10 Outstanding Sites, Apps And Bars For Leeds Hookups In 2020

Attractive men and women in bar looking for Leeds hookups

The county of Yorkshire is generally known for its beautiful scenery but that isn’t limited to the rolling hills. Take a stroll through Leeds and you’ll find plenty of gorgeous women. This is a city where the casual fling is always a good time. As long as you know where to go, Leeds hookups can be the best in the country.

We will admit, though, most hookup apps and sites in Leeds aren’t especially high quality. Far too many are lacking in regular users and the selection can be sad (a bit like living in Brearton). Similarly, the Leeds hookup bars are hit or miss – more miss than hit. It’s easy to spend your rent money drinking yourself silly in half-empty pubs from Alwoodley to Belle Isle.

We understand as well as anyone how frustrating it can be. We decided it was time to do something about that. With local experts, we created a list of the best Leeds hookup sites, apps and bars. These digital helpers actually get results, while the bars are the ones that really draw a crowd. With nearly 500,000 people in Leeds, why would you ever miss out on a chance to get laid?

Try out our suggestions and we’ll bet good money you’ll be having a hell of a great time tonight. Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any great spots.

These Leeds Hookup Bars & Apps Are Ideal 

Whatever you’re into, this city can offer you a sexual adventure. These are the Leeds hookup apps, sites and bars we find to be the most consistent.

Thewlis Cocktail Lounge is the classiest of Leeds hookup bars

Cocktails from Thewlis Bar


It takes a special mix of swagger, class and style to stand out among the Leeds cocktail bars. This is a city that knows how to drink and has a refined tongue for the craft of cocktailing. It’s fitting then that its best bar for mixed drinks is also a certified hookup bar: Thewlis Cocktail Lounge. There’s something very sexy about a bar that knows how to impress.

With its wood décor, chandelier lighting and plush booths, Thewlis makes for a sensual night out. When you bring a date here, you’ll immediately earn points from the moment she sees the place. It will only get better when you offer her a perfectly mixed cocktail. If you aren’t getting laid after a night at Thewlis, you only have yourself to blame.

Finding hookups in Leeds with Adult FriendFinder has been great (try it free)

Homepage for Adult FriendFinderThere is no shortage of hookup apps and sites available in Leeds. Standing out can mean gearing oneself towards a specific audience, as, say, Cougar Life does. The general sites often find it hard to build a loyal following. The main reason they struggle is that one site has already set the standard so high: Adult FriendFinder.

AFF went live in the late 90s, but since 2006, it’s consistently been the biggest name in digital hookups. When we assemble our annual rankings of the top hookup sites and apps, AFF regularly dominates. It’s not just big in Leeds (though it’s huge here). AFF’s popularity as a hookup site extends across the UK, Europe and the world.

It helps that AFF is entirely focused on being a hookup site. No one on AFF is hoping for a relationship or something serious. That straightforwardness makes it a far more rewarding experience than the other Leeds hookup sites. And though it isn’t an app, the browser user experience is still excellent on your computer or phone. We especially like the search function that includes categories like distance, cup size, kinks and more.

Most guys are going to have the best success using Adult FriendFinder in our experience.

Users of all ages find no-strings-attached Leeds hookups easily through AFF. There’s a reason it now has a user base of over 90 million people. That includes all age groups, with men and women in their 30s heavily represented. Don’t worry if you aren’t the hottest person alive, either; Adult FriendFinder is a site dedicated to getting everyone laid.

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Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


The Midnight Bell is one of Leeds’s best brewery pubs

The outdoor area of The Midnight Bell


Over in the Urban Village of Holbeck, you’ll find tons of city locals gathering for beers and great company. Set amidst the oldest industrial buildings in the world, The Midnight Bell has created a bar experience like no other. Drinking at The Bell is a thoroughly modern pub experience that still feels like stepping into history.

One of the main pubs for Leeds Brewery, The Midnight Bell serves our favourite local beers. Once you’ve decided on your preferred brew, it’s time to decide on where to sit. Inside is charming and warm, with a homey, rustic feel. Outside is cosy and inviting with large tables for big groups. You really can’t go wrong with either choice because The Bell is where Leeds comes to feel good.

Meeting women 35+ on Cougar Life is really easy (try it free)

Cougar Life Logo

Around Leeds, most men know that nothing makes a woman sexier than experience. For guys, sex with college students, no matter how cute, gets boring quick. That’s why so many of them are desperate to get with a cougar. In Leeds, the sexiest women over 35 are using Cougar Life to hook up.

With a user base of more than seven million, Cougar Life is the largest, highest quality app of its kind. Its sole purpose is helping men of all ages connect with women 35 and older. There is no easier way for local young guys and older men to meet cougars for a fling. That’s the reason Cougar Life has recently become one of the most used Leeds hookup apps.

In our yearly list of our favourite cougar apps and sites, this app regularly takes the top spot. That’s in large part thanks to there being just as many female users as male. Older women rarely have the time to spend all night in a bar waiting to be picked up. Plus there’s the risk of rejection or of being judged by old-fashioned bores. On Cougar Life, women can find the young lover of their dreams without any hassle.

