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The Best Bumble Openers for Every Type of Guy

Have you recently joined Bumble, or are you struggling to make a strong impression on dating apps in general, and you’re wondering what some of the best openers are? We’ve seen some good Bumble openers to some downright tragic ones, so if you’re looking for some Bumble openers that aren’t lame or overdone and will help you stand out from all the other guys, you are in the right place.

In this article, I’ve compiled the best and worst Bumble opening lines of all time so that you can steer clear of the cheese bombs and make your next Bumble openers pack a punch. But first, let’s talk about why you need to have good opening lines for Bumble.

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The Importance of Good Bumble Openers

It’s no secret that Bumble sets itself apart from all dating apps by empowering women to make the first move. That means as a guy, you will not be able to message a woman before she does. That being said when a woman does message you, you’ve got to make sure that your opening line is interesting, stands out, and leaves her wanting to know more.

It’s common knowledge that women receive a lot more messages and interest on dating apps than men do. A 2020 Pew Research Center study reported that 57% of men who use dating apps feel like they don’t receive enough attention or messages, compared to just 24% of women. That means you are probably competing with at least a handful of other guys for a woman’s attention. And generic or snooze-inducing Bumble openers will immediately make you blend into the sea of guys and massively reduce your chances of her wanting to connect more with you.

Dating apps have made it incredibly easy to connect with strangers with just a few clicks, all without leaving your house. But if you stick to putting in the minimum effort required, it will show in your dating results, because women can feel that, and no woman wants to invest in a guy who clearly isn’t investing in her.

The best Bumble openers will immediately break the ice, and make a woman feel comfortable, intrigued, and ready to message back. They will also set a positive tone and strong foundation for the messages that follow, and increase the chances of a woman perceiving you as a high-value man.

Ready to discover the best openers on Bumble?

Bumble Opening Lines for Beginners

The “I couldn’t think of a curated pickup line”

Example: “I spent 10 minutes trying to think of a hilarious pickup line, but didn’t want to keep you waiting for comedic genius to strike, so, hey 🙂”

If you’re new to online dating, or not into the cheese factor, then sending women chat-up lines may not be in your comfort zone, or worse, might make your skin crawl with embarrassment. And I feel you, you’re not alone. Look, sometimes pickup lines can be funny and work, but other times, they fail catastrophically. So if you want to get this cliche out of the way, and use it as part of your Bumble opener, send a message like this. You’re telling her, yes, I know you probably receive a ton of pickup lines on here, but I’m different and going to go down the natural route.

The make it all about her pet line

Bumble openers about pets always work

Example: “Your dog is amazing! Is it a (insert breed here)? What’s their name?”

Everyone who has a pet loves their pet to the moon and back. So you can’t go wrong by making her pet the star of your first message. Plus, if you have a pet too, it’s a great way to generate a fun and positive conversation.

The cute and quirky Bumble opener

Example: “Come here often? 🙂”

Good opening lines for Bumble are often short and sweet and will make a woman laugh out loud, and this line will have this effect. It’s the online version of “Fancy seeing you here!” You’re poking fun at the fact that you are obviously both here a lot, and it’s a great way to break the ice and awkwardness of those first interactions.

The all emojis opener

Example: 🍕 👫 ❓

Or: “My life story in emojis is (XYZ) - tell me yours. Go!”

Over words and ready to switch things up? An all-emoji Bumble opener might be perfect for you. If you can’t send a text without dropping in a cheeky wink or taco emoji, this will be totally up your street. Plus, it’s different. It requires you both to read between the lines and get creative, and you’ll learn about each other. Just avoid the 🍆 because it’s way too early to be dropping penis emojis - you have no idea who this woman is or what kind of sense of humor she has.

The why?

Example: “I’m curious… what made you swipe right?"

If you are genuinely curious about what made this woman swipe right on your profile, why not make it your opening line and ask her? This will encourage her to think about why she was drawn to you, and it will give you greater insight into who she is and what kind of man and/or relationship she’s looking for. If you’re going to ask a question, make it an open-ended question like this one (that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no), because this naturally leads to a deeper conversation and helps build a connection.

Good Bumble Openers for Guys in Their 20s

The classic GIF or meme

Example: “This GIF sums me up (insert GIF). What GIF best describes you and why?”

One of the best Bumble openers for guys in their 20s is swapping a sentence for a GIF or meme. The right GIF can perfectly convey a mood or statement and is a really fun way to break the ice and show your personality. Bumble makes it easy to send GIFs - just make sure you’re not sending anything that is overly complicated to understand or could be taken as offensive! Keep it PG until you get to know someone’s sense of humor.

The cheesy (but funny) pun

Example: 🍋 "Sorry, I couldn't find an opening lime."

