17 Of The Best Bars and Places To Find Single Cougars In Wichita in 2023

A couple of cougars in Wichita stretching out

Finding cougars in Wichita has never been easier! Locals know that our city is a bright and bustling city full of possibilities when you’re looking for hot mature women. We’re the biggest city in Kansas and that means we’ve got lots of hangout spots for singles.

From great cougar bars to amazing yoga studios thriving with sexy older women, Wichita is a perfect cougar hunting ground. Here you will find yourself in the midst of high-end grocery stores and big shopping malls like Towne East Square. All of which is a lush resource of hot, single cougars.

The mature ladies enjoy the vibrant online dating scene, the exciting nightlife and the rich culture and history that Wichita offers. There’s simply lots to see and do when you’re in our city!

Below are some of our suggestions for the best spots to find Wichita cougars. Give them a shot and let us know how your experience went in the comments below.

Cougars in Wichita Love These Places

If you’ve ever wondered where cougars have fun in Wichita, we’ve made things easier for you with these top cougar spots. We’ve included tips and tricks on how you can go about our city. Hopefully, this comprehensive list will help you meet a fine array of single older women:

Cougar shopping and jogging at the Bradley Fair Shopping Center

Go shopping with hot ladies at Bradley Fair


Visit our city’s premier lifestyle center with over 50 specialty stores and restaurants. It’s an open-air mall with lots of choices for shopping and dining. It’s no wonder this is a go-to place for cougars in Wichita.

With its convenient location and great ambiance, many singles abound the area to enjoy and strut their stuff. Witness some sultry Wichita cougars shop for their lingerie at Victoria’s Secret or see them in coffee shops like Cocoa Dolce. There’s also a big pond where you can not only relax but also enjoy watching cougars jog around the area.

Aside from the fresh air, there are also summer concerts and holiday horse-drawn carriage rides. So if you’re looking for music-loving and evocative older women, check this place out!

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Not all cougars have the patience to beat around the bush when it comes to some sexy business. As such, when cougars in Wichita are looking for a guy to fool around with, you need to be there. This can mean three things. You need to either spend time in the places on our list, use the apps cougars are using, or both.

If you’re smart, you’ll go with the last option. This means you need to be in the places on our list and be on AFF. Many apps claim to help you meet cougars for some bedroom fun but only AFF delivers!

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In our experience, most guys are going to get the most remarkable results meeting single cougars who aren't looking for a commitment using AFF.

Give yourself as many options as possible. If you want to be consistently successful in meeting cougars and taking them to bed, AFF is for you. It has over 60 million active members, which is a whole lot of options.

Check them out using the links above and see what we’re talking about. You will be able to see all the cougars in Wichita that you have been missing out on. Send them a quick message and take it from there.

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Go to Clifton Square to find beautiful, romantic cougars

Go to Clifton Square to find beautiful, romantic women


From its aesthetic brick walkways to local businesses within historic homes, the charm of Clifton Square attracts a lot of cougars that live near you. It houses homegrown restaurants, gift stores and even a gluten-free bakery for health-conscious cougars. Don’t worry, though. There’s also the Dempsey’s Burger Pub for not-so-health-conscious older women who want to enjoy some draft beer and delicious burgers.

The cougar grounds doesn’t just stop there, however. More than these, there’s also a great hair salon with day spa just right next to Clifton Square. This is a popular pamper place for cougars who want to feel and look great at the same time. A cold-pressed juice store adorably-housed in a “hobbit hole” is also on the side street. Watch Wichita cougars come in groups as they have their chitchats and regular catch-up sessions.

We’ve great success meeting cougars in Wichita who want long-term relationships using eHarmony (which has a great trial)

Homepage for EHHave you ever wondered where all of the cougars are hanging out? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re not alone. Single older women tend to lead busy career and social lives, so it’s not often you’ll find them just sitting around the local bar waiting to meet guys. They do, however, make the time to look online as this tends to be the quickest and easiest way to meet men.

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One of the reasons eHarmony is so effective is that the signup process is a bit more involved than it is on other sites. Sure, it takes a bit of time to set up, but it also makes the site a very effective matchmaking tool, unlike apps such as Tinder where members can get away with ONLY posting a few selfies if they want.

We've tried all the top sites and apps out there and nothing comes close to eHarmony if you want to meet single cougars who want to do more than just talk!

With eHarmony, the detailed profiles allow the site to do the matching FOR you based on criteria you’ve selected and compatible personality traits. This means the women you match with will likely share plenty in common with you, too. It also helps to weed out the ones who are only mildly curious because they’re far less likely to get to the end of the member questionnaires.

eHarmony has been going strong for almost twenty years and has over 33 million active members. They’re also responsible for 15 million matches per day, and an impressive 75% of ALL marriages that start online start on the site! You won’t find numbers or stats that can even touch this anywhere else.

