8 New Orleans Dating Sites Everyone Needs to Try In 2019

We bring you the best New Orleans dating sites so you can find that partner.

The hustle and bustle of the city is often charming. The lights and all of the people feel like an exciting adventure where anything can happen. But, everyone who lives in the big city knows that it can wear on you after some time. Between commuting, working and taking care of your personal business, there isn’t much time to relax. All of the crowds can just remind you of your loneliness.

What’s the best antidote for loneliness in the City of Jazz? Finding yourself a partner in crime, of course. Here are a few great online dating sites in New Orleans that can help you with that.

8 Stellar Dating Sites in New Orleans

Online dating has come a long way in recent years. It’s not just chat rooms and Craigslist forums. There are highly effective, cheap, and easy-to-use dating sites out there for every type of person. A lot of the best dating sites are even free! There are so many to choose from, that we made this list of the best New Orleans dating sites so that you know where to start the search for your next date!

Young professionals in New Orleans should check out Elite Singles

One great thing about cities is that they attract a ton of young, driven people who want to make something of themselves. If you want to date a savvy lawyer or a rising corporate executive, then it’s much better to be in New Orleans than it is to be in some swampy small town.

No matter what type of young professional you want to date, Elite Singles is the best site for you.

One of the reasons that EliteSingles.com is the dating site to use in New Orleans is their highly-educated member base. In fact, at least 82 percent of their female members have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. These are the type of women that you can talk about your favorite books with. Real power-couple material.

Our full review of Elite Singles will tell you more about how they have set up a professional, successful and fun dating site. Give it a read, or just log on to see for yourself!

To find older women in New Orleans, Cougar Life is the dating site to use

There are a ton of older women wandering around a city like New Orleans, looking for a young guy who can keep up with them.

But it’s not always easy to find older women to date on your own. You can hit up Bourbon Street or the beach, but it’s not like cougars walk around town with megaphones announcing their intentions. That’s why we suggest logging onto Cougar Life to find your next New Orleans date.

Of all the cougar dating sites in New Orleans, Cougar Life has the coolest matchmaking tools, the best members and the nicest site layout. You can read more about why we have rated it #1 for years in a row in our full review.

Stop waiting around, hoping that a beautiful older woman will come knocking on your door and go find her yourself!

If you are just looking for a quick hookup Adult FriendFinder’s free trial is the best option

If you don’t really want a relationship at the moment but are still looking to have a good time you should check out Adult FriendFinder (which has a free trial). There are other sites out there that are geared more toward hookups but this site is going to be the best bet for most people.

We put together a review of the proven hookup apps every year and they have been among the best for a while. With over 50 million members they are without a doubt the biggest. When it comes to finding a quick fling you want to have as many options as possible to make it as easy as it can be.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship this isn’t the site for you. If short-term is what you want give Adult FriendFinder a shot. They have been around since 2006 and are by far the most established and used site for this.

New Orleans Christians can find their luck with Christian Cafe

If you want to find a lover who takes the word of Christ seriously, who wants a more ‘traditional’ relationship, then we have the perfect site for you. ChristianCafe.com has really earned its title as the best of the New Orleans dating sites for Christians.

Christian Cafe has been helping people with Christian values find their next partner for years now. In that time, they have helped spark over 25,000 beautiful marriages. Their site has a humble, rootsy sort of feel. No gimmicks and bright lights, just you and a bunch of other Christian singles.

The best part? You can sign up for a free, 10-day trial!

The best of the New Orleans dating sites for bigger people is BBWCupid

With the city comes the rat-race. People get grouchy and competitive. Sometimes, the city can feel like a hard place to be if you don’t fit the perfect mold (and no one really does, after all).

If you want to get out of that culture of competition and judgment, you should check out BBW Cupid. It’s a judgment-free dating experience that focuses on bringing great, beautiful people together, regardless of their waistline.

BBWCupid is the best of the dating sites for larger people and their admirers because they have a simple, sleek site design, a ton of members, and it’s free to sign up!

eHarmony is the best of the over 50 dating sites in New Orleans

Maybe you’ve noticed that more of your friends are single now in their 50s than they were in their 30s. You wouldn’t the only one to notice this trend. With an increase in divorce rates and with fewer people getting married in the first place, there is a huge influx of ‘silver singles’ in the world. Men and women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, who are looking for their next date.

If you’re a silver single yourself, you need to head to eHarmony.com, the best of the New Orleans dating sites for middle and older-aged people.

eHarmony has been in the online dating game for longer than almost any other site. In their decades of experience, they have refined their service so that it’s simple, fun, and powerful. Their Compatibility Matching System can help you find a perfect match in no time.

Match.com is the best of the gay dating sites in New Orleans

Lots of dating sites have made it so that you can search for people of the same gender, but that doesn’t mean that they actually know how to help gay and lesbian members meet. There are tons of gay singles in New Orleans and you don’t want to be missing them by using the wrong site. So make sure to check out Match.com.

Match.com may not be the first site to pop into your head when you think of gay dating sites, but trust us. In their many years of business, Match has created a fantastic gay dating service. Actually, a whole section of their site is dedicated just to gay dating. They have helpful advice articles for creating healthy and happy LGBTQ relationships.

Of course, what really makes Match the best of the New Orleans dating sites is their many gay and lesbian members!

Score your New Orleans sugar daddy on Arrangement Finders

There are a ton well-off people in the big city. You’ve probably seen their mansions over in Esplanade Ridge. If you want to get in on that life of luxury, you should log onto ArrangementFinders.com. They’re a site that is dedicated to helping sugar daddies find their beautiful mamas and visa versa.

It can be hard to meet a well-off guy. It’s not like you can walk into the country club and announce that you want go on a date with the richest man there. Thankfully, with Arrangement Finders, everyone is already there for the same reason, so you can skip the awkwardness and shyness to get right down to business.

If you want your slice of the pie — your fancy dinners and nice cars — then you need to get on Arrangement Finders today.

New Orleans dating sites for attached people? Ashley Madison is the place

There’s no place like the wild city of New Orleans to meet some cheaters, swingers and other unconventional people. And there’s no place like Ashley Madison to help you arrange your next date.

No matter what your reasons are for ‘straying’ from your primary relationship (we aren’t here to judge), Ashley Madison can help you find your next New Orleans date or hookup. Of all the ‘attached’ New Orleans dating sites, they’ve been in the business the longest and have the best service.

Ashley Madison takes the guesswork out of affairs. You don’t use suggestive innuendo with your neighbor or leave secret messages for your co-worker. You can just get on Ashley Madison to see if they have an account. Even if they don’t, someone around you certainly does.

Locally Owned New Orleans Dating Sites and Services

Most people use nationally owned and operated sites to find their local dates. With their big networks, these sites can attract a ton of members and create the best matchmaking tools. But, some people really want that local ‘flavor’ in their dating service.

Those people tend to look for local matchmakers and dating groups that are smaller and more personalized to the city they are in. Unfortunately, these services are few in New Orleans.

Mary West used to dominate the local New Orleans matchmaking scene. But, since she moved on to other things, there are no established and truly local matchmakers in the city with an online presence. You can check the United Matchmaking Association website to see if that changes.

Or, if you really want the more locally organized matchmaking experience, you can join the Meetup.com group called The New Orleans Singles Network. It’s a group dedicated to helping local NOLA singles find each other through casual events.

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