Our 13 Surefire Hot Spots To Meet Single Cougars In Idaho In 2020

Lots of cougars in Idaho are friendly

Because cities are more spread out in our state, finding an older woman who’s a great match for you can be tricky. With only 1.7 million residents despite the state’s huge area, you might be wondering how you’ll single out the cougars in Idaho.

On the bright side, Idaho cougars are likely to be out and about. There are so many nature spots and adventurous activities available that you might bump into a cougar while hiking or skiing. You’re also guaranteed to spot cougars at Shanti Yoga Studio or The Village at Meridian. Since a lot of people know each other, you can even ask friends or friends of friends if they know any cougars they can set you up with.

Still, if you love cougars as much as we do, you’ve probably realized that they won’t magically agree to date you just because you appear in front of them. There’s a right time and place for asking them out.

Even if it’s in a nightlife hotspot like Boise, there are still too many bars and clubs that cater to the college crowd. And you don’t want to waste money that could be spent looking for sexy older women. So where are the cougar bars in Idaho?

For the best places to find Idaho cougars, check out our list below to speed up your hunt. We’re curious about your experience, so tell us all about it in the comments section!

Find Single Cougars in Idaho at These Spots

Idaho cougars tend to be laidback and easy to talk to, so don’t be intimidated to approach them. Check out our list of recommendations for places to find Idaho cougars:

Indulge in luxury fitness with Idaho cougars at Zenergy

Idaho cougars love working out, and if you don’t mind splurging a little for a luxurious experience, then you just might find your cougar match at Zenergy. This five-star health and fitness club is considered among the swankiest in the country. While many of their cougar clients are regular members, some older ladies also drop by here for a day to unwind a little and pamper themselves.

Zenergy extends across a whopping area of 50,000 square feet. More than a simple gym, it’s also a spa and boutique that’s just as likely to offer strength training as reflexology and acupuncture. The facilities here are extensive, complete with indoor and outdoor pools, yoga studios and nail salons.

Located in Sun Valley, it overlooks Baldy Mountain, and you won’t miss the view while you’re working out! One of the most relaxing things you can do here is to enjoy a jacuzzi and take in the natural beauty outside.

Zenergy also has more than 85 fitness classes every week. Whatever your schedule, you can start talking to cougars here and bond with them over workouts. A major plus is the cougars here are bound to be sophisticated and sexy!

Meeting Idaho cougars on eHarmony is the easiest way across the state (try it now)

Idaho is a huge state, which makes recommending a few options tough with one exception. A lot of cougars have been passing on the usual bars and clubs in favor of meeting guys online. In our experience, most of them have been using eHarmony and it's been where we've had the best success meeting them (we have tried over 100 different sites and apps).

It doesn't matter if you live in the city or in a more rural area, online dating has become extremely popular. You're going to miss out on a lot of opportunities if you're not spending at least some time on eHarmony.

Back in the day you got set up by a friend or met someone at a bar. But these days the majority of relationships start online. Even women 35+ are jumping on the train as it works perfectly for their busy schedules.

We really like a few things about eHarmony:

  • Their signup process for their proven trial really takes the time to understand who you are and what you want
  • There are a ton of cougars in Idaho using it (they have over 30 million active members and the most cougars out there)
  • Their success rate is incredible

eHarmony does an amazing job of matching you up with women who fit your preferences and are also looking for a guy like you. If you’re not the best looking guy around, this gives you way more chances than on other apps that are built around a few pictures. Once you get your matches from eHarmony, they continue to help you start up interesting conversations to lay the base for a real-life relationship.

There isn't any site or app better at actually HELPING guys build attracting with compatible women. That means even guys who aren't too smooth with women can do really well.

And, yes, their methods are actually effective. 75% of all marriages that start online start on eHarmony. It is the best way we found to meet a lot of single cougars, both those who want a relationship and those looking for more casual dating.

Test out their great trial and see what we mean. Without a little time online you're definitely not hitting your full potential.

Check out modern art with Idaho cougars at Boise Art Museum

Bars and restaurants may be the most popular places where you can score a cougar, but you have other options too. The Boise Art Museum is the premier museum in Idaho, and thanks to its well-curated artworks and regularly updated exhibits, it attracts plenty of art aficionados, many of whom are single women. Guys who want to find a single cougar in their lives and don't know where else to look need to try it out.

It’s open every day until 5 p.m. except on Mondays. The general admission fee is $6, but you get in for free on the first Thursday of each month!

Although the space is relatively small and intimate, the museum holds more than 3,000 artworks ranging across different mediums. The style here leans towards modern, though, as most of the artists featured are from the 20thcentury up until today.

Because of the experimental style of many of the exhibits, they’re a great conversation topic. When you spot a gorgeous cougar admiring an artwork, you can easily stand next to her and ask her what she thinks of it. If it goes well, invite her to stroll through the museum together and maybe even visit the lovely outdoor garden.

No need to pretend you want a relationship when you’re on Adult FriendFinder

How many times have you had an uncomfortable conversation after a few dates with Idaho cougars? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get physical from the start. But maybe you just don’t have the time or energy to commit to anything long-term. But now your date is upset about it because it’s not something you were upfront about. Not great, Bob!

We spend a lot of time every year trying out the various apps and sites that claim to help guys meet women for more physical relationships. Most are garbage but Adult FriendFinder has consistently been the one that we have seen deliver the best for most guys. Super handsome guys will do well in most places. But the 95% of guys who don’t fall into that category will have the best success here.

A lot of apps and sites are full of women who just want validation and attention from guys without any intention of actually meeting up. From what we have seen, AFF tends to attract almost all women who actually want to take action. There really isn’t any other reason for them to be using it.

