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The Best Spots for Lexington Fayette Hookups in 2024 (Our Favorites)

Friends partying as they look for Lexington Fayette hookups

I've spent a good amount of time in Lexington, and I know firsthand that finding the right spots for hookups can be quite a task in a city of over 325,000 people. Let me tell you, I've had my fair share of experiences, both good and bad. But worry not, I've put together this guide to save you from the wasted time, energy, and cash I've been through.

Fortunately, I put together a list of the best hookup options to give you the best chances of finding success. My recommendations work for anyone from Chevy Chase to Winburn and even out to Georgetown. You don't need to be a University of Kentucky graduate to realize that taking some expert advice will only help you get laid in Lexington Fayette. I'd even venture to say that even if you're new to the city (as I once was), you can still find some stellar hookups here without too much effort!

Take a look at our list of the best options in our city! Do let us know if you have any success in these spots by dropping a comment below!

Our favorite spots to find Lexington Fayette hookups

Having the ability to hook up anyone, anytime, anywhere is an amazing skill. If you are a bit rusty in this department and need some practice, I've got you covered with our complete video series on meeting and attracting women. Check out our tutorial right before you head to the spots where you can get laid in Lexington Fayette.

Before I recommend a venue, I make sure I've been there multiple times, and I've had some success in the area. I believe in hands-on experience, and I wouldn't recommend a place to you that I wouldn't go to myself. So, let's dive into some of the best Lexington hookup spots where I've had memorable experiences.

McCarthy's Irish Bar is where the singles are at

McCarthy's Irish Bar is where the singles looking for Lexington Fayette hookups are at


One of my all-time favorite spots for Lexington hookups is McCarthy's Irish Bar. Situated on South Upper Street, this downtown gem has everything you could ask for in a hookup bar. I once walked into McCarthy's on a Saturday night, and the place was buzzing with energy. I instantly knew that this unassuming little bar would be one of the highlights of my stay in Lexington. Here's something I usually do if I want to get laid in Lexington: show up on game day wearing the right colors and you'll have women drawn to you.
What I love about McCarthy's is its college bar vibe, perfect for mingling with the younger crowd. And let's not forget their $3 drink specials; it's easy on the wallet but doesn't compromise on the fun. They close at 2:30 a.m., giving you ample time to meet some sexy singles and, well, get lucky in Lexington Fayette.

AFF the Lexington Fayette hookup option that will work for literally anyone!

When it comes to online options, I've explored quite a few, and one that stands out is AFF. Unlike some sites that focus solely on looks, AFF is all about letting you be yourself. I've personally found it to be one of the most popular hookup platforms in Lexington Fayette, and maybe even all of Kentucky.
Here's why I recommend it: AFF has been around for ages, and it caters to both men and women. With a massive user base of over 90 million, you're bound to find some of the best Lexington Fayette hookups here. So, give AFF a shot and unlock a world of singles looking for the same sexy fun as you.

There are very few quality options when it comes to online options and AFF is in that rare group. A group of platforms that are useful to BOTH men and women. If you are thinking about trying out one option, it should be this one. It’s easy to use, has the best results we have seen and is free to try. How can you beat that?

AFF always makes our shortlist of the best online hookup options every year. They have also been around forever so you know they get the job done. After all, a site like this won’t stick around for long if they only work for a small group of attractive people.

One of the things we love about AFF is the diversity of users. You can find all sorts of people with all sorts of preferences, types and even kinks. With a user base of over 90 million, you know that you’ll find some of the best Lexington Fayette hookups here.

Give AFF a shot, and open up a new world of singles who want the same sexy fun as you!

Try AFF For Free!
Using this link to AFF's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good-looking.

The best Lexington Fayette pickup bars we've tried

Everyone knows that bars tend to be the perfect place to get to meet single ladies. Not to mention that the bars we have for you bring a younger audience.

