2020’s 10 Must-Try Bars, Sites And Apps For Laval Hookups (Love Them)

attractive woman flirting in bar and looking for Laval hookupsThere’s a lot that sets Laval apart, and we don’t just mean the rivers. Though it’s a city of just over 400,000 people, Laval has much to offer local singles. One thing we really appreciate about this city is the ease with which we can get laid. It’s true — Laval hookups are happening all the time, and we’re happy to take part.

If that surprises you, chances are you aren’t taking advantage of the right tools. There are a number of hookup apps and sites in Laval that every guy or gal should have. Unfortunately, there are even more that are no better than scams. We could say the same for Laval hookup bars. There are great ones here, but you have to wade through a lot of garbage to find them.

Thankfully, we’ve done the wading for you. With the help of locals and hookup experts, we’ve found the best Laval hookup sites, apps and bars. From Duvernay to Plamondon, we’ll detail the tools and bars that make Laval a hookup mecca. Even if you’re in town from Pine Hill or a student at Université Laval, this list is for you. 

If your love life needs a little fuel (or a lot), keep reading. Then comment below to let us know if there’s anything we might have missed.

Amazing sites, apps and bars for Laval hookups

Everybody has different tastes when it comes to sexual partners. That’s why this list of the best Laval hookup apps, sites and bars includes something for everyone.

Jack Saloon has what Laval needs

Jack Saloon where it's easy to find Laval hookups


We’ll be the first to admit that too many local bars lack distinctive character. We enjoy a good Irish pub as much as the next guy, but we also like some variety. Thankfully, Jack Saloon brings a very different vibe to Laval. This Old West-style bar is a fun, vibrant spot for food and excellent drinks. On weekends, live music brings out Laval’s sexiest rump shakers.

When you’re looking to hook up, you want a bar where people show up and have a good time. That describes Jack Saloon perfectly. Most nights of the week, you’ll find lots of couples on dates and having drinks. On Friday and Saturday nights, though, expect to move your body. DJs, singers and rock bands get everyone grooving all night long.

Finding Laval hookups on Adult FriendFinder has been our favorite for a while (try it free)

Homepage for Adult FriendFinderWay back in the ancient days of the 1990s, a website came into existence. This site sought to make it easy for adults to meet up for consensual, no-strings-attached banging. It was a natural fit for the relatively new internet, and the site grew exponentially. Within a decade, it was the most reliable hookup site in Laval and everywhere else in the world.

Of course, that site is none other than Adult FriendFinder. Since the mid-2000s, AFF has dominated the online hookup game. While newer apps have come and gone, this site has chugged away, offering reliable hookups. That’s all it does, in fact. Everyone on AFF is there for the same reason — getting laid — which is why we love this site.

In our yearly review of the best hookup apps and sites, AFF always blows away the competition. Its user base is greater than 90 million people, including the largest group of 30-somethings we’ve seen on any site. If you’ve used other hookup sites, you know why that’s so important. Finding hookup partners once you’re out of your 20s can be a real struggle. Not with AFF.

Besides providing options across a large age range, it’s also a site for everyday people. Even if you aren’t particularly hot, there’s plenty of loving to go around on AFF. You can even narrow down your search by your specific kinks or body type preferences, or simply by proximity. Though it’s not an app, AFF works just as well on your phone as it does on your home computer.

We've tried just about every option out there and haven't found an easier way to find local hookups for most guys!

As the site that rules all other Laval hookup sites, Adult FriendFinder is a must-have for getting laid. In fact, around the world, people choose it over practically any other hookup site. Sign up today and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


Les Insulaires brings good beer to Laval

A flight of beers from Les Insulaires


If you think our city hasn’t caught on to the craft beer craze, you clearly haven’t been to Les Insulaires. Filling the need for a microbrewery in Laval, this beer garden and restaurant is a welcome addition to our city. Though it only opened in 2018, Les Insulaires is gaining a devoted following. This is definitely a city of beer lovers.

The big draw to any microbrewery or beer garden is, of course, the finely crafted beers. In that category, Les Insulaires is a smashing success. Their wide range of brews has something for every taste. They’ve also got great food and a ton of space, so you don’t have other people leaning all over you. We suggest bringing a companion and getting comfortable on the couch.

Meeting 35+ women on Cougar Life who want a hookup has been solid (try it free)

Logo for hookup app Cougar Life

We’ve noticed a trend recently, and it’s one we’re very happy about. Women are aging, but they aren’t losing any of their sexiness. We don’t think it’s just us. Women over 35 are simply getting hotter, and that’s clear all over Laval. If you’re on the same page and prefer women with experience, you need Cougar Life now.

Guys in their 20s love this app because it makes meeting older women super easy. It can be hard to meet cougars in bars for various reasons. For one, more mature women often dread approaching young guys. There is a social stigma against older women hooking up with a younger partner, and it can be embarrassing for them. Plus, career women just don’t have the time to sit at bars all night.

That’s why Cougar Life has such a huge base of women over 35. It’s the highest quality cougar app — and one of the best Laval hookup apps, period. It’s not just for young guys either. Men of all ages are finding experienced lovers with this app. With a user base of seven million people, Cougar Life has gained a massive following in cities all over Canada.

The great search function is another reason Cougar Life consistently leads our annual list of the top cougar apps and sites. You can find a partner who wants to hook up immediately, so there’s no waiting days for a response. You’re also notified anytime your profile is viewed by another user.

