10 Fantastic Bars and Places To Meet Cougars In Toronto in 2019

The type of cougars in Toronto you can find at our locationsIf you are interested in dating cougars in Toronto you are in luck. We have put in the time to find the best places around to meet them to save you a ton of time.

Home to a bustling daytime and happening nightlife with some great cougar bars your odds are great in the right places.

Here are our favorites spots.

Where You Can Find Cougars in Toronto

Our team of experts did the hard work for you. The ball is in your court now.

Find a fit cougar at LA Fitness

LA Fitness is the epitome of upscale gyms, meaning that they’re just crawling with cougars.

With 3 locations across Toronto, there’s plenty of opportunities to find yourself a fit, fun, and experienced woman.

Start up a conversation by complimenting them on their workout routine.

And then ask them how to use a piece of equipment.

They’ll be both flattered and taken in by your young, innocent charm.

Cougar Life is your best bet to find cougars in Toronto

You have probably noticed how much harder it is becoming to meet single older women in the bars and clubs.

A huge reason why is that more and more often these busy ladies are skipping the nightlife and only looking for guys online, especially younger guys.

If you don't have an online profile you are missing out big time.

There are way too many women who don't want to spend time in bars or clubs but are online for you to ignore it (you can try them for free with this offer).

The top rated site for the past several years in our annual review of the best websites for dating older women in Canada, you can't beat Cougar Life.

Online dating takes the annoying hassle out of everything.

For instance, you don’t need to ponder whether or not a mature lady is looking for younger men.

And if it doesn’t work out with one, there’s still a list of hundreds to go back to!

Even if you’d prefer to hit the streets for a real-life experience, having a Cougar Life profile will broaden your options substantially.

The Queen and Beaver is a great cougar bar 

The Queen and Beaver has been described as “the city’s best-sophisticated pub experience”.

And with a relaxed décor of dark wood, warm fireplaces, lush carpets, and Queen Elizabeth portraits, we full-heartedly agree.

Hidden behind the walls of a Victorian home in the depths of the Yorkville neighborhood, it’s a favorite eatery for cougars in Toronto.

Not to mention, a menu of quality British cuisine prepared from scratch never fails to get their appetites going.

Mingle with cougars on one of the two patios or under a flat-screen TV playing sports.

Pickings are far from slim, and the possibilities are endless.

The easiest place to find someone to fool around with is  Adult FriendFinder

Looking around it seems like there are attractive cougars in Toronto just about everywhere you look. The trouble is it can be really hard to actually strike up a conversation with as well as get a feel for what they are looking for. You don't want to spend all your time on cougars who are only interested in sex after marriage if you just want some fun tonight.

Adult FriendFinder has solved both of those problems for us. This is a site that is solely focused on helping people connect for no-strings sex. It's like Tinder without all the flaky girls only there for attention and a LOT more cougars.

This is the site you need to try if you are thinking about trying one. When it comes to success for average guys nothing else we have seen really comes close. There are no guarantees (any site that does that is a scam) but we have seen the best results from AFF and think you will as well.

It is well worth any guys time to spend a few minutes setting up a free profile and checking out the options you have in your area. The women who are most motivated to actually meet up tend to use this site so you won’t run into many fake profiles or women just looking to collect compliments from guys.

Finding cougars on Tinder is painful these days. Very few women over 30 are using it and the best looking 10% of guys are getting about 90% of the attention from women. Not a great experience for normal looking dudes like us.

Adult FriendFinder has been way easier to actually get results with for us. A big reason why is that it isn't purely headshot focused. You have a full profile that women read so they can see all you have to offer before making a decision.

We could talk about them for way longer but you should just check them out for free and see how it works out for yourself. You have nothing to lose and a lot of fun to gain.

Find a health-conscious cougar at Healthy Island Health Food Store

This bright and spacious organic grocer does a great job of attracting slim and fit cougars in Toronto.

A hefty price tag on produce means that only cougars who are wealthy and sophisticated shop here.

There is plenty of room to start a conversation as well.

CD image

Simply inquire about a product they pick up.

“Is that any good?”

Or if you really want to woo them: “Do you know if that’s locally grown?”

Find a fun and young cougar at Switch Nightclub

Switch Nightclub is a newly renovated venue which caters only to those 25 and over.

That being said, it’s absolutely flooded with mature women.

They have a “stylish” dress code in place, meaning that only women of class and sophistication will be let in.

Ahem, cougars.

The dance floor offers prime opportunity to mingle and blow of some steam.

And the lounge is great for getting to know people in a more intimate setting.

You also don’t have to worry much about competition.

Most men your age will be dancing with a sloppy young girl elsewhere.

Good thing you know better.

Find a classy cougar bar at Blu Ristorante

Close to some of Toronto’s finest designer stores, Blu Ristorante offers cougars the perfect place to wind down after a day of shopping.

It’s dark and romantic yet open and inviting.

So it’s perfect for impressing a cougar with an elaborate date.

Or mingling and meeting with new cougars.

Beyondages.com video course

Italian cuisine is accompanied by an extensive wine menu.

And the live music creates a sociable yet intimate setting.

As a side note, this place is super elegant, so make sure you come wearing a suit and tie.

No classy cougar falls for a fool.

Find a fun cougar at Crocodile Rock

Based on the name, you probably picture this pub to be full of retro memorabilia and rockin’ tunes of decades past.

And you’re absolutely right!

The Crocodile Rock is a popular place for people to unwind after work, and especially cougars.

The retro theme does a good job of drawing them in.

And the pub grub and drinks give them a reason to stay.

Nostalgic moods provoked by the theme make them want to take a young man home with them.

Insiders claim the cougars here are fierce, often making the first move by buying fresh-faced men drinks.

So if you’re looking to be treated for a change, Crocodile Rock is worth the visit.

Find more fun cougars at Cadillac Lounge

Like the Crocodile Rock, cougars also fancy the Cadillac Lounge for its retro theme.

This place, however, also hosts leopard print seats and live music.

An unpretentious atmosphere will keep your evening fun.

While the extensive beer and wine menu offers tons of opportunity for sparks to fly.

Like the Crocodile Rock, the retro theme makes cougars want to bring a fresh-faced man home with them.

You could be next.

Find an elegant cougar at Wine Country Merchants

Located in the St. Lawrence Market, Wine Country Merchants is the ideal spot to seek out elegant cougars with a side of urban ruggedness.

With an extensive collection of wine and a generous helping of free samples, conversation is easy to come by.

You can catch the attention of wine-loving cougars by asking the salesperson expert questions.

“Where is the vineyard of this wine located?”

Or “What kind of grapes were used to make this wine?” will make you look like a seasoned wine connoisseur.

The cougars might even want to bring you home for a tasting, too.

Find a tasteful cougar at Marni Wasserman's Food Studio and Lifestyle Shop

Marni Wasserman is quite attractive herself.

And she attracts mature women of similar characteristics.

At Marni’s Food Studio and Lifestyle Shop you can roam her aisles of organics for cougars.

Or better yet, take a cooking class to up your chances of meeting one.

The fun, fresh, and healthy environment is perfect for sparking new flames.

Not to mention, you get to bring home cooking tips to impress future cougar friends.

It’s two for the price of one.

A real win-win situation.

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