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These Are The 25 BestSpots to Find Indiana Hookups You Should Try in 2024

Friends looking for Indiana hookups at a festival

Basketball, bourbon, and beautiful women looking for hookups in Indiana: what's not to love about our gorgeous state? While some people may think that Indiana is "boring" compared to bustling states like California and New York, it's got a lot of charm that no other state has. And that applies both to the natural scenery, the friendly folks, and of course, the ladies.

In Indiana, you'll mostly find people who are open to a little conversation, especially since it's ranked as one of the friendliest states in the US. That's just par for the course for states without gigantic metropolitan areas. People are just more laid back and open to talk to almost anyone. This makes it so much easier to hook up since breaking the ice isn't that hard.

So where should you go and how should you approach? Here's our list of spots where you can find Indiana hookups no matter which city you're in.

By the way, if you're looking to meet women in the capital, check out our guide on how to find hookups in Indianapolis.

Our Favorite Place to Find Indiana Hookups

Today, we'll narrow our focus to Indiana's other five big cities which are: Evansville, South Bend, Carmel, Fishers, and Bloomington. But first, let's kick off this post with our absolute favorite spot for finding hookups in Indiana:

State parks are basically a state pastime

Indiana is home to a variety of state parks where you can bask in the sun, get some fresh air, and meet new people. These parks often have meetup groups where you can join others on hikes, camping trips, and other outdoorsy activities. women adore these parks because it gives them a chance to unwind and just relax. When they can escape all the things that stress them out, they're more likely to be friendly and open to a little romantic rendezvous.

Fort Harrison, Versailles, Brown County, and Leonard Springs are just some of the state parks you can check out. They are absolutely worth the drive because of the beautiful scenery. But more than that, you can get to spend some time meeting and mingling with some outdoorsy women.

AFF continues to be the best Indiana hookup site (try it free here)

Finding hookups in real life isn’t always a practical option. Getting all dressed up and going out to approach women is a skill that some guys simply need to improve on. So if your approach isn’t always great, why not try AFF? AFF is the top site for meeting singles who just want to hook up (especially if you're not super handsome). Use the site’s filters, chat up some users and you should be able to set up a date in no time.

There just isn’t an easier way to meet hookups than AFF (which also has a great free trial). With a state as large as Indiana you need to be on at least one hookup app if you want to get good results regardless of where you live (they work in the city as well as the country). We’ve tried and tested over 100 different options in our review of the best hookup apps and AFF has consistently been #1 for most guys.

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If you haven't had much luck meeting girls who are just looking to hook up you really need to check out AFF's free trial ASAP. When it comes to actually delivering and helping guys meet girls just looking to fool around we haven't found anything else better (even after trying out 100+ of them). Check them out for free!

Tinder is full of women looking to hook up

Tinder landing page

Granted, Tinder has a mix of women who want to hook up and women who prefer to be in a long-term relationship. But with so many women on Tinder, it's not that hard to find one who's looking for hookups in Indiana. No matter which city you're in, you'll be greeted with a steady stream of women who are looking for their ideal match.

Just keep in mind that competition on Tinder is pretty fierce. Most women will only swipe right on guys who really catch their attention (i.e. six-pack abs, a jawline that can cut through glass, a bio that will make her laugh out loud). So if you want to use Tinder to find Indiana hookups, you better step up your game. Take good photos, craft a bio that will make them swoon, and, if you're up for it, pay for a few boosts to make sure you get their attention.

Where to Find Hookups in Fort Wayne

Partying at Flashback Live, Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is a big city full of career-driven singles who aren't looking to settle down and start a family. That makes finding Fort Wayne hookups a breeze. The great thing is that you get the big city vibe combined with Midwestern friendliness--the perfect recipe for approaching women to hook up. Once you clock out for the day, there are lots of amazing spots where you can find women who just want no-strings-attached fun. Here are some of the spots we recommend:

Where to Find Hookups in Evansville

College students drinking at Bud's Rockin' Country Bar Evansville

Evansville is Indiana's biggest and most populated city outside the big two (Indianapolis and Fort Wayne). Located on the banks of the Ohio River, The Ville has so many attractions both historical and dating-wise. It's also home to Evansville which is one of the state's best party schools. If you're looking for hookups in Evansville, these are the places you should stick to:

Where to Find Hookups in South Bend

A rap performance at The Garage Arcade Bar South Bend

Hosting the boys-only, Catholic University of Notre Damme still brings in a lot of feet to Indiana's fourth-largest city in addition to its 100k residents. Located on the banks of St. Joseph River, South Bend has a few things to offer in terms of fun, including Notre Damme Stadium, a few good nearby beaches, and some good bars and clubs in downtown South Bend, including these ones:

Where to Find Hookups in Carmel

The Palladium at Carmel

Carmel is a small, beautiful city that is just 30 minutes outside Indianapolis. Talking about the quality of living, Carmel is one of the best places to live in Indiana with its friendly residents and many trails and green areas.

With a car in hand, you can enjoy the perks of living in Carmel while expanding your dating options to include Indianapolis. However, that doesn't mean you can't have fun in Carmel. There are a few cool places you can hit to find Carmel hookups, including these ones:

Where to Find Hookups in Fishers

Regular patrons at Parks Place Pub Fishers

Despite being small, Fishers is one of the fastest-growing cities in Indiana to the degree it was called the best place to live in the U.S. in 2017. Even though hookups in Fishers aren't guaranteed, you can still find some luck thanks to the many investments pouring into the city that made it attract thousands of newcomers each year. Plus, you can always try your luck in one of these venues:

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