9 Best Tulsa Dating Apps & Sites for 2023 (What Worked for Us)

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With nearly half a million people, you would think dating in Oklahoma’s second-largest city would be easy. If you haven’t found that to be the case, you aren’t alone. Every week, more and more locals are turning to online dating to help them navigate their romantic (and sexual) options. And they all have the same question: which are the best dating apps in Tulsa?

Here’s some good news for you, reader: we’ve done the work to find the answer for you. You don’t need to waste your time and money trying out every site and app on the market. We’ve got the 411 on which sites are right for you, whether you’re looking for love or a casual fling. These are the best of the best.

On top of that, these dating sites and apps have been hand-picked in wake of the recent Covid-19 debacle. That means we know these apps work DESPITE the enormous changes headed by the pandemic; so, for you, that means you’ll be having more success than maybe ever before.

Sick of hitting up Unicorn Club every weekend in hopes of getting a number? Read on. This guide will help you find what you’re looking for, and it won’t empty your wallet.

#1 - AFF is the easiest way to find a fling

AFF homepage

AFF should be your first choice when you're not looking for a relationship but still want some fun in the bedroom. We've tried a lot of different apps for this (most are awful) and only a couple have proven to work over and over. Tinder is great if you're under 25 but once you get beyond that AFF has shown the best results out of any dating site in Tulsa we've tried, especially for guys.

One of the things we've really liked about this app is that they do a really good job of helping you find EXACTLY what you're looking for. All the singles in Tulsa on this site is looking for the same thing so you can save a LOT of time that you would waste on other sites. If you're 25+ and want to take someone home this is your site.

Why you should try AFF

  • They have a massive number of singles in Tulsa
  • We’ve seen guys have the best success using it, especially those who aren’t super good looking and didn’t do well on Tinder
  • It’s very straightforward and easy to use

What we don’t like about it

  • You can only access it via web app
  • The app is a little dated and not as polished as some others
  • Sometimes people are a little TOO upfront with what they want
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for a fling or more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


#2 - eHarmony (Android; iOS) wants you to find a long-term relationship

Android eHarmony features

If you’ve looked into online dating even a little bit, you’ve almost certainly come across eHarmony. People ask us all the time if this site is the real deal. They think it’s too good to be true. Well, we can state unequivocally, that eHarmony is one of the best dating sites in Tulsa for finding lasting love. There is no site out there that has a better track record of matches leading to marriage.

eHarmony accomplishes this with its thorough questionnaire and proprietary matching algorithm. The sign-up process requires that you spend at least 20 minutes building out your profile. This helps ensure that your matches – usually between five and seven a day – are based on something substantial. It also dissuades people who aren’t serious about finding love from wasting their time. Perfect if you only want to meet singles in Tulsa who are as serious as you are.

If you’re ready to find the love of your life, eHarmony wants to be your guide.

Why eHarmony is among the best dating sites in Tulsa

  • With 35 million users, it is by far the most popular and best Tulsa dating app to find real love
  • The user interface for both browsers and phones is intuitive and easy
  • After two decades of improving its matching algorithm, it’s the best on the market

Reasons you might not like it

  • A lot of people give up on the sign-up process because it can be exhausting
  • There’s nothing wrong with just wanting a fling, but that’s not what this site is for


#3 - Heybaby (iOS) is among the best dating sites in Tulsa for single parents

Heybaby iOS features

It’s strange that so much of modern dating can feel absolutely antithetical to having kids. It used to be, that people coupled up specifically to start a family. These days, if you’re someone who wants kids – or already has them – dating online can be a serious struggle. At least, it had been until Heybaby came on the scene.

Designed for people who want or have children, Heybaby is among the best dating sites in Tulsa for family-minded daters. The user base is made up of single parents and those who are ready to have children. On this site, there’s no more having to hide the biggest part of your life. You can comfortably be honest about yourself and your home life, knowing it won’t be a turnoff.

Why Heybaby is one of the best Tulsa dating apps

  • The user base is made up of people who think long-term and want a real relationship
  • Single parents don’t have to worry about on which date they’ll mention their kids
  • If your goal is to have kids, you’ll meet others with the same intention

Why you should skip this site

  • It isn’t a site for casual dating, so don’t waste your (or other people’s) time if that’s all you want
  • It’s another dating site that only has an iOS app


#4 - Tan Tan (Android; iOS) helps you find someone genuine

TanTan iOS screenshots

What has happened to the people who say what they think and mean what they say? Okay, we understand that sometimes it’s not always best to say whatever crosses your mind. But, when it comes down to it, honesty is nearly always the best path forward - ESPECIALLY in a relationship.

