The Top Houston Dating Sites & Apps in 2023 (What Works for Us)

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Dating can be… hard. Heading to the bar or a party, trying to talk with people, drinking to calm the nerves, then going home alone... again. It really can suck. It can be even harder now that the pandemic has changed people’s behavior and made us more hesitant to approach strangers. We understand how you feel, we’ve been through the exact same process. Thankfully, you can make dating easier by using some of the best dating apps and sites in Houston.

Meeting and talking to people online first can help you feel safer and trust that the people you plan to meet are just as cautious as you. Since the advent of the internet and mobile devices, everything has changed. “But dating apps don’t work,” you might be saying to yourself; well, you’re wrong. They do work, and we’ve done the research to prove it. Not some general research either, we’ve gone deep.

These are the top dating apps and sites for those residing in Houston, Texas.

#1 - Christian Mingle (Android; iOS) is one of the best dating sites in Houston for Christians

Christian Mingle app screenshots from iOS

Christian Mingle is the perfect app for people who prioritize religion in their lives. Typically, you don’t know right away what religion someone practices unless you go to the same church and talking about religion can be awkward for some people. Christian Mingle takes away that awkwardness as everyone on the app is Christian and looking for love.

Your profile can be as detailed as you want but the more information you include, the easier it will be for like-minded people to message you. You can search for singles in your area based on what you’re looking for in a partner, read their profile, and message them. Christian Mingle can also do the work for you as they send daily matches of people you may be compatible with and you can choose whether to message them.

Why Christian Mingle is an awesome app:

  • There are over 15 million users
  • Everyone on the app is Christian, so conversations about religion don’t have to be taboo
  • There’s a good balance of male and female users

Why we like it but don’t love it:

  • You need to pay for a premium membership, which is a little pricey
  • Not a good option for those looking for casual relationships



#2 - eHarmony (Android; iOS) is Houston's best dating site for relationships

eHarmony screenshots

eHarmony has been around for a while and you've probably seen the commercials everywhere. The thing is, the reason they've been around so long is that their system works! You probably know couples that have met on eHarmony (even if they won't admit it) and it's still the best app in Houston if you want a long-term relationship right now.

It's hard to argue with the results locals have been seeing. Over 75% of all marriages that start online begin on eHarmony and there are a ton of people using it in town. When you have this many people on an app that are actually serious about finding a great partner it's going to be a good experience for most people.

Check out their trial offer with the links below and see for yourself. There isn't a more in-depth app out there right now that makes it this easy.

eHarmony trial

Why eHarmony is one of the best dating apps in Houston:

  • It is very effective for serious dating with success rates much higher than anything else
  • It has a super even user-base (51% men, 49% women)
  • Their matching system gives you super compatible dates

Why Houston residents think eHarmony is “meh”:

  • You don’t get to choose your own matches
  • It takes a while to get from the first message to the first date



#3 - BLK (Android; iOS) for meeting local black singles

Screenshots for BLK dating app

BLK is the perfect place for black men and women in Houston to meet and connect with one another. As BLK is a fairly new app to the online dating scene, the community is fairly small with 40,000 members across the United States. However, this isn’t a bad thing as it creates an exclusive community of like-minded individuals that can feel safe and open themselves up to one another.

The app is free and simple to use, so you can start swiping after setting up your profile, which should only take five minutes. Swipe right to like someone and swipe left if they’re not your type. If you both like each other, you’ll match and can start chatting.

Here’s why BLK is the best place to meet black singles in Houston:

  • Black singles can feel safe and welcome in an exclusive community
  • There are a lot of members already despite the app being fairly new
  • Limited features make the BLK app very easy to use

Here’s why you may not want to use BLK in Houston:

  • If you’re not part of the black community, other dating apps may be a better option for you
  • As the app is free, there are a lot of fake profiles



#4 - AFF is the best Houston hookup app

Screenshots of AFF

AFF has been the best hookup app in Houston for the past few years, especially for guys. Tinder is also really popular but isn't a great experience unless you're pretty good-looking. The top 15% of guys get the attention from the top 70% of women and it ends up being a bit of a mess for everyone.

