why not try it today?

Why Dine Dating is great

  • Dine Dating will recommend 1 to 5 matches to you per day
  • It’s one of the best dating sites in Charlotte for discovering new restaurants and bars
  • Users won’t spend ages talking without meeting up as the focus of the app is planning a date

What we don’t like about it

  • Dine is more popular in bigger cities
  • One user must be a Gold member for you to message each other

#9 - Jdate is a great app for the Jewish community (Android; iOS)

JDate features

Jdate is the perfect place for Jewish people to meet each other. Charlotte has the largest Jewish community in all of North Carolina, so Jdate is the best place to meet like-minded people.

Dating someone who understands your culture and faith is important, and on Jdate, Jewish people won't need to worry about finding someone that does. Signing up is free and easy, and the profiles are very detailed so you can get to know people.

Why Jdate is the best dating site in Charlotte for the Jewish community

  • Jdate organizes singles events online and offline
  • Profiles are detailed so your matches are not based solely on looks
  • Registering for Jdate and using it are extremely easy

What we don’t like about it

  • You must have a paid membership to reach out to people
  • Not every member that signs up is Jewish

#10 - Raya is great for high-profile singles (iOS)

Raya user interface

Raya is one of the best Charlotte dating apps for meeting like-minded elites. The app is made for people with a big following, such as actors, singers, top-level executives, influencers and more. Raya bases your approval on the amount of Instagram followers you have as you need a minimum of 5,000.

Raya is thus the best place for celebrities to date comfortably without having to worry about their privacy being compromised.

Why Raya is a good dating app for the elite crowd

  • Raya can be used both for dating and networking
  • As the acceptance process is thorough, you will only come across verified people
  • Privacy features are strong to keep celebrities safe

What we don’t like about it

  • A minimum of 5,000 Instagram followers is required to get accepted
  • Not available for Android

A happy couple that met online

The Best Dating Apps in Charlotte for Long-Term Relationships

Okay, you’re through with the casual dating phase of your life. Or maybe you’ve never experienced it in the first place. Either way, you're looking for someone for the long haul. You want someone to wake up to each and every morning and build a life with. You’re looking for someone who will love you through thick and thin, and someone who you can love endlessly and without hesitation. These are the dating apps that will get that person.

eHarmony tops the list of the best relationship apps

You’ve heard this name before, and that’s for good reason: eHarmony works, and it works dang well. Millions of people have matched with long-term partners through using eHarmony, and hundreds of thousands of REAL marriages have been confirmed to have been first sparked by this platform. What eHarmony does so well is this: they put people first. They put your desire for genuine love first. They do everything in their power to make your dream lover show up at your doorstep.

You should join eHarmony if you’re in your late 20s and over. You can join if you’re younger than that, but you’ll most likely be matching with people a few years your senior. But, either way, if you’re looking for real love - if you’re looking for someone to gaze at the stars with for hours upon hours late into the night - then this is the platform you’ve been looking for.

Coffee Meets Bagel is for those who like to take things slow

More isn’t always better… Coffee Meets Bagel embodies this saying. Every day at noon, get one match that fits your preferences to a tee. You should be on this platform if you don’t like the swiping paradigm put forth by so many other platforms, but, if you want more matches than less, you should probably choose something else.

Hooking up after meeting online

The Best Hookup Sites in Charlotte

Time to switch things up - time to get frisky. Tonight, you don’t want anything long-term. Tonight, you don’t want to stress about what comes tomorrow. Tonight, you just want to throw caution to the wind and live - you want to relish the present moment, if only for just tonight. Tonight, you want a sexy, free and fun hookup where you can wake up the next morning and not think twice.

Find your fling with the best Charlotte hookup sites.

AFF remains one of the best hookup apps

AFF is a staple in the hookup community. No, it isn’t the prettiest in terms of design. No, the customer service isn’t the greatest of all time. But, here’s what it does well: it gets someone in your bed - someone you’re genuinely attracted to.

If you’re looking for an aesthetically appealing hookup site, then this isn’t the option for you. But, if you could care less about that - if what you want is someone to help you get wild in the sheets - then we’d recommend AFF as the best free hookup site in Charlotte.

Tinder is great if you’re hot

Tinder is phenomenal for casual dating, but it also works great for finding hookups. Most of the people on this platform aren’t looking for anything serious, and that’s why it’s one of the best casual dating sites in Charlotte. There are tons of users, so you have a lot of options, but if you’re not the “best” looking person out there, you might have trouble finding someone for the night.

Picking a good free dating app

Best Free Dating Sites in Charlotte

You can still find a match if you aren’t looking to spend money. In fact, there are a ton of great options to make that a reality. Where free apps fall short, though, is that they’re prone to attracting scammers, have a lot of inactive users and other related issues. When you pay for something, you tend to actually get what you pay for - and the flip-side is true.

Here are our picks for the best free dating sites in Charlotte:

  • Bumble
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Happn

Try them out and see if they work out for you. If not, you can always either upgrade or choose a paid dating app that’s sure to get the job done.

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