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Top 16 Places to Meet Single Cougars in East London in 2024

Cougars East London South Africa dress up well

Finding cougars in East London can be easy if you know the best places to be at the right time. There are plenty of single older women this side of South Africa. But you need to be smart and creative if you want to meet them and make a truly meaningful connection.

With approximately 400,000 residents and thousands of visitors coming to the city regularly, there are plenty of East London cougars to go around. Explore cougar bars in East London and see the beauty of Beach Road, Quigney Beach, Bonnie Doon or Ocean View, just to name a few.

But to find out where exactly you can meet beautiful older women, you will need to check out this list of East London cougar bars and hangouts first.

Top Places to Find Cougars in East London

If you want to be one with nature or close to the water, you can easily do it here in East London. And if you’re hoping to meet a beautiful and interesting cougar, here are some of the best places you need to visit ASAP.

Did we miss out on other exciting cougar spots? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

Cougars in East London simply captivate at Southern Sun Hemingways

The Southern Sun Hemingways is located in the scenic coastal city of East London. Cougars flock to this restaurant because of its impressive and breathtaking classical architecture, and of course, the mouthwatering dishes that it offers. It is also characterized by style, warmth and elegance, and all your needs are granted upon request. The place boasts of 180 ensuite rooms with free Wi-Fi, DStv, as well as in-room tea and coffee facilities.

If you are seeking a classy older woman in East London, this is the place where you will find one. Just make sure to dress the part and you will have no problems catching her eye!

Your chance of taking it to the next level with a beautiful cougar also increases considerably if you treat her to a lavish dinner and invite her to your luxurious room once you make that connection.

Cougars in East London prefer Cougar Life over other apps

Go to any bar in East London and you’ll meet lots of gorgeous older women. But the question is, “Is she single?” You wouldn’t want to chat up a cougar at a bar only to find her boyfriend giving you the evil eye from across the dance floor. If you want to make absolutely sure you’re chatting up a single lady, online dating is your best bet.

When it comes to the best apps and sites for meeting older women, nothing beats Cougar Life. It’s a site that caters to older women and the men who enjoy their company. Lots of older women in East London use the site to avoid judgment when they hang out in bars. After all, a lot of women in their late 30s or older often get judged for wanting to date at their age.

With Cougar Life, these ladies have a discreet way of finding a date (or something more casual). So when you chat up one of these cougars, you can bet she’ll be responsive. She might even set up a date if you’re charming enough.

On days when you don’t feel like heading to yet another club, meet your East London sweetie on Cougar Life instead!

Be with beautiful and fit cougars at Body Culture

Get fit, healthy and strong at Body Culture while also opening yourself up to opportunities to meet the cougar of your dreams. East London cougars can’t get enough of the group classes offered here, like spinning, aqua and aerobics. If those sound too girly for you, just think about being the only guy in the group and basking in the attention of all those beautiful cougars!

If a more fit cougar is what you've been looking for look here. You don't find a higher concentration of what you're looking for than in the gym itself!

Training together with cougars will not only motivate you to look good. You will also look forward to attending your next classes. At Body Culture, you will not only achieve health and fitness but meet new cougars from different backgrounds as well. The classes are fun and exciting, so you are guaranteed a fun time with each visit.

Go for a trial class and see how you find it. The sooner you’ll get sweating here, the sooner you’ll get to know a new and exciting cougar.

Land in bed with an East London cougar through AFF

In such a populated city as East London, you’d think getting laid would be easy, right? In reality, people aren’t as open about casual relationships as you would imagine. A lot of ladies still want to seem demure, so they usually won’t admit to just wanting a friend with benefits. But when they’re online, it’s a different story.

Meet a cougar who’s a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets through AFF. This is the site where you’ll find women who just want to jump into bed with a hot guy like you. And the best part? They aren’t judgmental here. Instead, the whole AFF community is open about sexual preferences--from kinks to fetishes and more.

In case you’re worried you’ll only meet young ladies who want to explore sexually, you’ll be surprised to find a lot of older women here too. In fact, most AFF users are in their late 30s or older. So you won’t have trouble finding an East London cougar on the site.

Meet the sexy cougar who will make all your fantasies come true through AFF!

Try AFF For Free!
If you actually want to meet single cougars who are more interested in fun in the bedroom than a long-term relationship you need to check out AFF's free trial with this link. We've spent many months testing out 100+ different sites and apps to meet cougars and AFF has consistently been the easiest way for most men.


