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11 Great Spots for Mingling With a Single Greek Cougar In 2024

Sunny day with a Greek cougar

Interested in finding a single Greek cougar but you don’t know where to look? We’ve been there, and we have the suggestions you need. It is very easy to waste a lot of time and money in the wrong places, so be smart. Success in dating or flirting doesn’t boil down only to luck and attractiveness.

Being strategic with where you hang out will give you huge returns. This can be the difference between hitting it off a Greek cougar within the first few nights of trying and constantly bar-hopping with barely any results. Even if you go with the most well-known bars and pubs in your city, you might be able to flirt with some women. But they’re usually in their 20s or younger. So they’re definitely not the sophisticated Greek cougars that you’re looking for.

When you are interested in a particular type of woman, you can’t just go to the usual places and hope for the best. You need to at least start off in places that are proven to be effective. We’ve researched about the best Greek cougar hotspots for you, and we’ve also been delightfully surprised to meet plenty of single Greek cougars along the way.

Check out the destinations below to get your love life rolling. If you’ve got a related story to share, spill it in the comment section!

Where Meeting a Greek Cougar Is Easy

These are our favored destinations:

Make a trip to Greektown, Detroit

If you’re wondering where to find Greek cougars, then there’s one place where Greek cougars tend to gather outside of their home country: Greektown. These enclaves are present all over the world. But the most prominent Greektown in the US is located in Detroit.

Located on Monroe Ave., Greektown in Detroit is a popular, thriving area because it also attracts tourists. Greek bars, restaurants and casinos dominate the neighborhood. So you’ll never run out of things to do! Because the nightlife is pretty lively, you’ll want to stay up till late as you explore the different shops around and connect with an attractive Greek cougar.

The Greektown Casino is probably the most in-demand establishment here. But if food entices you more, then drop by any of the authentic Greek restaurants around. Pegasus Taverna at 558 Monroe St. is said to be the best in all of Metro Detroit. On the other hand, Flood’s Bar and Grille at 731 St. Antoine will satisfy your craving for good cocktails and catchy music.

There’s also a widespread happy hour throughout Greektown at 4-7 p.m. on Thursdays, so this might be an ideal time to go drinking with a Greek cougar!

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Are you over all the dating apps and ready to get laid already? We feel your pain, and there are plenty of Greek cougars out there who feel the same way you do. A lot of those women are on AFF, and they’re all looking for anything casual.

If there is one app you should try it’s this one. We have yet to find another app that has more women that are actually looking to come over to our place and are not just looking for attention. It is really easy to waste a TON of time on other apps messaging girls who have no desire to actually meet a guy in person, they just want a little ego boost. AFF is the opposite.

We spend a lot of time trying out all the popular apps and sites every year to find out what works. For most guys, we think that this is going to be your best option. Nothing is guaranteed, of course. But your best chances are here.

When you're not looking for a long-term commitment and just want to take a Greek cougar home, AFF is what works best.

Traditional dating apps like Tinder certainly have their place. They can be great for traditional dating and short-term encounters alike. But the thing is that you just don’t know what you’ll find. There are way too many options to sift through. Sometimes users aren’t even sure what they want. So their profile answers can be a bit vague.

With AFF, users cut right to the chase. The app is 100% dedicated to connecting people who want some action. So it’s totally straightforward in that sense. The men and women using the app are all on the same page. So just think about how much time you’ll save by eliminating the small talk.

If you’re a busy guy with a life, then stop wasting time on traditional dating apps.

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Greek bakeries can expand your social circle and love life

For a more casual setting that’s a Greek cougar hotspot, try being a regular at Greek bakeries. Aside from the growing demand for Greek pastries around the country, these bakeries are also booming because many Greek immigrants or tourists miss the taste of home. After all, there’s nothing that matches the unforgettable taste of baklava or the creamy perfection of galaktoboureko.

Greek bakeries often base their bread on traditional recipes, and the best ones have a loyal customer base. It’s not unusual for a Greek cougar to visit the same bakery every week for the latest batch of bread! Whether you arrive at the bakery early in the morning or pop in on your way home, you’ll be exposed to Greek older women.

To strike up a conversation, you can ask an attractive Greek cougar about what she’d recommend. Alternatively, you might end up talking to the bakers or shop owners. It’s possible they know about a single cougar nearby who’s looking for a younger guy like you!

