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Top 10 Best Gay Bars in Denver Colorado 2024 | Beyond Ages

Party people! Buckle up, 'cause we're diving headfirst into gay bars Denver coolest LGBTQIA+ bars to kick off Pride Month. But hold your unicorns—these places are not just June flings, okay? They're the year-round prom queens of fun!

You want a dive bar where the bartender knows you as "Hey, you, the usual?" We got that. Or maybe you're lookin' for a place where the patio's so fab, it's like the bar's walk-in closet. How about cocktails that are more artisanal than your friend's handmade candles? Or grub so good you'll think you've died and gone to Foodie Heaven? Yup, we got those too!

Look, Denver's had its ups and downs with the queer community, but honey, the glow-up is real. We've evolved into a city that's not just throwing out the welcome mat; we're rolling out the whole darn rainbow carpet!

So let's get one thing straight: there's nothing "straight" about these gay bars in Denver—except maybe the lines for the bathroom. Each place has its own vibe, but they all serve cold drinks, and hotter-than-a-disco-inferno tunes, and are safe havens where everyone can let their fabulous flags fly.

Come celebrate your Pride, your friend's Pride, your dog's Pride—heck, even your grandma's Pride—every single month at Denver's ultimate gay bars Denver. Cheers, darlings!

List of Best Gay Bars & Clubs in Denver

Lil Devils Lounge Throws Shade In The Best Way.

Looking for a devilish gay bar in Denver Colorado? Ah, Li'l Devils Lounge on South Broadway—where happy hour stretches its legs longer than a runway model, going from 3 to 7 PM daily.

Imagine gay bars in Denver so cozy, that you'll lose track of time faster than you can say, "Another round, please!" This laid-back oasis is the spot to catch up with your BFFs or make some new ones over a beer—or eight. Yup, they've got eight beers on tap, folks. And we're talking local craft brews, the kind Denver's famous for. Craft cocktails more your speed? They whip 'em up like your mixologist cousin at a family gathering.

Now, if you're someone who likes to pair sunshine with your sippin', mosey on out to their outdoor patio and BBQ area. Sun not cooperating? No worries! Inside, they roll out the welcome mat so warmly you'll think you walked into a hug. Plus, on any given day, you might just catch a drag queen belting out show tunes or a live band rocking the house. So yeah, it’s kinda like your grandma’s house—if your grandma was a rock star with a killer booze collection. Cheers! 🍻

Tracks Denver Is Where The Wild Tracks End.

Alright, let's talk about the Beyoncé of gay club Denver scene the one, the only, Tracks Denver! This place is more than just a gay club in Denver; it's an institution, honey. Nestled in the heart of the oh-so-artsy RiNo District, Tracks has been serving lewks and beats for 17 years and counting.

You want drag? Tracks is practically a "RuPaul's Drag Race" finishing school. We're talking Yvie Oddly-level talent here. Latest grad? The fabulous Willow Pill! But don't worry, you don't have to be a drag superstar to get your moment in the spotlight—they've got open mics too. And if you’re too young for a cocktail but old enough for a mocktail, they even have hip-hop nights for the 18+ crowd.

Let's not forget about the dance floors—yes, that's plural. They've got THREE, each with DJs so good you'd think you're at Coachella. So if you've got the urge to dance like no one—or everyone—is watching, Tracks is where you wanna be. It's basically the Hogwarts of Denver's queer nightlife and honey, you've just got your acceptance letter. 🌈🎉

X Bar Turns Every Night Into An X-Traordinary Tale.

Ready to stumble—er, I mean stroll—over to gay bars in Denver that are basically the social butterfly of Denver's LGBTQ scene? Say hello to X Bar, just a hop, skip, and a sassy twirl away from downtown and Capitol Hill. And darling, while you're at it, use local dating apps to sprinkle some extra fun into your night. You know you want to! 😉

You know a place is the life of the party when its patio throws better parties than most people you know. Oh, and the inside? A dance floor that's basically the "So You Think You Can Dance" audition you didn't know you needed.

