15 Top Spots and Bars To Meet Single Cougars In Albuquerque for 2019

Two cougars in Albuquerque out for the nightThere is no shortage of cougars in Albuquerque if you know where to look. 

Many of these middle-aged women are successful in their respective careers but have not been as lucky as they would have wanted in their personal lives.

So they often go out at night with a couple of friends with some faint hope of meeting Mr. Right (or Mr. Right now) at some of the cougar bars below.

The eligible ladies are confident and willing to explore dating younger men if they are interested in dating an attractive and interesting woman in her 30s or 40s.

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You will not find an easier or better solution to improving your ability to attract cougars anywhere.

You just need to know where to find them!

Where To Find Cougars In Albuquerque Who Date Younger Men

To increase the likelihood that you will be able to find a date, you should visit the following places:

Q Bar has longer happy hours

There are lots of reasons why cougars in Albuquerque troop here on a regular basis. For one, it has been consistently voted as the venue with the best happy hour (three years in a row). It has also been chosen by online publications as being among the best venues for a ladies’ night out.

Middle-aged women who go here aren’t the run of the mill type. They’re sophisticated and classy. So be sure to step up your pick up game if you want to get a date at this place.

Cougar Life is the easiest way to meet cougars in Albuquerque (Click to try for free)

Cougar Life is the absolute best option for finding attractive older women interested in dating younger men.

A lot of the older women in Albuquerque are only dating online these days.

They simply don’t have enough time to spend out in the bars or clubs.

Try them for free with this special offer and you will quickly see what we are talking about.

Every year we do a full review of the top cougar dating sites and Cougar Life is consistently #1 for quality and number of cougars available in Albuquerque.

You can use the links above to sign up for free and check it out for yourself. 

It is a great way to have the opportunity to meet attractive older women 24/7 no matter how busy you get.

Stop wasting time and get out there.

The Saucy Italian Bistro for Italian dining is a fine choice 

Located at 2912 Juan Tabo NE, this Italian restaurant is frequented by sophisticated cougars in Albuquerque. It’s a favorite destination of health-conscious women as it serves gluten-free food. It also serves some American favorites.

While it caters to large groups and families, the Saucy Italian Bistro is a nice place to get romantic with its cozy ambiance. There’s also a live band playing every Wednesday nights all the way up to the weekend.

If you are looking for something short-term you need to try Adult FriendFinder

Cougar Life holds the crown for the best overall site for meeting cougars in the city. If you are not interested in an actual relationship and just want something short-term or one-time Adult FriendFinder is going to edge them out a bit (though they are still pretty good). They also have a free trial which makes it easy to try them out.

With over 50 million members and a long track record of delivering value to members (they have been around since 2006) there isn’t a better option out there. You might be thinking “what about Tinder” and that is a great question. The thing is that Tinder is only useful if you want to date women between 18 and 28. Once you start looking for cougars in their 30’s and 40’s Adult FriendFinder is way better.

Give their free trial a shot and check out your options around here. We have tested out all the proven hookup apps and they have been tops for a while.

Ibiza has great cocktails

Located at 125 Second St. NW is this lounge inside Hotel Andaluz. It is a place that cougars in Albuquerque love for its outstanding cocktails.  The prices are not really expensive.

Most of the cougars who frequent the place hang out in the large square patio. They sit on the comfy chairs while getting some fresh wind.

Billy’s Long Bar has lots of beer options

For more than 40 years, Billy’s Long Bar has served countless patrons. It appeals to middle-aged women who love to party, what with its more than 60 draft beer selections.

It’s your typical bar with vintage photos or antiques covering the ceiling. Don’t get intimidated, not even when you hear most of the people here calling each other by name.

Enjoy a beer or two here before you summon the guts to approach an older woman and start a conversation. Most of them hang out in the bar area.

