15 Top Spots and Bars To Meet Single Cougars In Albuquerque for 2020

A beautiful woman with a cocktail at a bar

There is no shortage of cougars in Albuquerque if you know where to look. From cougar bars like Cervantes to shopping malls, you’ll always find local hotspots where Albuquerque cougars hang out. Not to mention, even their organic stores and small neighborhoods are great cougar hunting grounds. There are just so many places, and it’s so easy to get misled with false tips. Good thing you have us. We know where our cougars are.

Many of these mature women are successful in their respective careers. But when they want to let loose, it’s a sight to behold--especially for guys who have the hots for cougars. So a lot of these ladies go out often with the hope of meeting Mr. Right (or Mr. Right now). Our local cougars are confident and willing to explore dating younger men like you. They’re not only accomplished, but they also know how to have fun!

Sounds good to you? Meet them at some Albuquerque cougar bars and hotspots below.

Meet Cougars in Albuquerque at These Places

To increase your odds of meeting an Albuquerque cougar, check these places out:

Find a cougar who’ll rock your brains out at Rock & Brew

A crowd of people drinking beers Rock & Brew


If you’re looking for a cougar who loves rock n’ roll, you’ll find her at Rock & Brew. Aside from the rock n’ roll theme, they also have large screens playing old school rock music videos. This spot has two large bars with a lot of beers on tap. Cougars adore this place because it brings them back to the days when Mick Jagger could still move like Jagger.

Check out their dog-friendly patio outside. You might chance upon an attractive cougar relaxing with her pet. If not, you can always come inside and see cougars dancing to live music. They have all day, happy hours on Sundays. Try their mango mojito or their classic margarita. You’re sure to have fun with a cougar here with their excellent throwback vintage rock vibe.

Adult FriendFinder is our favorite way to meet cougars who just want something physical (try it free)

Homepage for Adult Friend Finder

Guys that are interested in dating cougars in Albuquerque have a hard enough time when they want a more traditional relationship. It can be even harder if you are just interested in a little sex without all the things attached to it.

When it comes to sites that actually deliver Adult FriendFinder has been in a category all its own for us. We have seen way more “normal guys” find success using it than any other site or app, at least when it comes to sex. The success rate combined with their free trial makes it a pretty obvious choice to at least checkout.

There just isn't a better way right now to meet a lot of cougars who are ONLY interested in jumping into bed than AFF!

In our experience, the best option when it comes to finding these kinds of arrangements is Adult FriendFinder. Of all the site that make promises to help, AFF actually delivers. On this site, you’ll find Albuquerque cougars who are into the same things you are. You can even filter your search results based on your exact location or the type of connection you want to make.

This site is solely focused on helping men and women connect for a fun night together. Aside from Tinder (which is pretty much just about dating now), no other app has as many users. On top of that, Adult FriendFinder also has a lot more women aged 35 and up using it.

Give Adult FriendFinder a shot with their free trial and meet a sexy cougar tonight!

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you actually want to meet single cougars who are more interested in fun in the bedroom than a long-term relationship you need to check out Adult FriendFinder's free trial with this link. We've spent many months testing out 100+ different sites and apps to meet cougars and AFF has consistently been the easiest way for most men.


Support local at La Montañita Co-op.

Buying organic food at La Montañita Co-op


This spot, along with our guide on how to find cougars, can really help with your search. Visit this precious gem at 3601 Old Airport Ave NW, Albuquerque. They sell hyper-local organic produce, which attracts older ladies who want to stay fit and healthy. With its homey feel and a good selection of locally-sourced products, this is the primary grocery store for cougars in Albuquerque.

They have many organic products to choose from including gluten-free and vegan options. Aside from the terrific ambiance and food selection, La Montañita Co-op also has friendly and attentive staff. It’s no wonder cougars love this place!

Level up your cougar game and learn about healthy food options. Older ladies love it when you know how to talk about non-GMO products. Check this place out and see for yourself. You’re not only supporting local business, but you’re also getting a chance to date a local cougar.

Cougar Life is the easiest way to meet cougars in Albuquerque who want a relationship (try it free)

Homepage for Cougar LifeWhen it comes to meeting a lot of cougars in Albuquerque quickly, especially those interested in dating younger guys, there isn't a better option than Cougar Life (which just so happens to have a free trial). Older women are often just too busy to spend a lot of time in bars and clubs so many of them have been looking online to meet guys. In fact, a lot of them are ONLY looking online these days.

