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2024 SelfieBBWs Review - Should You Swipe Right Or Is It A Scam?

There is no end to the number of dating sites out there. Many of them, such as SelfieBBWs.com, offer dating opportunities for people who have specific tastes. Some of them are truly committed to helping you find a date or a hookup, but there are also those just trying to rip you off. You don’t want to take a risk with your credit card information on a sketchy site.

The only risk you should face is deciding whether you should try for the goodnight kiss after the first date.

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Our readers know to come to us to get the lowdown on dating sites as we put together a yearly review of the top dating sites to meet women. We have spent hours reviewing dating sites of all types so that you know what you’re getting into before you sign up. In this SelfieBBWs review, we’ll look at a dating site aimed at a particular niche.

If you are interested in something a little more short-term, take a look at our favorite hookup apps that actually get results.

SelfieBBWs Review - Should You Swipe Right or Left?

SelfieBBWs review

It can be hard to tell what a person will really be like from a single photo and a little bit of text. That is, of course, a part of the thrill of online dating, opting to meet an unknown person, especially if they are cute. There is always something seductive about a stranger.

You can’t really know if you’ll feel a spark of attraction until you meet someone in real life. Sometimes in life, though, you just have to take a chance.

Poor first impressions

Right out of the gate, I can say I was unimpressed by SelfieBBWs’s blah logo. It used an orange and black color scheme with a blocky, grainy font. Honestly, it looked like a first-year marketing student’s first draft. For a dating site, the logo was oddly sterile and looked particularly low-grade.

The site’s layout doesn’t make any better of an impression. SelfieBBWs.com's menu was strangely proportioned, while there were gaudy promotions for member upgrades all over the site. The background, a wall of tiled photographs of voluptuous women, was somehow both bland and explicit.

Not every dating site will have amazing web design, which is fine, but when it’s as lazily put together as SelfieBBWs, it definitely sets off alarms. The best dating sites invest in a professional design, one with an easy to use layout that doesn’t feel jumbled. If a site feels like it was just thrown together in an afternoon, chances are it actually was.

BBW Match is where you can actually get laid

Before wasting too much of your time we are going to give you a chance to check out a BBW hookup site that can actually help you out. We're talking about BBW Match which has been at the top of our review of the BBW dating sites you need to use for some time.

There aren't a lot of legit hookup sites out there to meet BBW's, in fact, we have only found one. What we really like about BBW Match is that they really make it a great experience for the women first.

One of the big problems with other sites is that women who are not conventionally attractive get ignored or insulted. This drives them away which makes it really hard for guys to meet them.

BBW Match is all about BBW's and connecting them with guys who are looking for sex. They have the most women and do the best job of connecting them with guys we have found.

You can see for yourself with their free trial. Take a look and see just how many BBW's nearby are using it.

Selfie BBWS is not safe for work (or most other places)

SelfieBBWs is NSFWAfter the underwhelming design, the most obvious aspect of SelfieBBWs was all of the explicit, adult photographs of "big beautiful women." They were right there at the very beginning, before I even signed up. The intro page had a bevy of BBWs posing scandalously. I couldn't find a single page of the site that didn’t include at least a few totally nude photos.

You can tell a lot about a site by their use of explicit material. Obviously, people are on dating sites to meet people to date or to hook up with. A little bit of sexual or even scandalous material is to be expected. But, the question is, does it distract from the actual experience of finding a date? Does it help you to meet a woman, or does it become the main event?

If explicit content is the main event, then you aren't on a dating site, you're on a pornographic site. That's fine, of course, but not why I came to the site. As far as I could tell, SelfieBBWs was more interested in providing me explicit pictures than they were in helping me find a date.

Selfie BBWs will cost you

Another thing I realized quickly about SelfieBBWs was that, despite claims otherwise, their site is not really free at all. There were ads for upgrading to a paid profile all over the site. Whenever I tried to do basic things like respond to a message or view a full profile, I was asked to upgrade my account first.

One such pop-up read: “From the vrey beginning Your current membership level is ‘Basic Free’. Upgrade to VIP Now to Unlock Advanced Features.” To be clear, the typo was there in their own upgrade pitch. Not a good sign.

