The Top 9 Places to Meet Cougars in Utah Right Away In 2019

Attractive Cougars in Utah

Due to its size and the fact that it’s so spread out, it can be difficult to know where to find cougars in Utah.

You don’t want to waste time looking in the wrong places – bars filled with the college crowd that only cater to little girls.

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So where are the best spots to visit to find Utah cougars? Check out our list below and get your search on the right track today!

Here is Where You Find Cougars in Utah

Follow are top-rated places to find sexy older women in Utah.

Swing by Gracie’s for great food and drinks with cougars in Utah

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than sitting outside.

And if you’re looking for cougars, Gracie’s is the place to go.

There are plenty of opportunities for people-watching.

And on a warm day, the Utah cougars love to dress up and strut their stuff here.

Located in Salt Lake City, Gracie’s is a well-known hotspot for sexy older women.

But you’ll have better success if you stop by later in the evening.

Earlier in the night it’s a more mixed crowd, but after 10 PM, it’s Utah cougar central.

Cougar Life should be your #1 online stop (click to try for free)

Nowadays, Utah cougars are often passing up the typical nightclub scene and instead are looking for guys online.

And the fact is, if you don’t have an online profile, you could be missing out in a major way.

Over the past several years, we’ve done an annual review of the best websites for dating a cougar, and year after year, the winner is

Having an online dating profile helps take the hassle out of pursuing women that are interested in dating younger men.

For one thing, you don’t need to worry about whether or not the sexy older woman you’re talking to is into younger guys; if you’ve met on, you already know she is.

And with over 7 million registered members, even if you strike out with one, there are still hundreds more waiting to meet you!

We understand if you’d rather take the traditional route of meeting cougars in Utah.

But having a profile will broaden your options.

Catch the game at Legends Sports Pub with Utah cougars

If you’re a sports fan and a fan of cougars in Utah, Legends is the place to be.

Not only can you watch the game here, but you’ll be surrounded by cougars while you do.

The vibe is pretty standard for a sports bar: lots of TVs, traditional bar food, and a full line of draft beers.

The best nights to visit are Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

So if you want to find a sports-loving older woman, head on over to Legends.

For something short-term you can’t beat Adult FriendFinder in our state

When it comes down to meeting cougars in our state there are really only two options: Cougar Life and Adult FriendFinder. As we talk about above, Cougar Life is overall the best site for meeting cougars for anything aside from short-term. If you are ONLY looking for something short with a cougar Adult FriendFinder is going to be the better option.

Every year we try out and rank the top hookup apps and they have been at the top for a while. With a giant user base of over 50 million members the only other site that can come close is Tinder. However, if you are actually looking to meet cougars Tinder just doesn’t do a great job. Tinder is totally geared toward millennials and just doesn’t have a lot of women over 30 using it (let alone women in their 40’s).

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can try them for free and see what your options are in the corner of the state you are.

Visit The Bar-X for jazz and cocktails shared with older women

Sometimes you want to have a laid-back, classy evening.

One with great cocktails and quiet music in an upscale atmosphere.

If that sounds like your scene, make sure to visit The Bar-X.

This Salt Lake City jazz club is known for three things: tasty drinks, great music, and tons of Utah cougars looking for younger men.

Cougars love this place because it helps them find the classier guys.

And guys looking for sexy older women will have no shortage of options here.

The best nights to stop by are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Take in a live music show at Liquid Joe’s while you flirt

If you like watching live bands while hunting for cougars, head to Liquid Joe’s.

This Salt Lake City venue has a bit of everything: exciting music, a cool crowd, and a fun vibe.

Plus, cougars love coming here to let their hair down while they hunt for younger guys.

Depending on the bands, you may find a variety of crowds.

But no matter who’s playing, you’re sure to encounter tons of cougars.

So if you’re looking for a sexy older woman who loves music, look no further than Liquid Joe’s.

Do some dancing with mature single females at The Spur

Let’s face it: dancing is a great way to meet cougars.

Women of all ages love a guy who can bust a move on the dance floor.

And Utah cougars are no exception.

At Park City’s The Spur, you’ll find plenty of space to get your groove on.

The best nights to visit are Saturday and Sunday.

It can get a little loud here, so make sure you’re prepared to speak up.

Have a no-frills night that still feels right at The One and Only

A lot of bars have gimmicks to get people in the door: video games, live music, karaoke, etc.

But sometimes you just want to go somewhere, have a few drinks, and try to meet Utah cougars. If you’re in the mood for a strictly casual night, check out The One and Only in St. George.

Cougars love The One and Only because there are no gimmicks.

Which means there are fewer college kids and little girls in the crowd.

Instead, it’s a place for sexy older women and mature younger guys to meet.

The best nights to visit are Friday and Saturday.

Enjoy the warmer months with hot elder females at The Owl Bar

If you enjoy live music, a fully-stocked bar, and all the cougars you need, head to The Owl Bar.

Located in Sundance, this hotspot is a great place to meet sexy older women.

Cougars love it because it’s just far enough off the beaten path to avoid the college crowd.

And you’ll love it for the same reason: typically no little girls or loud frat guys here.

In the summer and early fall months, you’ll find the cougars hanging outside.

So head on over and say hi: they’re waiting to meet a younger guy.

Work on your fitness and your dating life at Treehouse Athletic Club

Gyms are excellent options for meeting cougars.

Unlike a bar or club, it’s a low-pressure environment, so cougars are more willing to chat.

Especially since they’re probably not constantly being hit on by guys.

And as a bonus, starting a conversation with a Utah cougar at the gym is simple.

Utah cougars prefer more upscale gyms like Treehouse Athletic Club over chains like Planet Fitness.

Either way, you’ll still work up a good sweat.

And cougars love a guy who takes care of his body. 

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