2019 SnapSext Review – Grand Slam Or Same Old Scam?


Homepage for our Snap Sext reviewOnline dating is a wonderful development, but dating websites are particularly rife with scammers. It seems like every day there’s a new website – SnapSext.com in this case – that promises a sexy, fun time. These sites can be quite enticing, but more often than not, something insidious lies underneath all the hot photos and promises of casual sex.


That’s why we research, review, and put together extensive rankings of the best hookup apps around. We go deep into their services to see which ones are legit and which ones are not. If you’ve been overwhelmed by the tsunami of dating sites and you’re not sure which ones to trust, you’ve come to the right place. Continue on for our SnapSext review and find out if they’re worth your time (and money).

SnapSext Review – Grand Slam Or Same Old Scam?

SnapSext.com ReviewI don’t know about you, but I never do anything these days without first consulting the internet. If I want to buy a new bike or try a new bar, I do a Google search first. If I’m heading out to a restaurant, I check out the Yelp reviews. Before I start to work for someone, I first check their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Also, if you are still struggling to attract women once you meet them you have to check out our detailed video series on attracting women and moving things forward.

You better believe I don’t ever sign up for an online dating profile before I check around the internet for reviews. There is no excuse not to, it’s so easy. Plus, the risk of getting scammed is just too high. It’s an unfortunate truth, the internet is overrun with people trying to take advantage of honest customers. You have to do your research.

First impression: Snap Sext isn’t shy

With a name like SnapSext, it’s no surprise the website isn’t shy about its naughtiness. It’s clearly geared toward one thing, and that thing is NSFW. The site design reflected this. When I first entered Snapsext.com, there appeared a seductively posed woman in the background of the sign-up page. As I went through the short sign-up process, the woman became increasingly alluring in her poses. In each page she had one less part of her body covered.

Not all sites with adult content are scams, but there is something unprofessional about them. When a site has to lure you in with NSFW pictures, it may mean they don’t have much else to promote.

Adult FriendFinder is going to be a way better option for you

If you are still reading our review and have not clicked away you must not be getting the message yet. This site is not worth your time. If you want a legitimate site that will actually deliver on its promise to help you find a hookup you need to be using Adult FriendFinder.

There are tons of scammy sites out there but Adult FriendFinder and Tinder stand apart as the only two legitimate options these days. This site has been around since 2006 and has a giant number of users (over 90,000,000 worldwide). No other site really compares and we would know since we test, rate, and review them all in our annual hookup app review.

It’s true that Tinder is also a great option but if you are not a super good looking guy it can be really tough. The best looking guys get almost all of the attention leaving even decent looking guys out of luck. Adult FriendFinder does a much better job of helping more typical guys and girls find someone to have a little fun with.

Check out their free trial and save yourself a lot of time and frustration!

Then it got more salacious

After I signed up for the site, I logged in and things became much sketchier almost immediately. The beautiful, tastefully scandalous women from the sign-up page was replaced with a hundred, highly explicit photos of women that were, let’s just say, less beautiful. There were all kinds of advertisements for cam sites and adult videos. It started looking like a pop up window, the kind you click out of as fast as you can.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: the more explicit a site is, the less likely it is to help you find a date – or even a hookup. Why would all of these members of a site show everything up front? Why would a site try so hard to make you excited in that way? If they were really trying to help you meet someone, they would design their site around helping you message other people and get to know them for real. I started getting a bad feeling about SnapSext.

Who are all these Snap Sext women?

I started to look through the profiles on the site. The first thing I noticed was a lack of older women. Even when I narrowed my search parameters, I noticed a lot of the older women looked very young in their profile pictures. The site seemed designed for men who want to date 19-year-olds, not 40-year-olds.

I also noticed the profiles were hardly filled out. They had a few facts and usually just a single photo. I know some people don’t want to reveal a lot about themselves, but you would think at least a few members would be blabbermouths. It was around this time I came across a profile that looked familiar.

It was a profile I had seen on another dating site, and not a legit one. I recognized her photo. This is one of my most often cited red flags. Sometimes people make accounts on multiple sites, but it’s quite a coincidence I would run across her profile twice while just doing a random search of members. I decided to look a little bit deeper into the situation by doing a Google reverse image search on her profile. What I found wasn’t encouraging.

Dubious profiles

My reverse image search returned results from a Russian site. I couldn’t read it but it read: МУЛАТКА ФОТОГРАФИРУЕТСЯ ГОЛОЙ. There were a lot of pictures of the same woman on that site. This could mean one of two things: the woman in the SnapSext profile immigrated to somewhere near me and used her old photos from a Russian site. Or, it’s a totally fake profile that stole her photo from the web. I’ll give you two guesses which one I think it is.

Now that I had grown suspicious about the profiles on SnapSext.com, I decided to dig deep into the site’s user agreement. There, I found this claim: “Unlike many competitors, this Site does not contain any profiles created by the Service…”

That would be reassuring, if not for the fact that further down they also say when you create a profile, “your profile will be shared with other dating and ‘hook-up’ websites.” Besides being a breach of your privacy, this also indicates SnapSext uses profiles from other sites, which may or may not be fake. So, they may not create their own fake profiles, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t imported from other sites.

Fake messages

It’s not just the profiles that seem less than genuine. As I looked through the site, I constantly received messages from women, despite the fact I hadn’t even put up a profile picture. It was utterly unbelievable that so many hot women would be interested in a completely empty profile.

Once again, I dove back into the fine print. It said that the site used something called “system notifications” (isn’t that romantic sounding). The text explained, “The Site may cause pop-ups to display as a system notification on your screen while you are viewing the Site.” Of course, these pop-ups are meant to resemble messages from other members.

Scam threat level: Extreme!

Snap Sext isn’t even free

This site was bad enough as it was with its dubious profiles and fake messages. It got worse, though: SnapSext isn’t free. When I tried sending a message to another profile, an upgrade page promptly appeared. In fact, they were constantly sending me to membership upgrade pages for no apparent reason. They had a bunch of membership options, and none of them were cheap.

Not all legit dating sites are free. But if you’re going to pay money for online dating, you should know the site you’re using is one of the best. The best sites don’t need to bother you with constant pop-ups asking you to upgrade. They let their work speak for them. All that SnapSext is saying is, “Choose Me! Choose Me!” Sorry, desperation isn’t sexy on anyone.

Third parties and photo theft

There were other factors on SnapSext.com that overwhelmingly suggested scam. For one, the website was overflowing with advertisements for cam sites and adult videos. When I first logged in, they told me I won something. “You Won! Click this box to claim your FREE tokens on Camsoda.com,” it exclaimed. This was clearly an attempt to rope me into some money-making scheme from a third party. No thanks!

Yet another red flag popped up while I researched SnapSext. In the fine print, it said anyone who signs up must “authorize Snapsext.com to post any and all photographs uploaded by you throughout Snapsext.com and other associated websites featuring other members of the Service.” That means they can use your profile picture (or even more private photos) for pretty much anything, on sites you don’t even know about.

That was the last straw. I’d had about enough of that terrible site.

Don’t fall for the Snap Sext scam!

Seriously, SnapSext.com has it all: fake profiles, fake messages, third parties, bad terms and conditions, explicit material, and outrageously priced memberships. It’s a flourishing cornucopia of red flags. Trust me, this site is a total and complete waste of your time.

I hope you read this SnapSext review before you signed up. If you had high hopes for the site, though, don’t get disheartened. There are plenty of better dating sites out there, and you can read about those on our site as well. Just make sure to steer clear of this one.

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