So, if you feel like you’ve been bombarded by inauthentic options for too long, then we implore you: join TanTan today and free yourself from the wrath of fake, two-faced people.

Why it’s one of the best dating apps in Tulsa

  • It’s for singles in Tulsa seeking an authentic, genuine connection
  • TanTan is committed to maintaining the privacy of each and every one of its users
  • The app is rated 4.7/5 stars

Why you should hold off

  • There are a decent number of scammers
  • You shouldn’t join if you just want something casual


#5 - Bumble (Android; iOS) is one of the best Tulsa dating apps for women

Android Bumble

One of the things that make so many women detest dating apps is the constant barrage of noise. They know some guys aren’t serious, they’re just spamming “Hey baby” to every matched account. As a result, most women on dating apps have an inbox full of messages they’ll never answer. And then guys are annoyed when these same ladies don’t respond to their unoriginal message.

Bumble flips the script by requiring female users to write first. It may seem like a minor change, but it makes all the difference. Not only do women say it’s a more enjoyable experience, but men appreciate not needing cheesy opening lines. Bumble is easily one of the best dating apps in Tulsa for women, but it’s also popular with male users.

Why Bumble is worth trying

  • For women, it cuts down on the unwanted and creepy messages
  • It’s still a great app for both casual and more serious dating
  • Men don’t have to worry about making the first move
  • Incredibly popular among singles in Tulsa

Why we weren’t 100% sold

  • Other than the message gimmick, it’s basically just a slightly classier version of Tinder
  • It turns out, women can be just as bad as men at thinking up an interesting opening line


#6 – Plenty of Fish (Android; iOS) is the biggest free dating site

Plenty of Fish on iOS

Though you might have never used it, Plenty of Fish has been steadily building its reputation for years. It currently has the largest user base in the country, which surprises many people. Even if it doesn’t have as much name recognition as some other apps and sites, though, POF is massive. A big part of its popularity is that, after all these years, it’s still a great free site.

POF doesn’t do much to distinguish itself from other online dating platforms, but it doesn’t need to. With around 100 million users worldwide, its biggest selling point is its nearly unparalleled popularity. It’s easily one of the biggest, and therefore best, dating sites in Tulsa. If your goal is to meet a lot of different people, POF is a surefire way to achieve that goal.

Why we would recommend POF

  • You can send messages to anyone on the site for free
  • Even the premium subscription prices are pretty reasonable compared to other sites
  • Whatever your taste or preference, you’ll find what you’re looking for

What could be improved

  • The downside of a huge user base is a lot of spammy and zombie accounts
  • There aren’t many extra features to show off your personality


#7 – Luxy (Android; iOS) is how Tulsa’s elite meet

Luxy on Android

For Oklahoma’s wealthy and elite crowd, dating and networking are essentially the same things. Luxy is a new dating app that understands that. Designed specifically for the rich, Luxy is as exclusive as it gets, which is what its millionaire base loves it. If you’re among the upper echelon of society, this will be the best dating app in Tulsa.

Luxy is serious about maintaining its elite client base. They have strict rules on what can and cannot be done on the site, including prohibiting sugar daddy/baby transactions. This isn’t a site for meeting a wealthy benefactor. It’s all about creating a digital space that is as much a private club as it is a dating app. Think you can get in?

What Luxy gets right

  • It’s focused on high-quality users, not a high quantity
  • They do a pretty good job of filtering out any accounts that don’t meet their community standards
  • For Tulsa’s elite, it’s a great way to network and grow your influence

What will be a turn off to many users

  • You can sign up for free, but don’t expect any luck until you pay for a membership
  • It’s a small local user base, but if you’re the target demo for this app, you probably knew that already


#8 – Kippo (Android; iOS) is for all the gamers out there!

Kippo on iOS

Imagine this: you’ve found your dream girl or guy. They are everything you’ve ever wanted: cute, intelligent, humorous, and down to earth. Honestly, you think they’re the one. Until… you find out they think video games/gaming is a huge waste of time. They’re to the point that they openly talk about how dumb they think it is.

Now, to many, they wouldn’t think of this as an inexcusable quality. But, to those who are hellbent on continuing gaming, well, if that’s not a deal-breaker then what is.

Save yourself the pain from such a catastrophe. Date someone who not only holds all of those incredible attributes but who also LOVES gaming. Find them on Kippo today!