Bump into gorgeous cougars at Vincent Park Shopping Centre

Shopping in East London is both an exciting and vibrant experience. Cougars in general love to shop and Vincent Park Shopping Centre is the best place to bump into them. It has a fair amount of retail shops and boutique stores that will definitely keep any cougar excited. This is where you will find cougars who want to buy something nice for themselves, grab a bite with a friend or have coffee with a colleague.

Most of the time, they’re running errands on their own. They may look like they don’t have time for a chat. But if you strike them as harmless and interesting, they will give you a few minutes of their time.

You will not run out of things to do or cougars to admire at this mall. But get your wallet ready as you might end up spending more than you planned to keep up with your newfound cougar friend!

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Instead of cougar bars in East London, go to beautiful Nahoon Beach

Nahoon Beach tops the list of many cougars in East London if they just want to enjoy the sand, the sun and cool ocean waters. This is where you also need to be if you want to scope out the cougar situation behind your dark glasses while you glisten with suntan lotion. If you can take a break from your cougar-watching, you can swim, surf, kitesurf or climb the boardwalk to enjoy the view of the beach as well.

Head to this beach to relax, work on your tan, play some watersports and find a cougar who loves the beach just as much. You don’t need to worry about where to get lunch or a quick snack because there are nearby cafes there, too.

Nahoon Beach is busy without being rowdy. So you can still enjoy plenty of relaxation time and enjoy the whole fun beach vibe with the many cougars hanging out on the shoreline.

Apps Dating Coaches Actually Recommend To Meet Cougars in East London

While meeting women when you're out and about is romantic, it's not always the most convenient. If you really want to meet plenty of cougars, you should use at least one of these dating apps. More and more older women are on them, so you should be too!

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Best For Casual Fun
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • The best way to meet women for casual relationships
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • Not good for long-term relationships
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Decent For Younger Guys
Cougar Life Highlights
Cougar Life Highlights
  • Focused on younger men meeting older women
  • A mix of relationships and hookups
  • Growing
  • Not as popular as eHarmony of AFF
Try Cougar Life
2nd Best For Hookups
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
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Get hot and sweaty with cougars at Hot Yoga Studio

Come to Hot Yoga Studio to focus on your breathing and to lock eyes with that beautiful cougar across the room. Let your body stretch and enjoy an intense cardio workout while looking good to the ladies in the class! Not only will you be able to detox your body and mind when you do yoga. You can also show off your form and impress the ladies with your flexibility.

Classes here are usually small, so you can expect to be friends with the women in the class before the session is through. You don’t need to be a master at yoga to join a class, though. Anyone can take the class, and you can choose between the 60 and 90-minute sessions.

Make sure to wear something cool and comfortable because yoga sessions here tend to get pretty hot. Both literally and figuratively!

Be one with nature and gorgeous cougars at Avalon at Kidd’s Beach

Avalon Market attracts cougars who want to buy all sorts of local or handcrafted items. These ladies usually love all things natural, organic, handcrafted or upcycled. And Avalon usually gives them what they need.

You can see big groups of East London cougars hanging out here, enjoying their brunch on the picnic tables all over the place. There’s also a host of fun outdoor activities that you can do with your cougar friend, like horseback riding, photo-taking, strolling or just lying down on the grass.

If you’re into local craft beers, you can try them out here and sample local delicacies as well.

You don’t come here just for the beautiful cougars, but also for the pretty lake views. It’s perfect for picnics, reading a book, sharing a cold beer with friends or having stimulating conversations with a cougar.

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Hit it off with a beautiful cougar at Hemingways Mall

There’s no denying that East London cougars love to shop. Even if they don’t need it, they will find all sorts of reasons to justify their buying it. They will buy it if they feel like buying it, end of discussion. This is why you should head to the Hemingways Mall to spot these cougars shopping, dining or running errands. If you’re lucky, you can see them in groups or by their lonesome.

Grab the opportunity to strike a conversation, but make sure you don’t come off as someone creepy or crazy. They’ll know right away if you’re bad news. Everywhere you look, you will find plenty of cougars, especially on weekends. Lay on the charm and you might hit the jackpot and make a cougar say yes to your dinner invitation.

Bookish cougars overflow at Bargain Books Hemingways

Fancy a cougar who loves books and talking about them with a passion? You can surely find her here at Bargain Books inside the Hemingways Mall. Check out the bestsellers section. You can find a cougar reading the blurbs or studying the covers of the latest chart-toppers. If you know your way around bookstores, you can give her a hand and direct her to the travel, politics or architecture.

