14 Hotspots To Meet Single Cougars In Canberra This 2023

Meet lots of fit cougars in Canberra Australia with this list

There are many exciting places where young men can meet cougars in Canberra. Our sunny city has lots of spots where mature women love to hang out. But if you’ve been looking in all the wrong places, it’s easy to miss these elusive cougars.

Places like the Parliament House and Lake Burley Griffin may seem like popular places to go. But we’ve got other venues in mind. These spots are where Canberra cougars love to hang out. In our list, you’ll also find some cougar bars in Canberra.

So if you don’t know where to meet single older women, let our list help you out. And if you happen to know of any cougar hangouts that we failed to add to our list, let us know all about them in the comments below.

Top Places Where You Can Meet Cougars in Canberra

If you want to meet the best-looking cougars in Canberra, then you’re definitely in the right place. Here are some of the top locations where you can meet and interact with older ladies.

Cougars in Canberra love the Courgette Restaurant for its good food and wine

An expertly prepared steak plate from Courgette


Enjoy Modern European dining and taste the fine wines at the Courgette Restaurant. With elegantly furnished interiors and a contemporary space overlooking a garden, this upscale restaurant attracts the wealthy cougars in Canberra.

This restaurant offers three-course lunches and four-course dinners comprising of the best delicacies from top-notch chefs. On the wine list is a selection of exotic wines, scotch, whiskey, bourbon and Irish deluxe blends.

Cougars who frequent this restaurant are quite classy. So the competition is stiff. You may have your work cut out for you.

AFF makes it easiest to find cougars who just want to head to the bedroom (try it free)

If we had to choose our favorite site for meeting women for casual relationships, it has to be AFF. It is, by far, the easiest site to use when looking for no-strings-attached fun. That’s because everyone on AFF is looking for the same thing.

Lucky for you, there are lots of older women on the site as well. We’ve also met our fair share of Gold Coast cougars here. Some of the ladies we met were in their late 30s. But we’ve also engaged in some good time with ladies in their 50s. It’s a good mix of singles, so you’ll definitely find your match.

When you just want to have some casual fun with a cougar without all the attachments AFF is the best option out there right now for guys.

When it comes to meeting a sexy cougar who just wants to get laid, use AFF. It’s one of the best sites out there for engaging in some naughty fun!

Try AFF For Free!
If you actually want to meet single cougars who are more interested in fun in the bedroom than a long-term relationship you need to check out AFF's free trial with this link. We've spent many months testing out 100+ different sites and apps to meet cougars and AFF has consistently been the easiest way for most men.


Canberra cougars troop to Temporada for heavenly tapas

Cougars in Canberra on a night out at Temporada


If you are looking for a smart, laid-back and modern eatery with heartwarming food and drinks, Temporada is the place for you. A favourite of the Canberra cougars, this isolated eatery is a joint that works well for a date night or a casual night with friends.

A solid combination of good food and drinks is a great starting point for guys who are learning how to date cougars and where to meet them.

Try their menu for delicious rolls and fillets of fish cheek grilled over wood smoke. Sample mouth-watering slices of kingfish freshened with yuzu and avocado. Their wine list may be short, but it’s always interesting. This allows you to explore some truly quirky vintages by the glassful.

As you come here to enjoy the delightful food and fabulous wine, you can meet some attractive women by the bar as well. So get ready with your best lines.

Cougar Life has been an easy way to find Canberra cougars who want a relationship (try it free)

Homepage for Cougarlife.comMeeting women in the capital city is tough. It’s even tougher when you only want to meet classy older women. These ladies can be quite elusive, especially those who lead busy lives. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on meeting them.

If you want to meet Canberra cougars the easy way, try out Cougar Life. Most older women in Canberra prefer online dating when meeting men. They don’t have the luxury of time to go out and mingle with singles at a bar. So they use Cougar Life to interact with potential dates in their own time.

Of all the Australian cougar dating sites out there, Cougar Life is our favourite. It has a great mix of women. We’ve met women who prefer casual relationships. But we’ve also met a few potential girlfriends here too. You’re sure to meet someone who’s right for you.

Try out Cougar Life and meet some of the sexiest older women in Canberra the easy way!

Take a chance on the cougars you will meet at Casino Canberra

Onigiri and shrimp from Casino Canberra


Are you looking for some gambling fun? If so, there is no better place to meet Canberra cougars than at Casino Canberra. Although most of the older women do not come here to gamble, they enjoy the company of young men who flock here.

Casino Canberra is fully equipped with a restaurant, bar and casino area with popular games such as poker. Order a beer or wine at the bar. Or join a poker game. Try your hand at the roulette and you might get lucky with a cougar nearby.

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Share more than secrets at the secret speakeasy Molly

Appetizers from Molly


Molly is one of those secret speakeasy joints in the city. True to its speakeasy theme, you can easily miss the entrance. Located underground in an old bank vault amid the law offices of Civic, this bar attracts a lot of cougars in Canberra.

