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The 27 Proven Ways to Find Hookups in Kentucky Near Your City in 2024

A sexy woman hoping to find Kentucky hookups at a park

Where are the best places in your town to pick up women? Can you think of a few? Lots of guys, when they’re looking for hookups in Kentucky, have their favorite bar or dance club. And if that spot is working for you, then great. Don’t fix what’s not broken. But for you other guys who’ve hit a dry spell, it’s time to expand your search.

To get laid in Kentucky, the most important rule is that you’ve got to go where the women are. Sure, bars and clubs are reliable standbys. But did you know you can be just as successful at gyms, coffee shops, and music festivals? Don’t forget the tourist spots, including hotel bars. They’re great ways to meet women open to one-night stands.

If you’ve been struggling to find Kentucky hookups, this article is for you. In a couple of other articles (linked below), we’ve covered the state’s biggest cities. For those of you in other towns, though, this article will have some great localized tips. So, keep on reading.


Lexington Fayette

Our Favorite Place to Find Hookups in Kentucky

If you live around Bowling Green or Covington, we’ve got some excellent tips below. Before we get there, though, here are some useful, generalized ideas for getting laid in Kentucky.

Dance studios will let you meet women while learning to dance

We’ll admit it, we’re not exactly Fred Astaire on the dance floor. We have a few go-to moves, but we are well aware we aren’t blowing anyone away. You know what, though? It doesn’t matter. Women love it when a guy isn’t self-conscious and just has a good time dancing. And there’s no better place to get over shy feet than a dance studio.

Dance studios that offer adult dance classes are great for meeting women for two reasons. Firstly, dance classes tend to draw more girls than guys, so the odds are in your favor. You’ll often get paired up with random women, which is fun. And secondly, after you’ve taken a few classes, you’ll feel far more confident at the club. You’ll be approaching women left and right.

That’s why we say if you’re hoping to find more Kentucky hookups, try a dance class. It’s a fun, low-pressure situation where you get the chance to be surrounded by women. What could be better than that?

AFF continues to be the best Kentucky hookup site (try it free here)

When you're looking for hookups, you need to use at least one app or site. While going to bars, coffee shops and other venues might work, looking online is still the most cost-effective technique for hooking up. So instead of spending on drinks and trying to meet women, you can sit back and browse through hundreds of profiles a day on AFF. It's one of the top sites in the world where you can easily meet women who are also down to hook up.

There just isn’t an easier way to meet hookups than AFF (which also has a great free trial). With a state as large as Kentucky you need to be on at least one hookup app if you want to get good results regardless of where you live (they work in the city as well as the country). We’ve tried and tested over 100 different options in our review of the best hookup apps and AFF has consistently been #1 for most guys.

Try AFF For Free!
If you haven't had much luck meeting girls who are just looking to hook up you really need to check out AFF's free trial ASAP. When it comes to actually delivering and helping guys meet girls just looking to fool around we haven't found anything else better (even after trying out 100+ of them). Check them out for free!

Tinder can also work if you're pretty good looking

Landing page of Tinder

A little over a decade ago, finding hookups in Kentucky got a whole lot easier. That’s when Tinder came on the scene. Suddenly there was an app that presented miles and miles of beautiful women, most of them looking to get laid. It seemed like it was too good to be true. But 10 years on, Tinder remains a casual fun bonanza.

Alright, so we’ll admit it, Tinder isn’t for everyone. People in their 20s tend to have the most success, and it especially helps if they’re really good-looking. Average-looking Joes who are well into their 30s (or later) don’t have as much luck. But, hey, there are other apps out there (like AFF). For you young studs, though, Tinder is the only wingman you’ll ever need.

We would bet good money that with those tips, you’ll be finding hookups in Kentucky far more often. Don’t go anywhere just yet, though, because we’ve still got tips for specific cities throughout the state. These are the best local spots for meeting women.

Where to Find Hookups in Bowling Green

The Kentucky Grand Hotel Bowling Green

Somewhere between a major metropolis and a small town is Bowling Green. This city can party hard on the weekends or go for a quiet nature hike. Which is to say, it’s got something for everyone while never feeling overcrowded. That means, though, if you want to meet ladies, you need to know the right spots. Here’s where we find hookups in Bowling Green:

Where to Find Hookups in Owensboro

Owensboro Kentucky

There aren’t many places where we’d say a barbecue festival is a great place to meet women. But there aren’t many fests like Owensboro’s. The world-renowned annual block party mixes great food, fun music, and big crowds. It’s a great place to meet tourists for one-night stands. Here are a few other top choices for finding hookups in Owensboro:

Where to Find Hookups in Covington

The Movement Studio Covington

Kentucky’s other other city on the Ohio River, Covington is the state’s charming gateway to the North. While lots of locals insist you have to cross to Cincinnati for a good night out, we wholeheartedly disagree. There’s plenty of fun to be had here, especially with so many lovely ladies. Here’s where to go for the best hookups in Covington:

Where to Find Hookups in Georgetown

Far Out Espresso Georgetown

Thanks to both Georgetown College and its manufacturing industry, Georgetown has been steadily growing. At its heart, though, it’s still a village that feels safe and homey. But don’t think that means you have to go to Lexington for a good time. Not at all. Here are our top choices for places to find hookups in Georgetown:

Where to Find Hookups in Richmond

Water Main Richmond Kentucky

Like Georgetown, Richmond is a small town that’s been seeing its population grow as Lexington expands outward. One facet that helps set it apart (and makes it great for meeting girls) is Eastern Kentucky University. Thankfully, the college crowd is always up for a bit of casual sex. Here’s where you can meet women of all ages for hookups in Richmond:

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