SelfieBBWs costSometimes legit dating sites have a premium membership that offers special services like priority listing in searches. But the basics are almost always free: sending messages, viewing profiles, etc. Sites that charge for those features need to be able to prove the women are real and you are actually going to get something out of the service.

Everything I saw on SelfieBBWs suggested otherwise.

Tons of messages (maybe too many)

One of the reasons I kept getting prompts to upgrade my account was because I was receiving so many messages. Every time I clicked in the chat box to respond, I was told to upgrade. It was all very fishy. Why were all of these women messaging me so quickly when I didn’t even have a profile picture up? One of the contacts went as such:

"jenicaaa35a: i'll take the 1st step"
"hope you don't mind me hitting u up."
"guess so, oh well"

I received these three quick messages and couldn’t respond even if I wanted to. If this were a real person (doubtful), I was surely disappointing her. When you’re on a dating site, there’s nothing more exciting than receiving a message, but these were too good to be true.

Fake profile pictures

Whenever I start getting suspicious about a site’s authenticity, I do a little bit more research into the member profiles to verify if they’re real. If a ton of messages start rolling in immediately, chances are they’re from fake profiles. My suspicions led me to do a reverse Google image search on a few of the SelfieBBWs profile pictures.

One of the profile pictures came up on a ton of sites, including one called “My Big Ex Girlfriend.” Usually when a picture is all over the internet, it means the person in the photo is a model, an adult movie star, or the picture has been stolen and is being used against the person's will.

A stolen profile pictures almost always means the person behind the profile isn’t who they claim to be.

Is the whole profile fake?

Knowing the profile picture was fake, I had no choice but to look a little bit deeper into the authenticity of SelfieBBWs.com’s profiles. I decided to read the terms and conditions page. What I found there was not good at all.

"THIS SITE UTILIZES FANTASY PROFILES IDENTIFIED AS FANTASY CUTIES. You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that some of the profiles listed on the Site may be operated by our Site or third party contractors and are fictitious."

That’s what they say in their own fine print. They go on to explain that these profiles are phonier than a three-dollar bill. There it was in sort of plain English: SelfieBBWs uses fake account profiles. Red alert!

Third parties, too?

SelfieBBWs had yet another sketchy attribute. It was full of links to other sites and services. This included options like “XXX Movies” in their main menu bar. They had ads for all kinds of other “services” that would seem to undercut a dating or hookup site. Shouldn’t SelfieBBWs be helping me meet real women, not pushing videos of people I will never meet?

Selfie BBWs isn’t a dating site

SelfieBBWs has no intention of getting you a date. They don’t even seem to be in the business of arranging hookups. You can see what I mean by reading their own words:

"You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that our Service, presented in the style of an online dating service, is an entertainment service. All content is provided for the entertainment and amusement of You. Our Site does not guarantee that You will find a date, partner, or participant, or that you will meet any member, user or profile in person."

It all made perfect sense. SelfieBBWs.com isn’t even trying to be a dating site. Despite all the advertising and promises of finding “big beautiful women,” that was never their intention. They are an entertainment site, pure and simple. And by entertainment, they mean, paying money to chat with a robot. I can tell you, it didn't entertain me.

If it looks like a scam, talks like a scam, and walks like a scam...

This site hits all the bases for a scam site. Fake profiles, fake messages, fake photos, and a ton of third-party links. Furthermore, they’re essentially a ghost site. I couldn’t find a social media page for SelfieBBWs or a member count. It wasn’t even possible to take a screenshot that didn’t have full nudity in it. There’s plenty of free porn sites if that’s all you’re looking for.

Sites like SelfieBBWs.com give dating sites a bad name, but there are a ton of great dating services online. They are often free or cheap, and they are always easy to use because they actually want to provide a service. Why waste your time with a sketchy, low-grade, and all around weird site like SelfieBBWs?

I hope this SeflieBBWs review has helped you. There are plenty of other dating sites out there. We hope you'll read more of our reviews before you sign up for any of them. Good luck, and happy dating!

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