Slide into one of the big booths in the bar and order a charcuterie platter. Wash it down with cocktails as you check out the lovely ladies around. The mysterious vibe of this speakeasy brings out the adventurous side of these mature women!

Apps Dating Coaches Actually Recommend To Meet Cougars in Canberra

More and more older women are only using apps and sites to meet guys, especially younger guys. You need to be on at least one or two apps now if you want to get the best results you can. These are the apps that give normal guys the best success meeting cougars:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best For Casual Fun
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • The best way to meet women for casual relationships
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • Not good for long-term relationships
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Decent For Younger Guys
Cougar Life Highlights
Cougar Life Highlights
  • Focused on younger men meeting older women
  • A mix of relationships and hookups
  • Growing
  • Not as popular as eHarmony of AFF
Try Cougar Life
2nd Best For Hookups
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

Go to Hippo Co for delightful cocktails and cougars

An evening at Hippo Co


Cougars in Canberra love their wines and cocktails. And they enjoy it even more while listening to good music. For the best cocktail bar to meet exciting cougars, Hippo Co is the ideal spot. This lodge-style bar has exposed brick walls, wooden furniture, and taxidermy on the walls. This creates the perfect ambiance for a relaxing evening.

Boasting a selection of in-house and local wines, cocktails, and whiskeys, Hippo is the best place to pick up attractive mature women. Enjoy a good drink over live jazz music. And if you are lucky, you will enjoy the company of a beautiful lady as well.

Course promo

Enjoy a delicious cuppa at Lonsdale Street Roasters

Lunchtime at Lonsdale Street Roasters


This Canberra favourite serves delicious coffee and attracts beautiful cougars in droves. Even if you’re not a huge coffee drinker, you might become one because of the tasty coffee selections they have here.

We’re not kidding when we say that you can spend a whole afternoon here. It’s a great place to relax, read a book, catch up with a friend or strike up a conversation with a nice cougar.

It’s a cougar favourite because of the delicious breakfast they serve and coffee made from freshly roasted beans. You will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and retro vibe. Then you will keep coming back because of the cougars that keep the place bustling.

Fancy a health-conscious cougar? Shop at Mountain Creek Wholefoods

Inside Mountain Creek Wholefoods


Every man loves a woman who knows how to cook. But nothing beats a woman who can cook healthy, delicious food! If that’s the cougar who will capture your heart, head to this grocery store.

Not only does this store offer natural food products, but it’s also the place to shop for all types of organic household items. This is why cougars who care about their health love this place. Find her in the produce aisle or in the condiments section. Ask her about her favourite healthy recipe and you’re off to a good start!


Looking for More Cougar Bars in Canberra to Check Out?

Sometimes you need a few more options for cougar bars so that you can increase your chances of meeting that special cougar. These cougar bars are also worth checking out!

Meet trendy and sophisticated cougars at Bar Rochford

An octopus appetizer from Bar Rochford


If you’re looking for cougar bars in Canberra with plenty of personality, then drop whatever it is you’re doing and head over to Bar Rochford at 65 London Circuit. This bar has an excellent drinks list, pleasing interiors and an inviting atmosphere. You don’t need to go far to find a lively but intimate setting filled with gorgeous cougars.

Partake in creative dishes that are bursting with flavors. Try the deep-fried Brussels sprouts to go with your beer. Then cosy up to that beautiful cougar next to the fireplace. This romantic spot is perfect for first encounters.

Bar Rochford is small and intimate. Yet it succeeds in being trendy and cool. You will never run out of interesting cougar options here any night of the week!

Take a walk on the wild side at 88mph Karaoke Bar

Pizza and cocktails from 88mph Karaoke Bar


Planning on having a fantastic night at the karaoke and charming the pants off a beautiful cougar? There’s no better place to do that than at 88mph Karaoke Bar on Hobart Place.

This is where cougars come out to sing their favourite songs from the 80s and channel their inner Madonnas and Cyndi Laupers on the dance floor. The drinks can be a bit pricey. But it’s not that expensive. You really come here for a chance to impress those cougars with your vocal prowess and knowledge of ‘80s music. So adding a few extra $$$ per drink is worth it.

Single woman

Move to the rhythm and meet a hot cougar at Mooseheads Pub and Nightclub

Sexy ladies at Mooseheads


Nightclubs are the best places to dance away the stress after an entire week at work. The cougars in Canberra particularly like Mooseheads Pub. So if you also want a lively atmosphere, great music and strong drinks, head here on the weekend.

The high ceilings, state-of-the-art lighting and huge dance floor create a hype atmosphere that's like no other club in the city. The bar also offers a wide selection of beers, cocktails, whiskeys and wines to get you ready for the night of partying ahead. If you are the partying type, then head over to Mooseheads and meet cougars who also love to party.

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