When you’re in your 20s, puns are totally acceptable and can be entertaining. The rules are, to make sure it’s not a line that gets over-used, and make sure it’s easy to understand. The last thing you want is for her to reply, “I don’t get it…” or worse, not reply at all. This lemon/lime pun is short and sweet and is guaranteed to receive a giggle.

The let’s play a game opener

Example: " Let's play two truths and a lie. You go first!"

Why not play a game that helps you get to know each other while having fun? In this game, you each make three statements about yourself, with two being true and one being false. You both have to guess which is the false one. And you can get really creative with what you share. Share some true things about you that most people would never expect and really have fun with it and make each other laugh.

The opener for foodies

Matching with a foodie on Bumble

Example: "I’m super hungry but don’t know what to eat for dinner. Any suggestions?”

Food is a pleasure and one of the greatest joys of life. Who doesn’t love talking about food? There are so many ways this opening line could go. You could talk about local restaurants you want to try, exchange recipe ideas, share your favorite food, etc. If there’s any mention of food in her bio, then start with this line.

The would you rather…

Example: “Let’s play a game… Would you rather find true love or win the lottery, and why?”

Google “would you rather questions” and you’ll find hundreds of examples to choose from depending on what captivates your attention. The right question can help you learn a lot about someone’s personality, motives, likes, and dislikes, and can help you make a great first impression.

Good Bumble Openers for Guys in Their 30s

The situation opener

Example: “Imagine it’s our first date and we’re at (insert restaurant or bar here) and you have to order for me. What do you go for?”

This is one of the best openers on Bumble for guys in their 30s because it goes one step further than a question. You’re putting someone in an imaginary situation and getting to see a glimpse of who they are and what it would be like to be on a date with them. She might have gotten such a strong vibe of who you are just from your profile that she nails it and leaves you amazed and ready to speed it up and take her on that date already!

The shared interests opener

Example: “Is that a (insert band name) t-shirt I can see you’re wearing in your second photo? I love them!”

Sometimes you can learn a lot from a woman’s online dating profile. And if it just so happened that she’s into something that you are, that makes for the perfect conversation starter. While opposites do often attract, having at least some common interests is usually essential for things to work out long-term. Plus, whatever it is that you both love can be something you incorporate into your first date.

The how are you really opener

Example: “What was the biggest high and low of your week so far?”

The generic “How are you?” isn’t going to cut it on a dating app when a woman is receiving multiple new messages from guys every day. If she’s polite, she will make sure she replies to all of them, but who do you think she’ll be more intrigued and excited by? The guy who says “how are you?” or the guy who says, “how are you really?”

Asking a girl how she is isn’t automatically a no-go, it’s all about how you phrase it, and this will help you stand out.

The travel opener

Travel topics as a dating app opener

Example: “The guys and I are trying to decide where to go on vacation this summer. What’s the best place you’ve traveled to this year?”

Most people love to travel, and will often list this in the “interests” section of their bio. If you have this in common, this is a great place to start the conversation. Maybe you’ve both been to a place you both loved or maybe she will suggest somewhere that is already on your bucket list. Maybe you’ll get to talking about your best vacations ever, or ultimate dream destinations. Does she prefer tropical beaches or city breaks? Sightseeing or sunbathing? Partying or relaxing and hitting up the spa? You can learn so much just by talking about travel!

The what would you do if…

Example: “What would you do if you knew you had 24 hours left on Earth?”

This question requires some thinking before answering and will tell you a lot about what this woman values most. Maybe it’s her friends and family, maybe it’s a passion that she loves, or a certain place that brings her joy, or something she loved as a child that always makes her smile. It might involve food, travel, and spending time with certain people. And there will be potential clues for you to pay attention to and bring into your first date. For example, if one of the things she wants to do is eat home-cooked mac & cheese, maybe you take her somewhere they make the BEST mac & cheese.

Bumble Opening Lines for Romantic Guys

The picture reference opener

Example: “I was trying to think of something suave to say but to be honest, all I want to say is your smile in your profile pic is incredible!”

If you’re a sweet, romantic guy and you don’t want to use any cheesy pickup lines on Bumble, then try a genuine compliment. Find something that you like about this woman from her profile, and tell her. Just make sure you aren’t focusing too much on her physical appearance (especially her breasts, bum, and legs) because this can make it seem like you’re just looking to hook up and haven’t paid any attention to what she has written in her profile.

The what’s your dream date opener

Example: “Tell me what your ideal first date looks like” or “Would you rather go to a fancy Michelin restaurant or enjoy pizza in bed?”

A great way to start a conversation on Bumble is to ask her to share what her dream first date looks like. This will give you a much better idea of whether she likes romance and the finer things in life, or to keep it really chilled and low-key. And you can take what you learn and create the perfect first date for her! There’s no better way to make sure you stand out from all the other guys than this.

The nostalgia opener

Nostalgia as a conversation starter

Example: “If we were in high school together, how would you like me to ask you to prom?”