If you sign up to Cougar Life, you’ll immediately be able to see who’s looking to hook up tonight. Plus, you’ll be alerted whenever someone looks at your profile. If that excites you, but also kind of scares you, we can help. Take our course on dating women over 30. After that, you’ll be in for the most mind-blowing sex of your life.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Sky Lounge mesmerizes with its views

The dance floor of Sky Lounge where you can find Leeds hookups


When you want unparalleled views of a city, it’s best to get up high. When you want great views of gorgeous locals and tourists, it’s best to find a swanky cocktail lounge. Wouldn’t you know it, Sky Lounge, atop the DoubleTree Hilton, offers both. There’s no better place to view Leeds and appreciate the singles all out to find a sexy hookup that night.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, the Sky Lounge at Granary Wharf has no competition for aerial views. Similarly, this lounge has some of the most well-crafted (albeit, pricey) cocktails in the city. That’s why you find so many beautiful people lounging here. If you’re flying solo, take a seat at the Sky Lounge and appreciate just how good this city can look.

Laynes Espresso will help you stay up late

Paninis from Laynes Espresso


A coffee house or café is an excellent alternative to the usual noise and rowdiness of a pub. The calm, low-stakes atmosphere means you can hang out all day and do whatever you want. Need to do some work, or maybe you require some peace and quiet to finish writing your War and Peace? Do it with a steaming cup of coffee at your side.

Believe it or not, a coffee house like Laynes Espresso can also be a great replacement for a hookup bar. Attractive people are always hanging out there, like an episode of Friends without the annoying laugh track. Laynes’ location in City Centre means there’s always somebody new stopping in. Remember the old saying: A new face is a new opportunity to get laid.

Even More Leeds Hookup Apps, Sites And Bars

We’d feel terrible if we left anyone out, so we’re including a few more bars and apps. Never settle for one or two Leeds hookups a week when you can have one every night.

Whitelock’s Ale House is a Leeds history lesson

Lunch at Whitelock's


Here’s a little trivia for you: Whitelock’s Ale House in Turk’s Head Yard is the oldest public house in Leeds. Oh, you knew that already? Okay, well, did you know it’s also a surprisingly effective place to find Leeds hookups? It’s true. For over 300 years, residents of Leeds have been getting laid thanks to Whitelock’s.

They say that classics are a classic for a reason, and that’s true about Whitelock’s. Though it recently came under new management, its large selection of local ales and beers uphold its Leeds history. You come here to drink, make a little ruckus with friends and, ideally, leave with someone you just met. Just like the good ol’ days.

Leeds’ sexy, adventurous singles get on Tinder

Tinder logo

Explaining Tinder to a Millennial is like explaining swimming to a fish. By this point, everyone’s heard of this app and already developed an opinion. Nothing we’ll write here is likely to change your mind if you’ve already used this app (and you likely have). Yet, we feel obligated to explain why it deserves its spot on the list of the best Leeds hookup apps.

As we’ve said, Millennials tend to know all about Tinder. When it first appeared on the scene in 2012, everyone was insisting you try it out. Even if you’ve moved on from the app – if you’re older than 28, you probably should – it’s still huge. Ask anyone studying at BPP or the Arts University and they’ll rave about it. That’s because youth is very important on Tinder.

Even more important than being young is being attractive. Very attractive. If you’re a guy and not in the top 10-15% in terms of looks, you’re probably wasting your time. For ladies, the range is closer to being in the top 50%. Either way though, your profile pictures are what are selling you, so don’t worry about a witty bio.

Most birds on Tinder have plenty of luck. From the moment you sign up, you’ll find yourself getting deluged with messages. It can be a nice ego boost, for sure. In fact, for the hottest women on Tinder, that’s all it is. Men who match with a total babe are lucky to get a response; they’re just in it for the compliments.

The makers of Tinder have started focusing on gearing the app towards romantic relationships. There’s certainly plenty of money in that but we don’t see the point. Tinder remains the app with the hottest young users looking for Leeds hookups. What more do you need to know?

Try Tinder For Free


Parkside Tavern is a garden where the best things grow

Appetizers from Parkside Tavern


Over on Merrion Street, you’ll find one of our favourite spots to drink in Leeds. We’re not talking about just another bar; we’re talking about Parkside Tavern, the best beer garden in the city. With three different spaces for outdoor drinking, this tavern is where the city comes for a relaxed, sunny day out.

We’re big fans of beer gardens for a few reasons. Obviously, we love beer; who doesn’t? Another benefit is the ability to drink in the sun. We’re lucky to get a sunny day in these parts, so we take advantage of each one. Then there’s the fact that beer gardens are fantastic places to meet attractive women who know how to have fun. Why wouldn’t we spend every free day here?

The White Swan is a classy wine and beer bar

Roast beef from White Swans


A good hookup bar doesn’t have to be the trendiest or most buzzed-about spot in the city. Sometimes it just needs to be a place that regularly draws a crowd. That describes The White Swan in City Centre, a quietly elegant bar next to the City Varieties theatre. With its mix of British and American beers, international wines, and great food, the menu always satisfies.

Its status as one of the solidly reliable Leeds hookup bars is cemented by its consistent crowd. You’ll always find people in this conveniently located tavern, because they have fun events like quiz night and live music. Come here for a date night or just grab a drink and mingle. You’ll have a good time both before and after you leave the bar.

Sainsbury’s has the ingredients for Leeds hookups

Scotch eggs from Sainsbury's


Hooking up can be an art if you get good enough at it. It shouldn’t matter where you are; you should be open to an opportunity. Anybody can make a connection at a bar or cocktail lounge. A true master of the art will make it happen anywhere, even Sainsbury’s. Sure, a chain grocers isn’t anyone’s idea of sexy, but there’s plenty of potential in those aisles.

Grocery stores are safe, open places with various opportunities for initiating a casual conversation. Offer to help a sexy shopper with something heavy or recommend trading recipes. Whatever your technique, don’t overlook the potential of meeting among the fruits and vegetables. You could be missing out on a delicious hookup.

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