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The Best Spots for Tulsa Hookups in 2024 (Our Favorites)

Ladies enjoying a drink outside eager for hookups in Tulsa

When you start feeling the need for some physical fun, where do you turn? If you’re like most people in this city, you turn to one of the numerous online options that guarantee lots of Tulsa hookups. Digital meetups are simple and fun. Once you’ve made the introductions, you can meet in the real world at one of the many hookup bars throughout the city.

The next question is, which online platforms and which bars? There are tons to choose from, and while our city has some great ones, it also has some major duds. Far too many of the online options are just scams. At the same time, tons of bars in this city are too expensive or too boring. Where do you turn to get laid in Tulsa?

We’ll tell you where to turn: right here. We’ve taken the time to assemble an unbeatable list of the greatest spots to get laid in our city. From Bixby to the Brady Arts District, we’ve crossed the city with the help of local experts. Even if you’re out in Bethany, you can come into our city armed with a list of unbeatable online options and bars.

With over 400,000 people here, you shouldn’t have to be a student at the University of Tulsa to get laid. Check out our list and let us know how our recommendations worked for you in the comments.

Our favorite spots to find Tulsa hookups

Finding a hookup doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Along with our favorite hookup bars in the city, we’re mixing in the best online options. Check them out and find out where you can get laid in Tulsa.

Hodges Bend is one of the best options for hookups in Tulsa

Hodges Bend always has your fix of Tulsa hookups


Located in the East Village, Hodges Bend is one of our city's most interesting hangouts. Simultaneously a coffee shop, cocktail lounge and wine bar, this spot has something for everyone. Far too many places in Tulsa fail at being just one of those things. Hodges Bend does all three exceptionally well, and that’s why we’re regulars.

Whatever your poison, they serve it here (along with an excellent food menu). Bring a date and they’ll be immediately taken by the atmosphere and friendly staff. If you’re going it alone, stop by in the afternoon to find groups of singles enjoying a caffeinated concoction. Better yet, come late for cocktails and the chance for sexy Tulsa hook ups.

AFF is Tulsa's best hookup app (try it free)

Would you like a casual fling rather than a long-term relationship? Well, you’re in luck: AFF is one of the best hookup apps this year, with a huge pool of active users and, of course, many attractive Tulsa girls. Most importantly, most girls on there are just looking for something quick and casual, so you won’t have to face awkward conversations about why you aren’t ready for a long-term relationship yet.

Tinder used to be #1 in Tulsa, but it's become more about relationships than hookups now. It's still decent but AFF is easily the best hookup app, especially for single guys. When you have over 60 million active members, a ton in Tulsa, you're going to have a lot of success.

With more than half of all hookups starting online you just can't avoid it. Check out AFF's free trial below and see why it's been growing so far. It's hard to beat.

Try AFF For Free!
If you haven't had much luck meeting girls who are just looking to hookup you really need to check out AFF's free trial ASAP. When it comes to a platform that actually delivers and helps guys meet girls just looking to fool around we haven't found anything else better (even after trying out 100+ of them). Check them out for free!

The best Tulsa pickup bars we've tried

Tulsa, especially the downtown area, has a vibrant bar scene where you can approach girls easily, exchange numbers and get some dates. Here are our favorite bars in the city.

Valkyrie is a nice cocktail bar to have fun on Saturday evenings

Friends on a night out at Valkyrie


We love this vibrant cocktail bar! It has everything you need for a fun outing with friends: excellent drinks, amazing bartenders and, most importantly, plenty of attractive girls. That includes hot Oklahoma City girls from out of town.

The bartenders are truly knowledgeable about mixology and they’ll very likely be happy to craft a unique drink for you if you don’t like anything on the menu. Behind the bar, an entire wall is covered with shelves filled with liquor bottles, with top-shelf picks, of course. The atmosphere is upscale but still casual, and the bar also serves appetizers if you happen to get a little hungry.

MixCo Bar is another great place to have a drink and socialize with girls

A variety of different dishes from MixCo


MixCo is another great place to meet single girls in our city. Located downtown, it’s extremely popular because of its Dad Burgers and cocktails. Sometimes, there are also live music shows, which attract even more people from all over the city. It even reminds us of the fantastic places where we find Omaha hookups.

The kitchen is open till late, so you won’t have to worry if you haven’t had dinner yet when you reach the bar. MixCo is near a hotel, so you’ll also find girls from out of town who might be looking for a vacation fling. Also, this venue is near the BOK center, so it gets extremely crowded before and after concerts.