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When we talk to guys about dating, particularly guys looking for cougars, one of the most common frustrations we hear is that cougars are almost impossible to meet out in public. There could be a number of different reasons for this. But it’s most likely because single older women tend to lead busy lives.

They’re not typically making the time to go hang out at places like bars or clubs. And if they are, they’re there to unwind with friends after a long day. They’re not there to meet guys since the odds of hitting it off with a complete stranger are slim. They DO, however, make time for online dating.

Something we like to do is try out different dating sites and apps to see how they stack up against each other, and when it comes to meeting women ages 35+, eHarmony is our favorite. Their signup process is a little more detailed than other sites. But this is a good thing. Sure, it takes a bit longer to create a profile. But once you wrap up, eHarmony can use your answers to ensure you’re matching with women you actually share things in common with.

We haven't found a better option out there for meeting a lot of single cougars quickly!

Think about how well this bodes for the site when you consider how other apps like Tinder will let its members get away with just posting a few selfies. Having a detailed signup page really helps eHarmony fine-tune their matching process.

When it comes to matching based on compatibility, eHarmony doesn’t mess around. 33 million active members use the site and 15 million matches are created daily. To top it off, 75% of ALL marriages that start online begin on eHarmony, which is pretty mind-blowing.

While we could sit here and rattle off so many more reasons eHarmony is the best option, if you’re looking for relationship-ready cougars, the only way for you to find out is to try. There’s even a great trial so you can get started right away. So give it a shot and find out what you’ve been missing out on!

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Greek cougars are frequent customers at coffee shops

Coffee culture runs strong in Greece. Because of this affinity for coffee, a Greek cougar might hang out at a cafe with her friends, brew a cup for herself before setting off for work or sip indulgently as she takes a break from the noise of the city. If you love staying at coffee shops, then this might be the perfect destination for you to hit it off with a Greek cougar!

The frappe was actually invented in Greece. On top of this, they have their own kind of traditional coffee: a strong concoction with coffee grounds at the bottom, usually mellowed out with sugar. Greek cougars tend to appreciate high-quality coffee. So go for quiet, elegant cafes that attract the older crowd.

Coffee shops are laidback, so put a book or laptop in your bag--you might be staying there for a while. You can even bring a friend along to help you with chatting up a Greek cougar.

Once an older woman catches your eye, make sure she’s not busy when you approach her. Coffee shops have been the theme of many love songs for a reason. Let the ambiance work its magic. Play it right, and you might have her number!

Greek restaurants are a great place to starting meeting Greek cougars

Visiting Greek restaurants gives you access to incredible Mediterranean dishes. These feature ingredients like eggplant, black olive tapenade and lots of seafood. Those who have Greek backgrounds gravitate towards Greek restaurants because these remind them of the food that they grew up on.

If you are in search of a Greek woman, it makes sense to visit these restaurants. The woman of your dreams might be working as a server, bartender or manager. Alternatively, she might be sitting at the bar hoping to meet a younger man like you. Be flirtatious without being overwhelming, and you might be able to get yourself a date before you leave the restaurant.

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Cooking classes are a great way to meet a Greek cougar

Not everyone is a natural cook. Additionally, not everyone has had the fortune of having been taught family recipes from the time that they were a little. You might happen upon a Greek cougar at cooking classes, particularly those with a Mediterranean flair.

We suggest that you go into the cooking class with an open mind and be ready to roll up your sleeves. A lot of the chef instructors will put you into pairs or groups to make the meal of the day. This means you might get to work hand-in-hand with a beautiful older woman. Offer to tie her apron, spend some time getting to know her and by the end of the class, invite her to a meal together outside.

Ride a fishing boat and bond with a Greek cougar

Those who grew up in Greece, particularly along the coastal cities, have likely spent a lot of time fishing. The love of fishing doesn’t go away for these Greek cougars, and so you might want to spend some time doing the same. This isn't one of the more common ways to find local cougars, but it works.

Large charter fishing boats are in virtually every coastal city. You might go out on a lake, a river, or out on the ocean for fish. When you see a Greek woman walking around, stop by and see how she’s doing. Ask if she has caught anything or if you can help to bait her hook. Have some fun out on the water! When your love for fishing is obvious, it might help to bring a mature woman your way.