If you're not spending at least a little time on Cougar Life you're going to miss out on a lot of opportunities!

There are a lot of dating sites and apps out there (and we've tried just about all of them in our cougar dating site review) but none of them really deliver as well as Cougar Life does. There are a few reasons why we think it works so well:

Cougars in Albuquerque use it all the time

There are more popular apps and sites out there but they just don't have the cougars. Cougar Life has over 7 million active members and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN on this site is a cougar. There is no reason for a non-cougar to even consider signing up!

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of profiles hoping to find an attractive single cougar, especially one interested in dating both younger and older guys, they are all right here. It saves so much time and frustration!

These cougars actually want to meet up

If you've spent any time on other apps you know that a lot of the women that use them are really just looking for attention. They don't want to really meet a guy in person but they're happy to collect compliments and stroke their ego.

When you use a more specific option like Cougar Life you avoid a LOT of those time-wasting women. You only use a site like this if you're serious about meeting guys and not just leading people one.

It makes a huge difference in the response rate from your messages and the number of dates you can actually setup.

A really good mix Albuquerque cougars who want short and long-term

Cougar Life does a great job of attracting women interested in both short-term fun and a real relationship. The other top sites out there like eHarmony (long-term only) and Adult FriendFinder (short-term fun) are both really great but tend to attract a very specific type of woman.

If you haven't tried it out yet give Cougar Life's free trial a shot. You have nothing to lose and you can't expect to get new results without changing up your approach. Guys who really want to find a cougar aren't going to be able to do better elsewhere (in our experience).

Find sophisticated Albuquerque cougars at ABQ Uptown

The brightly lit ABQ Uptown at night


This is one of the absolute favorite malls of classy Albuquerque cougars. It’s upscale, so the food is pretty much upscale too. If you’re willing to spend some cash on your cougar hunting, this is the place to be. Hot, gorgeous local cougars walk around the place to shop, eat and hang out with their friends.

CD image

It’s an outdoor style mall, so it’s sophisticated and trendy. Parking can be challenging though, so make sure to plan ahead. Better yet, just grab an Uber on your way here.

The area is great for walking around, so you can relax as you watch cougars enjoying their window shopping. Strike up a conversation with a cougar enjoying some gelato at Frost or having lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Maybe by the end of the day, you’ll manage to bring home a stylish Albuquerque cougar.

Q Bar has the longest happy hours

Well-dressed cougars in Albuquerque Q Bar


There are lots of reasons cougars in Albuquerque troop here regularly. For one, it always gets voted as the venue with the best happy hour (three years in a row). Even locals know it as one of the best places for a ladies’ night out.

Practice your dance moves and head out here. Folks of all ages go there to dance and have a good time. They play salsa, bachata and other Latin dances, so the place gets pretty lively.

If you’re lucky, some regulars at Q Bar might just teach you some dance movies. So try your luck here and maybe a sexy cougar will show you how to salsa your way into her heart.

eHarmony is another great way to find Albequerque cougars who want a relationship (try it now)

Homepage for EHIf you’re looking for older women who are serious about what they want, eHarmony should definitely be at the top of your list of places to find them. In our experience, it’s the best site out there for meeting attractive singles ages 35 and over without wasting any time. They even offer a proven trial to new users so if there’s anything that’s ever stopped you from online dating (or getting back into it if it’s something you haven’t done in a while), now you have no excuse.

eHarmony is the best option we have found out there and it has a massive member base of over 33 million. The signup process on the site is more involved than it is on other apps like Tinder or Match, so you have the opportunity to let your personality really shine when filling out your profile. After trying out and reviewing hundreds of sites to find the top cougar dating sites we would know.

This also means that you know more about the female members on the site which can really help you narrow your search. It also keeps people who aren’t serious about their dating lives off the site. That means you don't have to worry about all the insecure women who just use dating sites to get attention and boost their ego!

eHarmony's combination of tons of motivated single women 35+ and fantastic matching system is what all dating sites should be like!

Between careers and active social lives, older women are usually too busy to be going out to bars and nightclubs in search of single guys. It’s a waste of time usually because you just have no idea what anyone’s story is if you’ve just met them at a bar. With online dating, on the other hand (and particularly with the detailed profiles on eHarmony) all cards are on the table with the men they’re meeting which avoids unnecessary time spent on go-nowhere dates.

This, of course, is also good for you because it allows you to choose women based on the qualities you want, so you’re saving time as well.