Kilkenny’s brings you the luck of the Irish

Kilkenny’s brings you the luck of the Irish when it comes to finding Tulsa hookups


Irish pubs and hookup bars have a lot of common features. They’re both places where people are always having a good time. They make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in. And they also draw in people from all backgrounds. When we’re talking Irish hookup bars in our city, we have to mention Kilkenny’s. If you can't get laid in Lincoln, then you definitely will here!

What can be said about Kilkenny’s other than it is the ideal Irish pub? The food is greasy and delicious, the drinks are plentiful and mostly malted, and the people are friendly. Come to this Cherry Street District institution and you’ll be enjoying yourself immediately. If that doesn’t sound like the recipe for a great Tulsa hook up bar, we don’t know what does.

Nola’s is a taste of the bayou

Nola’s is a taste of the bayou and is perfect for finding Tulsa hookups


Not everyone can take a trip down to New Orleans anytime they want. Some of us have jobs. If you’re in the same boat, you can still get your Cajun fix at Nola’s on Cherry Street. If you enjoy the Big Easy as much as we do, you’ll find a lot to love here. The food and drinks have been painstakingly crafted to replicate New Orleans’ unique flavors. If you want to go on a date with a girl you met in one of the best hookup apps in St. Louis, this is the spot for you.

On the weekends, they serve food late, so you can bring a date after a show or just come out for a cocktail. Nola’s is more restaurant than bar, but when you’re channeling the spirit of New Orleans, it’s always a party. Sometimes a hookup bar is about your state of mind. If you know that, you’ll find Tulsa hookups come (big) easily here.

Fuel up for some hot Tulsa hook ups at Fuel 66

Fuel up for some hot Tulsa hookups at Fuel 66


Food trucks, beers on tap and lots of singles hanging out--what's not to love about Fuel 66? It's perfect for meeting up with friends for a few afternoon beers or for meeting some singles who enjoy this bar's friendly atmosphere. They're so friendly they'll even let you bring your furry companion.

Now if you're not too big on pickup lines, the bar games make for the perfect icebreakers. They hold weekly game nights, but Trivia Night is our all-time favorite. Drop by on a weekend evening and you'll fall in love with the place too!

Honorable mentions

Here are other great bars where you can approach girls:

The hookup apps in Tulsa dating coaches prefer

A huge number of hookups start online now. You don't have spend all day on the apps but spending 10-20 minutes a week sending messages can really pay off. These are the best hookup apps in the city right now:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

The best clubs for finding hookups in Tulsa

These clubs are among the best places to pick up girls. Drop by next weekend and show off your moves!

The crowded dance floor of Unicorn Tulsa


This unicorn-themed club is cute and trendy at the same time and, most importantly, it’s definitely targeted at girls. Girls love the unicorn cocktails with confectionery and cute decorations, so you’ll definitely find many of them here.

If there’s ever a reason for a guy to hang out at a unicorn-themed club, it’s the number of gorgeous girls you can potentially meet. But then again, this club does have some pretty cool DJs and the drinks aren’t too expensive. That's why some girls from Wichita find themselves here!

The Unicorn Club also hosts themed events where you can come in costume. Get creative with yours to see an entire dance floor full of sexy girls in skimpy costumes!

She Theatre & Lounge is an upscale club with a mix of entertainment options

Tulsa girls taking a selfie at She Theatre and Lounge


With a super luxurious decor and a spacious dance floor, She is one of the most popular clubs in the downtown area and one of the best spots to find hookups in Tulsa. From time to time, it also hosts performances of different genres, from ballet to burlesque, so there is something for everyone. Keep in mind that there’s a cover charge, and it’s not always cheap. But from our experience, it’s always worth it.

So if you want something different this weekend, check out the She Theatre socials. You might find an event that’s right for you.

She Theatre is the best club to get laid in Tulsa

She Theatre is the best bar to get laid in Tulsa


You know this place is the real deal because they spell theater with an “re”. Seriously, though, She Theatre is one of the most unique and fascinating lounges and venues in our city. Early evenings include a mix of artistic live performances that are sure to start a conversation. Stick around and the venue becomes a “rock-couture” nightclub.

This isn’t the type of place you just show up to on the spur of the moment. You’d be smart to make a reservation. If you’ve connected with someone online, recommend this place for a first meet-up. It’ll make you look far more interesting than agreeing to meet at some boring bar. Play your cards right, and this will be one of your go-to hookup bars. Without a doubt it's the best bar to get laid in Tulsa!

Honorable mentions

Here are other clubs where we had success meeting girls:

Best places to meet sexy Tulsa girls during the day

If you're looking for some hotspots to meet girls in the daytime, here are some that we really like.