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Dockum for a night of cool speakeasy vibes

Dockum for a night of cool speakeasy vibes with gorgeous women


This awesome place is among Wichita locals’ favorites. From its relaxing ambiance to the wide variety of signature drinks, it makes for a great nightlife spot. It has a dim, inviting atmosphere with a distinct 1920s feel that gives it a distinct speakeasy vibe.

Cougar dating promo

Meet seductive cougars in Wichita who are out for some “illegal drinking” with young men like you. Try their Old Smoking Cody, one of their most popular drinks. It includes a souvenir bottle as well. Drinks can go from $8 to $15, so if you’re willing to splurge on your cougar hunting, this is the place to be.

And did we mention that this is located at the basement level of the Ambassador Hotel? If you get lucky, you might not only be enjoying premium drinks with a hot Wichita cougar. You might also be able to “take it up” a notch with her.

Find some good wines and good company at Wine Dive

Find some good wines and the company of mature women at Wine Dive


If you’re looking for a fun and classy gal, Wine Dive is where you may find her. With a great selection of wines and cocktails, it’s a popular cougar hunting ground.

Wine dive is a favorite among cougars in Wichita. The staff is incredible and they’re well-trained when it comes to their wines. Try their Dive Burger, which is made with gourmet beef mixed with bacon and topped with savory Gruyère cheese. The whole thing is juicy and melts in your mouth. It might be one of the best burgers you’ll ever taste.

Aside from the food and wine, the cozy atmosphere is also just as inviting. You can sit on their patio if you just want to relax, drink some wine and watch the gorgeous Wichita sunset. Strike up a conversation with an attractive older lady while the booze flows freely. Spend the evening with an incredibly hot cougar and who knows where the night will lead.

The Apps Dating Coaches Recommend Most To Meet Cougars

More and more older women are only using apps and sites to meet guys, especially younger guys. You need to be on at least one or two apps now if you want to get the best results you can. These are the apps that give normal guys the best success meeting cougars:

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  • Over 60 million active members
  • Not good for long-term relationships
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Genesis Health Clubs for flirty fitness with cougars

Genesis Health Clubs for flirty fitness with fit women


As we’ve said, cougars take extra measures to stay in shape. Cougars in Wichita are no different. They work out to maintain those voluptuous curves, so you’ll find plenty of them hitting the gym. If you want to meet a fit cougar, try the Genesis Health Clubs. They have six gyms in Wichita, so check out which one is closest to you.

Yeah, you do have to sign up to get in, but cougars like cubs with muscles too. Impress a cougar and get a membership. It’s not only about finding a cougar hunting ground, you also need to take care of yourself. So, hit the gym and work on those guns. Show those cougars what you’ve got. Abs aren’t such a bad idea regardless!

Have some great food and good times at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Have some great food and good time at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse


Cougars in Wichita love going out for some great food. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is a perfect mix of classy and pub-like. There is a wonderful selection of draft and bottled beer here. Plus, you can’t go wrong with their pizza. This fun venue is great if you are looking to fuel up and kick back with some drinks. This can also work as a starter place for a night of partying with some local cougars.

There is also a cool patio, which is a great space for socializing. Drop by and find cougars eating here or hanging out in the bar. Get your drinks ready and prepare your best pick-up lines. Go for a cool and casual approach and you could do well here.

Visit Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar for a smooth and seductive atmosphere

Visit Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar for a smooth and seductive atmosphere


If you’re looking for some of the classiest cougars in Wichita, then we suggest you go to Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar. Cougars come here for the great atmosphere and the drinks. Everyone knows that cougars love a Martini and this is just what this place brings. It has a great selection of liquor, a heated outdoor patio and all-round good service. If you’re visiting for the first time, you might be surprised at how busy the place can be. That’s how popular Mort’s is.

This is the only bar in Old Town that offers music seven days a week. They even have trivia nights every week. It’s no wonder Wichita cougars go to this place consistently!

Course promo

The Anchor for a fun crowd and cocktails

This is another local favorite in the city. The Anchor’s beer list is one of the best in the city. It’s pretty reliable in terms of great cocktails and a solid menu. Cougars come here to sip on Mojitos and relax with friends. The place also has very friendly staff and a fun atmosphere. It’s simply a great hang out spot that stays open later than other restaurants.

Find cougars hanging out and having a great time over beer on taps. With the fun vibe, you’re sure to have a chance to strike up a conversation. It’s a great place to head to any day of the week. See for yourself why it’s considered a Wichita staple for cougars.

Go to parks to find Wichita cougars who love the outdoors

If you’re an outdoorsy type of guy, you might be looking for someone who also loves the outdoors like you. Why not take a look at some of the local parks? You’re sure to spot a fit and sporty cougar in the area. Schweiter Park and Chisholm Creek Park are both great places to start with. You’ll find cougars during the day since they’re renowned places for seeing the Wichita outdoors.