Lots of hot Lexington girls love to grab drinks at Campus Pub

The patio of Campus Pub


Campus Pub is your all-American college bar. This place is perfect for grabbing some good grub, watching some sports games and meeting single girls. The down-to-earth atmosphere is great for being yourself. And the carefree vibe makes it that much easier to introduce yourself to girls looking for a good time. From their shrimp platters (only $10 dollars!!!) to their nachos, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank when you head out here.

If you prefer meeting single ladies at bars, Campus Pub should be on your list. I've had some great times here, enjoying good food and drinks while striking up conversations with locals. On a budget? No worries, their reasonably priced nachos have you covered. And the bartenders? Incredibly chill and outgoing, just the way I like it.

West Sixth Brewing is a fun place to grab a beer and mingle with single girls

Enjoying the weather in the patio of West Sixth Brewing


If you're into craft beers, like me, West Sixth Brewing is the place to be. The staff here goes above and beyond to ensure you get the exact beer you want. No matter what your preferred taste is, the bar staff at West Sixth goes out of their way to ensure you get the exact type of beer you want. The atmosphere is very much “casual beer hall,” along with an adjoining restaurant if you’re in the mood to eat. I even managed to meet plenty of new people who were down to join tables and have a fun night.

With set tables and a few lounging chairs set up, West Sixth Brewery provides the perfect laidback ambiance when it comes to meeting girls. This is the best place to pick up girls in Lexington Fayette if you prefer a smaller more reserved setting. Overall, if you’re ready to experience some of the best brewed beers you’ve ever tasted (along with a free brewery tour and cute girls) then this is the place to go.

Ona is the best bar to get laid in Lexington Fayette

Ona is the best bar to get laid in Lexington Fayette


If relationships aren’t for you, then Ona will be your perfect go-to hookup spot. Ona is for the single who is ready to mingle. Situated in a brick building with an old-town feel, this place will put you right in the mood for some seduction. It's small, intimate, and cozy. It's what I'd call the perfect venue for a lowkey hookup at a high-class place. But don't worry because none of the women I've ever met here were snooty or standoffish. But they were definitely classy.

Since the bar is so small you tend to either instantly find someone else who's looking to hookup or strike out for the night. There just aren't enough people for another option. If you like those odds check it out.

It’s always sizzling hot at Shamrock Bar and Grille

You'll find sizzling hot Lexington Fayette hookups at Shamrock Bar and Grille


Your next hookup may just start at Shamrock Bar and Grille, where it ends is entirely up to you. You’ll find a host of wines, beers and other libations here, and they’ll all get you just tipsy enough to muster up some courage to talk to anyone. Now that’s a sure ticket to finding some Lexington Fayette hook ups!

Shamrock is a friendly establishment where the staff and regulars will treat you like family. It’s easy to become a regular because you can always find a reason to drop by. And the great thing is that they’re open until 2 a.m. on weekends, so it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a night of clubbing.

Pick up more than just a coffee and a muffin at Chocolate Holler

Pick up more than just a coffee and a muffin at Chocolate Holler and get laid in Lexington Fayette


If you are looking for a caffeine fix, something a little tasty and something else on the side, then Chocolate Holler is the chocolate and coffee shop you want to go to. I know what you're thinking: "Finding hookups in a chocolate cafe is borderline impossible!" But not for me, and I'm not even underwear model material! There's just something about this spot that makes people. I'd venture to guess it's the chocolate.

See and be seen in this quaint little bar that serves beer-to-bar chocolate, delicious pastries and one of the city’s best iced chocolates. If you want to meet up with someone you met on the best hookup apps in Richmond, this spot may be far off but it's worth the trip!

Everyone knows that chocolates are a great aphrodisiac. That’s why even though this cafe doesn’t serve alcohol, you will still find someone who’s in a naughty mood.

Honorable Mention Bars

These are other great bars for meeting girls that didn’t quite make the top of our list:

The hookup apps in Lexington dating coaches prefer

A huge number of hookups start online now. You don't have spend all day on the apps but spending 10-20 minutes a week sending messages can really pay off. These are the best hookup apps in the city right now:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

The best clubs for finding hookups in Lexington Fayette

If you’re best at making a first impression on the dance floor, then we highly recommend Lexington Fayette’s famous nightclub scene. It's a little different from the ones in Raleigh, but they're just as fun! These are just a few of our top picks that have some of the hottest girls in our city.