Now, Pride Month at X Bar is like New Year's Eve on steroids, y'all. You'll want to get there early if you don't want to wait in a line that goes all the way to next Tuesday. And let's talk dress code: come ready to sweat, whether you're in your favorite leather ensemble or going for the "tighty-whities chic" look.

Can't decide what to wear on your date in Denver? Learn how to date in Denver for some inspo. They've got everything!

Trade Denver Sets The Gold Standard For Nightlife.

Trade Denver Colorado

Hands down, Trade is one of my favorite gay bar in Denver Colorado. So let's saunter on over to it, shall we? Think of it as the speakeasy for bears and the kink-curious—just with more light and less prohibition. This special joint of my favorite gay bars in Denver is where you can let it all hang out, and if you're feeling bold, strut your stuff during their Thursday night "Skivvy Strip Down." Oh yes, Underwear Night is a thing, and it's as liberating as it sounds.

But before you run off to find your raciest briefs, know that Trade also rolls out the welcome mat for everyone, not just the bear or kink community. So if you identify with any part of the LGBTQ+ alphabet soup, you're golden.

Daylight brings a wash of natural light to show off their fancy drinks, and by night, the place is dimmed down to "mood lighting" levels. And let's give a shoutout to the bar staff—these wizards know their libations and are as warm and welcoming as a freshly baked apple pie. It’s the type of place where everyone might know your name by the end of the night—or at least your drink order. 🍸🐻

Triangle Denver Isn't Just A Shape; It's A Mood.

Let's talk about gay bars Denver latest It bar, the glamour-packed Triangle Denver! This sparkler is all dolled up in the historic Triangle Lounge building, right in the beating heart of Downtown. Okay, quick tip: maybe skip the coffee—they got it from Starbucks, so unless you're looking for a Frappuccino with your froufrou, you're better off diving into their cocktail menu.

But what really jives with this place's swanky vibe? Their farm-to-table food menu. That's right, folks—sustainable, local, and served up in high-backed banquettes that make you feel like you're on a VIP foodie date night.

Now, in case you're worried this is all hat and no cattle, Triangle Denver brings the noise—with live entertainment every night! So it's the kind of joint where you can sip a locally sourced cocktail while humming along to some live tunes. It's basically like if the Met Gala had a baby with a farmers market, and that baby loved show tunes. 🌟🍸

Denver Sweet Has A Sugar Rush You Won’t Forget.

Zooming down Lincoln during rush hour is like scrolling through Netflix—you're gonna miss some seriously good stuff if you're not paying attention. Case in point: Denver Sweet, is the sweetest of all the gay bars in Denver. If you haven't noticed their Technicolor rainbow flag and that eye-catching mural, well, maybe it's time for a little less Netflix and a little more adventure, huh?

Now, this place is 'Bear Inspired,' which basically means it's as cozy as a teddy bear but with way better cocktail options. The rooftop? Oh, man, it's like an Instagram filter come to life—killer views, y'all. But don't get so caught up in the sights that you forget about the bites: we're talking drool-worthy apps, sandwiches, and pizzas that are basically a high-five for your taste buds.

Two whole levels of fun await you, each one sporting a DJ that knows their way around a playlist. Best part? You're smack dab in the middle of Downtown Denver. It's like being at the epicenter of awesome, with a drink in your hand and a view that's ready for its close-up.

At Charlie's, Every Night's Hotter Than Midsummer.

Yeehaw, party people! Saddle up and ride on down to Charlie’s, a spot that's so quintessentially Denver, that it's practically got its own Mile-High salute. Been around for 40 years—yeah, you heard that right. This place is less a bar and more an LGBTQIA+ rite of passage.

What’s on the menu, you ask? Oh, just a smorgasbord of Mediterranean delights that'll make you wanna belly dance. We're talking gyros, falafel, and baklava that’ll make your taste buds holler "Opa!" But hold your horses, we've also got good ol' American faves—tacos, burritos, and quesadillas so scrumptious you might just two-step your way to the kitchen to high-five the chef.