What really sets AFF apart is that is completely focused on fun in bed. This is all about getting there as fast as possible and both men and women know what's up. This leads to a much better experience and you can avoid all the people on other apps who just want attention instead of actual meetups. No other Houston hookup site comes close.

The is the app we've consistently seen the best results with and they have a free trial so you can check them out yourself. If you just want something physical there isn't a better Hookup app in Houston right now.

Why you should try AFF:

  • They have a massive number of users on their app (over 50 million)
  • We’ve seen guys have the best success using it, especially those who aren’t doing well on Tinder
  • It’s very straightforward and easy to use

What we don’t like about it:

  • Many users can only access via web app
  • The app is a little dated and not as polished as some others
  • Sometimes people are a little TOO upfront with what they want
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for a fling or more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


#5 - Tinder (Android; iOS) in Houston is the dating app that works for the REALLY good looking

Tinder interface

Tinder is by far the most popular casual dating app. The service is addictive, no doubt, but more importantly, it gets you results. Their super advanced algorithm also makes it easier to find people who really fit what you’re looking for.

It’s nowhere near as serious as something like eHarmony, but you can still find something real if that’s what you’re after. You can also have fun while finding casual flings - the app is all-encompassing - it is by far one of the best dating apps in Houston!

What Houston loves about Tinder:

  • It’s super simple
  • The dating pool is massive
  • It’s very nicely designed

What Houston doesn’t love about Tinder:

  • You have to be pretty good looking to get any results
  • It’s mostly for flings, not relationships



#6 - Hinge (Android; iOS) the dating app designed to be deleted

Hinge features

Hinge’s motto is literally “The Dating App Designed to be Deleted” - that says something. Not only is it a fun app to use, but it also lets users choose matches based on both looks and personality. On other apps, you usually just look at a photo and swipe. But on Hinge, you look at photos and some interesting tidbits of info on each potential match's profile and then you hit "like" on whatever catches your attention. It's a great way to open up a conversation and it's fun too!

Why Hinge is loved in Houston:

  • It’s great for the mid-range of daters between super serious and sort of serious
  • Their team consistently puts out great information to help you date better
  • Their system is backed by science

Why Hinge isn’t the best:

  • Their filters could be improved
  • You need a minimum of 6 photos at all times



#7 - Zoosk (Android; iOS) is one of the best dating sites in Houston

In-app screenshots from Zoosk

Zoosk is a great app if you’re looking for balance in the dating world. With over 3 million messages sent daily, and 40+ million users, there is no shortage of matches. And by matches, we mean matches for both serious relationships and casual flings. Unlike other apps, though, Zoosk sends you your matches so you don’t need to swipe all day.

Zoosk is great - it is most definitely one of the best dating apps in Houston - it’s also one of the best dating sites in Houston.

Why Zoosk is one of the best Houston dating sites:

  • Massive dating pool
  • Great balance between men and women
  • Available for use on desktop as well

Why Zoosk isn’t that amazing in Houston:

  • Their algorithms aren’t that great for showing similar matches
  • You have to pay to send messages



#8 - Jdate (Android; iOS) for meeting Jewish singles

JDate app features

Jdate is for anybody who is Jewish and looking for a Jewish partner. The site has been around for 20 years - yes, 20 years. I know that’s crazy, right? Obviously, they’re doing something right.

Group-specific sites can sometimes seem like a bad thing. That really couldn’t be further from the truth, though. JDate may have a smaller userbase, but it acts like a community. This leads to more active users who consistently use the site.

Here’s why Jdate is one of the best dating sites in Houston:

  • It’s specific to Jewish people
  • It has been around forever
  • It has an active user base, making it one of the best Houston dating apps

Here’s why you shouldn’t use Jdate in Houston:

  • If you’re not Jewish, skip this one
  • It’s best used on a computer, not a phone



#9 - Raya (iOS) for the social media famous

Raya sample screenshots

Raya is for you if your IG follower count is absolutely astronomical. The minimum amount of followers necessary for access is 5000+, while the optimal amount is 250,000+. So, yeah... It isn’t for everyone.

