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17 Faithfully Proven Spots for Meeting a Single Cuban Cougar In 2024

Exercising with a Cuban cougar

So you’re interested in a woman from Cuba who is at least a few years older? You like what you like, and there’s no reason to deny there is a lot to like about a Cuban cougar. After all, their culture is friendly, expressive and passionate. So these older women are more likely to be direct with you.

The sooner you find out what you really want, the sooner you can go and pursue it. Once you’ve set your mind on connecting with a Cuban cougar, it’s easier to figure out where you should be spending your time. Rather than heading to random bars nearby and hoping you’ll get lucky, you can cut to the chase and position yourself right where there are plenty of single Cuban cougars.

The good news is that we have a few great suggestions on where you can find them. From Cuban cafes to Latin night clubs, any of the options below can lead you to Cuban cougars right away. Pick what you’re the most comfortable with, then make weekend plans around that. You might already have a Cuban cougar by your side soon!

Check out our favorite cougar hotspots below:

Cuban Cougars Love These Places

Little Havana is the place to be for Cuban cougars

Miami is the top spot in the US for finding Hispanic cougars. If you want to narrow that down even further to Cuban cougars, then mark out a weekend for exploring Little Havana in Miami. Close to Downtown Miami, this neighborhood is thrumming with Cuban culture all around, and you’ll stumble into plenty of Cubans wherever you go here!

98% of people living in Little Havana are Hispanic. Even more conveniently, most of the residents here are Cuban. Little Havana goes way back, emerging during the 1960s when Cubans moved to Miami and stayed there permanently.

Treat your tastebuds to a culinary tour here that’ll take you to the top Cuban restaurants, or explore it on your own and drink away at bars like Ball & Chain and Edukos Beer House. You can also mingle with gorgeous older women at Los Piñarenos, an open-air market that serves up exotic fruits.

Wherever you decide to go, this is definitely a Cuban cougar hotspot. Even if you only drop by for two days, you’re likely to end up flirting with someone--and maybe taking home their number for future dates!

AFF works to find cougars who want a quickie without the strings (try it free)

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When it comes to dating, the hardest part is probably finding a lot of single Cuban cougars. It’s a struggle because in real life, you’re probably looking for them at places as innocent as a grocery store or a coffee shop or places like bars and clubs.

But if there is one site you should try when your usual hunts fail, make it AFF. We have yet to find another app that has more women that are actually looking to come over to our place. It is really easy to waste a TON of time on other apps messaging girls who have no desire to actually meet a guy in person. They just want a little ego boost. AFF is the opposite.

We spend a lot of time trying out all the popular apps and sites every year to find out what works. For most guys, we think that this is going to be your best option. Nothing is guaranteed, of course. But your best chances are here.

No matter where you look, it always seems as if there aren’t enough women, but trust us, there are! When it comes to women 35+, the apps seem bare and that’s because many of them are on AFF. If you want to find the largest population of single women 35+, you need to sign up for a free trial on AFF.

Meeting Cuban cougars for casual fun doesn't get any easier than with AFF in our experience.

If your search is struggling in real life, you might think you’ll have better luck on common apps like Tinder, Match and eHarmony. But don’t hold your breath. While Tinder seems like it’s a good option for short-term relationships, their members skew younger. And while Match and eHarmony skew older, you can pretty much guarantee that their members are looking for love and marriage. Unlike these three apps, AFF is the one app that’s going to combine the best of these three apps for you.

With a membership of over 50 million, AFF has the largest population of women 35+ looking for a short-term relationship. And having been around for 13 years, the app is 100% dedicated to connecting people interested in a physical relationship. Instead of wasting your time at the store or on another app looking for 35+ singles, we can tell you that we’ve found them all on AFF - and you can too! Sign up today for a free trial.

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Find attractive older woman at Cuban restaurants

Once you date a Cuban cougar, expect to spend a lot of time getting to know Cuban cuisine. In fact, Cuban restaurants are among the best places to snag one of these beautiful mature ladies for yourself!