Soundbar is the best place to pick up girls in Lexington

Lexington Fayette girls enjoying an evening at Soundbar


If you’re looking for something a little more modern with an incredibly professional staff, Soundbar is definitely worth visiting. With loud music, an incredible DJ, and a super welcoming vibe. you’re sure to run into more than a couple of cute Lexington girls. The drink prices are reasonable and there’s a great dance floor, too. Reminds us of some amazing places where we can get laid in Winston Salem.

You’ll meet an array of hot Lexington girls who are ready to have a few drinks and share a couple of laughs with you. With such a mellow vibe, you’re destined to hit a home run with any of these girls!

Lots of sexy Lexington girls go dancing at Harvey’s Bar & Hugo’s Ultralounge

Friends grabbing drinks at Hugo's Ultralounge


Harvey’s Bar & Hugo’s Ultralounge is a lively hangout in the city. This is the best place to pick up girls in Lexington thanks to the spacious dance floor and patio. From the top-notch lighting, great music and tastefully creative drinks, Harvey’s Bar & Hugo’s Ultralounge is guaranteed to help you hit it off with a ton of sexy singles. If hookups in Charlotte seem extra hard to find, then this spot will help you get lucky!

The atmosphere is high-spirited, with good vibes all around. The staff is incredible at creating exactly the type of drink you’re looking for to help you enjoy the night. Ask any of the lovely girls for a dance to show off your moves and you’re sure to have her swooning by the end of the night!

Score a hottie at Creaux

Score a hottie at Creaux and get laid in Lexington Fayette


Creaux is a lively New Orleans-inspired bar that serves some of the city’s tastiest cocktails. From the French Martini to the Liquid Bourbon Ball, Creaux gives you so many delicious ways to get drunk. And if you want to make the most of the high-quality liquor here, drop by on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4-7 p.m. Now we all love a good hookup bar!

Of course, all this free-flowing alcohol just makes it so much easier to find ladies who are looking for a good time. When the live music’s pumping, slide a little closer to some hotties on the dance floor and who knows where the night will lead.

Honorable Mention Clubs

Here are a few other clubs that were pretty great and still worth visiting:

Best places to meet sexy Lexington Fayette girls during the day

If you're not into the bar and clubbing scene, here are some daytime hotspots where you can find hook ups in Lexington Fayette.

Common Grounds Coffee House is a great place to flirt with single cuties

Students on a coffee break at Common Grounds Coffee House


If you’re looking for somewhere quaint and quiet to meet a couple of local cuties, then go to Common Grounds Coffee House. From the chill alternative music to the reasonably priced coffee and pastries, you’re sure to meet a girl organically in a laidback setting. With the hipster-esque decor and cozy seating, you can also relax and vibe to the local musicians who often play here. I used to think this place was a dud until I ended up in a lengthy (and flirty) conversation with one of their regulars. She was into a lot of new age stuff, but I wasn't. That didn't prevent us from trying out some tantric techniques later that night, though!

Many college cuties frequent the area to read and enjoy their favorite coffee blend. Instead of screaming over loud thumping music at the downtown clubs trying to throw out your best pick up lines, a cafe gives you the perfect opportunity to walk up and start a conversation. It’ll surprise you the number of pretty girls who are open to chatting at their local coffee shop.

Tin Roof is a hidden gem amongst Lexington locals

The bohemian Tin Roof


Tin Roof is the perfect hangout if you’re looking for an easy way to introduce yourself to single girls in Lexington Fayette. Featuring tons of creative knick-knacks all across the walls, this edgy bar is the perfect place to listen to live music and enjoy American pub food. When the weather is nice, it's an absolute joy to sit outside on their outdoor seating.

Share a plate of nachos with the girl you’re eyeing across the bar and order her a drink. She’ll appreciate conversing with you over a good plate of food and listening to incredible music. Then consider the Tin Roof your next go-to on a night out.