Cougars will most likely be out jogging or exercising their much-loved pets. Take a trip here and see the scene for yourself. To make a good impression, make sure you are giving off a dog-loving vibe. If you do well, maybe next time you’ll be jogging with a hot cougar or walking their dog with them.

Try Whole Foods for cougar hunting in daylight hours

As most cougars are concerned about maintaining their figure, you can find them at organic stores like Whole Foods. Many cougars in Wichita come here to do their weekly shopping during the day. They go back to Whole Foods for their wide selection of healthy foods. So if you’re interested in a quick glimpse of the cougar scene in Wichita, you might want to drop by.  It is a good place to strike up a friendly conversation and see where it leads.

Get as much Cougar charming practice in as you can in an innocent and relaxed environment like Whole Foods. You never know when you might face some serious competition, so it’s always good to refine those skills!

Single woman

The Cougar Bars in Wichita You Should Check Out

Popular bars often have ladies this beautiful

Here are our top Wichita cougar bars for you to find the sexy older woman you've been looking for.

Check out Headshots for drinks and games with local cougars

If you enjoy fun, game-themed bars, you'll enjoy Headshots. They have a wide variety of current console games available to play at various stations. You can also play traditional board games and card games at the tables. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a blast.

Don’t mistake it for only having a younger crowd, though. Despite its youthful vibe, Headshots has a great older crowd. It is also exactly because of its youthful vibe that cougars come here. They are also on the hunt for some cubs like you. You can chat up a sexy Wichita cougar over a card game--maybe even take a loss from one of them.

We recommend going on a weekend night. The weekday crowd is more of the "young gamer" type while the weekend crowd is filled with gorgeous older women.

Enjoy good food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere at Larkspur

It's hard to tell what attracts cougars to a particular bar. Whatever it is, however, Larkspur has it. Located in historic Old Town, you will find great food, a full bar and lots of sexy older women. It’s the real deal when it comes to steaks and seafood.

The best nights at Larkspur are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in Wichita for the weekend, this is the place to be. Unfortunately, Larkspur gets a little quiet during the week. But then again, that makes approaching other patrons so much easier.

The outdoor patio is so inviting. So, if you go on a day with nice weather, make sure to take advantage of the place. Enjoy your drinks outside and strike up a conversation with a sexy older woman of your choice.

Go see why 40 Plus Lounge is one of the best cougar bars in Wichita

As much as people think bars nowadays are just for young people, 40 Plus Lounge begs to disagree. Wichita has a lot of bars, but only a few lounges have classy cougars in them. Fortunately, the 40 Plus Lounge is such a place. Located in the heart of the city, 40 Plus Lounge is, as the name suggests, a place where older people come to relax. Cougars in Wichita come here to have fun and have a more upscale experience.

When you visit 40 Plus Lounge, be sure to dress appropriately. The lounge is fairly selective. You don't want to look like a college guy who wandered into the wrong bar. Also, remember that a premium experience calls for a premium price. 40 Plus Lounge, like most similar bars, is a little on the pricey side. But that's just a small cost for the bevy of sophisticated cougars you'll meet.

Town & Country Restaurant for brunches with cougars in Wichita

If you’re not a fan of the nightlife and you want to hunt for cougars during the daytime, try Town & Country restaurant. It may not look like much on the outside, but the food is delicious. You must also note that the clientele skew toward the older side (if you know what we mean).

It's a great place to have a boozy brunch and make new acquaintances, especially with older women. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. Lots of Wichita cougars come here for their brunch. Like most brunch spots, the best days to visit are Saturday and Sunday around mid-morning.

The laid-back atmosphere and delicious food also makes it a great place to take a cougar for some morning-after brunch. Enjoy your food and get to know your date better.

Head to Scotch & Sirloin for a great steak in a nostalgic atmosphere

Scotch & Sirloin has a reputation for being a "throwback" restaurant and bar. The menu consists of traditional steakhouse offerings, but it's got something for every cougar-lover: a steady stream of sexy mature women.

As one Yelp reviewer put it, "This place is like drunk-driving a time machine.” The throwback vibe is probably why cougars in Wichita are immediately attracted to it. Scotch & Sirloin is a great place to bring a date or meet someone new- they have a full bar in a relaxed atmosphere. Plus, their prime rib is simply to-die-for!

So whether you're looking for a new cougar in your life or you've already found one, check this place out. This is one of the best cougar bars in Wichita, so you need to give it a shot.

Strut your stuff at Revolution Lounge

When it comes to cool cougar bars in Wichita, Revolution Lounge is definitely worth checking out. Our city doesn't have too many dance clubs, so cougars who want to get out, dance and come here for a night of fun. Cougars in Wichita also love their specialty Dream Sickle orange cocktail. So take note of that in case you want to buy someone a drink.

Like a lot of dance clubs, it can get pretty loud in here. It can be hard to carry on a conversation, so try to be slick if you want take her somewhere else. But if you just want to show off your moves to a sexy older woman, Revolution Lounge is definitely worth a shot.

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