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7 Physical Attributes That Turn Women On (And 1 They Hate!)

He's using everything he knows about what turns women on

In the grand list of what turns women on, an attractive appearance surely appears near the very top. Thankfully, there are many parts of your appearance you can improve in order to improve your chances of attracting a great woman.

In the guide below, we’ll be focusing on the seven physical traits that are major turn-ons for older women — as well as the one that doesn’t matter as much as you thought.

If you want to make sure you’re making the best first impression possible with single older women, this article will reveal what parts of your appearance to focus on.

So let’s dive in and learn how you can up your game physically and become practically irresistible to women.

What Makes A Man Attractive?

A great thing about being a man is that our personalities play a big role in how attractive we are to women.

Since the dawn of time, women have needed men who are intelligent, brave and strong leaders. While that’s quite as relevant in modern times where women are far more independent, they remain attracted to men with the ability to take care of them and their family.

With that said, it will absolutely help your cause if you can physically present yourself as well as possible.

When a man looks great, that says a lot about his personality. It tells a woman that he can look after himself, he respects himself and that he is a person of value. These are all things that turn girls on.

First impressions matter. A presentable appearance is what persuades a woman to give you the time of day when you approach her.

So, it’s worth doing what you can to make your appearance as attractive as possible. Sure, there are some things you can’t help. But, in the list below, there are 7 aspects of your appearance, which you have complete control over.

What Turns Women On? 7 Physical Attributes

These physical traits will do a lot to help women find you more physically attractive.

1. Good posture and gait

Women will always find a man with good posture more attractive than a guy who slouches. Why? Most older women associate good posture with two things: confidence and discipline. And both of those are very attractive traits to have.

If you sit or stand with slumped shoulders, you’re going to be giving off a slacker vibe. And that’s not good if you want to attract a woman.

Keeping your shoulders back and standing with good posture not only make you appear capable and confident but also showcases your body at its best.

The way you walk can also make you more attractive to women. If you walk with your head up and take long, sure strides, you’ll exude confidence. If you take short or quick steps or walk with your head down, you look timid and insecure--not at all appealing.

So practice walking with confidence. You may be surprised how many women will take notice.

Case in point, have you ever noticed how a military man always catches a woman’s eye? It’s not because of his uniform. It’s about the way he carries himself. You too can have that effect on women just by standing tall and walking with confidence.

2. Good grooming

Good grooming is really about putting your best foot forward and making an effort with your appearance.

Let’s face it, you never know when you might run into an attractive woman, so whether you're at the bar, the grocery store or the coffee shop, you need to look good.

Older women form an opinion about a guy pretty quickly. So, if you’re out looking sloppy and ungroomed, you’re not going to have much success.

Unless you’re heading out to the gym or doing some manual labor, you should always leave the house looking clean and neat. For instance, you may have done your laundry, but are your clothes full of wrinkles? Looking well put together means wearing shirts and pants that are clean and well pressed. You can have on a nice dress shirt, but if it’s full of wrinkles, you may as well be wearing an old T-shirt.

Good grooming also applies to your hair, your beard or goatee if you have facial hair, and your fingernails. Make sure they are all clean and trimmed.

Women don’t expect you to be male model material, but they do want a man who’s well-groomed and well-dressed. It’s all about how you present yourself.

Remember, a man who’s well put together will naturally exude confidence — and that’s one of the personality traits women will always look for in a man.

Women, specifically more mature women, generally respond very well to men who take care of their appearance. But if you’re not quite sure if it’s doing you any favors, check out our list of signs that a woman is into you. Compare their reactions to you when you’re well-groomed versus when you’re in too-casual clothes and you’ll see a huge difference!

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3. Smelling good

Women love a man who smells good. That doesn’t mean you should douse yourself in cologne, though. Too much of a good thing is actually a major turn-off for most women. Instead, use a nice smelling soap, shampoo and deodorant, and use cologne sparingly.

Smelling good should also extend to your breath. Make sure you brush your teeth before going out and always carry some mints or gum. Trust us, this will come in handy after meals or coffee.

4. A healthy physique

Come on guys, let’s be real. Just like your eyes are drawn to women who take care of themselves, women like guys who look healthy too.

A fit, toned and muscular body is the most obvious tell that you’ll be able to protect a woman and her family if the situation called for it.

At the very least, you should look healthy and physically fit. You don’t need to have biceps like Chris Hemsworth, but it will definitely help to turn women’s heads when you enter the room.