With all that going for it, the only reason you wouldn’t get this app is if you’re scared. We get it; meeting a sexy cougar can be intimidating. For that reason, we offer a course on dating women over 30. It’ll immediately boost your confidence and prepare you to meet older women. After that, you’ll have no reason to not download Cougar Life immediately.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Miss Wong has eastern cool to spare

Ladies taking shots at Miss Wong


As we’ve said, we enjoy a bar that has plenty of style and a distinct atmosphere. In Laval, they don’t get much more distinct than Miss Wong. This Asian cocktail bar and restaurant seamlessly blends cultures in both its delicious food and hip décor. Even if it weren't so unique in style, it would draw crowds for the food alone. In terms of places where finding local sex is easy you're going to have a hard time beating it.

Consider bringing a date here; like say, someone you’ve met on Cougar Life. The dimly lit, Asian-themed dining room is pure sensuality. Even if you’re not hungry, the bar provides ample room to get cosy with a sexy companion. On any given night, Laval hookups are being initiated at Miss Wong. Why are you missing out?

Brûleries FARO serves coffee and charm

Lattes from Bruleries FARO


When we need a change of pace from the bar scene, we like to grab a cup of joe. Coffee houses are fantastic locations for relaxing, reading a book or meeting a new friend. They’re quieter than bars, so conversations are easier. Plus, the chairs tend to be far more comfortable than your average bar stool.

For our tastes, the best coffee house in Laval is Brûleries FARO, over on Cosmodome Street. It’s got a simple charm that makes all those corporate coffee shops look stale in comparison. The coffee is also way better. Most importantly, there’s plenty of space to kick back and enjoy yourself. Hang out for a while and you’re sure to meet someone fun.

Additional Laval hookup bars, apps and, sites and bars

Have we given you enough suggestions? No? All right, we have a few more ideas for finding Laval hookups. These should do the trick.

Univers aims to be all things to all people

The crowded dance floor of Univers Ristorante


Located on Boulevard Saint-Martin, Univers Ristorante Bar has a bit of a split personality. On one hand, it’s a cocktail lounge with superb bartenders and a long cocktail and martini list. It also serves some of our favourite food in the city. And then there’s the rotating DJs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This place has a lot to offer.

Laval is sorely lacking in good cocktail lounges, so Univers is a welcome presence. When you’re out for Laval hookups, having a cool spot to meet for drinks is ideal. If you decide you want to grab dinner, you’re in the perfect spot. Also, if you want to show off your moves on the dance floor, that’s a possibility too. Univers is a bar for all occasions.

The sexy and young of Laval are getting it on with Tinder

Hookup app Tinder logo

Among the students at Université Laval or CDI, you’d be hard-pressed to find any that aren’t using Tinder. For most of the decade, this hookup app has been the go-to method for Millennials and Gen Z-ers. We don’t know anyone who hasn’t tried it. We do, however, know plenty of people who have found it incredibly frustrating.

Tinder is an app for the hottest people. It’s that simple. As a guy, that means being in the top 10 to 15% of looks. For women, it’s more like top 50%. Either way, if your pictures aren’t bringing the goods, you’re going to have some lonely nights. On the plus side, if you are sexy, Tinder is going to be your best supplier of Laval hookups.

It’s also important to note that you will eventually age out of Tinder. That’s why college students love it. Your early 20s is a great time to use this app. After 28, you might as well be invisible. That’s probably why the makers of Tinder want to transition to being an app for dating and relationships. (Good luck with that, Tinder.)

We have to warn you, even if you do match with a total hottie, don’t count on meeting up. The most attractive women on Tinder rarely respond to messages. They just bask in the compliments. Still, if you’re good looking enough, you’ll do just fine on Tinder.

Le Skratch will bring out your best game

Lunch from Le Skratch


There are few places in town that offer as many forms of entertainment as Le Skratch. In addition to pool and snookers tables, this billiards hall has countless distractions. That includes ping pong, slots, a basketball arcade, dozens of TVs and a dance floor. It’s pretty near impossible to be bored here.

With all those options, Le Skratch gets busy most nights of the week. It’s a meeting place for birthdays, game nights, and dates. Their food menu is extensive and the bar serves everything from traditional bar drinks to more elaborate cocktails. If you’re looking to rub shoulders (and whatnot) with Laval locals, this is your spot.

Avril provides variety for Laval hookups

A croissant and coffee from Avril Supermarche


If you’ve tried out the other options on this list, we’re sure you’ve been getting lucky. The bars we’ve recommended are reliable spots for meeting up with sexy singles. If, though, you’re trying to expand your scene, we’ve got a suggestion you might not have thought of. Hit up Avril, a supermarket in Centre Laval.

Yes, you can pick someone up at a grocery store. You don’t have to be creepy or invasive to do it, either. Just do a bit of casual shopping and strike up a conversation with someone in the aisles, maybe trade recipes. The best thing about Avril is they have a café. If you do hit it off with a fellow shopper, you can grab a coffee together. Anything goes after that.

Baton Rouge Steakhouse is a surefire hit for Laval hookups

Lobster and steak from Baton Roughe Carrefour


Down on Le Carrefour, Baton Rouge Steakhouse is regular host to couples, both new and old, for date night. With its tantalizing menu, diverse wine list and elegant atmosphere, this restaurant always sets the mood. Even if you’re not interested in doing the full dinner date, the bar is a great place to meet.

We know a lot of people who pick Baton Rouge as their go-to first meeting spot for online hookups. It allows the two of you to get to know each other without yelling over bar crowds. Even if you know there’s nothing long-term, it’s a convenient place to grab some drinks before heading off. Worst case scenario, you get a good meal out of it.

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