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5 Expert-Picked Korean Dating Sites and Apps for 2024

First date after meeting on a Korean dating site

It’s no surprise that Tinder has become a popular dating app in various countries, including Korea. However, because most Koreans distrust their safety and security on foreign apps, the locals prefer using exclusive Korean dating sites and apps.

Nevertheless, this did not stop online dating in Korea, and it continues to grow each year. And today, dating sites and apps are among the most common ways Korean singles meet their long-lasting partners.

If you’re looking to build exciting love connections online with Korean singles, you’re in luck. This guide talks about the most common Korean dating apps and sites for your matchmaking needs. And who knows, you might just find your life-long partner in one of our recommendations.

What Are the Best Dating Apps for Koreans?

Finding Korean singles is now easier, thanks to technology. You can now look for various dating sites for the locals with reasonable price plans and extensive features. But with a whole bunch of options available, how do you know it’s the best one?

Below you can find a list of 5 top-notch dating sites where people with Korean backgrounds can find a perfect match!

In-depth Look at Top Korean Dating Sites & Apps

Ready to dig in? We provided an in-depth review of the top Korean dating sites and apps, their features, and how everything works. This guide will help you choose the best site and app that matches your dating preferences.


While some of the sites on our list are used almost exclusively by Korean singles, there is one site that can narrow down your preferences significantly. You may think that this limits your potential dating pool, but in reality, it helps you focus only on meeting people you know you’d be into.

eHarmony uses an advanced algorithm that helps you find your ideal match through an easy 20-minute signup questionnaire. Using this questionnaire, you can specify your preference not just for meeting fellow Korean singles, but also your preferences when it comes to hobbies, life goals, and interests.

With a track record of helping 70% of users find their future spouse within a year of using the site, there’s no reason not to give eHarmony a try!


  • Advanced algorithm for finding your ideal matches
  • More focus on commonalities than just looks
  • Facilitates communication without you needing to give strangers your contact details
  • Identity verification to prevent scammers from using the site

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Amanda (NextMatch)

With more than 5 million users, you cannot overlook Amanda, the most popular Korean dating app. It operates through NextMatch, another reputable company in sales. Users love using Amanda because of its unique member scoring system.

The member scoring system entails users to pass a screening test before officially joining the app. The screen test involves uploading your best photo, which will be judged by 20 random users on Amanda. You must get a score of 3 or higher to pass. Otherwise, you can always reupload a better photo.

Before it became popular, Amanda received a couple of criticism because of judging users only based on their appearances. However, the app still became famous because it upgraded into putting your hobbies, interests, careers, and other stuff about you when setting up your profile.

Amidst the controversies, most Korean women also favored the screen test because it made them more confident about how they looked. Other users approving their looks means they have the potential to find their partners on Amanda.

Amanda works similarly to Tinder. You can swipe left or right, depending on your preferences. And you have you match with the person to begin a conversation (that means the other user must also like you).

Because Amanda is exclusively for Korean singles, the app is purely in Korean language. If you’re not fluent, it’s challenging to use the app.


  • Screen test
  • The exclusive Korean language is used on the app
  • You can only begin a conversation when you like each other

Apps Dating Experts Recommend to Men, Techy or Otherwise

Whether it's your first real relationship or you have a string in your past there are a few apps that dating experts recommend consistently. These are apps where you can meet great Korean girls who want something long-term as well as those just looking to keep it casual:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best For Relationships
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Easily the best option for long-term relationships
  • 75% of all online marriages start here
  • 70% of users meet their spouse within a year
  • In-depth signup and matching process
Try eHarmony
Best For Casual Fun
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • The best way to meet women for casual relationships
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • Not good for long-term relationships
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder


If you prefer an online dating site instead of an app, you might want to check out KoreanCupid. Cupid Media runs KoreanCupid as it also runs Afrointroductions and LatinAmericanCupid.

KoreanCupid started in 2004, intending to connect singles worldwide with South Koreans. One trivia about this site is that there are more women than men. So if you’re a gentleman looking for single and older Korean women, you’d like to hang out at KoreanCupid.

Signing up on this website is easy. You can register by entering basic info like name, email, password, and gender, or sync your Facebook account for a faster sign-up process. The next step would be to describe yourself, your interests, your passion, and your ideal match.