Cuban food draws from an interesting mix of Caribbean, Spanish and African influences. You’ll notice that their meat is brimming with flavor. It’s usually steeped in sauce for days, making for flavorful and savory dishes. It’s also common for Cuban dishes to be accompanied by rice and beans as well as plantains.

From beach-style restaurants complete with Cuban music to upscale lounges with creative cocktails, you have a lot of choices. They also come in different price ranges too. Next time you get hungry eat, whether by yourself or with friends, scout for Cuban restaurants near your area.

Aside from enjoying the food, you might meet a Cuban cougar who matches up with you. Treat her to a daiquiri or Mojito--both originally from Cuba--and get to know her on a more intimate level.

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Dating sites are always popping up, promising to help find the woman you are looking for. Many are good at what they do. But it’s not always easy to find a Cuban cougar. There are a lot of women who would prefer to date men casually and not be in a relationship.

This is where eHarmony is different. This site is specifically designed to match older women with both younger and older guys. We have seen a lot of guys find success online (and have had a lot of success ourselves). So every year we rank and review all the top sites to meet a cougar. As you can see in our annual review of the best cougar dating sites, eHarmony is one of our top recommendations.

Give eHarmony a shot and see what we are talking about. You don't have much to lose. So shake up your strategy if you are not getting the results you want now!

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Get your cougar game going at sports bars

Cubans love dancing, but they’re also into sports a lot. Although baseball is the most prominent sport in the country, there’s also plenty of interest in boxing, volleyball and football. Cuban cougars are no exception. Chat with her about her favorite volleyball team, and she might even admit that she liked playing it herself before!

Because of their fondness for watching games, don’t be too surprised to catch Cuban cougars at a tournament featuring a home team of theirs. For an environment where they’re ready to flirt and mingle, try sports bars where you can catch the latest game on large-screen TVs.

They might be cheering hard or watching intently. Take the opportunity to pick a seat close to a Cuban cougar at the bar. Then strike up a conversation with her. This might be the first out of your many evenings together. Breaking the ice can be as easy as asking her what she thinks of the current game.

Cuban cougars love Cuban cafes

It’s hard to resist the call of a good Cuban sandwich – and that’s how a Cuban cougar feels too. When you find an amazing Cuban café, be sure to visit it frequently. Your soulmate might be visiting the same place.

Go in and enjoy the food while keeping an eye out for a mature woman who comes in to order. If you get friendly with the staff, let them know you’re single and looking to date. They might be the ones to help you with your love connection.

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Latin markets have a lot of Cuban cougars

Lots of Cuban women love to cook! If you’ve taken a look at your local grocery store, they lack a lot of Caribbean flavors. This means that Cuban women are going to rely on going to a Latin market where they can find the ingredients they need. Our advice is to start heading to a Latin market for at least some of your grocery shopping. Go at different times of the day. That way you can see when the cougars choose to do most of their shopping.

If you find a woman you’re interested in, stop and chat with her. “Have I seen you in here before?” Start with a line that doesn’t come across too strong. She might be flattered that you’re flirting. This is a great way to take it to the next level and ask her for a date.

Enjoy the music with Cuban cougars at dance classes

They didn’t make a “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights” for nothing! The people of Cuba love to dance, and you can use this to your advantage. When you want to find cougars near you, this is the right spot. Salsa, cha-cha, pachanga and other dances are common throughout Cuba. Some people even dance in the streets when there are performances. You will want to show off your moves. But first, you have to get the moves down--and this means getting some dance lessons.

You might find the Cuban cougar of your dreams as the instructor or as one of the participants in the class. Better yet, you might get some hands-on lessons because all of the dances involve having a partner.

Apps Dating Coaches Actually Recommend To Meet Cuban Cougars

You don't need to be super hot or rich to charm an older woman. What you really need is the right dating app that will match you up with the cougar of your dreams. Here are some of the best ones that worked out for us.

