2020’s 11 Sure-Fire Apps, Sites And Bars For Bristol Hookups

Man and woman flirting in bar and plotting Bristol hookups

Bristol began as a port city, a hub for sailors and merchants with exotic delights on their mind. These days, when people talk about the harbour, they’re generally referring to our surplus of enjoyable bars and restaurants. You’ll still find people looking for exotic treats there. They’re just hoping those treats come in the form of Bristol hookups.

This has always been a city of comers and goers, people in transit for one reason or another. For that reason, getting laid has meant knowing where the crowds gather. There is no shortage of hookup bars in Bristol, but they’re mixed in with dozens of duds. Similarly, the Bristol hookup sites and apps are more miss than hit these days.

Our experience tells us a hookup is never far away. That’s true whether you’re in the middle of everything in Stokes Croft or out in Shirehampton. You just need to know the best Bristol hookup bars, sites and apps. As it so happens, we and some local experts worked together to craft such a list, and you’re reading it.

We live in a city of nearly 600,000 people, not some tiny village like Mells. Never settle for a lonely night at home. Keep reading and let us know in the comments how our suggestions work out for you.

Great Bars and Apps For Bristol Hookups

When your only priority is riding a sexy stranger, you want to cut to the chase. That’s just what we’re doing with these unbeatable Bristol hookup sites, apps and bars.

The Milk Thistle is four floors of sexy fun

A fruity cocktail from The Milk Thistle


Despite the fact that we never had prohibition like our stateside cousins, the speakeasy is having a huge moment here. Such bars are popping up all over Bristol, most of which are just. . . fine. Of the limited top tier, the four-storey Milk Thistle has to be in the running for the best. Sure, it might not be the most authentic speakeasy, but it is the coolest.

Located in the old city, The Milk Thistle is where you go if you can truly appreciate a cocktail. They take mixology very seriously here, and it shows in every amazing drink. Though they claim to be one of the “best-kept secrets” in Bristol, we’d say the secret is out. The bustling crowds here are sexy, hip and more than ready for an intimate night.

Finding Bristol hookups on Adult FriendFinder doesn't get any easier (try it free)

Homepage for Adult FriendFinderWe know a thing or two about good hookup sites. It’s kind of an obsession around these parts. That’s why we put together a yearly ranking of the top hookup apps and sites. We can say we enjoy a good niche site as much as the next person. At the end of the day, though, no site tops Adult FriendFinder for variety and sheer number of Bristol hookups.

With a global user base of more than 90 million people, AFF has very little competition in terms of scale. There’s a reason this site is hugely popular all over the globe. Flashy apps try to get in on their territory, but while AFF might be old school, it’s still the best. That’s because they make sure the browser user experience is great on both computers and phones.

AFF has been around since the 90s, though it really came into its own in the mid-00s. Since then, it’s been the most established and popular site of its kind. With search options that let you get very specific (cup size and kinks are two), this site gets people laid. In fact, that’s all this site is for. You won’t find anyone looking for something serious on AFF.

When you're looking to make the most of your time and money (and actually hookup) AFF is where it's at!

Like we said, there are lots of options out there. Most, like popular competition Tinder, appeal to a very select clientele. Adult FriendFinder is for everyone. If you’re not a fashion model or you’re not super young, you can still hook up. The largest group of users is in their 30s, so if you like partners with more experience, AFF is ideal.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


Her Majesty’s Secret Service dutifully provides a unique night out

Cocktails from Her Majesty's Secret Service Bar


Over on Whiteladies Road, you’ll find one of the quirkiest Bristol hookup bars around. Her Majesty’s Secret Service is an anglophile’s delight, not to mention a repository for all things British. Some people might not want Winston Churchill staring down on them during a date, and those people would be wrong.

It seems like each cocktail at HMSS is more elaborate and dazzling than the next. That’s just a sign that these bartenders love their job and have fun with the process. It makes for a breezy, entertaining drinking experience and a great vibe for Bristol hookups. Whether you’re local or visiting, this is a bar for inspiring passionate patriotism, if you know what we mean.

Young men and older women will find a lot of hookups together on Cougar Life

Logo for hookup site and app Cougar Life

Did we say something about experience? Recently, we’ve found more and more guys are discovering the pleasures of a woman with some extra years behind them. We’ve been saying it forever. When it comes to a sexual partner, college students are cute but hardly the most fun. We love cougars, and apparently, Bristol does too, because Cougar Life is huge here.

With more than seven million users, Cougar Life regularly lands atop our annual rankings of cougar apps and sites. If you’re a guy looking for an older woman, there’s no higher quality app out there. It’s by far the easiest and most used way to meet women over 35. You can search specifically for someone looking to hook up tonight, and you’ll be alerted when someone views your profile. Older men also love this app. They know women in their 30s, 40s and beyond have plenty to offer.

Cougar Life serves an important purpose for older women as well. Most women who are 35 and up are too busy to sit in bars all night. They don’t want to wait for some guy to work up the nerve to approach them. There’s also still a social stigma against older women getting with younger guys. Plus, there’s always the risk of rejection. Cougar Life takes out the guesswork and makes getting laid a judgment-free process.

We really can’t recommend Cougar Life enough; not that we need to. It’s already hugely popular in cities all over the UK. There’s no reason not to try it today. Unless, of course, you’re intimidated by an older woman. If that’s you, we’ll just say it: get over it (our course on dating women over 30 will help). Cougars are too sexy to miss out on.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Playground Coffee sells our other favourite drink

A cute seahorse cocktail from Playground Coffeehouse


A coffee house is an underrated place for Bristol hookups. With their cosy seating, intimate atmosphere and calming vibe, meeting someone new is a pleasure. A café can also be a nice break from the crowds and loud music of the pub. That’s why, when we’re looking for a pick-me-up and a chance to "pick up" locals looking for hookups, we head to Playground Coffee.

