2022's Best Quebec City Dating Apps & Sites (Our 9 Favorites)

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Quebec City’s dating scene is nowhere near as cold as its weather. Rain or (rare) shine, singles are looking for love or something like it. But you won’t always see them out and about. Most of them prefer to find dates online, so they turn to the best dating apps and sites in Quebec City.

Whether you live in Sillery, Saint-Roch, Montcalm or Lairet, there’s no need to travel all over the city to meet people anymore. You can just relax, download these apps and start meeting singles!

Why you need to try Loosid

#1 - Loosid (Android; iOS) is one of the best dating apps in Quebec City for those who want to stay sober

Loosid is a blessing to all singles who want to avoid booze. While most singles want to meet up at a bar to unwind and let loose, this isn’t the best option for everyone. So if you want to avoid alcohol and want to meet someone who feels the same way, Loosid is the way to go. While the app has great dating features, it also provides support systems for those who need help getting or staying sober. If you’re on that boat along with plenty of other singles, this is the app you should try.

Why Loosid works

  • It’s specifically for people living a sober lifestyle
  • They have a super helpful directory of outings that offer no push to drink alcohol
  • If you’re thinking about starting up again, you can get all the help you need right at the tap of a button

Why Loosid isn’t great

  • It’s incredibly niche, so not a ton of users
  • The app sports the occasional bugs



Why you need to try eHarmony

#2 - eHarmony (Android; iOS) can't be beaten for long-term relationships

eHarmony is extremely popular here and has an amazing track record of helping Quebec City locals find long-term partners by using matching algorithms. This app does the best job of matching you up with compatible potential mates that we've seen.

You don't have to scroll for hours. The app does all of the tough work for you. Of course, you might not make a perfect connection outside of the algorithms. Usually, it works like magic. The toughest part is answering all of the questions. It's important because this is how they match you with other single people. You can build chemistry before you even meet.

If you're serious about finding long-term partners this is the site for you.

eHarmony trial

Why eHarmony is one of the best dating sites in Quebec City

  • The best success rate out there for long-term relationships
  • 70% of users find their future spouse within a year
  • Makes it pretty easy to form connections

What we don’t like about it

  • It definitely takes more time than most to get started
  • Not super popular with those 18-22



Why you need to try Graze

#3 - Graze (Android; iOS) ensures no more dead-end messaging

With Graze you’re not going to have to worry about the never-ending messaging or the dull conversations of text. You’re instead put into a face-to-face video chat right after matching. You have only five minutes to talk, so it gives the conversation a bit of intensity.

This method of matching up singles beats having to chat for weeks only to go on a dead-end date. So if you prefer to jump right into getting to know each other, try Graze!

Why Graze is one of the best Quebec City dating apps

  • They do away with frivolous messaging and sling you straight into a face-to-face 5-minute conversation
  • The interface is chic and modern
  • The whole dating process is sped-up significantly

What we didn’t like

  • Video-chatting can sometimes be a bit awkward
  • There aren’t a ton of users yet



Why you need to try AFF

#4 - AFF is the easiest way to find a fling

AFF should be your first choice when you're not looking for a relationship but still want some fun in the bedroom. We've tried a lot of different apps for this (most are awful) and only a couple have proven to work over and over. Tinder is great if you're under 25 but once you get beyond that AFF has shown the best results out of any dating site in Quebec City we've tried, especially for guys.

One of the things we've really liked about this app is that they do a really good job of helping you find EXACTLY what you're looking for. Everyone on this site is looking for the same thing so you can save a LOT of time that you would waste on other sites. If you're 25+ and want to take someone home this is your app.