Fortunately, you can avoid all of that awkwardness and discomfort with Adult FriendFinder, where everybody (including the many cougars in Idaho using it) is on the same page as you are. They all want physical satisfaction above something more drawn out. There are 50 million (and counting!) users in the community who all joined for the same reasons--sex. We’re modern around here, it’s okay to be straightforward about that!

If you don’t believe us, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just sign up for a free, no-risk trial today to connect with like-minded locals and see exactly what we’re talking about!

Get to know lots of Idaho cougars at The Modern Hotel and Bar

Elegant and stylish as it is, the Modern Hotel and Bar still fits in well with the artsy vibe at Boise. The hotel itself was formerly a travel lodge. While it continues to attract both tourists and locals looking for a staycation, the bar is so successful that it can stand on its own.

For one, the ambience lends itself to mingling and friendly chatting. Drop by here at night and you’ll spot people from all walks of life talking freely. The age range here is diverse, from early 20s to early 70. And of course, with cougars in between.

Since Idaho cougars are often on the prowl here, it won’t be long before you have the chance to start flirting with one. You can sit at any of the tables inside, but you can also hang out at the patio if it’s warm.

With an award-winning chef behind the restaurant, food is fresh, classy and prepared with local ingredients. Health-conscious cougars especially appreciate how there are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives! Their craft cocktails are inventive too. Order several rounds with your cougar, and you just might give her an evening to remember.

Younger guys who want older women should try Cougar Life

Go anywhere from Bonners Ferry to Twin Falls and you’ll likely see a cougar. The question is: is she single and is she into younger guys? You’ll never really know until you ask, but then again that’s the hard part, isn’t it? Lots of cougars aren’t as forthcoming as most about their attraction to younger men thanks to the stigma against it. So how’s a guy supposed to meet cougars who are single and looking to be with younger guys?

The solution is Cougar Life. You’ll meet lots of older women on other sites. But Cougar Life is one of the best apps out there if you only want to meet older women who want younger men. More and more women now turn to Cougar Life to find dates because it’s so much easier than hanging out at bars. Add to that the fact that online encounters are much less stressful and you’ve got a great app you can use to meet cougars!

So if you have yet to meet a single cougar who wants a young cub like you, Cougar Life will help you out!

Try some great steak at Barbacoa Grill with cougars in Idaho

Latin-American steakhouses are a hidden gem in the dining scene. The food is fantastic, and there’s plenty of it to go around. This is why you should definitely give Barbacoa Grill in Boise a shot!

Best of all for you, cougars absolutely love hanging out here. The atmosphere here is trendy, which is why so many cougars enjoy this place. You’ll want to visit for both the food and the sexy older women hanging around.

CD image

Stop into the Red Feather Lounge for cocktails

Lounges are some of the best places to find cougars. These are much more intimate than the average bar or club. The relaxed vibe also means you can have a meaningful conversation with a sexy older woman.

Boise’s Red Feather Lounge is no exception--it’s the perfect place to meet cougars. Because it’s dimly lit and cozy, you don’t have to worry about being interrupted. The laidback atmosphere is great for avoiding the college crowd. We recommend visiting on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Try the entertainment at Pengilly’s Saloon

Sometimes the best bars are the ones where there’s plenty to see. That could mean people-watching on a patio or checking out a live band. But if you want some entertainment while you hunt for cougars, Pengilly’s Saloon is right up your alley. Located in Boise, this is a great place to catch a live show while having a drink. With entertainment options every night, we promise you’ll never be bored.

Cougars tend to flock to this place! So even if the entertainment isn’t to your liking, the crowds of sexy older women will be. You’ll have the most success on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Beyondages.com video course

Head to The Local for a no-frills bar experience

With a name like “The Local,” it’s no surprise that this Boise bar isn’t brimming with activities. It’s just a place where people can come, have some great drinks and relax.

Many of the customers here are cougars. Idaho cougars love The Local because it’s a simple place to have a drink. They don’t have to worry about being pestered by guys they’re not interested in.

You’ll love it for the same reason: all the sexy older women you could want. The best nights to visit are Monday and Wednesday. But regardless of when you’ll be there, you’ll have fun.

Do some dancing at Moon Time with hot cougars in Idaho

If you’re in the Coeur d’Alene area and want to have a rowdy night out, head to Moon Time. Forget nightclubs full of women in their 20s. If you want a laidback yet lively place to hang out, Moon Time is the place to be!

Aside from the great crowd, the fun atmosphere and the cheap drinks, the food is pretty good too! We recommend the Swimming Angel, a Thai chicken dish. After all, you’ll need some energy if you want to charm the cougars at this spot.

You need to try this

Show off your singing voice at First Street Saloon

Women love a guy who can sing. If you want to impress the cougars with your pipes, head to First Street Saloon. Located in Idaho Falls, this bar has something for everyone--including karaoke. Belt out your best Bon Jovi and Aerosmith hits and strike a nostalgic chord with the cougars around.

If you’re not much of a singer, you can play darts or billiards. And if you just want to hunt for cougars, you’ll find plenty of them here.

Head to your nearest Whole Foods for some Idaho cougars

To cap off the list, we have an unexpected suggestion. Whole Foods might not strike you as a social spot for meeting cougars in Idaho. But believe us when we say that we’ve found our fair share of older singles here.

Cougars want to maintain their health and figures, so they shop for healthier food options. And what better place to do that than Whole Foods? Visit any random aisle and you’ll spot a cougar doing her groceries. All it takes is a smile and a quick comment on what you’re buying. Who knows, she might indulge you in some conversation and a bit of flirtation if you play your cards right.

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