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These Are The 5 Best Missouri Dating Apps & Sites Every Single Person Needs in 2024

A woman with a tan trying out some new Missouri dating apps

If you’re frustrated with modern dating’s reliance on dating apps, you’re not alone. Choosing the best dating sites in Missouri is more difficult than it has ever been - and for plenty of reasons:

  • There are just many options to choose from, creating a “paradox of choice”
  • Too much bad advice online that isn’t up to date (apps change all the time)
  • The COVID-19 pandemic permanently changing how we date in the 21st century, including vetting partners, vaccination status, lifestyle choices, etc.
  • And much more.

In the past, living in Missouri’s best cities - like Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield - made it so simple to find a new love interest or an endless source of fun hookups. Or, maybe you’re studying at the University of Missouri-Columbia or Columbia College and it felt you’d eventually cross paths with the women you were looking for.

Unfortunately, those days are gone, but there’s hope if you use the top Missouri dating apps and sites to deal with the modern dating paradigm (there’s still hope!).

We are at your service to help make it easier for you to pick the best Missouri dating apps and sites.

There are a ton of singles using dating apps in Missouri

Missouri gender breakdown

In a state of over 6 million people, you’d expect a lot of them to be single, right? There’s that common belief that most folks in the Midwest would be eager to marry and settle down pretty young, but that’s not really the case for Missouri. Just over 30% of the state’s population is single, and majority of them are women.

Single women outnumber men by around 40,000. So even if it looks like odds are against you when it comes to finding someone special in Missouri, you’ll be glad to know that there are more single women here!

The 5 Best Dating Sites in Missouri Right Now

As you probably know, there can be some significant differences between dating apps. While some are a better fit for men in Missouri, other can simply be a poor fit depending on what you’re looking for.

To help you get the best success, Beyond Ages chose the 5 best dating sites in Missouri based on the most important criteria:

  • How popular each app is in Missouri
  • How the apps fit the culture of the entire state
  • Ease of use
  • Free features
  • Paid features
  • UX/UI design features
  • And more

In the next section, discover our five (5) best dating site recommendations for the state of Missouri. Good luck!

#1 - eHarmony (Android, iOS) is the best dating app in Missouri for singles looking for long-term love

Android screenshots of eHarmony

eHarmony is extremely popular in Missouri - and for good reason. With Missouri’s dating demographics being favorable for long-term love, eHarmony is the natural choice for Missouri residents that are looking for compatible matches for serious relationships.

Unlike most dating apps, eHarmony has two distinct advantages that make it a great choice for dating in Colorado:

  • a questionnaire
  • a paid membership

First, the detailed questionnaire helps account for the app’s astounding success. The reason for this is that most casual dating prospects are weeded out by the lengthy questionnaire, which asks a variety of questions about your hobbies, preferences, interests, and dealbreakers - basically stuff you won’t find on Tinder or other hookup apps. eHarmony then uses your answers to recommend great matches. These matches are so well-thought-out that 7 out of 10 people who use eHarmony end up meeting their future spouse on the app within a year.

Next, the paid membership eliminates timewasters and cheapskates from the start. You’re more likely to find someone that has their life together on eHarmony than not, which is almost a prerequisite these days for long-term dating. Plus, spending money on the app makes you more committed than the average free app user.

Why eHarmony is one of the best dating sites in Missouri

  • Best long-term relationship success among all dating apps available
  • Easy to form legitimate connections based on shared interests and personality types
  • Designed for serious users that know what they want

What could be a turn-off about the eHarmony

  • The lengthy questionnaire isn’t the best for busy people
  • Users are not permitted to search for matches on their own
  • Not popular with as many young people as other apps



#2 - AFF is the best dating site in Missouri for no-strings-attached relationships (try it free)


Are you looking for a great dating app in Missouri for hookups? If so, you should try AFF. AFF is a popular hookup app that instantly puts you in touch with millions of willing partners in Missouri and beyond. And best of all, matching with real sexy people in Missouri is a cinch - because everyone on AFF is using it to find sexual partners and have fun, you will never need to worry about awkwardly discussing what you really want!

AFF’s profiles help get rid of the guesswork with other “hookup”-type apps (:cough: Tinder: cough:), where you’re never sure if you’re speaking to a scammer bot or a real person. Users on AFF find the right partner with its filtered search options, where you can search by age, location, sexual preferences, body type, and much more. Best of all, you can use the app’s free trial to cop a feel, but you’ll really want to signup for a membership to really get the party started. With 60+ million users (and always growing), it’ll never be a struggle to find DTF partners in Missouri with AFF.

Why AFF is great for Missouri hookups

  • Huge active user base
  • Fewer timewasters and people just looking for an ego boost
  • Abundant search options
  • Paid memberships significantly increase your odds of meeting up in person
  • Webcam options to set expectations

Here’s what could be improved on AFF

  • Many users can only access AFF via the web ap
  • Can feel a bit like a “meat market”
  • The site design could use a little work
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


#3 - Christian Mingle (Android, iOS) is one of the best dating apps in Missouri for Christian singles

Christian Mingle iOS

According to the latest statistics, 77% of Missourians report themselves as following some form of the Christian faith. This is why Christian Mingle is the perfect dating site for Christian singles in Missouri!

As you may have guessed from the name, every woman on Christian Mingle is a practicing Christian. For those who are ready to settle down with a committed partner or just avoid some of the “meat markets” out there, Christian Mingle makes the dating process simple. Because of the app’s focus, it’s easier to screen out unsavory types while focusing on women with similar values when searching for the right life partner.

Best of all, Christian Mingle is free to use for guys looking to test the waters. With 15+ million active users, you’re certain to find a partner that shares your Christian beliefs to create a happy life together.