Kentucky Native Café sets the bar high and will get you laid

Kentucky Native Café sets the bar high and will get you laid in Lexington Fayette


If you are looking for some quality singles who enjoy beer, then Kentucky Native Café is the place to be. This beautiful outdoor beer garden is a real treat for anyone who wants a cool beer to go with the nighttime breeze. This place has that romantic hippy vibe that makes it a great place for hooking up.

Find lots of parking spots at 446 East High Street and slide into this chill bar. With its summery ambiance and enough beers, you’re sure to find some hookups in Lexington Fayette here!

Other great hookup spots to get laid in Lexington Fayette

Now that we’ve covered some of our favorites, here are a few more proven places for hookups in Lexington Fayette:

Railbird Festival is the perfect event to meet lots of cute single girls

The huge turnout at the Railbird Festival


If you love large events where you get to listen to live music and participate in the spirit of Kentucky, then the Railbird Festival is the perfect festival. This is a great opportunity to meet cute girls looking for a fun time. Not only do you get to enjoy the great lineup of incredible artists, but the festival also features Railbird’s Sip and Savor in Keene Barn. Don't worry though, it's air-conditioned.

Participate in intimate culinary experiences with the many cute girls attending Railbird’s Sip and Savor. You can also taste teste different samples from world-renowned chefs. Not only does Sip & Savor feature incredible food samples, but they also have a variety of specialty cocktails and mixology demonstrations. No girl can resist good food, good music and a great time. Feel like Durham hookups are hard to come by? They're easier to find here!

Tinder is the perfect option if you’re an attractive guy

Tinder is one of the easiest dating platforms to navigate and maneuver in this day and age. You’re bound to match with a ton of single girls in Lexington Fayette. However, one of the major downsides when it comes to Tinder, is that everything happens to be based on looks. Girls on Tinder are used to fast swipes, only swiping right if you’re incredibly good-looking. I may be a self-proclaimed expert at Lexington hookups, but the competition on Tinder was stiff!

If your photos are showstopping enough to make a girl notice (or your Tinder bio is amazing), then this is a great place to meet single girls. Showcase your good looks and charisma by matching with tons of hot girls. So download Tinder today and get to swiping!

EverybodyFights Kentucky has lots of single girls who are into fitness

Fitness buffs on the elliptical machines at Everybody Fights


EverybodyFights Kentucky is an incredible gym ranging from amazing personal trainers, diverse classes and an astounding array of machinery. If you want to better yourself by getting fit, then this is the place to do it. The best part is meeting fit girls looking for guys who also share the same passion for fitness as them. Share ideas, meal plans and different techniques, all while planning your next date outside the gym.

Time to meet a new hottie at Good Foods Co-Op

Time to meet a new hottie and get laid in Lexington Fayette at Good Foods Co-Op


Good Food attracts even better singles. Who knows who you might bump into in the fruit aisle? This popular local grocery store is situated on Southland Drive and they are open every day until 10 p.m. They have a delicious selection of ready to eat meals, which could keep you going for a night out. Regardless of what time you choose to go, you should always look your best, because you never know who you may end up meeting.

Henry Clay's Public House is where lots of hook ups in Lexington Fayette happen

Henry Clay's Public House is where lots of Lexington Fayette hookups happen


This warm and inviting pub sits right in the heart of Lexington's Downtown Courthouse Entertainment District. It’s a hub for people who make drinking one of their greatest pleasures in life. When you try their Grand Marinier Smash, get ready to smash because while the drinks are strong, but they won’t interfere with your game. We've even met some hot Greensboro girls here!

One more thing we love about this hookup bar is that they have wifi. So while you’re scouting the place for your next hookup, you can also find someone from online who might want to meet you there!

Map of our favorite places to find hookups and meet girls

Since we've covered some of Lexington's best hookup spots above we wanted to put it all into a map to help you plan things out. You don't want to spend all night in one place, especially if things just aren't happening there. It helps to be able to check out a few different places in one night so you can find which one really works for you.

If you liked this check out these other great spots for hookups:

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