10 Great Places Single Cougars in Wollongong Frequent in 2019

If you are interested in dating cougars in Wollongong, you are in luck. The city is dotted with beautiful architecture, sceneries, and historic sites that draw visitors and tourist from all over the world.

With the bursting daytime and happening nightlife, cougars and Wollongong go together like fish and chips. So where do these attractive older women in Wollongong frequent?

Popular Places Where Cougars in Wollongong Hang Out

One of the single cougars in WollongongRead on to find out some of the caves in Wollongong where you are likely to meet and mingle with sexy cougars.

Dine with Wealthy Cougars at Lagoon Seafood Restaurant

It is no secret that cougars in Wollongong love eating out.

They do it in classy, expensive restaurants for that matter.

One of the best restaurants in the city is the Lagoon Seafood Restaurant.

It is a large, modern restaurant with outdoor dining and beach views, serving oysters and seafood platters.

Though pricey, Lagoon is an excellent place to meet wealthy and classy cougars in Wollongong.

Cougar Life is the first place you should try to meet cougars in Wollongong (click to try for free)

Too many women are skipping the bars and only looking online these days for you to ignore them.

This is especially true for busy older women.

The easiest way to meet cougars in Wollongong is through online dating sites.

Cougar Life is one of the largest online platforms of its kind matching young men with older attractive women from all over the world (you can try them for free with our special offer).

It's also the highest rated site in our annual review of  the Australian cougar dating apps worth trying.

They have an impeccable line of cougars ready and waiting.

The women are confident, mature, and adventurous.

They won't waste your time at the bar or an expensive restaurant.

They go in for the kill.

Regardless of how diverse your taste in women is, Cougar Life has it all.

Meet Corporate Cougars at Dagwood

Dagwood is the place to hang after work on a Friday evening.

It attracts a corporate clientele unwinding after a long busy week.

It has a very funky retro vibe and cougars enjoy coming here for casual drinks in the evening.

Dagwood's menu is an Asian-Mexican fusion with hearty delicacies.

The bar serves a variety of popular wines, beers, and cocktails.

If you are looking for laid-back corporate cougars in Wollongong, this is the ideal place.

Adult FriendFinder - The app that can scratch that itch for you

If you have been struggling to find Wollongong cougars to spend some time with and you're not interested in long-term relationships then give Adult FriendFinder a try.

This is the site you need to try if you are thinking about trying one. When it comes to success for average guys nothing else we have seen really comes close. There are no guarantees (any site that does that is a scam) but we have seen the best results from AFF and think you will as well.

It is well worth any guys time to spend a few minutes setting up a free profile and checking out the options you have in your area. The women who are most motivated to actually meet up tend to use this site so you won’t run into many fake profiles or women just looking to collect compliments from guys.

The app, which comes with a free trial, is perfect if you are interested in women over 35. With over 50,000,000 members, you will never run out of options. In fact, it has the largest number of cougars in Wollongong that we have seen, making it a good option for men who want to have some fun.

The most popular app for English speaking cougars, there has been a lot we have liked about it. It works quite like Tinder – you go through available options, match, then move to have a great time. However, it’s more effective since, unlike Tinder, it’s not designed to have a chat or find your next relationship. It’s solely designed to have short-term or even one-day physical relationships.

Sign up for a free trial today and check out the women using it near you. Thanks to its easy interface, you’d have no time getting used to it.

Whiskey Lovers Meet at “His Boy Elroy”

The newest whiskey bar in town, His Boy Elroy, is a favourite for the cougars in Wollongong.

Adorned with exposed bricks and elegant décor, His Boy Elroy is home to a wide selection of whiskeys, cocktails, wines, beers and cider.

The bar serves hot and cold beverages as well.

CD image

On the menu are delectable gourmet bites, burgers, and other delicacies.

If you're looking for a place where the whiskey-loving cougars hang in the city, His Boy Elroy is your best bet.

Three Chimneys has Good Food and Live Music

Nothing beats the comfort of good food, drinks, and relaxing music after a stressful day.

Cougars in Wollongong enjoy the comfort and bliss that is Three Chimneys.

From the large timbered doors to the beautifully decorated walls, the décor creates a welcoming and relaxing ambiance for a chilled out night.

Three Chimneys has an in-house coffee roaster, wood-fired bakery, restaurant and a bar.

There are craft beers from some of Australia's leading breweries that are served from taps.

The joint also hosts live music and performances from local artists.

If you are looking forward to a blissful night and pleasant company, this is the ideal place to be.

Sign Up at Plus Fitness for Flirty Fitness

Are you tired of waiting until darkness falls and hanging out in bars and restaurants to find your perfect older woman?

Head down to the Plus Fitness and you will be surprised at the number of older single women looking for young men who come here to work out.

Many cougars in Wollongong pride themselves on staying in great shape.

Beyondages.com video course

They want a younger man to appreciate their bodies and the hard work they put into looking sexy and fit.

Plus Fitness is a great place to start, and you will easily be able to spot a cougar at the group workout sessions, Zumba, or yoga class.

When approaching one, make sure you are polite and complimentary, and you are sure to win her favour and a date afterwards.

All Foods Organic is Perfect for Daytime Cougar Hunting

All Foods Organic is the perfect place to meet the wealthy and health-conscious cougars in Wollongong.

What's more, you don't have to wait for dusk to hit the local bars and pubs for a good time.

Stocked with a variety of natural and organic foods, vitamins and supplements, and sports nutrition products, the store is a one-stop-shop for all healthy treats.

All the mature women you meet here are healthy and full of life.

Watch Your Favourite Sports Games at Berkeley Sports Club

Sports bars are known to be hotbeds for cougars in Wollongong.

With fully-stocked bars and a variety of cocktails and wines, cougars frequent sports bars for drinks in the company of younger attractive men.

Why not try your luck at the Berkeley Sports Club?

There is lots of good food, drinks, and HD screens to catch your favorite sports in the evening or over the weekend.

The company of beautiful older women is also assured.

Dance the Night Away at Ivory Bar

The Ivory bar is a great spot where cougars come to let down loose and get into their groove on the dance floor.

The club offers great food and a selection of whiskeys, wines, and cocktails in preparation for the night of dancing ahead.

With top-notch DJs and live performances, the music here literally draws you to the dance floor.

If you love the hype cougars, all you need to do is get out on that dance floor and show them your best moves.

They will be dying to grind and get down with you.

Shop with Classy Cougars at Wollongong Central

Is there a better place to meet classy cougars than where they shop for clothes, jewellery, shoes, handbags and other items?

Such a place is the Wollongong Central.

The shopping mall has it all under one roof with numerous stores selling a variety of designer collections.

Hit one of the stores for a casual tee, sweater, or even a pair of sneakers, and you are bound to meet interesting older ladies shopping.

Engage them in conversation, complement the dress they just picked out, and you might earn yourself an impromptu coffee date across the street.

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