With that being said, if you happen to have a lot of followers, this could be an incredible app for you. Everyone you are matching with will likely be highly successful and have a similar mindset, so there’s much less messing about matching with people who don’t fit your personality.

Here’s why Raya is for you:

  • It is very specific, allowing you to easily find others that fit your interests/personality
  • It has a surprisingly large user base despite being so exclusive
  • It also offers professional networking

Here’s why Raya isn’t for you:

  • You must have a minimum of 5000 IG followers to apply and get in
  • You must pay a subscription fee of $50/month
  • It’s exclusive to iOS


#10 - heybaby (iOS) is one of the best dating apps in Houston for single parents

Screenshots from HeyBaby dating app

Heybaby was designed for parents - no joke. You’re thinking one of two things right now probably - either “YES” or “okay…”; and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it makes everyone’s lives easier. Instead of matching with a person, connecting with them, and then finding out they don’t want kids (which you don’t want to deal with), you can prevent wasting your own time and theirs.

Heybaby is a phenomenal dating app for Houston parents and those who want kids--our data shows the app is very popular here. So, if you’re looking for a person with kids, or you want someone mature enough to handle your own, hop on Heybaby today!

Why heybaby is great:

  • There’s a good amount of users
  • It’s very group-specific – cutting past a lot of wasted time
  • It’s a well-designed app

Why we like it but don’t love it:

  • It is very specific
  • The age of users tends to be older


A couple in a long-term relationship

The Best Dating Sites in Houston for Long-Term Relationships

Now that we’ve discussed a few general dating sites, let’s look at some specific recommendations. Here are some of the best dating apps for those looking for a long-term commitment:

eHarmony is one of the top apps for finding relationships

Although we discussed eHarmony in detail above, we had to mention it again because of how great it is for finding real connections. The sign-up process is long as you need to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your passions, interests, and preferences in a partner. This helps you find matches that you’re actually compatible with so you don’t have to spend ages swiping left or right.

With over 37 million members and 15 million matches made a day on eHarmony, it’s one of the best sites for people looking for long-term relationships

Niche apps are also great for long-term relationships

Sticking to popular dating apps like Tinder or Bumble can be tempting but with so many users, finding serious relationships can be tough. Instead, try niche apps that are made for specific users. We talked about a few great niche apps already like Heybaby for parents or BLK for black singles. Many users are looking for something serious, so it’s a great site for long-term relationships and you won’t need to worry about big cultural differences between you and your future partner.

A couple about to hook up

The Best Hookup Sites in Houston

Long-term relationships aren’t for everyone, especially young people who aren’t interested in commitment yet. But thankfully, there are plenty of great Houston hookup sites and apps. Here are some of the best casual dating sites in Houston:

Adult Friend Finder is one of the best sites to find casual hookups

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular hookup sites, hence why we’re talking about it again. Everyone that’s on it is looking for the same thing, so you don’t need to have any awkward conversations about your intentions. On top of that, you can also filter based on your preferences, from age to kinks to location to hair color!

You can try the site for free to see if it interests you and if you decide to get a paid membership it’s quite affordable.

Passion is another top-notch hookup app to try

AFF may be an amazing hookup site, but if you're more of an app person, Passion is a good option. With over 30,000,000 users in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, it remains one of the more popular apps for hooking up. Tinder and Bumble might work for you if you're hot and young. But if you're not exactly Matt Bomer-levels of hot, Passion is a lot more forgiving.

Checking out some good dating sites

The Best Free Dating Sites in Houston

You know the saying, “You get what you pay for”? It’s usually true, even for dating apps. Although there are plenty of great free dating apps and sites, they often have limited features.

Paying for a dating membership can typically get you better results and more valuable matches. So if you’re looking for a serious relationship and you’re fed up with free apps, purchasing a membership may be a good option for you.

Many dating apps and sites offer free trials so you can test them out and decide whether they’re worth paying for. Just don’t forget you’re not experiencing all the same features as paid members, so don’t judge the site or app too harshly.

If you’re still not convinced that paying for a membership is the way to go, here are some of the best free dating sites in Houston:

  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • Bumble

These are three of the most popular free dating apps in Houston. They even have additional features you can pay for if you decide you want to get more bang for your buck.

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