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Savor a cup of finely made Cuban coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Cuban women love their coffee, and many of them have been exposed to strong cups of coffee since they were kids.

But you’re not going to find a Cuban cougar by going to your average coffee shop around the block. Instead, find a coffee shop in a Cuban neighborhood – or at least one that advertises how they have a good cup of Cuban coffee. You can meet interesting people through these coffee shops, including a mature woman who is interested in younger men.

Stay up late with Cuban cougars at Latin nightclubs

Cuban women are drawn to Latin nightclubs. Lucky for you, lots of these clubs draw in a more mature crowd! Have a drink at the bar, then send a drink over to a striking Cuban cougar. If things go well from there, she might like to join you on the dance floor. If there’s no Cuban nightclub near you, some clubs might have a Cuban night. You can bet that these events will draw in lots of hot cougars!

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Meet hot Cuban older women at the beach

Cuba has some gorgeous beaches. So it’s only natural for a Cuban cougar to want to spend time at the beach. Whether you’re on the East Coast or the West Coast, find a beach and soak up some sun.

You might find the woman of your dreams surfing, walking along the pier or getting a fruity drink at one of the nearby bars. Have fun in the water while you look around for ladies. Once you see someone interesting, approach her and invite her to join you in your next activity, no matter what it might be.

Cigar bars can give you a unique experience

The “Cuban cigar” has long been talked about as the best in the world. Men and women alike smoke cigars in Cuba. So don’t be surprised if a cigar bar near you is full of women! Choose the kind of cigar you would smoke, whether it’s mild or full. Sit down and ask the bartender for recommendations on the brand. If a Cuban cougar sits down at the bar next to you, get a conversation going.

You never know, anyone at the cigar bar could end up playing matchmaker for you. Go only if you love to smoke, though, not just to try and find someone.

Connect with a Cuban cougar through church

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest organized religion in Cuba. If you’re spiritual, then you should plan on going to church a little more often. Many matches are made within the church because the couple has a spiritual connection as well as a physical and emotional one.

You’re likely to have more than one Catholic Church near you, so find one with a large Spanish congregation. This will increase the likelihood of finding an older Cuban woman who is not only single but also attracted to younger men.

Find like-minded Cuban cougars at the opera

Cubans love the opera. If it’s something you love, then find a performance near you. However, a love for opera is not something that can be faked. Only go if it’s something you’re passionate about. Your passion will be able to speak for itself, and a Cuban cougar who’s a fellow opera-lover will be captivated.

Spend some time mingling during intermission as well as at the end of the concert. If you find an older woman who looks single, find out what she thought of the performance. It could be a great way to get a conversation going without coming on too strong.

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Boost your love life through singles cruises

Do you enjoy cruises but hate paying more because of the “double occupancy” rule? Singles cruises are affordable, and everyone is single on the cruise. It’s an easy way to meet people and have some fun at the same time.

Many cruise lines are starting to go to Cuba, too. This could be a great way to embrace the culture and see some amazing places. If you’re short on cash, look for local singles cruises that stay local, like a sunset cruise or even a casino cruise.

Head to Cuba for an unforgettable romance

If you’re really interested in a Cuban cougar, get your passport ready to be stamped. Pack your bags and book a flight (or a cruise) to Havana. You’re going to find all sorts of things to see and do in Havana. From the beach at Malecon to Morro Castle, you will have countless ways to keep yourself busy day and night!

All of the people you run into throughout your sightseeing could lead to a romantic connection. Socialize with people--and if you know Spanish, now would be the time to use it. Your average Cuban woman is going to be bilingual. But it can help tremendously if you speak the same languages.

You never know when you’re going to find love. Considering how easy it is to travel back and forth to Cuba now, it’s possible to have a long-distance relationship until you’re ready to take things to the next level!

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