Why Kippo is worth trying

  • It’s made specifically for those who love gaming
  • It is constantly being updated with interesting new features
  • Kippo is quickly growing

Why you won’t like it

  • The app still doesn’t have a massive number of users
  • There are still plenty of bugs


#9 – Hinge (Android; iOS) has a young and hip clientele

Hinge iOS features

When it first launched, the original gimmick of Hinge was using Facebook associations to connect users. The idea was to help ensure the person on the other end of the connection was a real person. A Facebook account is no longer needed to use this app, but the app is still focused on quality connections. Among dating apps, it has one of the highest success rates for lasting relationships.

While Hinge’s layout and design has more in common with Tinder than eHarmony, it’s still more than a quick-swipe app. The profiles are designed to be straightforward but still more informative than most apps. The app includes helpful and fun prompts to encourage a more unique bio. Hinge also learns about you as you use it so it can help bring you more compatible matches.

Why Hinge is a great app

  • It’s one of the best dating apps in Tulsa for younger people who want a relationship
  • It has a user-friendly interface that will be familiar to anyone who has used other apps
  • The “most compatible” feature aims to match you with someone who fits you

What we don’t like about it

  • You’ll have to pay to see the “most compatible” matches
  • It limits how many people you can meet in a day


The Best Dating Sites in Tulsa for Long-Term Relationships

A cute couple in a photoshoot

“I’m tired.” You say after yet another relationship that gets broken off. You’re exhausted from the cycle - you’ve had enough of the seemingly endless streams of partners who are there… and then they’re not. You want - more than anything else - someone who you can lean on in times of strife… in times when all of the odds are against you. You want someone by your side who will love you despite your flaws - someone who will be there for you in your darkest moments.

You need your soulmate. These two apps will help you find that person.

If you’re serious about finding relationships, try eHarmony

Bet you didn’t guess this would be here! Okay… maybe you did. But it has the number 1 spot for good reason - this long-term dating site works better than nearly any other option on the market. So, If you want results (who doesn’t), then eHarmony should be your go-to first and foremost.

Just think about it: they’ve been around for 20 years and have helped literally millions of people find the loves of their lives. Their system works so well that it has been recognized internationally by other companies and lovers alike. No one company has been able to replicate their process to date, and rightfully so - eHarmony has meticulously crafted it to make sure that you find your soulmate in the least time possible. Will you take the next step? Will you find the love of your life?

Plenty of relationships start on Tinder

Tinder, contrary to popular belief, can actually be an incredible way to meet a long-term partner. Yes, the app is significantly more oriented towards dating of the casual sort, but a good casual relationship almost always turns into something more serious… sometimes not. So, no, it isn’t as good as eHarmony, but do your due diligence, take your time finding the right match, and boom - you just might have found your forever.

The Best Hookup Sites in Tulsa

Posing in lingerie

Long-term relationships are a lot of work. You’ve got to always be with them, keep tabs, check-in with your partner, and everything else that comes along with it. Yes, there are great aspects of serious relationships, but hookups can be incredible too. With a fling, you get the pleasure without the pain. You can get together, have fun, then never see each other again. Simple as that.

Here are our 2 top picks for the best Tulsa hookup sites.

Our pick for the best free hookup site in Tulsa would have to go to AFF. Yes, the site and app design are horribly outdated, but it still does the job of finding you someone hot for the night. This site was designed from the ground up to get you into bed with someone - nothing more, nothing less. It has picked up a ton of attention from all parts of the United States - especially Tulsa - so you shouldn’t have an issue finding someone quickly and easily.

If you want a night to remember forever - and someone to forget about the next morning - then we highly recommend hopping on Adult Friend Finder. You’ll find better chances for a quick hookup nowhere else.

What makes POF great is that it has been around for a long time and is completely free to use. Again, its design is a little outdated but that doesn’t really impede its performance. Now, POF isn’t explicitly a hookup site, but it is one of the best casual dating sites in Tulsa. It also has an older than average user base, so if you’re in your early 20s you should prepare for the age gap between you and your future fling.

The Best Free Dating Sites in Tulsa

Trying a free dating app

Here’s the thing with free dating sites: they almost never work as well as their paid counterparts. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have success with them, just don’t expect to find a fling or date as quickly as if you were to use a paid option. With that being said, here are our top 3 picks for the best free dating sites in Tulsa.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Facebook Dating
  • OkCupid

Frequently Asked Questions about Dating Sites in Tulsa

Where do singles meet in Tulsa?

The easiest way to meet singles in Tulsa is through dating apps. We highly recommend AFF if you want to hook up or eHarmony if you want a serious relationship.

Where can I meet girls in Tulsa?

While you can go to local bars and clubs, the best way to meet girls in Tulsa is through dating apps.

How can I find Tulsa girls for dating?

Easy! Just pick one of the top-rated dating sites in Tulsa and you're good to go. Check out AFF if you want hookups or eHarmony if you prefer a relationship.

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