The 5 Best Dating Apps in Fayetteville That Dating Experts Recommend For 2023

What are the best dating apps in Fayetteville, North Carolina? Which ones should you use to find the people—and relationships—that you want? We’ll answer these questions and more in this special guide.

The recent pandemic has forced more people to use dating apps and sites than ever before, and Fayetteville is no different. The problem is that without the proper guidance, using dating apps can be like shooting in the dark.

If you’ve already decided that dating apps are the way to go, then good for you. Even if you work or study at Fayetteville State University—one of the largest colleges in town—you’ll still get way more matches on the right dating app than face-to-face.

Before we present the 5 best dating apps in Fayetteville right now, check out the dating guides we’ve already written for cities and towns in North Carolina:

The 5 Best Dating Sites in Fayetteville Right Now

We chose the following apps for two reasons: (1) We’ve tested them ourselves for at least a few months, and (2) Many of the people and couples we’ve met in and around Fayetteville swear by them.

#1 - eHarmony (Android, iOS) is the go-to app for serious, long-term relationships

Apple eHarmony

If you’re looking for a committed relationship, eHarmony is hands-down your best option. In terms of good results produced, it’s the leader—more than 2/3 of all married couples who start out online met on eHarmony.

A large part of the app’s success is owed to the rigorous screening process new members go through. You’ll be answering several questions, which easily breaks the patience of attention-seekers and scammers. This upfront investment creates a safe and real community of people looking for the same thing: Their happily ever after.

Why eHarmony is great

  • It’s better than any other app we’ve tried for serious relationships
  • Their matching algorithm is spot on
  • The screening process is rigorous, so you spend less time worrying about swindlers and more time meeting people

What we don’t like about it

  • While it’s worth it in the end, the screening process is a bit tedious
  • You’ll find little to no success if casual relationships are what you’re after
  • If you’re good with women online, you’ll find the playing field a bit more level with your less attractive peers


#2 – Coffee Meets Bagel (Android, iOS) is great for busy daters

Coffee Meets Bagel on iOS

If you want to meet people who got their lives together—just like you—then Coffee Meets Bagel is worth considering. While it’s not as in-depth and diverse as many of the apps on this guide, it has unique features that make it ideal for busy date-seekers.

Coffee Meets Bagel gives you a set number of matches each day—and no more. That way you can really get into your matches’ profiles and, once you’ve gone through the list, go about the rest of your day. It’s a welcome detachment from the endless, sometimes mindless, swiping that goes on with most dating apps.

Why Coffee Meets Bagel is great

  • The shortlist of daily matches lets you make dating a more structured part of your day
  • Popular in larger, busier cities
  • Your matches tend to have their lives together

What we don’t like about it

  • It may take a while longer to find the matches you really like
  • Not very popular in smaller cities
  • Not as in-depth and diverse as the bigger apps and sites


#3 – AFF is the best option for casual flings and relationships (try it now)

AFF has made a name for itself by focusing on making connections for short-term, casual relationships. Over 50 million active members use it to find one-night stands, friends with benefits, and other non-committal connections. It's easily the best option out there right now for most single guys looking for something casual.

Granted, many members are just there to chat with their matches and harvest compliments. Still, if you’re not looking for anything serious, and just want to meet people for good, clean, no-strings-attached fun, you’ll find a lot of success with AFF.

Why AFF is great

  • Lots of members mean lots of opportunities for you
  • App is extremely easy to use
  • Especially good for the 28 and up crowd

What we don’t like about it

  • More opportunities mean more time needed to screen and filter
  • Search can be a bit clunky
  • Design can be more updated
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial here. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


#4 – Christian Mingle (Android, iOS) is great if you want to meet and date fellow Christians

Christian Mingle iOS

Being in the Bible Belt, North Carolina is home to many Christians, and Fayetteville is no different. If you are looking for a Christian partner to start a God-centered relationship with, you should definitely try Christian Mingle.

