11 Favorite Places For Brampton Hookups in 2020 (Sites, Apps And Bars)

A beautiful woman looking for Brampton Ontario hookups

It’s pretty common for non-locals to think of Brampton as just a suburb of Toronto. In reality, our town has a ton going for it, including great nightlife. With nearly 600,000 residents, it’s also a convenient place to get laid. Brampton hookups are happening all the time; if that’s not the case for you, keep on reading.

As our city has grown, so has the number of hookup bars and the popularity of hookup sites. Whether you’re in Bramalea or out in Churchville, there are opportunities for meeting sexy strangers. Unfortunately, too many options can be as bad as too few. If you don’t know the right bars or sites, you might as well be out in Feversham.

Knowing that there are plenty of diamonds in the rough here, we decided to make matters easier. With the help of locals, we put together this list of the best Brampton hookup bars, apps and sites. This list will save you from wasting another night barking up the wrong tree.

Give these recommendations a try and see how they work for you. Let us know if we’ve missed anything in the comments.

Cool apps, sites and bars for Brampton hookups

The best Brampton hookup apps and sites mix large user bases with ease of use. Similarly, our favourite local hookup bars draw the best crowds. Read on to find the best of the best.

Uncorked on Main is a sexy getaway

A busy evening at Uncorked on Main


You’ll have to go out to Georgetown for this hidden gem, but it’s worth it. Uncorked on Main has a menu that will make you salivate, whether you’re there for drinks or food. We’re especially impressed with their cocktails and variety of wine. It can be hard to find a decent mixologist in the GTA, so we’re glad to have found Uncorked.

When you’re on the hunt for Brampton hookups, a cocktail lounge is always a smart choice. You can either impress a date with your good taste or look to meet someone new at the bar. Either way, Uncorked’s atmosphere will do most of the work for you. Come for live music on the weekends and make it a night to remember.

Regular Brampton hookups are easiest to come by with Adult FriendFinder for most guys (try it free)

Homepage for Adult FriendFinderBrampton has plenty of character, but it shares many traits with other major cities in Canada. People work hard here, love to unwind at the bar and want to get laid as frequently as possible. That last reason is why there are so many Brampton hookup sites. For our money, though, only one deserves to be called the best: Adult FriendFinder.

A sensation in Canada and around the world, AFF’s active user base of 90 million people is legitimately impressive. It’s the biggest site of its kind, largely because users know what to expect. AFF is all about helping its users get laid, nothing else. You know when you’re on AFF that everyone you meet is after the same thing.

For the last few years, we’ve been creating an annual list of the best hookup apps and sites. AFF has topped the list for three years straight, and we suspect it will continue to top it for the foreseeable future. It helps that AFF has been around a long time and has provided the most reliable service for over a decade.

A big part of AFF’s appeal is its diverse user base and easy search function. There are plenty of people of all ages on here, including countless 30-something Millennials that have aged out of Tinder. This is a site for everyone, no matter your age or what you look like. It also allows you to search by options, like kinks and cup size, so that you can find your perfect match.

If you’re no longer in your 20s or you lack movie star good looks, you don’t have to abandon your hookup dreams. Adult FriendFinder is a hookup site for all people. It’s the one site most people would use if they only had to choose only one. Sign up today and find out what makes it so special.

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Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


Tracks Brew Pub is a cozy home for beer lovers

The bar at Tracks Brewpub


There are plenty of bars and pubs in Brampton. When you aren’t particularly concerned about what you’re drinking, any place will do. If, however, you are a hops connoisseur, then you probably know the best brewery in town is Tracks Brew Pub. Their homebrewed lager is one of the tastiest ESBs you’ll find in the whole city.

Even if you aren’t particularly invested in craft beers, you’ll find a lot to like at Tracks. Conveniently located on Queens Street, this pub has great food, daily specials and live entertainment every Saturday. Their other weekly events, including paint night and trivia, are perfect for meeting a fun-loving stranger.

The best way to meet women 35+ in Brampton is Cougar Life

Logo for hookup app Cougar Life

There is a plethora of hookup apps and sites in Brampton. A lot of them claim to be great for meeting older women. That’s fantastic because this town has tons of sexy, sexual cougars seeking Brampton hookups. It’s a sad truth, though, that most of these apps aren’t very good. Luckily, Cougar Life breaks the mold in every possible way.

With more than seven million users, Cougar Life is the largest app in its category. It makes meeting women who are 35 or older a snap. You can even see who wants to hook up now so you can get laid within hours of signing up. If you have the hots for cougars, you need to get Cougar Life. It’s popular all over Canada and is far and away the highest quality of its kind.

Maybe you’ve been wondering why it’s so hard to meet a cougar in the wild. It’s simple. Older women don’t have time to waste at bars waiting for guys to hit on them. And hitting on younger guys can be embarrassing or met with judgment. For that reason, older women use Cougar Life — where they can meet young lovers without any pressure or social stigma.

We write a review of the top cougar apps and sites every year, and surprise, Cougar Life always scores high. It’s the best way for guys in their 20s to meet older women. It’s also useful for older men to meet women of their own age. Whatever your age range, you can hook up with an experienced lover who will blow your mind.

We really can’t recommend Cougar Life highly enough. If you have a thing for older women, but you’re too scared to make a move, we can help you. Our course on dating women over 30 will immediately make you more confident. Afterwards, you’ll wonder how you ever slept with anyone other than cougars.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Steaming Cups Café is an alternative to Brampton hookup bars

Coffee and a wrap from Steaming Cups Cafe


The bar scene can get a little old. Maybe it’s the crowds, the late nights, or just the cost of buying drinks. Sometimes we’re feeling social but we don’t want to drop by yet another pub. When that’s the case, we head downtown to Steaming Cups Café. This is one of the best coffee houses in the city and a great place to meet women.

