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2024 Fish4Hoes Review: Our Experience After Months of Almost Daily Use

Screenshots from our review of Fish4Hoes

Fish4Hoes.com seems like such an exciting URL to anyone looking for sexual encounters with strangers. But as with many sites that have provocative names, is this site worthwhile? Well, in today’s Fish4Hoes review, we’ll be looking into reasons as to why you should or shouldn’t be using this site to arrange sexual encounters.

Fish4Hoes.com prides itself as a hookup site that will connect you with women. But this is a claim that so many sites make. So how did I check if this site actually delivers?

How we reviewed Fish4Hoes
While the name itself might make some cringe, I made sure to sign up to determine whether it’s legit or just another scam.

I created my user profile with Fish4Hoes and let it stay dormant before uploading any profile pictures or setting my preferences. This is because most dodgy sites will try and trick new account owners into thinking that other sites’ profiles are interested in them when that’s not the case.

After a week or so, I eventually added photos, more info and my preferences. I then sent over 50 pre-approved messages from our catalog to different women on the site. My aim was to set up a date or at least exchange contact information so we can meet up at a later time.

With these dating sites’ free membership, the most important features are usually unavailable, so I upgraded my account. This allowed me to test the site’s features in full without any limitation whatsoever.

Our Detailed Fish4Hoes Review

To test the legitimacy and effectiveness of any particular hookup site, we usually compare it to AFF. AFF is one the tried and tested hookup sites with a strong global presence in the world of online dating. It just makes sense that we compare every site we try to AFF.

Below is a summary of how Fish4Hoes.com stacks up against AFF.

Fish4Hoes.com logo Adult FriendFinder logo

Our team rates each site objectively based on many hours of independent research, the features each site offers, and how it compares with other sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their extensive experience.

2 9.5
Quality of Women

Our opinion of how attractive the typical woman is that uses this site and how easy they are to connect with compared to other sites.

2 9

How many people are using this site to actually meet people compared to other sites.

1 9

How easy is this site to use and how quickly can an average person begin meeting people compared to other sites.

5 10
Privacy & Safety

Does this site take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

3 10

Our opinion of how easily an average person will be able to achieve their dating goals with this site compared to other sites.

1 9

Will the time and money spent using this site pay off for an average person based on the opinions and experience of our editors.

1 10
Our Recommendation

Fish4Hoes is already a site name that’s hard to take seriously. Combine that with the fact that my experience with the site was lackluster, and that’s basically the premise of this review.

I was skeptical about this hookup site from the word go, which became apparent once I tried signing up for an account. For one, the dating site Fish4Hoes doesn’t exist as it’s more of a landing page that will redirect users to other hookup sites depending on their region. That’s how I ended up on Fuckbook.cam, a site that looks and feels similarly sketchy.

The site redirects to Fuckbook.cam

I would not recommend Fish4Hoes or any of its partner sites to anyone because you’ll just end up losing your hard-earned money to these sites. As earlier stated, there’s no way to sign up for a Fish4Hoes account. So I continued with my review according to the site that they redirected me to.

In my opinion, the site is a complete waste of time, and that’s why we do these reviews: for you to make an informed decision while looking for sites to find love or one time flings.

Spam messages after signing up

I was still on my way through the sign-up process and immediately received the first message in a pop-up banner. Doesn’t seem fishy yet? Well, of course, it wasn’t actually a message but a push notification from the site. They can be pretty pushy about getting you to sign up for a paid account!

One new message immediately after signing up

I proceeded to visit my account’s dashboard only to find even more messages from women. By this point, I hadn’t even uploaded a profile photo or anything that could attract any of these “hot women.” HUGE. RED. FLAG.

Can't read messages without a premium account

As with sites like these, I realized that I needed to pay for a membership to read these messages. This is a common tactic among less reputable sites, and Fish4Hoes is no exception.

Now here’s the kicker: the messages stopped coming in once I upgraded my account to their premium package. This was no surprise to me as I’ve seen this trick before. If you guessed the number of replies I got from the 50+ messages I had sent earlier on to be a solid zero, you are absolutely right!

Sent 50 messages, got no replies

The profiles look sketchy at best

Some sites admit to fabricating profiles to entice and entertain users. Fish4Hoes doesn’t do that. . . at least, that’s what they claim in their terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions

But after performing a reverse image search on an image from a Fish4Hoes profile, I realized that most of the pictures were from around the web while others came from adult websites.

Below is one I discovered using Google’s TinyEye reverse search tool. It seems like a pretty popular photo.

Reverse image search

Other images on the site look like pictures of professional models or cam girls and not real women on the site as I encountered them a lot.

Photos don't look legit

While there isn’t much to say about Fish4Hoes’ hookup site, the terms seem straightforward to protect the end-user. There was no mention of using fake profiles to generate fake conversations, something I’ve stumbled upon more than often when interacting with sites like these.

However, we could give the site the benefit of the doubt by assuming that these not-so-legit-looking profiles were created by other users. But I see absolutely no reason for so many users to create a bunch of fake profiles.

One thing, though. While I was finishing up this review, I saw someone talk about current events. At least, even if it’s not the beautiful women posting stuff on the site, I can at least imagine that there’s a real person posting these status updates. That made me smile a bit, LOL.

Status update

The bottom line is that Fish4Hoes is just a way to redirect you to other sites

In a way, Fish4Hoes is a landing page that redirects users to other affiliate websites. My best guess here is that, by doing so, they get paid once members purchase premium memberships on these sites, which is a very dubious way of doing business if you ask me. This is after promising people that they’ll meet other people who want to meet up for sex. But in truth, you’ll just end up wasting your time and money.