Being a smaller app serving a niche market, it can be less intuitive and clunky. The service is also slightly more expensive than other apps, but considering what a challenge it is to find people with the kind of faith, hope, and love you might be looking for, it’s worth the try.

Why Christian Mingle is great

  • If you’re looking for fellow Christians to date, this is your go-to app
  • The time and money you spend finding “the one” will be worth it
  • A great help when dating in Bible Belt states

What we don’t like about it

  • A bit more expensive than the more established dating apps
  • App’s usability has room for improvement
  • Service could use more polish


#5 – Good ol’ Tinder (Android, iOS) is still going strong

Tinder iOS

Tinder has gone through an interesting transformation in recent years. It started out as a quick way to find a fling, but now more and more people are finding their long-term partners on it. In Fayetteville, it remains a strong choice.

The rules haven’t changed much, though—if you’re less attractive than most of your peers, then you’ll struggle on Tinder. It’s all about your photos, so you’ll want to invest in some professionally-made ones if you want to give Tinder a good shot.

Why Tinder is great

  • A huge number of active users
  • Perfect if you’re under 28
  • A great choice if you’re more attractive than average

What we don’t like about it

  • People over 30 tend to use other apps more than Tinder
  • If you don’t have great pictures (or if you’re not all that attractive), you’ll find little success
  • You’ll meet a lot of duds


The Best Hookup Sites in Fayetteville

A seductive blonde woman

Now, if you’re just after some quick, sexy fun with someone with the same idea in Fayetteville, then we recommend two services. AFF and PoF are our favorite Fayetteville hookup sites and for good reason.

Hookups come easy on AFF

AFF is hands-down the best app/site for finding casual flings. And with a huge database and one of the easiest-to-use interfaces we’ve tried, it looks like it’ll stay that way for a while.

AFF is also great because you’ll find matches no matter what your age range is. While some apps are heavily tailored to younger or older audiences, AFF is as close to “open to all ages” as you can get. There’s no question it’s one of the two best casual dating sites in Fayetteville.

Plenty of Fish has lots of Fayetteville singles looking to hook up

PoF has been around for a while and it's still going strong. While it's a mix of a dating app and a hookup app, lots of users on PoF rely on it to find a steady stream of hookups. With tons of members (lots of new ones each day), it won't be too hard to find hookups here. Just keep an eye out for users who clearly state that they want a relationship. But of that's what you're into, you should try...

The Best Dating Sites in Fayetteville

On a date at the park

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more committed relationship, then we likewise suggest you turn to two options. The best Fayetteville dating sites/apps are, in our humble opinion, eHarmony and Match.

eHarmony has a solid track record of matching up singles

eHarmony is probably the best option for finding “the one” no matter where you are in America, and North Carolina is no exception. It’s the service that has notched the most success stories yet, and yours might be next.

What’s more, eHarmony natively weeds out people who aren’t interested in a relationship or simply want to fool around. As a result, you get better-quality matches than in any other app, making it easily one of the best dating sites/apps in Fayetteville.

Finding your ideal match comes easy on Match

Meanwhile, Match is also a good choice if you’re not exactly sure what you want. The service does a good job of finding people who are interested in both casual and committed relationships. Why not try it out and see where fate takes you?

The Best Free Dating Sites in Fayetteville

Replying to a match from a free dating app while jogging

You’re certainly welcome to try your luck with the best free dating sites in Fayetteville—which we’ll list down below—although do take our word of caution. With apps in general, you tend to get what you pay for. And that’s especially true with dating apps.

The extra fee you shell out for premium features and such tends to greatly increase the quality of your matches, which in turn leads to a much better dating experience. Still, if you’re new to the dating app scene, we recommend you get your feet wet with the following free services:

In closing, here’s some advice: Don’t get discouraged if a certain app doesn’t work for you. Keep trying one app after another until you find the one that gets you the results—and the experiences—you want. Good luck!

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