If you’re still on the fence even after all of the awesomeness we’ve just laid out for you, eHarmony offers new users a proven trial membership, so nothing should be stopping you now. You’re missing out if you’re not already signed up, so create your profile today and start matching with hot older women in your area immediately.

Dine beneath the stars at Ibiza’s rooftop bar and patio

A crowd of attractive people drinking wine at Ibiza’s rooftop bar and patio


Ibiza is the lounge inside Hotel Andaluz, and you know how cougars love hotel bars! Cougars in Albuquerque love this place because of its outstanding cocktails and fantastic rooftop patio. And despite the classy ambiance, drinks aren’t that pricey. You won’t have to break the bank for your hunt.

Most of the cougars who frequent the place are either in ABQ for business or pleasure. And when they want to grab a drink, they usually hang out in the large square patio. Approach one of them and take in the beautiful views of the skies and the mountains as you sit on the comfy chairs together. Play your cards right and you might just get an invitation to join her in her suite.

Try some new beers with a hot Albuquerque cougar at Billy’s Long Bar

Ladies dressed in 80s outfits for an event at Billy’s Long Bar


For more than 40 years, Billy’s Long Bar has served countless patrons. It appeals to middle-aged women who love to party with its collection of more than 60 kinds of draft beer. Enjoy a beer or two here before you summon the guts to approach an older woman and start a conversation. Most of them hang out in the bar area.

Beyondages.com video course

You can also head here for lunch when the place isn’t as packed as it is at night. The bar serves a good selection of meals during the daytime. It’s why cougars also come here when the sun is still up. But if you decide to go here at night, hang out at the patio and check out the cougars chilling there.

Have a drink with an Albuquerque cougar at O’Niell’s Irish Pub

Friends drinking around the fire pit at O’Niell’s Irish Pub


This pub arguably serves the best burgers in town. And where there’s good food, there’s a big crowd! One of the best things you can do during an Albuquerque winter is to go to O’Niell’s and grab a seat near the fire pit. Lots of cougars also have the same idea, so you’re sure to meet a bunch of them.

From trivia nights (Geeks Who Drink!) to live music to open mic, O’Niell’s has events for everyone. And the good news is that lots of cougars head to these events for a good time.

Top Cougar Bars in Albuquerque

A sexy older woman drinking a cocktail

If a party is more of your game, we got your back with these top Albuquerque cougar bars:

Go Mexican at Cervantes Restaurant and Lounge

Arguably the best when it comes to authentic New Mexico cuisine, Cervantes Restaurant and Lounge serves up some mean carnitas, tacos and sopapillas. The place has a super casual vibe, which works for anyone who doesn’t want to get all dressed up to take tequila shots. That could be one of the reasons why lots of evocative older women always go here.

Cervantes is open 7 days a week, and the lounge closes at 11 p.m. Drop by at around dinnertime and stick around for drinks to meet some sizzling hot cougars.

You need to try this

Apothecary Lounge is your cougar bar in Albuquerque with a view

Take in the breathtaking view of the mountains, the downtown skyline and the bevy of sexy cougars in Albuquerque at the Apothecary Lounge. Located in Hotel Parq Central, it’s one of the trendiest hotel bars in the city. And anyone who knows a thing or two about cougars knows that they love hotel lounges.

Perfect for dining, wining and flirtation, Apothecary lets you have the perfect setting to charm cougars who are only in town for a short while. Try out some of their signature drinks and get the lady a glass of their Sparkling French Martini. Before you know it, you’ll be making plans to head up to her hotel room.

Give her the classic wine and dine treatment at Savoy Bar & Grill

This wine-friendly restaurant boasts an unpretentious but sophisticated atmosphere, which makes it one of our favorite cougar bars in Albuquerque.

Known for its private “Napa Room” and “Tasting Room,” this bar gives you the perfect spot for hushed conversations laced with a little flirtation. Its statement granite decor and relaxing ambiance set the perfect mood, so you can easily amp up the charm. Albuquerque cougars love this place because it has a great wine selection and the occasional live music onstage.

So put on your best threads, spritz on your most expensive cologne and get ready to seduce some cougars!

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    List is good except for Taqueria Mexico, that closes at 5,is mostly a to go lunch spot.... and most people do not speak english (patrons and staff). My mechanic goes there... so do many other spanish speaking blue colar guys as well. No white cougars go there.... ever. Never... ever. Not one.

    You forgot seasons grill btw


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