This gives your match a chance to get creative while reliving the nostalgia of high school and prom. And while many of us would rather eat our shoes than go back to high school again, this question gives your match a chance to do it all over again, the way she wants to. Find out if she’s a rose petals and champagne kind of gal or a shirtless body paint kind of person.

The write me a story opener

Example: “Tell me the story of our first date in emojis”

As we’ve already explored, writing in emojis is fun, but also requires you to get creative and choose wisely. This opener will help you learn more about your match, her dream first date, and whether you’re aligned. But it also keeps things super light. Don’t forget to answer the question after she does - it’s much more fun when you both get involved!

The fake bad boy opener

Example: “Do you keep falling for bad boys? Because I’m really bad at this whole dating app thing.”

So you’re not a bad boy, you’re actually a really sweet guy, and that’s a wonderful thing. Play into it. When it seems like all the women you like keep passing over your niceness for some asshole narcissist who constantly disrespects them, you’ve got to be able to poke fun at the situation!

FYI: women who are attracted to bad boys are usually dealing with unresolved emotional/attachment issues, i.e. the problem is not you, it’s them. Keep being kind and genuine and it will work out for you in the end.

The Bumble Opening Lines You Should Avoid

Looking for Bumble openers that aren't lame? Well, make sure you avoid everything in this section!

The lazy opener

Example: “Hey.” or “Hey, how are you?”

Seriously? You couldn’t think of anything more creative than “hey”? Let’s reverse things here - would you be inclined to reply to a woman who opened with a singular “hey”?

It’s not that saying “hey” is a bad thing, but it does nothing to generate an interesting conversation, and it also doesn’t give either of you any insight into each other’s personality or world. AVOID.

The joke that you think is witty but does more damage than good

Example: "Can I interest you in some mediocre conversation?”

While honesty is always the best policy, and being able to make fun of yourself is an important trait to have, be careful with how you present yourself in an opening message on a dating app. You might think you’re breaking the ice with a line like this and demonstrating how witty you are, but on a subtle level, you are also implying that you are a shitty conversationalist and that this woman is not going to have a great time chatting with you.

The English teacher

Example: “I believe you have a typo in your bio.”

No woman wants a man to begin a conversation by correcting her spelling or grammar. Even if there are typos all over the place, best to keep quiet about it. Sure, it’s something you can bring up much later down the line and laugh about how badly you wanted to correct her grammar when you first matched, but this is definitely not a topic to open up with. If you are actually an English teacher or writer, I get that this will drive you up the wall, but think of it as a test of your willpower.

The Negative Nick opener

The sad boy schtick

Example: “I hate it when girls say they’re looking for a nice guy but always go for the bad boys.”

Look, we all have pet peeves and things that we despise, but kicking off your opening message with “I hate…” is just negative. And nobody enjoys being around a negative person who can’t stop complaining or blaming. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, then keep it quiet until inspiration strikes.

The cheesy line that guarantees cringe

Example: “Is one message enough to make you fall for me? Or should I text you again?”

There’s a super fine line between good cheese and bad cheese, and lines like this lean on the latter. Lines like this have been sent and spouted for decades, and the chances of a woman not having heard this before are slim to none. Pickup lines can work, but it really depends on the woman in question and how original they are.

The skeezy opener

Example: “Send nudes.”



Not happening.

Do better.


The opener where you can’t stop talking about her body

Example: “Your eyes are gorgeous. I bet the rest of you is, too.”

If you want to open with a compliment, that’s great. But keep the suggestive/sexual comments to yourself for now. A Bumble opener like this tells a woman that you are thinking about nothing but what she looks like naked. If she has stated she is looking for a hookup, then this could work, but most women on Bumble are looking for something more serious, and an opener like this suggests that you are shallow and have a one-track mind.

The “you’re my type” opener

Example: “You seem like my type.”

What does this even mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Is your type usually a leggy brunette who ends up cheating on you with your best friend?

This opener is so vague, plus, when someone has a “type” that they don’t stray from, it can seem a little narrow-minded.

The “I’m sure you’ve heard this before…” opener

Example: “I’m sure you’ve heard this line before, but you’re stunning 😍”

If you’re sure she’s heard it before, then why are you repeating it?! The way to stand out and make a good first impression with your opening message is to be different and surprise her (in a good way). Instead of repeating a generic line, use your heart and say something that you genuinely feel in the moment. This will always be received better than something someone told you to say.

The “here’s a picture of my dick” opener

Disappointed by a photo he sent

Sending dick pics means one thing - you’re a dick. Women don’t enjoy dick pics EVER. Got a sizable package? Good for you. But don’t use this as a selling point for why we should message and/or date you. I’m sorry to burst this bubble, but women are not impressed by big dicks the way that men seem to be.