When you want to start searching, you have two options. One is through browsing general matches and users. But if you want to narrow your search, you can filter by typing certain criteria, including education, location, body type, and more. You can also view profiles while browsing.

As for the messaging feature, your messages can only be read by the user you’re interested in when one of you becomes a Gold or a Platinum member. The subscription also lets you message other users through audio and video chat.


  • Anti-spam protection through ID verification
  • Message translator for foreigners
  • Video messaging


BNK Lab, a Korean Startup, is the primary developer of DanYeonSi. This online dating app has more than 1.7 million Korean users, with all the functions in the native Korean language. Users will also have to input basic personal info, including name, occupation, age, blood type, and location.

DangYeonSi features a tournament function, allowing users to choose their ideal partner, given 16 potential matches. You'll enjoy this app if you’ve seen the reality show, “Bachelor.” However, you must know how to speak and understand Korean to love DangYeonSi.

DangYeonSi provided various features to help users find potential matches, such as creating detailed profiles, searching for other users based on specific criteria, and exchanging messages with those they were interested in. The platform also offered matchmaking services, including compatibility testing and personalized match suggestions.


  • Icebreaker games to initiate conversations
  • Convenient mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Search filters to narrow potential matches


An entertaining and innovative Korean dating app is Noondate, created by Mozzet Co. Ltd, a Korean tech startup. Noondate’s unique concept revolves around matching two users daily and setting them up on new days every lunchtime, depending on their location.

Noondate works like this: two profile cards will appear on the app daily at noon. You have to choose one from the profile cards and check the user’s details. If you like the profile, you can start expressing your interest. And if the user likes you back, it’s a match!

Once you match with someone, a chatroom opens, where you can start messaging each other. Because Noondate is interactive, its user base grew to more than five million.

Noondate’s sign-in process is straightforward. Enter your basic info, including your username, and your profile is set up in just a few seconds! Explaining your interests can also allow Noondate’s algorithm to locate potential matches better.

To prevent scams and fake accounts, Noondate features a verification system that should take a day before you can start browsing.


  • 24-hour verification system
  • Chatroom for messaging
  • Interactive and unique concept to meet potential matches
  • The app is in Korean, but you can use the English option if you’re a foreigner

Korea Social

Korea Social is a unique dating app designed to connect single men and women in Korea and worldwide. Unlike other dating platforms, Korea Social allows users to communicate through video messages, enabling a more personal and genuine interaction than just traditional chatting or picture sharing.

Instead of a profile picture, users can upload a video of themselves, fostering a stronger connection. This is why Korean cougars on these sites enjoy meeting new local singles because they believe the profiles are more authentic.

When creating a profile on Korea Social, users can upload a video of themselves, allowing potential matches to get a genuine glimpse into their lives and personalities. This video-first approach enhances the dating experience, making it easier for users to find like-minded individuals with whom they share a deeper connection.

Korea Social also offers chat rooms and group social chat rooms. These spaces allow users to engage in broader conversations, meet new people with similar interests, and expand their social circles. Whether users are seeking a romantic partner or simply looking to make new friends, these chat rooms foster a vibrant and dynamic community within the app.


  • Introductions and communications through video messages
  • Better authenticity because of video displays
  • Chatrooms and group messaging to expand social circles

Some Tips for Using Korean Dating Sites

Using Korean dating sites can be an exciting way to meet new people and potentially find a romantic partner. Here are some tips to make the most of your experience:

Make sure they are real

Making sure that the user is real on any dating site in South Korea is essential for several reasons. Verifying user authenticity helps to establish a safer and more trustworthy online dating environment in Korea. In today's digital age, fake profiles and online scams are prevalent.

By confirming user identity, Korean dating sites can protect members from potential fraud or malicious intent. Moreover, genuine users are more likely to have serious intentions in finding a partner, making the dating process more effective.

Real user verification can contribute to the credibility and reputation of Korean dating sites. A platform that actively takes measures to authenticate its users gains trust among its members, attracting more genuine individuals looking for authentic connections. Positive word-of-mouth and reviews from satisfied users can increase the popularity and success of Korean dating sites.

Have your priorities straight

Setting priorities straight in Korean dating sites and apps creates a respectful and trustworthy dating environment. It encourages honesty, transparency, and respect among users, leading to authentic connections and positive dating experiences. By aligning with cultural norms and being clear about intentions, users can navigate online Korean dating with so much ease.