But you’ll most likely find her at the general fiction area, perusing the latest psychological thriller or contemporary fiction from her favorite author. Approach with caution because she might be truly engrossed with her book. Do you know what can tear her eyes away from the pages and pay attention to you, though? Asking her for a book that she can recommend!

After partying at East London cougar bars, satisfy your cravings at The Beach Break Cafe

Just like what its name suggests, this is a cafe-restaurant that you go to if you want to take a break from all the fun at the beach. It’s only a few minutes walk from the beach and surrounded by lots of trees. You can smell the ocean from here, making it such a popular and favorite local hangout. When the cougars are feeling too hot or sticky from the sun or the sand, they usually go here for some cool drinks and warm food.

The food here is always delicious, but prices are still affordable. The casual setting also makes it easier for even the biggest introverts to socialize and have fun with cougars in the vicinity. Locals love the coffee here, too. So make sure to have a cup before you leave somewhere with your cougar friend.

The perfect date spot with your cougar is The Reef Cafe

Located at Nahoon Point, Reef Cafe offers patrons the most breathtaking views of the beach. Although looking from the outside you’ll never think that a great dining experience awaits. It’s the perfect place to have a cold beer after a day out in the sun or a delicious lunch after a morning dip in the water.

Cougars love to hang out at this place because of the friendly vibe and delicious food. They offer great vegetarian options, too.

It’s quiet and intimate even if it’s right on the beach. The drinks and food are not exorbitantly priced. If you love pasta, try their pesto, which is a crowd favorite. Sample their coffee, too. Don’t be surprised if you end up having more than one cup, though.

The perfect pairing of delicious food and beautiful scenery is what draws the cougars in and keeps them coming back. When you’re finished eating, we highly recommend a romantic and leisurely stroll on the boardwalk with your cougar companion.

Single woman

Delight in the cougar crowd and the food at The Cow Shed

Cougars in East London come here for the restaurant’s creative dishes and nice ambience. If it’s your first time to visit, your first order of business should be checking out the cougar situation. And then ordering their mouth-watering steak, risotto or pork belly.

Cougars also can’t get enough of their well-stocked and impressive wine list and great selection of craft beers. Any day of the week that you choose to drop by, you can be assured that there’s a special offer you can try.

The interiors are simple but homey, and it’s spacious and bright. The ladies love to hang here for hours and just enjoy the company of friends. It’s also affordable, so you get value for your money. If you meet a cougar while you’re having a meal, make sure to treat her to a cup of coffee or a scoop of ice cream.


The Hottest Cougar Bars in East London

Visit these cougar bars in East London South Africa to meet some ladies

Cougars love to party, especially when they’re single and looking. Lock eyes with some hot cougars at these popular bars.

East London cougars wine and dine at Kennaway Hotel East London

Most cougars love to dine and wine in expensive hotels, especially at hotels like the Kennaway Hotel. Situated on the seafront about nine kilometers from the center of East London, this hotel offers the best cuisines in South Africa. No wonder it’s such a hit with the cougars!

Kennaway Hotel is luxurious without being ridiculously expensive. So a lot of single women in their prime come here to treat themselves to the best meals and the rich ambience. No date is required. You can choose to have dinner here on your own and check out the cougar situation.

If you spot a cougar you like, maybe it will be your lucky night and you’ll have a chance to share desserts or talk over a few glasses of wine.

Brace yourself for a good adventure at Areena Riverside Resort

Areena Riverside Resort is very close to the city center, making it a holiday and corporate destination of choice. It’s known for its campsites, restaurant and pub, adventure village and self-catering accommodations. It’s a picture-perfect place that attracts cougars because of its promise of peace and relaxation.

Look forward to the open-air cinema and cuddle up to your beautiful cougar. Enjoy a romantic meal at the Areena Quays Restaurant or get a spa package to surprise your cougar companion. You can even introduce her to the resident giraffe named Abby and watch her melt because of all the cuteness.

It’s a place where you can leave your troubles behind and just get lost in the beauty of nature and the irresistible charm of your special lady friend.

Catch the game with an East London cougar at Table 58

Whoever said that you had to miss the game to meet some ladies is out of his mind. At Table 58, you'll meet lots of older women who won't let you miss a single rugby match! Order up a pizza, pick one of their bestselling craft beers and settle down at the bar near the TV. No doubt you'll be sharing some space with a sophisticated older woman who also loves sports!

For some other great cities to find cougars check out these:

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