The 14 Reliable Places to Meet Single English Cougars With Regularity

Smiling English cougar at spaMeeting English cougars is exciting and invigorating if you are actually in the right places to find them. Whether you fall for the British accent or you simply love the culture, it’s important to know about the 14 reliable places to meet single English cougars with regularity.

It is possible to do this in a number of places – and it makes it easier for you to be at the right place at the right time. Women who hail from England are all over, so now you need to know where to visit.

Where to Meet English Cougars

This is where we find them:

London Pride

When you live in Florida, there is a store by the name of London Pride. Found within Largo, it offers aisles of food that you would ordinarily only find in the UK. This includes biscuits, chocolates, and much more.

English cougars might be visiting this place often because of wanting a taste of home. This means that you could stock up on all of your favorite UK foods and hope to run into a beautiful, mature woman. The perfect icebreaker is to ask her about a cooking tip to ensure you use the British foods the best possible way.

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Visit the Ski Trails

Surprisingly, Utah’s population is filled with a large number of people from the UK. It is estimated that around 29 percent of the people in the state hail from England, which means that there’s a good chance of finding English cougars here.

One of the best ways to run into one is within a ski lodge. This allows you to hit the trails and enjoy the snow. The woman of your dreams might be sitting next to you on a ski lift or warming herself up by a fire. It’s a great chance to offer your body heat and see what kind of conversation you can get started.

Enjoy British Pub Food

English cougars love their British pub food. The more authentic, the better it will be to meet a beautiful woman who has a charming accent. She might be there to try out the bangers and mash, the cottage pie, or any of the other British favorites on the menu.

Many love their soccer, too. This means that when you go during soccer season, more women are going to be around. The pubs around the country are often the only places that will televise the games. This means it might be worth it for you to find the pub in your area and find out when the game is going to be shown.

Get yourself an English porter and have a seat at the bar. Once you see a woman who strikes your fancy, offer to buy her a beer as well.

Drink with English Cougars in Times Square

Times Square is the mecca for people around the world to travel. It’s a place for many to cross off of their bucket list and this includes English cougars.

Countless bars and clubs are found up and down Times Square. This means you can belly up to the bar at any of these establishments and order yourself a drink. The moment you hear the British accent, you can go on full alert. Like the bartender down and have him send the lady over a drink of her choosing.

Once you hit it off with a woman, see if there’s a Broadway show playing. It’s a great way to secure more time with her and show her a bit more of what NYC is known for.

Visit the British Motorcar Festival

Often, English cougars become homesick. Even if they live in the United States now, they go out of their way to surround themselves with things they would find back home. Every year within Hopkinton Massachusetts, there is the British Motorcar Festival. This is a complete weekend celebration of all the great British motorcars as well as the British lifestyle. Mature women will be walking around looking at the various cars, competing for the British attire competition, and enjoying drinks and food at the Friday night street party.

Whether you decide to dress in something involving the Union Jack or simply go because of your passion for British cars, you might find that it’s very easy to start up a conversation at this festival when you show off just how much you love the British as well.

Listen to the Music with English Cougars

Bars and entertainment venues around the country invite British rock band to perform all the time. The US has long had an obsession with the “British Invasion” and we have the Beatles to thank for this.

Some of the bands are local while others have come across the pond in order to perform. Either way, whenever there is like music, English women are generally found around the area. They want to hear music like they would here at home. It helps to cure some of their homesickness.

You might want to take a seat at the bar in order to listen to the music. This will also give you a great vantage point in order to scout the location for any attractive women who might enjoy a younger man.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are always a great way to pick up what your women. Some are looking at arts and crafts while others are looking for organic produce and local ingredients.

It should come as no surprise that many English women love to attend to the farmers markets in the towns where they live in order to get the best American experience possible.

If you love to cook, this might be a great way to start up a conversation.

Sip Some Wine

Many mature women, whether they are from England or not, love to enjoy a glass of wine. This could include going to a wine bar or to a winery. If you have a winery close to your home, this might be one of the best places to start.

Many wineries have festivals throughout the year, which are attended by thousands. This gives you a greater opportunity to meet more women. British women are some of the easiest to locate simply because of their breathtaking accent. Once you hear a woman speak, you can make your way over in order to introduce yourself.

Stroll Through DC

The nation’s capital might be a great place to find cougars of English descent. This is because there is so much American history found throughout the city. Whether you walk by the Lincoln Monument or you happen into one of the many museums, there may be a mature Englishwoman within your radius.

The two of you can bond over history and you might be able to give her some insight into American life.

View Art

British women love art and this could work to your advantage. Whether you go to a local art gallery or you visit one of the larger art museums in the country, such as the Guggenheim or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it’s possible to run into cougars.

Particularly when there is an exhibition going on, there will be more people. It’s easy to start up a conversation when the two of you are staring at the same piece. You can ask her what she thinks, and then invite her out to dinner in order to discuss the art in greater detail.

Check Out a Food & Wine Festival

Food and wine festivals are found all throughout the country. Perhaps the largest ones include the food and Wine Festival in Aspen, Colorado as well as the one that is held at in Orlando.

Many English cougars gravitate towards these festivals as a way to enjoy food and wine not only from the United States but from around the world. They might be able to find some of their favorites from the UK and try some other flavors as well.

Munch on Curry

Indian food is common throughout London and elsewhere in England. This means that many mature women are going to want a taste of home at some point or another.

A curry house is a great place to go in order to meet a woman from England. If you happen to sit next to one at the bar, you can ask her what she recommends in terms of the different types of curry. It could be just what you need in order to get a good conversation going so that you can then ask for her number.

Meet Over Dogs

Many women are a sucker for dogs and this means that you bringing your canine companion out to a dog park could be one of the best moves for you. There are some amazing dog parks found across the United States. Whether it’s near the water or simply has a large place for your dog to run around, an English woman might be there with her dog as well.

Maybe the dogs get along before the two of you even have a chance to meet. Maybe the woman will approach you because she loves your dog. Either way, it’s a great way to break the ice and potentially meet your soulmate.

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