Why you should try AFF

  • With over 50 million members, it’s one of the best dating sites in Quebec City
  • We’ve seen guys have the best success using it, especially those who aren’t super good looking and didn’t do well on Tinder
  • It’s very straightforward and easy to use

What we don’t like about it

  • Many users can only access via web app
  • The app is a little dated and not as polished as some others
  • Sometimes people are a little TOO upfront with what they want
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


Why you need to try Silver Singles

#5 - Silver Singles (Android; iOS) is one of the best dating sites in Quebec City for anyone 50+

As you get older, the options decrease. It becomes more and more difficult to find someone who actually fits your personality and wants to build a long-lasting relationship. This is the entire reason Silver Singles was created--to help centralize over-50 dating, making it super easy to find the right person. You create your profile, complete a personality test and start receiving matches. It’s easy and much less overwhelming than other dating sites bloated with extra features.

Why Silver Singles works

  • It’s specifically geared towards anybody over 50
  • There unique personality test separates the pool to present you with uber-specific matches that fit your style
  • There isn’t any mind-numbing swiping; Silver Singles presents you with unique matches every day to pick from

What we don’t like

  • The apps aren’t great, though the site is fine
  • You need to pay for certain features
  • Some users report that customer service isn’t all that great



Why you need to try Pickable

#6 - Pickable (Android; iOS) lets the women do the choosing

Pickable is for guys who just want to get themselves out there without having to swipe through a thousand profiles. On the flip side, women are tired of receiving unwanted messages on dating apps. The compromise? An app that lets guys create a Pickable profile and lets women pick the guys they’re into. You create your profile and set yourself as “Pickable” and any woman who digs your profile can message you. That easy!

Why we love it

  • Women do all the choosing and they don’t even have to sign up for an account!
  • You get a surprising number of messages from different women
  • It’s for guys who don’t want to swipe and active search for matches

What’s not great about it

  • You have no control over which women can message you
  • It’s fairly niche, so not a ton of users are on the app



Why you need to try Down

#7 - Down (Android; iOS) is one of the best Quebec City dating apps for getting down and dirty

With over 72 thousand reviews and over 7 million downloads, Down is by far one of the best dating apps in Quebec City for casual flings. It’s not for everyone BUT we all like to have some fun. If you’re nervous about privacy, don’t worry. Down is serious about maintaining the privacy of its users. So if you want to get frisky fast, create an account and start swiping through sexy singles!

Why Down is a great app

  • It’s specifically for hooking up (although they also have a dating feature)
  • There’s a good amount of users
  • It’s really straightforward to use

Why Down isn’t a great hookup app

  • There are some fake profiles
  • Your swipes are limited with the free version



Why you need to try Bumble

#8 - On Bumble (Android; iOS), you buzz around and find your match!

Bumble is a new runner-up to apps like Badoo and Tinder. The reason they’re gaining ground so fast? The company has come up with an intuitive idea and decided to make the platform a 3-in-1 combo offering Bumble Bizz (networking) and Bumble BFF (friendship) along with their traditional selling point - dating. We highly recommend giving this app a try if you’re not hell-bent on finding your life-long partner tomorrow but instead want to have a more lighthearted dating experience. Any wonder it’s one of the best Quebec City dating apps?

Why Bumble is one of the best dating apps in Quebec City

  • The app is a 3-in-1 offering Bumble Bizz, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Dating of course
  • Women message first, so guys don’t need to come up with opening lines
  • There are a ton of users

Why Bumble isn’t that amazing

  • Not for impatient guys and women who don’t know how to start a conversation
  • You’ll find a mix of people who want flings and relationships



Why you need to try Raya

#9 - Raya (iOS only) is the app of choice for influencers

Many people consider Raya the app of choice for influencers. That’s because you need at least 5000 IG followers to get on the app. While this eliminates a ton of users, this exclusivity is exactly what makes their dating pool great. No more fear of dating someone who doesn’t understand your lifestyle. No more worrying if you’re being catfished (every profile is HEAVILY verified). And best of all, even if you don’t find a date, you can get invited to some of Quebec City’s most exclusive events.

Why we love Raya

  • It’s one of the best dating apps in Quebec City for famous people
  • Every single profile is verified
  • The user interface is sleek

What we don’t like

  • You need to be Insta-famous to get on the app
  • It’s an iOS exclusive
  • There are no clear guidelines on how to get approved

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