When users prioritize straight intentions, it shows respect for others' time and emotions, as they can connect with like-minded individuals who share similar relationship goals.

Additionally, setting priorities straight builds trust among users, as they feel they are in an open and transparent space where everyone can be genuine about what they are looking for in a partner.

Understand possible cultural differences

South Korea has a unique dating culture influenced by its traditions, values, and societal norms. By being aware of these cultural differences, users can navigate online dating more effectively and avoid unintentionally offending or misunderstanding potential partners.

Showing respect for Korean culture demonstrates your natural interest in the country and its people. Understanding and appreciating cultural differences can lead to more meaningful and authentic connections, showing that you value and respect their way of life.

Cultural awareness can also help bridge communication gaps. Language barriers can sometimes lead to misinterpretations or confusion. By being sensitive to cultural differences, users can adapt their approach to dating and communication, leading to smoother interactions and a more enjoyable experience for both parties.

Understanding cultural norms can help users avoid inappropriate behavior. Specific actions or topics that might be acceptable in one culture can be considered offensive or taboo in another. Awareness of these differences can prevent awkward situations and ensure respectful and positive interactions.

Always be honest and open-minded

Honesty establishes trust between you and potential partners. Online dating relies on accurate information to discover genuine connections, and being truthful about your intentions, interests, and background allows others to get to know the real you.

Korean dating sites cater to a diverse range of individuals with various cultural backgrounds and preferences. Being open-minded enables you to embrace different perspectives and appreciate that each user you encounter is unique and authentic. This attitude opens doors to meaningful conversations and connections that may have been missed.

Additionally, by being honest about what you're looking for and keeping an open mind, you increase your chances of finding compatible matches and building lasting connections.

Some Things to Consider When Dating a Korean

Dating someone from a different cultural background can be an exciting and eye-opening experience, especially when it comes to dating a Korean individual.

South Korea's rich cultural heritage and traditions shape dating customs and relationship dynamics significantly. Here are things to consider when you decide to date a Korean.

You Need To Learn All About the Korean Culture

Learning all about Korean culture when dating a Korean person is essential for building a solid and harmonious relationship, especially when you’re after a life-long connection. Understanding and appreciating their cultural background demonstrates genuine interest and respect and lays the foundation for effective communication and mutual understanding.

Cultivating cultural awareness also signifies your commitment to building a genuine and authentic relationship where both partners can celebrate and learn from each other's backgrounds.

Ultimately, learning about Korean culture is a powerful gesture that opens the door to mutual respect, trust, honesty, and a shared journey of love and growth.

Modesty is Important in Public

Korean society tends to be more conservative in public displays of affection (PDA). You should be mindful of cultural norms regarding physical intimacy in public and gauge your partner's comfort level. Remember that the Korean culture promotes privacy, where displays of intimate affection are regarded as private and are not commonly expressed openly in front of others.

Demonstrating modesty in public with your Korean partner shows that you are considerate of their cultural upbringing and mindful of adhering to social norms. It helps create comfort and respect in the relationship, as you are both aware of the boundaries in public spaces.

Personal Appearance is Major!

Most Koreans prioritize personal grooming and appearance. When dating a Korean, making an effort to present yourself and look well can show that you respect and value their cultural norms and expectations.

In Korean culture, looking presentable shows respect for oneself and others. Taking care of your appearance demonstrates that you take the relationship seriously and are willing to put effort into making a positive impression. It also reflects your self-respect and consideration of your partner's feelings and social image.

Moreover, feeling attractive boosts your confidence. This makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed when dating a Korean. Remember that Koreans find confidence attractive, enhancing your overall dating experience. As a result, this helps create a positive and lasting impression on your Korean partner.

Korean dating sites and apps offer many exciting opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and explore meaningful relationships. The top five Korean dating sites and apps we've explored each bring unique strengths, catering to various preferences and dating goals.

Whether seeking a serious commitment or looking to make new friends with shared cultural interests, these platforms have something to offer.

Remember to approach online dating with an open mind, respect cultural differences, and always prioritize safety. With the right attitude and a personal desire to connect, these top Korean dating sites and apps can be your gateway to building meaningful connections and experiencing the richness of Korean culture through long-lasting romantic relationships.

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