You can try going there for lunch, where the place isn’t as packed as it is at night. The bar does serve a good selection of meals during the daytime, attracting a steady dose of clients when the sun is still up.

At night, hang out outside the patio and check out some of the gals there.

Go Mexican at Cervantes Restaurant and Lounge

Arguably the best when it comes to authentic New Mexico cuisine, Cervantes Restaurant and Lounge is located at 5801 Gibson Blvd SE.

The place has a 70s vibes, as if you stepped inside your grandma’s house. That could be one reason why there are lots of mature women eating here, not to mention its outstanding tacos and sopapillas.

Find cougars in Albuquerque at Taqueria Mexico

Not all single, middle-aged women in Albuquerque are partying till midnight. Some of them dine in at restaurants serving authentic Mexican food, like this one located at 415 Lomas Boulevard NE.

The place draws crowds for its tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and soups. The laid-back dining atmosphere makes it more inviting.

Come here casually dressed up and armed with a lot of wit and humor to impress an older woman.

Have a drink at O’Niell’s Irish Pub

This pub serves arguably the best burgers in town.  You’d want to hang out in the outside patio even during the winter as it has a fire pit and heater.

After all, this is where some cougars converge while waiting for their orders. The pub has a very nice laid back atmosphere.

Its good selection of beers and spirits further make it attractive to an older market. It is located at 4310 Central Avenue SE right in the heart of Nob Hill.

Top Cougar Bars in Albuquerque

Cougar Bars in AlbuquerqueA few more great cougar bars in the city of Albuquerque:

Apothecary Lounge is your cougar bar in Albuquerque with a view

With a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains, Apothecary Lounge is the place to be to find a sexy single.

Located at Hotel Parq Central, this bar takes in great New Mexico sunsets and downtown skyline views as well.

Older women visit this lounge for it its relaxed atmosphere and its secluded spaces that are perfect for a cozy conversation.

If you’re a young guy looking to share time with a cougar over cocktails, fine liquor and beer, Apothecary is the spot for you.

Bar favorites are The Pink Lady and The Sazerac.

Patrons can also try one of the lounge’s many small plates featuring regional produce, cheese, meats and fish.

Whether you’re there for a drink or appetizer, you definitely won’t leave without also finding a lovely lady.

Savoy Bar & Grill is a bar in Albuquerque that keeps mature ladies relaxed

This wine-friendly restaurant boasts an unpretentious but sophisticated atmosphere among cougar bars in Albuquerque.

Known for its private “Napa Room” and “Tasting Room,” this bar is perfect for its granite decor and private ambiance.

Female patrons love this grill for its live music from local musicians and wine tastings.

Young guys are guaranteed to snag themselves an attractive woman over the savory dishes and desserts.

Given its classy environment, be sure to come dressed well and prepared to impress the sexy older women in the room.

Cervantes Restaurant and Lounge is your dive bar for Mexican cuisine

This recognized name among cougar bars in Albuquerque is well-known for its exceptional New Mexico cuisine prepared from scratch.

Female customers love the fresh tortillas, red and green chile sauces, tacos and sopapillas, always fresh and healthy – and hailing from the traditions of immigrants who first settled 200 years ago.

Although the dishes take a bit longer to prepare than your average restaurant, the food is definitely worth the wait.

If you’re looking for a woman who watches her figure, you’re likely to find her here.

Cervantes specializes in low-fat options, minimal salt, low-calorie and low-carb dishes, as well as gluten-free and vegetarian choices.

Delish is your Albuquerque spot where older ladies dare to indulge

With an extensive menu of fantastic food options, this bar definitely lives up to its name.

Patrons love the apple and brie grilled cheese, savory skillet, and the blueberry ricotta Danish pancakes.

To draw in that lovely lady, young guys might consider sending over a mimosa to incite a conversation.

With such a cozy atmosphere, couples will love the intimate opportunities it affords.

To be sure you can get a spot at this tasty bar, consider making reservations in advance.


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