Sky Fitness & Wellbeing is one of the best places to score hookups in Tulsa

Partners at a yoga class in Sky Fitness and Wellbeing


Located inside Village South Shopping Center, this gym is definitely one of the most popular in our city, which means that you’ll find many fit girls in there. If you follow the basic gym etiquette and try to look your best even on the treadmill, Sky Fitness can definitely be one of the best spots to pick up girls in our city.

This popular gym offers several amenities like towel service, which will help you to look and smell good when approaching girls in there. Sky also has a café where you can buy a fresh smoothie for the girl you like.

Experiment with spices and meet spicy singles in Masala and More

Experiment with spices and meet spicy singles looking for Tulsa hookups in Masala and More


This South Asian grocery store might not strike you as the best place to find Tulsa hookups, but that's usually just the first impression. Once you explore the aisles, you'll find dozens of single women browsing through ingredients for their favorite Indian dish.

Before you head here, read up on some recipes and ingredients. When you spot a woman who looks like she can't make up her mind, offer a bit of help. A few suggestions here and there can quickly lead to a bit of flirtation and maybe a hookup!

At DecoDrinks, you’ll find many students and young professionals

Avocado on toast from DecoDrinks


This coffee shop is popular among both students and young professionals who need to get some work done on their laptops. So, it’s a great choice if you’re after girls in their early 20s. As for the drinks, they’re really good! You’ll find a vast selection of teas, matcha-based drinks, coffee drinks and boba teas. Boba teas tend to be this cafe’s top seller. The decor is simple and casual yet chic, ideal for relaxing while getting your caffeine fix.

Other great hookup spots to get laid in Tulsa

Feel like we're missing a few things on our list? Here are some more great spots to find hookups in our city.

Ediblend Superfood Café is filled with hot girls who care about eating clean

Acai bowls from Ediblend Superfood Cafe


This popular coffee shop in midtown has a smoothie and juice bar, as well as many healthy food options. So it’s a go-to spot for many girls in the area who care about eating healthy and staying fit. Needless to say, these girls look great! The coffee shop is inside Utica Square. So you’ll likely find girls here taking a break from shopping.

Plus, the menu has plenty of acai bowls, breakfast options and smoothies. If you’re a health nut looking for a girl who likes to eat clean, you’ll find her here!

Tinder is full of young singles

With its huge user pool, Tinder actually works, but almost exclusively handsome guys will experience success on this incredibly popular dating platform. First of all, there is a huge competition, as the gender ratio isn’t as even as on eHarmony. So attractive girls tend to favor outstandingly handsome guys (or those who have great photos).

Secondly, the swiping process doesn’t help you. Think about it: What does a girl know about you before deciding to swipe left or right? The realistic answer is that she only knows if you have a great photo or not. If you don’t, she might look at your Tinder bio. But let’s face it: with so many guys on the app, you really need to stand out to find lots of matches.

Despite all this, Tinder can still work for anyone. Just be patient with the matches and up your online flirting game when you do get a match!

Foolish Things is the perfect place to connect over coffee

Foolish Things is the perfect place to connect over coffee and get laid in Tulsa


Coffee shops are all over our city, but none are as Instagram-worthy as Foolish Things. Their rustic, shabby-chic interiors attract a lot of women who love both good coffee and a relaxing ambiance. That's why you'll find them here, either curled up with a book or chatting with friends. When you are just learning how to meet women looking for hookups this is a great place to practice.

Foolish Things is a place where you can put your phone back in your pocket and just enjoy your coffee without distractions. This coffee shop also highlights the importance of actually talking to people face-to-face, so that's your cue to start a conversation with someone who catches your eye.

At Cain's Ballroom, you can attend concerts and meet new girls in the process

A huge crowd watching the live show at Cain's Ballroom


This trendy downtown music venue attracts girls who like many different music genres. It’s a small place. But it’s incredibly popular and it gets literally filled with people when popular local artists play here. That includes DJs, country singers, rock bands and the occasional balladeer.

Cain’s Ballroom also serves alcohol, so you won’t have to move elsewhere to get a confidence boost. There is also a spacious dance floor for you to enjoy the night. Don’t forget that Cain’s Ballroom has been around for 50 years or so, so it’s definitely an institution in Tulsa!

Map of our favorite hookup spots

Since we've covered all the best spots to find hookups in Tulsa above we wanted to put them all on a map. This will really help you find local spots for you as well as plan out every night you spend out. Try to hit several spots each night and you're going to get better success.

If you liked this check out these other great spots for hookups:

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