An attractive physique isn’t just gained through going to the gym every day and pumping iron. A healthy diet plays an equally important role.

So, it’s important to focus on eating well, being physically active and avoiding excessive drinking.

When you have a healthy lifestyle, you feel good. And when you feel good, you bring more positive energy to everyone you interact with. That’s something women will always notice and respond to.

Getting in shape can do wonders for your self-esteem too. If you can do this, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. At least, that’s how you should feel.

While your physique shows that you care about your physical health, the way you interact with women reveals a lot about your mental health as well. We’re talking about your confidence and self-esteem. All too often, guys who lack the confidence to talk to women end up feeling dejected, like they want to give up dating altogether. This then lowers their confidence even more and the cycle continues.

One way to break that cycle is to try out a dating course that will both boost your confidence, give you a healthy frame of mind for dating and help you attract the older women you’re into. Click here to learn more about our comprehensive guide to dating women.

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5. Forearms (show them off!)

A lot of regular gym-goers make the mistake of focusing too much on the muscles that women are most likely to notice. We’re sure you’ve heard of the stereotypical amateur gym-bro, who skips leg day to work more on his biceps, abs and shoulders.

Well, one set of upper body muscles that also tend to get skipped is the forearms. This is a disappointment to women across the globe!

A man’s forearms are rarely mentioned in a typical list of what turns women on. But what can I say? Women love them! It’s a very attractive part of a man’s body, especially to an older woman. Nothing says strength and capability quite like a masculine forearm — and you know how much older women value those traits.

Again, you don’t have to be super muscular to get noticed. As long as you’re in reasonable shape, rolling up your long-sleeved shirts to just below the elbow is going to get an older woman’s attention.

6. Nice smile and good teeth

If your smile is genuine, you’re already halfway there. Women love a man who smiles naturally and easily. It makes you seem more approachable — like you’d be fun to spend time with.

Having a sexy smile is also about having nice teeth. They don’t have to be perfect, but they should be well taken care of. Brushing and flossing contribute to a nice smile as do routine dentist visits. Whitening toothpaste also helps. They can help remove stains caused by coffee, food and alcohol and keep your grin looking its best.

This is important both when you’re meeting women online and in person. Having a great smile is one of the best ways to get matches on Tinder. After that, it’s just a matter of wowing her with your personality.

7. A great voice turns women on

Women are suckers for a deep, masculine voice. If your voice is naturally low, it's a pretty effective weapon for making women swoon. But what if you don’t naturally sound like Sam Elliott or Morgan Freeman? While you can’t force your voice to drop an octave, there are a few things you can do to maximize your natural voice.

Rather than trying to lower your voice and hurting your throat, focus instead on being well-spoken. Believe it or not, that starts with good posture and proper breathing. When you stand up straight and breathe deeply from your diaphragm, your voice will actually sound a bit lower and you will speak more easily.

Slow down when you’re speaking too. When you rush your speech, you come across as nervous and ungrounded. Slow speakers are perceived as more confident in their words.

Also, take care to speak in a rapport-breaking tonality. This is when your voice drops an octave at the end of sentences. It will make you sound more like an authoritative leader, and this can be a huge turn-on for women. Most guys speak to women with rapport-seeking tonality (when their voice goes higher at the end of sentences as if they’re asking a question). This makes you sound less authoritative and more needy and subordinate, which is hardly attractive.

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What Men Think Women Find Attractive but Don’t

We’ve explored what makes a man attractive physically. Now, let’s explore a common myth about what makes a man attractive.

The myth is that older women care about how much hair you have.

A lot of guys have the misconception that older women are more attracted to men with a full head of hair and this is why many of them opt for younger guys. While there is some truth to this, it isn’t always a total deal-breaker. So, what do women find attractive? Well, as long as your hair is clean and well-groomed, it doesn’t matter how much of it you actually have.

That said, if you have a comb-over, that’s probably not going to make it on the list of things that turn women on. The key is to embrace who you are. If you have hair loss, own it. Keep your hair clipped close to your head and rock it just like Jason Statham or own that hairline like Jude Law.

After all, what are women attracted to more than anything? Confidence! Most older women will find you very attractive when you own your shaved head.

Now that you know the seven physical traits that turn older women on, it will be easy to elevate your game and make yourself more attractive to the ladies. With a little bit of effort and, if necessary, a few lifestyle changes, you’ll soon notice more women noticing you.


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