10 Spots Where Meeting Single Cougars in Oklahoma is Easy

Beautiful Cougars in Oklahoma

There are plenty of options to find cougars in Oklahoma, but with so many choices, it can be hard to know which is best for you.

You don’t want to waste time at college bars that may turn out to be a waste of money when most of the women are your age or under.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a list of the best places to find Oklahoma cougars.

Read our recommendations below and start your search with confidence.

Where to Go to Meet Oklahoma Cougars

These are the cougar hot spots to visit in Oklahoma.

Visit Whiskey Chicks for whiskey and chicks

With a name like “Whiskey Chicks,” you might think they cater exclusively to the college crowd.

You would be wrong.

In fact, there is a strong portion of the clientele that is made up of cougars looking for younger men.

This OKC hotspot offers live music, a great crowd, and good drinks at reasonable prices.

The best nights to visit are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

But be warned: it can get pretty crowded in there, so you’d better show up early.

So if you’re looking for cougars in Oklahoma, definitely start your search here.

Cougar Life the easiest way to meet cougars in Oklahoma

In recent years, the idea of meeting someone at a bar or club has become less and less attractive to a lot of technology-savvy people.

This is mainly because people (especially single older women) are tired of sifting through the duds to find someone who might be worth their time.

Instead, they’re taking their search online, especially when it comes to younger guys.

If you don’t have an online dating profile set up, you could be missing out on the kinds of sexy older women who would be perfect for you, but don’t enjoy the bar scene that much.

You’re probably wondering, “Sure, online dating makes sense, but where would I even start?”

Fortunately, we’ve reviewed the sites available for dating cougars in Oklahoma, and the winner for the past few years has been CougarLife.com without a doubt.

Cougar Life helps take the guesswork out of finding a sexy, single older woman because you already know when you chat with them that they’re looking for someone just like you.

Give their free trial a shot and see if you like it.

And with over 7 million members, if you strike out with one, you’re guaranteed to find another cougar to talk to almost instantly!

So give it a shot – even if online dating doesn’t feel like your thing, it can’t hurt to set up a profile and open up your options.

And who knows, you might find that certain cougar you’ve been looking for all along.

Do some dancing at Groovys with Oklahoma cougars

If you’re a fan of the club scene, look no further than Groovys.

Located in Oklahoma City, this place is excellent for a couple of reasons.

First, you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by cougars on the prowl.

And second, they have a great selection of music that’s sure to get you dancing.

It does get a little loud in here, so make sure you’re prepared to add some bass to your voice.

If you have a free Friday or Saturday and want to meet cougars, this is the place to do it.

Have some great food as you flirt at Redrock Canyon Grill

Sometimes you want to take a step back from the traditional bar scene.

After all, standing on your feet for hours looking for that perfect cougar can be pretty tiring.

If that’s the case, make sure to check out Redrock Canyon Grill.

Located on Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, this place is a well-known hangout for cougars in Oklahoma.

The food is fantastic, and they have a full bar.

And it’s a great change of pace if you want to have an intimate meal with a sexy older woman.

If you’re looking for Oklahoma cougars, this is a good place to start.

Maybe your evening will start here and continue elsewhere.

Catch the game and some older gals at Republic Gastropub

Very few places can successfully walk the line between upscale restaurant and sports bar.

OKC’s Republic Gastropub is one of the rare exceptions.

This place has a little bit of everything – a full bar with tons of great selections, great food, and lots of TVs to watch the game.

Plus, Oklahoma cougars absolutely love this place as an option for meeting younger guys.

This would be your best bet to start your evening.

And the best nights to visit to find cougars in Oklahoma are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Have a chill night of women watching at Russell’s Lounge

Let’s say you really want to hit the town, but you don’t want to deal with the crowds at bars.

Well, if you’re looking for cougars, that makes things kind of tough, right?

Thanks to Russell’s Lounge, that’s not the case.

This OKC mainstay is a great option for those nights when you want to meet cougars but don’t want to hang out at busy bars to do it.

The vibe is laid-back and relaxed, so you can focus on one thing: meeting that sexy older woman you’ve been looking for.

Hang out at Elephant Run for some cougar action

If you’re looking for a bar that’s been a mainstay for cougars over the years, this is your place.

Located in Tulsa, Elephant Run is inside the Trade Winds restaurant, and cougars love to come here to meet younger guys.

The crowd is more hit-or-miss here than at other places.

Some nights you’ll be neck-deep in sexy older women, while others will be a younger crowd.

But it’s definitely worth a shot.

Swing by Cock o’ the Walk and strut your stuff

One of the drawbacks of places that have exclusively older clientele is not fitting in.

Even if some of the cougars are interested, it’s hard to separate them from the rest of the patrons.

Which is why places like Cock o’ the Walk are a great option.

The crowd is very diverse, but you know that every Oklahoma cougar you meet there is interested in younger guys.

This is definitely a party-type atmosphere, so be ready for debauchery.

The best nights to visit are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Work on your fitness at the University Health Club

Gyms are great places to meet cougars.

Unlike a bar or club, it’s a low-pressure environment, so cougars are more willing to chat.

Especially since they’re probably not being pestered by guys every 5 minutes.

Plus, women love a guy who takes care of his body.

And as a bonus, it’s really easy to start a conversation with an Oklahoma cougar at the gym.

The trick is to find a place that’s more upscale than others.

You’ll find that Oklahoma cougars prefer those gyms over chains like Planet Fitness.

Being that the University Health Club at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is open to the public, single cougars have the chance to meet a young man that is college-aged.

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