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11 Great Spots to Meet a Los Angeles BBW in 2024 (Don't Waste Time)

All the spots where you can meet a BBW in Los Angeles

So you want to find BBW in Los Angeles, but don’t know where to look? Don't worry, you are not alone! If you don't want to spend hours in traffic driving from place to place, then you need to be smart about your search.

From Downtown to Venice to Chinatown, there are a lot of great places to meet a Los Angeles BBW. We have put in the time to find the best spots and we’ve shared them below. Los Angeles is a beautiful city with beautiful women; knowing where to start can be hard. But our definitive guide to the best places to go will help you on your way.

Where to Find a BBW in Los Angeles?

Fear not my friend, just get reading and we’ll have you hooked up in no time.

Meet BBW in Los Angeles who look like celebs at Avalon Hollywood

Women partying at Avalon Hollywood


Want to step up your bar experience and meet a couple of hot and gorgeous women that can pass as movie stars? Then you better get your sexy self at Avalon Hollywood. Its Hollywood-inspired aesthetic makes it a popular party spot in California and you can expect to find the hottest chicks in the city here.

The venue is known to host top movie premier events and concerts several times a week. So it’s not impossible to bump into celebrities, models, artists, and influencers in here! But of course, the opportunity to meet the hottest LA women doesn’t come cheap so prepare to shell out a bit more cash when partying at Avalon. Booking a table costs around $400 to $2,500. But the amount of fun you’ll get will be priceless.

eHarmony is the best way to meet BBW in Los Angeles we have seen (try it now)

It's pretty simple why you will love this site and why it's such a great place to meet BBW. There are a LOT of women using it and the women using it actually take action (responding to your messages or messaging you first). If you haven't tried eHarmony out, or it's been a while, then you need to check out their trial.

Let's get into the specifics of what makes eHarmony our favorite option for finding BBW who are looking for a relationship. There are over 30,000,000 people actively using eHarmony, not just people who signed up and never came back. That is a LOT of women, which gives you a fantastic chance of finding someone you can connect with. Dating is always a numbers game and eHarmony gives you the best chance.

If you want to do one thing to significantly improve your chances of meeting BBW it's signing up for eHarmony's trial.

They also do a wonderful job of making BBW feel comfortable and safe on the site. This makes them much more willing to make the first move, respond to your messages, and actually meet up offline to see what kind of chemistry you have. It is really impressive just how different the women on this site act. Other sites can be really tough on BBW who don't fit the typical standards of beauty. They get ignored or insulted and quickly delete their profiles (eHarmony helps them avoid all that discomfort).

At the touch of a few buttons, you can have your pick of gorgeous full-figured girls, all looking for love in LA. So to save you time (no traipsing around LA looking for single ladies), money (it’s easy to join, and you don’t even have to buy it a drink!), and the possibility of hitting on a married woman in a club, join up today to try it out and find your LA lovely.

eHarmony trial

Burgers and LA BBW to go? Have them both at Everson Royce Bar

Cocktails from Everson Royce bar


Have a craving for a juicy burger with a side of a juicier BBW? A visit to the Everson Royce Bar can be the solution to your hankerings. This is one of the best places in LA to get tasty, melt-in-your-mouth burgers. The Infatuation even dubbed Everson Royce as a place with “…bar food worth driving across the city for.”

Apart from the heavenly burgers, locals and even tourists flock to the place for their Aperol spritz and the wine bar. It’s the casual eating and drinking catch-all place you need to be at right now. Some BBW will be here just for drinking, some will be here just for eating, but whatever their deal is, you can always make a move.

The place has a dark and sexy atmosphere that makes it easy to get friendly with someone. It also gets pretty crowded so you might just find yourself pressed up against someone cute as closely as possible.

BBW Match Mate is fantastic if you are just looking for a quick hookup (and you can try them for free)

While eHarmony is great, it is more focused on long-term relationships instead of quick hookups. If you are taking a break from committed relationships or just don't have any desire to be in one, then BBW Match Mate is going to make your life MUCH easier. We have tried all the BBW dating apps around the city to find the best.

When it comes to these kinds of apps and sites there are really only a couple of options worth considering; Tinder and BBW Match Mate. I'm sure you have heard of Tinder and you may have tried it out. It can be great if you are a very attractive guy or a typical woman. The best-looking guys get 90%+ of the matches. But guys who are not male models tend to have a very frustrating experience.

On the other side, BBW tend to avoid Tinder as well. It can be really hard on your self-esteem if you don't fit traditional images of beauty and the guys using Tinder can be pretty cruel. As a result, a guy interested in meeting a BBW for some short-term fun is going to really struggle to find them.