Why Christian Mingle is a great site for finding a Christian partner

  • Easier to find people with similar Christian values
  • Available on Android, iOS, and desktop
  • Paid memberships offer great features, such as Enhanced Privacy Control and Read Receipts

However, Christian Mingle could improve some things

  • The app design isn’t as modern as other apps like Tinder
  • Smaller dating pool when compared to other popular apps
  • Other dating sites may be a better fit for you if you’re not a regularly-practicing Christian
  • There are plenty of denominations of Christianity, so it may be hard to find a 100% match



#4 - Plenty of Fish (Android, iOS) is a great way for singles to meet up for dates in Missouri

PoF screenshots

Among dating apps in the great state of Missouri, Plenty of Fish (PoF) has gotten an unfortunate reputation in the past for being second-rate. From its formerly clunky design to its relatively smaller pool of users when compared to other apps and sites, PoF just seemed like it was no match for eHarmony, Tinder, and the like…

Actually, Plenty of Fish is a hidden goldmine if you think outside the box. For women users that are tired of dealing with intense competition on other apps, more and more women are turning to PoF to find a safer space to communicate with men. Tinder and OkCupid have a reputation for pushy men looking for a hookup, whereas PoF has a more discriminating user base. Plus, women that don’t get the attention on crowded apps feel more at home with PoF.

Last, PoF has a decent paid membership known as “Upgraded Profiles”, enabling men to add up to sixteen (16) pics, receive a boost in search rankings, and enable you to see who browsed your profile (great for research), and more!

Why Plenty of Fish is a great dating app

  • Less competition and headaches than other apps
  • Paid membership features give you more functionality than other dating apps

What could be improved

  • It may not have as many top-tier profiles and attractive women that gravitate to other popular apps
  • The interface feels a bit clunky



#5 - Match (Android; iOS) is one of the better dating sites in Missouri for successful dating

Match.com on Android

When it comes to dating sites in Missouri, longevity absolutely matters. After all, if they’re still in business, they must be doing something right. That’s the story with Match, which has been around since the early days of the Internet (1995 to be exact).

With more than 20 million active users on Match, the app helps men find a long-term partner through its intuitive app or website. Better yet, Match users don’t have to deal with the lengthy questionnaire of eHarmony - after all, you’re here for dating, not filling out an endless survey!. Even with more and more dating apps appearing every day, Match has a track record of success for dating -  perfect for men in Missouri that don’t want to wait anymore for a quality partner in their life.

Why Match is great for meeting women in Missouri

  • Large user base
  • Simple to filter matches by criteria like “non-smoker”, “athletic”, “has kids”, etc.
  • The initial questionnaire is brief

What could be improved on Match

  • The smartphone app isn’t nearly as good as the website
  • Older demographics typically use Match, so younger people might be frustrated
  • Not reliable for casual relationships or hookups



The Best Hookup Sites in Missouri

A woman in bed

Of all the best Missouri hookup sites, only AFF and Tinder actually get real results. Here are just a few reasons we think these are the two best options for finding hookups.

AFF is the site of choice for steamy dates

Instead of going to a club and hoping for the best, why not stay at home and browse through all the many AFF users in your city? The great thing about AFF is that everyone who creates an account is only there for one thing: casual fun with no strings attached. So as soon as you create your account, you can message anyone who seems interesting. You can even narrow down your search to those who have specific tastes in the bedroom. No matter what type of hookup you're into, you'll likely find it on AFF!

Tinder is reliable - if you’re attractive

Let’s not kid ourselves: Tinder works much like a hot date service if you’re attractive. And because Missouri has a young demographic, you may find your phone blowing up from all of the college-age women throughout the state. Plus, Tinder allows users to boost their range, helping you match with thousands of women in an instant.

The Best Dating Sites in Missouri for Serious Relationships

A couple watching TV in bed

Let’s take a look at why eHarmony and Match are the best dating sites/apps in Missouri for finding relationships.

eHarmony means success for those who know what they want

Once you get through the lengthy signup process, everything becomes a breeze. eHarmony's ability to match you up with people you'll actually be compatible with is unmatched. No matter your preferences, the app finds you the perfect candidate for a long-term relationship. The great thing about eHarmony is that it has a wide variety of users. So whether you're looking for someone younger, older, wants kids, has kids, is child-free, a social drinker, or whatever else, eHarmony's huge userbase has the right one for you.

Why should Missouri men choose Match?

It’s good to have backup when dating - and using Match is the perfect complement to using eHarmony. If you don’t like the matches on eHarmony, Match can give you a second chance to match with new women or those you missed the first time around. On top of that, Match.com is completely free, which has its own pros and cons. Pro: you won't have to spend a dime to message anyone you like on the app. Con: free apps don't always work as well as paid ones, as evidenced below...

The Best Free Dating Apps in Missouri

A woman choosing which free dating app to use

You get what you pay for. Even among the best free dating apps in Missouri, a paid membership puts more functionality and better odds at your fingertips. Beat out the other guys who can’t or won’t pony up the cash and get access to features that will simplify your dating life.

Conversely, free dating apps tend to attract more singles looking to see what’s out there. Besides the apps we’ve recommended in this article thus far, the following are also some of the best free Missouri dating sites that we recommend:

  • Hily
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Hinge

Give these apps a try and you might just find someone today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Missouri Dating Sites

What is the most used dating app in Missouri?

The most dating app in Missouri is Tinder because of how popular it is. However, we recommend you try things like eHarmony or AFF just to increase your chances for a good match.

What is the best dating site in Missouri?

The best dating site in Missouri has to be eHarmony. It's the perfect place to meet somebody looking for a relationship or even a hookup. It's the perfect place to meet like-minded singles.

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