Apps Dating Coaches Actually Recommend To Meet Greek Cougars

Give your dating life the boost it needs by using a dating app that will help you meet the older woman of your dreams. These three apps are some of the most effective ones you can use, even if you're a regular guy:

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Greek festivals can bring a beautiful cougar into your life

Greek festivals are a lot of fun, and they are attended by the thousands. Virtually every state in the United States offers them at some point through the year. Some of the most popular festivals are in Chicago, Cleveland, Jackson (Mississippi) and Marietta (Georgia). While you might have to travel a bit to get to a festival, it’s well worth it. Some last for days, and you might find a Greek cougar working one of the booths or waiting in line for a gyro just like you.

Start some conversation and find out if she’s ever been to Greece. Ask her what she recommends for food or if she’s free for dinner next week. The festivals are laidback, allowing you to meet a lot of people. So this might be an ideal setting for trying to make a love connection.

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Enjoy the waves with a Greek cougar at the beach

Corfu Island, Mykonos and other areas in Greece are famous for having beautiful beaches and clear blue water. If you’re looking for a Greek cougar, we suggest you start thinking like one. Where would you want to spend your time when you’re not in Greece? The best place is to go where you feel like you’re home – and that might be beaches like Miami Beach, Malibu, Oahu or Clearwater.

Find a nice beach by you and grab your board shorts. Keep an ear open for the Greek accent. Enjoy the sand and the surf and spend some time at the beachside bar, too. You might end up meeting a woman while getting surf lessons, ordering up a margarita, or simply playing a friendly game of beach volleyball.

Have a romantic evening at a wine bar

Greeks love wine. That’s because the Mediterranean has some of the best vineyards in the worl. When you go to a wine bar, a Greek cougar might be seated inside. Spend some time enjoying some of the reds and whites on offer. Try a flight and get talking to the bartender.

You might meet an older Greek woman who is sitting next to you, or you might decide to get a job at a local wine bar as a way of mingling with even more people. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous in the name of love!

Stay up late at nightclubs and bump into a Greek cougar

Dancing is a great way to show off your skills. Spend some time at a nightclub near you. Many Greeks love house and techno music. So if you can find a club playing this kind of music, you’re more likely to meet a woman.

Particularly when you’re interested in meeting a cougar, look at the clientele before paying the cover charge. Find the nightclubs that cater to the 30+ crowd instead of the 30-and-under crowd. This will make it a lot easier to find a nice Greek cougar to settle down with. Dance, have a drink, and see if you can start up a conversation with a beautiful woman who is at least a few years older than you.

Catch a Greek cougar’s interest at a music festival

It’s hard to resist the draw of a music festival. There might be ones held throughout the year where you live. If you live in the Pacific Northwest or New England area, then most music festivals will be during the summer.

Go knowing that there will be thousands of people in attendance. You’re likely to find at least a handful of cougars who you would like to meet. They might be sitting on a picnic blanket listening to music or standing in line waiting for a glass of wine. Enjoy the music and be sure you’re ready to approach a beautiful woman when you meet her. Don’t be shy because she’ll probably be excited that a younger man is interested.

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Performing arts centers attract thoughtful Greek cougars

There might be a performing arts center near you where there’s a play, a concert, ballet or some other performing art to enjoy. Greeks practically invented the tragedy, and therefore you might find an adventurous Greek cougar who loves to enjoy the arts. But you should choose this scene because you’re passionate about it, not because you’re trying to get a date.

When you’re more sincere, it will show and make it easier for you to find a real connection with someone because you have something in common. Arrive a little early and plan on staying around afterwards. This might give you a chance to meet more people and get involved in some conversations.

As you meet more people interested in the arts, you might end up meeting a cougar on your own or someone could end up playing matchmaker for you. It could result in you being able to find love with someone who has Greek in her blood!

Be adventurous and head straight to Greece

If you really want to meet a Greek cougar, then we say go to Greece! Book a ticket and spend a few weeks roaming the many incredible cities with all of the history. Visit Athens, Santorini and all sorts of other places. The women you meet might be into to you and love that you’re younger than them. They might be in the restaurants you dine in, at the bars you drink in or guiding one of the tours you take.

Have fun when you’re in Greece and when you’re ready to fly home, you might be fortunate enough to say that you have found love once and for all.

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