NEWSFLASH: there is never an appropriate time to send a picture like this, especially not as an opening message. Sure, we want to know what we’re dealing with sooner rather than later, but let’s find that out in person when we’ve reached that level of intimacy.

The Best Bumble Openers of All Time: Hall of Fame

The let’s go out opener

Example: “Wanna grab a drink together this weekend?

One of the best Bumble openers is to simply bite the bullet and ask her on a date. I mean, you’ve already matched which means you both like what you see, so why not meet up and see if there’s a spark in real life?

The last thing you want to do is end up in a texting marathon that lasts for months on a dating app without meeting up. You can’t tell how you really feel about someone until you meet face to face. So go for it. The right woman will like your forward approach.

The pet play opener

Example: “Your dog is amazing! Will he make an appearance on our first date?”

People love their pets. And if you both have a little fur ball you love, this is the perfect opener for you. It will naturally start a conversation about something you’re both obsessed with and can quickly shape up into a first date in the park where you both grab some coffee and bring your pups so they can give their paw of approval.

The pickup line that actually makes her LOL

Example: “Alright, I’m here. What are your two other wishes?” or “So I guess this is where I’m supposed to drop a corny line? Here goes nothin’: 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🍿”

Pickup lines can work if you opt for something that’s funny and original with no more than a hint of cheese. So if you are a cheeky chappy who is always dropping one-liners with women like they’re going outta style, it makes sense to stay true to your roots and open with a pickup line. Just don’t send the same line to every woman because 1) that’s lazy and 2) you might end up matching with two women who are actually friends IRL who might both screenshot your message and share it in their group chat while lol-ing at your lack of originality (true story).

The here-to-serve opener

Example: “Tell me one thing that would make today a great day for you?”

There are way too many men and women on dating apps (and in life in general) who are looking to take take take from people and situations. This is why when someone shows up as a giver without any expectations, it’s a total breath of fresh air. This opener focuses on her rather than you and there’s a high chance that no one has asked her this in a really long time, maybe not even her closest friends and family. Plus, her response might give you a clue about something sweet you can do for her on your first date. This will show that you care and that you pay attention to the small details.

The “I want to impress you” opener

Example: “Tell me what the quickest way to your heart is?”

My reply would be pizza, all day every day. Hers might be a bottle of prosecco and a cheeky Maccy D’s on the way home. It’s another opener that really widens the conversation and helps you learn about what you both can do to impress each other. Most of the time, it’s the little things that matter the most like a guy holding the door open for you when you walk into a bar together or him remembering to order an extra side of fries at dinner because you always eat fries with everything.

The “we vaguely know each other” opener

Example: “I think you know my friend (name)? Did you go to school together?” or “Do we know each other from somewhere?”

What you need to know about women on dating apps is that we are always highly vigilant for potential creepos and psychos. We just have to be, both online and IRL. So if we already have mutual friends or potentially bumped into each other at a party or event, it really helps to put our mind at ease (a little) and makes us feel a tad more comfortable with you. That’s what makes this opener underrated.

The let’s talk food opener

Example: “It’s the dinner party of your dreams. What are we eating and who are we with?”

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love talking about food? It’s an easy win. And instead of asking something generic like, “What’s your favorite food?” This question is more original and calls for a more creative response. The answer to this question will tell you what foods they fawn over along with the people they admire. You can learn a lot from this simple question, plus, it’s super fun to answer. Make sure you both have a go!

The TV trivia opener

Example: “Were Ross and Rachel ever really on a break?”

When you go for trivia or pop culture, you’ve got to play it safe at first and stick to something that is universally popular, otherwise, you risk your opening line falling flat like a lead balloon. Most people have seen Friends, either while it was airing in the 90s and 00s or on the many re-runs across TV networks and now streaming services. So this is a safe bet. Plus, it’s one of those debates that people usually have a strong opinion about, so it’s bound to elicit a response and help you see how each other thinks.

The “I love that too!” opener

Example: “Hey! I love (insert common interest from their profile) too. Have you been to any great (related activity) events/places around (town)?

If you happen to notice you’re both crushing on the same thing, it would be criminal not to point it out in your opening line. Shared interests are one of the main ways we bond with people and form new connections. And even if you go on a date and find the spark just isn’t there, you might end up with a friend who you can go to gigs with or go surfing with. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain here.

The delete this app opener

Example: “What would I have to do to get you to delete this silly app?”

There’s a subtle undertone of humor to this Bumble opener, as well as a thoughtful question that warrants a thoughtful response. In a quiet, casual way, you’re asking this woman, “Okay, tell me what it is you are looking for in a man and a relationship?” without scaring her off.

If her response is so far away from the man that you are and you know that you aren’t a match, be honest about it rather than pretending to be someone you’re not. And if she describes someone that resembles you, then make an effort to show her these qualities when you meet up. I always say show don’t tell, because actions speak a lot louder than words.

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