This Nicholas Street coffee house is the perfect example of how to make a café feel unique but welcoming. The seating is a mix of wooden benches, raised counters and actual swings. It’s the kind of backdrop that makes you want to stick around and have a conversation. It’s just a bonus that they’re purveyors of some of the best espresso-based drinks in Bristol.

Red Light gives you the green light

An elegant cocktail from Red Light Bristol


Not all Bristol hookup bars will beckon you with a neon light promising “Sex”. Actually, now that we think about it, only one does: Red Light. This stylish throwback bar on Unity Street is, in their words, an “adult drinking den”, and they do mean adult. Similar to the Milk Thistle, Red Light is a place for those in the know.

To be let in, you call from a public telephone near the entrance. Once inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a seedy brothel. Don’t let that scare you out of going; we really mean it in the best possible way. The cocktails are intricately crafted and the seating is cosy. If you can find your way here, a night of sex is all but assured. They couldn’t put it on the sign if it weren’t true.

Even More Bristol Hookup Bars, Apps And Sites 

We don’t believe anyone has ever had too much sex. That’s why we’ve got a few more options to make your Bristol hookups easier to find.

Loose Cannon is the newest Bristol hookup bar

The entrance to Loose Cannon


Found right off Millennium Square, Loose Cannon is one of the youngest bars in Bristol. Like the city’s other great cocktail bars, these guys put a ton of effort and care into their mixed drinks. You won’t be drinking anything with store-bought mixers. Don’t worry if you’re not a cocktail drinker, either, because they’ve got excellent craft beers on tap.

Since Loose Cannon hasn’t been open long, it hasn’t yet earned the widespread reputation of other Bristol hookup bars. We have to imagine that will quickly change. This is easily one of the best places to grab a casual but well-made drink in the city. We especially enjoy their patio seating, a rarity among cocktail lounges. We suggest becoming a regular before this place gets huge.

The young and sexy of Bristol are on Tinder

Logo for hookup app Tinder

Our readers at the University of Bristol and UWE already know all about Tinder. How could they not? There aren’t any other Bristol hookup apps that have gained even a fraction of its reputation. At this point, your parents have probably asked if you’ve used “the Tinder.” It’s so massive, everyone has heard of it.

Tinder is the hookup app that’s made the biggest impact among Millennials. A few years ago, everyone was using the app and couldn’t stop talking about it. And then, one day, something changed. Suddenly, even the single Millennials stopped enjoying Tinder. The reason for that is simple: Tinder is a young man’s (and woman’s) game.

Users of Tinder who get the most action all fall in the 18-28 range. Likewise, they’re also all super attractive. Like, annoyingly so. For men, if you aren’t in the top 10-15% of looks, you’ll be swiping through so many lonely nights. Even if you do match with a sexy lady, she might not respond. The hottest women on Tinder rarely use the app to hook up; they just enjoy the compliments. Still, you’ll find plenty of other very attractive women on the app. For women, even being remotely good-looking means getting a deluge of messages.

At the end of the day, if you’re hot, Tinder remains the easiest portal for Bristol hookups. The makers behind the app are trying to rebrand as a relationship-style app, but we doubt that’ll change anything. Tinder is a hookup app for the young and sexy.

Try Tinder For Free


Stokes Croft Beer Garden is the best way to drink beer all day

The sunny outdoor area of Stokes Croft Beer Garden where you can find Bristol hookups


You like to drink beer, don’t you? And surely you know to take advantage of the sunshine when it shows up. So why wouldn’t you spend a weekend afternoon at Stokes Croft Beer Garden? We can’t think of a better way to get a beer buzz and mingle with attractive people. With outdoor space for 150 people and a wide selection of drinks (not just beer), it’s everything you could want.

The beer garden is a fantastic alternative to a pub or cocktail lounge. You can still get a tasty drink without feeling confined in a stuffy bar. Plus, it’s a great way to make the most of the limited sunny days we get. It’s basically impossible to be in a bad mood in a beer garden. All the more reason to come by and see who’s down for hooking up.

Masala Bazaar has everything on your list and more

Chicken tikka masala from Masa Bazaar


You might not have realized it, but running errands can be an opportunity to make a new friend. There’s no reason you can’t have a little fun while checking things off your to-do list. For instance, when you’re at the grocery store, keep your eyes out for more than fresh fruit. Someone’s bound to catch your attention.

We do most of our shopping at Masala Bazaar because we appreciate a wide selection in our culinary choices. That’s doubly true for Bristol hookups. Bars and lounges are great, but the grocery store can be just as sexy a scene. Make your introductions with an offer of assistance or comment on the food in her cart. From there, it’s just like a bar: turn friendly banter into an invitation back home for something even more friendly.

The Old Bookshop has quirks and style

Cold cuts from The Old Bookshop


The Old Bookshop on North Street has a personality all its own. They’re lovers of things both old and unique. You’ll love their large menu of beers, wines and cocktails alongside an eclectic selection of main and small food dishes. You’ll also appreciate the walls of antiques and strange trinkets. They’re a reminder that you’ve stepped into one of Bristol’s most interesting bars.

On various nights, you’ll find a mix of musicians or artists performing. It makes for a different type of drinking experience and provides a great backdrop for a conversation with a stranger. Whether you’re on a date, out with friends or on your own, the Old Bookshop is worth stopping through.

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