Now keep in mind that Fish4Hoes might have been a “dating site” in its own right at some point in the past. But it might have been transformed into a site to get other people to sign up to other sites in the same network. There’s really no way to know if it was once a site that actually helped people hook up.

If you really want to meet women who want to get laid, use AFF instead

I know I’ve been pretty harsh in this Fish4Hoes review. But I firmly believe people looking for hookups, friends with benefits and casual flings deserve a trustworthy site. This is why I think you’re better off using AFF.

AFF is your best bet since it’s used on a global scale by the vast majority of people from different countries looking for sex. No matter what city you’re from, you’ll probably find a few people near you on AFF.

Fish4Hoes doesn’t come close to offering the real value and effectiveness AFF have to the community looking for hookups with no strings attached. Honestly speaking, forget about Fish4Hoes and try out AFF as you’ll meet real women in your local area. You can filter by your preferences, engage in video calls and arrange a meetup almost immediately. This is only made easier by the fact that AFF has a free trial. You have no reason not to at least try it!

Pros and cons of Fish4Hoes.com

I was skeptical about this site. However, trying it out revealed both positive and negative things through my journey in preparing this review.

  • The site’s design is not outdated but fresh-looking.
  • No use of computer-generated profiles as per their terms
  • No real dating site known as Fish4Hoes exists
  • Spam messages upon registration
  • They share personal information across member sites
  • No special features compared to other reputable sites

The design is sleek to some extent

While I won’t expect Fish4Hoes.com to win a beauty pageant when it comes to its sleek design, the site looks modern when compared to many other hookup sites I’ve been to. It was easy for me to navigate point A to point B while enjoying the process because it doesn’t have a cluttered design like other sites.

Site design looks pretty modern

On the flip side, Fish4Hoes’ decent design might convince unsuspecting users that it’s a legit site. Let me make it clear that this site isn’t any good.

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Explicit ads left and right

Explicit banner

To support their services, Fish4Hoes is all about advertising other sites to make money through the sales made by the people they’ve referred to. You’ll find so many variations of porn ads littered all over the site that it’s jarring!

Explicit ads

The site prices are pretty typical

With no surprises as they claim, Fish4Hoes pricing comes in monthly and quarterly tiers with the most prolonged period offering the most significant discounts on a month-to-month basis.

Membership prices

One month: $29.95 per month

Quarterly (three months): $14.95 per month ($44.85 total)

Fish4Hoes does offer refunds according to their policy, but this is to their absolute discretion. Luckily, it doesn’t look that hard to cancel your membership.

Fish4Hoes Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick summary of the questions asked around the web about Fish4Hoes and their most accurate answers to get you started in familiarizing yourself with the site.

What is Fish4Hoes?

Fish4Hoes claims to be an online hookup site that promises to connect men to young and hot women. But that’s far from the truth, according to what I was able to find out. Visitors get redirected to other hookup sites, depending on their location. Depending on your location, it’s either Fuckbook or Together2Night.

Who actually owns Fish4Hoes.com?

Fish4Hoes.com doesn’t indicate who owns the site. However, the site it redirects to is owned and operated by Apricot Digitals LLC.

How can I contact Fish 4 Hoes?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to contact Fish 4 Hoes without being redirected to another site called Together2Night. You may contact them via email at [email protected] or by phone at +18888844887.

Is Fish4Hoes real?

No, not really. Fish4Hoes isn’t a real site. It’s more of a jumping-off point to other sites that are just as questionable.

Is Fish4Hoes.com legit?

Based on my extensive research and stay on the site, I hate to disappoint many, but Fish4Hoes.com isn’t legitimate. It’s a total waste of time.

Is Fish 4 Hoes a scam or fake?

Fish 4 Hoes is extremely suspicious. From redirecting you to other sites to Google actually warning you that the site isn’t secure, there’s no reason for you to want to even visit this site.

Is Fish4Hoes safe?

No, Fish4Hoes isn’t safe at all.

What are Fish4Hoes.com alternatives?

You can use the list of our favorite hookup sites and apps that will provide real value to your search for sexual encounters. They’re leaps and bounds better than Fish4Hoes.com.

How does Fish 4 Hoes work?

In a way, it doesn’t. Fish 4 Hoes doesn’t really work. Instead, if you try to create an account on the site, you get directed to a different site.

Is there a Fish4Hoes app?

No, Fish4Hoes doesn’t have an app.

How much does Fish4Hoes.com cost?

Together2Night, the site Fish4Hoes.com redirects to, has two price tiers:

  • One month: $29.95 per month
  • Quarterly (three months): $14.95 per month ($44.85 total)

How can you use Fish 4 Hoes for free?

You can’t really use Fish 4 Hoes at all. Instead, you’re redirected to a different site.

Can you send messages for free on Fish4Hoes?

No, even if you could create a Fish4Hoes account, you’d still need a paid account to send messages.

How do you cancel your Fish4Hoes.com membership?

If you want to pause your Fish4Hoes.com membership but not get rid of the account entirely, contact the support team. They’ll help you cancel your subscription without losing your premium privileges of the package you previously purchased.

However, you should cancel your subscription 24 hours before the next billing cycle to avoid recurring billing for the next month.

How do you delete your Fish4Hoes.com account?

  • Once logged in to your user account, click on the menu bar found on the site’s top-left side
  • Click on “Account”
  • Enter the code provided in the captcha and confirm your request for deleting the account

How to delete your account

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