Our 12 Preferred Locations to Meet Korean MILFs to Date In 2019

Smiling Korean MILF in a cafeDating women outside of your race isn’t always an easy thing to do. The fact is that most men live in an area where they’re predominately surrounded by women of their own race. Depending on where you live, even finding one or two Korean MILFs in your day-to-day activities could be somewhat challenging.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find a fun, beautiful Korean milf to date and form a relationship with though. What it does mean is that you’re going to have to put in a little bit of extra work to find the Korean milf of your dreams.

Where Korean MILFs Hangout

A few of the spots you should check out:

Korean Grocery Stores are full of Korean MILFs

Korean grocery stores may be a little out of your comfort zone as a cook. You probably aren't too familiar with Korean food if you're like most guys. In fact, you might not even know how to even boil a pot of water. If you’re looking for gorgeous Korean milfs though, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place where there are more per square foot!

After all, everybody goes grocery shopping, right? Find an upscale Korean grocery store near you and start doing a little bit of your shopping there. If you’re an adventurous eater – even if you stick to the prepared food because you can’t cook – you’ll probably find some pretty exciting stuff to try. If you’re lucky, you’ll also bump into a hot Korean milf who can show you a thing or two about Korean home cooking.

Cougar Life make it easier than you would think

Cougar Life is an online dating site that was designed for milfs and guys who have the same goals in mind. The truth is that meeting at a Korean grocery store and a whole host of other locations is possible, but doing it online is a whole lot easier.

Each year we review and compare all the best sites to meet a MILF and they have been the best for a while. When you sign up for Cougar Life (you can check out their free trial here), you’ll instantly be connected with women who are looking for guys like you.

They’ll also know that you’re in the market for women who are happily self-described as milfs and cougars. Meeting sexy milfs in real life is definitely possible, but using Cougar Life will definitely improve your chances.

Korean Restaurants are all packed with Korean MILFs

If you’re looking for Korean milfs to date, it only stands to reason that you should search out some ethnic food.
Men that don’t cook much may not enjoy hitting the Korean grocery store though.

Restaurants are an ideal place to meet women, especially if they have a bar area where people tend to congregate before and after their meals. When you’re looking for a Korean milf, try to look for a more upscale restaurant with a slightly older crowd.

The woman you’re looking for may not be at the trendiest hot-spot in town. If she is, she’s probably there with a group of friends or another guy and she may not be interested in chatting you up.

Just looking for a MILF to take to the bedroom? You can find them on Adult FriendFinder

If you are a man looking to meet a Korean MILF, but not for a relationship, we know exactly what you are going through. No, seriously. Because we were on the same hunt for MILF's ourselves. So, we went out and found a solution: Adult FriendFinder.

In our quest to knock boots with older women, we figured our best shot was to take things digital. With dozens of different dating apps and millions of members, this gave us the most options. After trying out several, Adult FriendFinder had the greatest amount of success. The platform has been around since 2006 and is only continuing to gain in popularity. With over 50 million members, it is the largest site of its kind. The kind of site that is built purely around sex and not around serious relationships.

On Adult FriendFinder, we could meet women all day, every day. Our hunt was no longer limited to Friday nights or weekday happy hours. And the best part is, the women on there are looking for the exact same thing. They are mature, know what they want and are not afraid to say it. And we couldn’t hear it enough. On other apps, we found we would get a lot of matches, but people rarely wanted to meet up or were looking for something more serious. We were merely a confidence boost to them.

Adult FriendFinder even has a free trial so that you can check it out and see exactly what we are talking about.

Hotel Bars

Hotel bars are places where women of distinction and those with enough money to travel tend to hang out. If you’re looking for milfs, there’s a good chance you’ll do better here than at a bar attracts younger, hipper types.

Milf dating apps

When looking for Korean women to date, try hotel bars in areas that tend to have a predominately Korean crowd. If you live in a big city like Los Angeles, New York or Chicago, this should be relatively easy to do. Hotel bars in a Korean neighborhood should also be a big hit.