BBW Match Mate (which has a free trial) really does a good job of enabling guys to connect with BBW. They have a huge active user base drawing from over 90 million members (they are part of AFF) and have been around for WAY longer than Tinder (since 2006). They are pretty much the top site for people, especially those over 30, who are looking for some fun with BBW.

If you are taking a break from long-term commitments or just want some short-term excitement give them a shot.

BBW can’t resist the charm of the Know Where Bar

Happy hour at The Know Where Bar


If you don’t know where to go for a sizzling night out surrounded by beautiful women, Know Where Bar is literally your answer. This elegant 1930s-inspired bar has a decidedly feminine vibe that draws in plenty of classy women--BBW in Los Angeles included.

Despite being in a big city, Know Where Bar still has that friendly, familiar atmosphere you’d find in a local watering hole. That means most of the women you’ll meet here are regulars. So if you couldn’t muster up the courage to walk up to her the first time, more chances will follow. So sit back, grab a cocktail and you could end up sitting next to a hot BBW here!

Naughty meets Gothic at Bar Sinister

Hot women in dark outfits at Club Bar Sinister


Do you find gothic BBW sexy? If so, then you’d love hanging around Bar Sinister. This is one of the best places to go in LA for some quirky happenings. Sensuality, music, pleasure and the devilish touch to the whole atmosphere are only some of the ingredients of spicy nights at Bar Sinister. If that’s not really your thing, then perhaps it’s time to try something new! Who knows? You might just have the best time of your life.

Here you’ll find alluring girls of all shapes and sizes in dark seductive outfits. You’re not allowed to wear jeans, shorts, khakis or casual dresses in the bar. So be prepared to bedeck yourself with a dark yet suave look.

With the overall sexy and kinky vibe of the place, you’ll have a high chance of meeting open-minded BBW who are up for some naughty fun. So, come grab a drink, lock eyes with an enthralling stranger and dance away your Saturday night with Bar Sinister.

The Apps Dating Coaches Recommend Most To Meet BBWs in Los Angeles

More and more BBW are now on dating apps because it gives them both a confidence boost and a way to meet only men who appreciate their curves. If you can’t resist a woman with curves, then you need to be on at least two of these apps below.

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best For Relationships
eHarmony Highlights
eHarmony Highlights
  • Easily the best option for long-term relationships
  • 75% of all online marriages start here
  • 70% of users meet their spouse within a year
  • A ton of BBW using it
Try eHarmony
Best BBW Hookup Site
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Lot of BBW using it for hookups
  • The largest BBW-focused hookup site
  • Free trial to try it
  • Great for normal guys
Try BBW Match
2nd Best For Hookups
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top all-around hookup site
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free

Be anything but lazy at The Idle Hour Bar

The barrel-shaped exterior of Idle Hour


This quirky drinking hole is worth going to, just for the architecture alone. With plenty of single Los Angeles BBW frequenting the place, The Idle Hour Bar is a barrel of laughs. . .quite literally.

The entire building is shaped like a wooden barrel, and with a happy atmosphere, great cocktail list, and good ol’ American food to die for, it’s a perfect singles venue. Grab a seat and survey the area for a curvy cutie who looks like she wants some company. Then bond over shared interests over some cocktails and see where the night takes you!

Get cozy at The Bungalow

BBW in Los Angeles enjoying lunchtime drinks at The Bungalow


If you are looking for a unique, intimate setting in which to find Ms. Right, then spend an evening at The Bungalow, in Santa Monica. Situated on the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and Ocean Ave., The Bungalow just lends itself perfectly to romance and intimacy.

With stunning sunset views, this “beach house” venue draws the ladies like moths to a flame. With plenty of snug places to sit and get to know each other better, The Bungalow is a world away from the impersonal atmosphere of some of the clubs and bars in town.

If class, intimacy, and a little bit of quirkiness are what you are after, in both a nightspot and a BBW, The Bungalow will not disappoint. With so many Los Angeles BBW in one place, it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Eat all you can at the Gold Hibachi Buffet

Sushi roles from Gold Hibachi Buffet


Who can resist freshly cooked dishes in a hibachi grill? Not you and not the BBW in Los Angeles who have hearty appetites! With an array of Japanese and international cuisine available, you know you'll be satisfied by the time you get out. When you're looking for curvy single women this is among the best options for meeting BBW.

Thankfully, Gold Hibachi Buffet doesn't get crowded very often. But you still get a chance to encounter some curvy ladies while selecting which dish to sample next. Ask her for a recommendation or mention your favorite dish from the selection. Offer to grab some dessert for her or maybe a drink. Your chance encounter might turn into an impromptu date!

Dating guide and map for meeting Los Angeles BBWs

Meeting beautiful curvy women is so much easier if you know where to start. Below is a map of all the recommendations we've mentioned above. Check it out and have fun planning your night!

For other great spots to meet BBW try these other options:


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