Thirsty? Well, pardner, you're in for a treat. Charlie’s takes its libations as seriously as a sheriff takes a standoff. From your classic beers and spirits to their own Cowboy Cocktails—which, let's be honest, is probably what Clint Eastwood would order if he were a fabulous, glitter-wearing cowboy.

So grab your fanciest boots and boogie on down. Charlie's ain't just a bar, it's a dang legend. 🤠

Boyztown Keeps The Boyish Charm Cranked To 10.

Alright, let's crank up the heat, 'cause we're headed to Boyztown, folks! Nestled in the Baker 'hood along the ever-bustling Broadway, this gay bar in Denver Colorado calls itself Denver’s Hottest Male Revue. And, spoiler alert: they ain't lyin'. Think Magic Mike but with altitude—cut dancers that might just have you thinking about renewing that long-neglected gym membership.

Now, you might be sharing the view with some straight-girl bachelorette parties—because let’s be real, nothing says "I'm getting married" like a guy in a thong doing the worm—but who cares? The atmosphere is so electric, you'll forget you’re surrounded by veils and sashes.

DJs? They’ve got 'em, and they're slicker than a greased-up Channing Tatum. We're talking high-energy tunes until the cows—or the go-go boys—come home. In fact, it's the only all-male strip joint in the area. Or heck, the whole metro area if we're getting technical.

And don't you worry, they keep it 100 with a staff that’s as loyal as your grandma’s pot roast recipe. So if you're looking to kick it up a notch, Boyztown is your spot. 🕺💃🔥

R&R Guarantees You Won't Rest But You Will Rock.

Alright, history buffs and chill-seekers, brace yourselves. We're stepping into the time machine, one of the oldest gay bars in Denver. Been slingin' drinks since the '50s, this place has seen more ups and downs than a rollercoaster at an amusement park. So, let's all give a little nod to the bar that could: R&R.

Oh, but hold up, Sherlock! Despite what you may think, R&R doesn't stand for "Rest and relaxation." Nope, it’s an homage to the bar's legendary owners back when they switched gears in the '70s—Rick and Roger. Surprise!

Now, you won't find any disco balls or fog machines here. But what you will find are some cushy seats that have probably heard more secrets than a confessional. Oh, and the drinks? Cold as your ex's heart but way more enjoyable.

It's the kind of place where everyone might not know your name, but they will know your spirit—literally and figuratively. So if you're in the mood for good vibes, cold beverages, and maybe a dash of local lore, R&R's your safe haven.

With #VYBE, Every Beat Drops And So Do The Jaws.

Drag shows by night, dance-offs 'til dawn—sounds like a dream, right? But nope, it's as real as the chipped paint and faded neon of this dive-bar darling. Picture this: you walk in, and it's as though the bartenders have been expecting you. "Welcome," they say, as they effortlessly whip up a cocktail that's as cheap as it is delicious. These bartenders are so legendary, their fan club could rival Beyoncé’s.

And sure, the seating screams "no fuss," but who needs fancy when you’re this comfy? Weekends? Oh, you better believe they roll out the live music like it's the red carpet at the Oscars. Plus, they've got special events on tap—summer parties, anyone?

So if Broadway's bustle ain't your jam and you're more into the laid-back, off-the-beaten-path vibe, look no further. This is the bar where the cool kids hang out, no VIP pass needed.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, party animals and chill-seekers alike! A whirlwind tour of the best gay bars in Denver, where the drinks are as fab as the drag queens and the vibes range from laid-back lounges to disco infernos. Whether you're a history buff yearning for some R&R or a bachelorette party crashing the hottest male revue at Boyztown, there's a spot for you. Hey, Denver might be a mile high, but its bars set the standard way higher.

Just remember, it's not just about Pride Month; these places are serving up love, community, and killer cocktails all year round. So grab your friends, old and new, and maybe some glitter for good measure, and get ready to experience the Mile-High City's queer scene like never before. But whatever you do, don't forget to tip your bartenders and your drag queens—legends deserve their coins! 🌈🍻👑

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