Happy Hour

Happy hour is an ideal place for younger men to meet working Korean milfs who might be looking for a good time after a long day at the office. Just like with grocery stores and hotels, you should be looking for happy hours in areas where the clientele is mainly Asian or Korean. If you do go for happy hour, make sure you’re ready to buy some drinks! Hopefully your late afternoon cocktail will turn into dinner and a second date.

If you do go for happy hour, make sure you’re ready to buy some drinks! Hopefully your late afternoon cocktail will turn into dinner and a second date.

Coffee Shops

Coffee is a big part of Korean culture and American culture. It’s also something that most people need to get going and keep them focused throughout the day. Coffee shops in Korean neighborhoods are your best bet.

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While Korean coffee shops might seem just like the ones you’re used to, they do have a few main differences. The biggest one being that prices are generally higher and hanging out with a book or laptop is encourage.

Don’t be afraid to camp out with some work or a novel and scope out the beautiful Korean milfs coming through the door for their lattes and cappuccinos.

Korean MILFs love malls

Not all milfs love to shop, but malls are still an excellent place to meet when. Younger men looking for a Korean milf should stick to malls in areas with a large Asian population, though other malls may be fertile ground for women as well.

When you do go to pick up women at the mall, make sure you don’t just walk from store to store hitting on every woman you see. At the very least you should look like you’re doing some shopping for yourself.

You might even find something nice to wear for that date when you land one.

Book Stores

Book stores may not be on every corner like they used to be, but the ones that do still exist are usually loaded with smart, sexy women. While looking for stores where Korean women tend to shop is a wise idea in general, Korean bookstores might be a little odd for you if you don’t speak the language.

Instead, focus on bookstores that draw a broad audience and have a ton of different people in them at any given moment. You may not find a few hot Korean milfs every time you hit the book store, but they’re definitely an ideal place to meet a woman. You also won’t look like a creep who’s just out to pick up ladies since book stores are welcoming havens for all intellectuals and people who want to better themselves.

If you end up in a particularly large bookstore, stick to sections where you know something about the books on the shelves. You don’t want to end up chatting with an art-loving Korean milf if you can’t even spell Picasso.

The Gym

The gym is one of the most obvious places to meet women, but the fact is that couples really do meet their all the time. If you’re looking for a Korean milf, joining a gym near where a lot of Korean women work and live is an ideal choice.

When you do approach Korean women at the gym, make sure you’re not too forward. A lot of Korean women may want to simply workout without being bothered.

You’ll score a lot more points with Korean women at the gym if you’re a regular there and talk once in a while instead of asking for a date the first time you meet.

Local Music Venues

Local live music venues are hotbeds for single men and women. Milfs may be even more drawn to these types of venues than bars because there’s something to focus on more than the meat-market that is most nightlife spots.

Going to local music venues is something you can do alone, but you might have better luck with a buddy. A lot of Korean women prefer to go out in groups, and if you don’t have a buddy to entertain their friend, you may not be able to buy the woman you’re interested in a drink, even if she is interested in you.

Dog Parks

Almost everybody loves dogs and that includes most Korean milfs out there. If you have a dog, taking a visit to the dog park will get your pup some exercise while you look for ladies to chat with.

Guys that want to visit the dog park to meet women should look for areas where a lot of Korean women live. Most women will look for the closest dog park to home after all.

Visit South Korea

North Korea might not be a very friendly travel destination, but actually going to South Korea is a wonderful way to experience a culture and meet beautiful Korean milfs while you do it. The biggest benefit to actually going to South Korea is the fact that most of the women in the country are Korean. That means you’ll have a lot more chances to meet women that match your desires.

Of course, you can also expect a pretty amazing travel experience. Go into your trip with an open mind and you may come away with a lot more than a Korean milf to date.

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