The benefit of coffee shops as a venue for finding people interested in casual sex is that they provide a relaxed atmosphere without the need to constantly buy more drinks. You can nurse a latte for hours and no one’s going to care. Steaming Cups is a great alternative to a generic Starbucks too. Take a date there or simply bring a book and keep your eye out for a potential connection.

Ellen’s Bar and Grill is a Brampton tradition

Beer tap handles at Ellen's Bar and Grill


We’ll say right up front that Ellen’s Bar and Grill doesn’t make a great first impression. Located in a strip mall, from the outside you’d never expect it to be much. Once inside, though, you’ll find a friendly staff and some of the best bar food in the city. They serve comfort food that’s done with style and panache.

From time to time, they have live music to add to the ambiance. In terms of Brampton hookup bars, it’s not the most obvious spot, but it’s surprisingly effective. Strike up a conversation at the bar or split one of their tempting poutines. Whatever you’re craving, Ellen’s is here to make sure you go home satisfied.

A few more Brampton hookup sites, apps and bars

We’ve listed some great bars and sites, but there’s always more to try. Here are a few more bars and apps for Brampton hookups.

The Crown and Lion has plenty of old country charm

Waiting for a game at Crown Lion Pub


Over near Churchville, The Crown and Lion has everything we love about a British pub. It’s got mouth-watering grub, daily specials and a superb mix of beers from England, Ireland and Canada. The friendly staff and homey vibe complete the pub experience. This is one of the best places to grab a drink and a bite in the city.

Pubs can be hit or miss for the purposes of hooking up. On the one hand, they’re often laidback and hospitable. On the other hand, far too many are grimy with a clientele of old drunks. That doesn’t really set the mood. The Crown and Lion doesn’t suffer from these issues. With its velvet booths and well-lit bar, it’s a great place for a romantic meet-up.

Chalo! FreshCo has exotic fare and tasty treats

Inside Chalo! Fresh Grocery


When you’ve perfected your hookup game, you start to feel like hitting up bars is playing on easy mode. Sure, you get laid a lot, but where’s the challenge, where’s the fun? If you need a little variety in your game, we suggest a different type of field: a grocery store. We’re serious. It can be a lot more fun than you might think.

Take, for instance, Chalo! FreshCo on Bramalea Road. This Indian food market has one of the best selections in Brampton, and it appeals to a wide range of people. It’s a great spot to start up a conversation with a fellow foodie. Get talking about recipes and eventually, you’ll be able to suggest cooking for your new friend. After that, the ball’s in your court.

The list of popular Brampton hookup apps still includes Tinder

Hookup app Tinder logo

Tinder is an app with an interesting history. It’s been around since 2012. In that short amount of time, it’s gone from king of the hookup apps to meme to punching bag. Most Millennials have used it for at least a few weeks, and have gone from loving it to hating it. It can be incredibly effective for hookups one day, and then a month later, nothing.

The fact is, Tinder has an unofficial age limit. Anyone of any age can use it (and they do), but once you’re older than 28, success rates plummet. This is an app for the young and fit. That’s why it’s so popular among the coeds at Sheridan Institute and Evergreen College. Tinder has a huge user base, but you’re better off switching to AFF if you’re in your 30s or older.

This is also the hookup app where looks matter the most. Obviously, appearance is a factor on all Brampton hookup apps and sites, but for Tinder, it’s the only factor. If you’re a guy and not in the top 10 to 15% of looks, well, let’s just say, good luck. The best-looking dudes do great on Tinder. Everyone else, not so much.

Similarly, women have higher success rates the better looking they are, though it’s not as limited. Most of the female Tinder users get regular matches. The hottest of the hot get so many matches it becomes overwhelming. We’ve known plenty of gorgeous Tinder users who never bother to meet up with anyone. They just enjoy the compliments from thirsty men.

With Tinder’s reputation taking a hit in recent years, the makers have decided to rebrand a bit. They want to be known as an app more for dating and relationships. More power to them. They can try all they want, but we suspect they’ll always be a hookup app for beautiful people.

Magnums Bar & Eatery treats you right

A quirky cocktail from Magnum's


Out toward Ridgehill, Magnums Bar & Eatery wants you to have a good time, every time. Probably best known for their amazing wings, Magnums is a sports bar and a neighbourhood restaurant. It’s also one of the truly great hangout bars in the city. You don’t have to care one whit about the game to kick it here.

We recommend Magnums for Brampton hookups because it’s the kind of place where everybody goes at least once. Whether you’re there for hockey, a birthday or just a friendly gathering, there’s always a reason to show up. It might not be the most sophisticated or romantic spot, and that’s perfectly fine. Magnums brings the fun, and that’s what hooking up is all about.

Iggy’s Bar Patio is an oasis

Chilli from Iggy's at Lionhead


If you’re looking for an alternative drinking location from the usual pubs, consider Iggy’s Bar Patio. Yes, it’s located on a golf course, but you don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy it. With its huge patio and varied menu, Iggy’s provides the perfect backdrop for a casual day of drinking.

Stop in for food if you’re hungry, but personally, we find that this is a great spot for just a cocktail. Since it’s out of the way, it’s also a great place to get up close and personal with a sexy companion. Even if neither one of you has much interest in the links, you’ll be able to make the most of Iggy’s.

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