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The 16 Best Spots To Meet Single Colombian Cougars In 2024

A beautiful Colombian cougar in a park

Colombian women have been voted as among the sexiest in the world, and it goes without saying that Colombian cougars make incredible partners. These ladies strike the right balance between playfulness and maturity. Although they’re often friendly enough to chat, you’ll have to know the right places to find them if you want to connect romantically!

They’re actually found all over the country, particularly in Florida, Texas, California and New York. Looking for Colombian cougars is also fun because you get to experience Colombian culture along the way. They tend to gather at Latin music festivals, salsa classes, Colombian-themed cocktail bars and other specific places. All of these are perfect destinations for when you want to unwind and possibly snag a hot older woman.

When you want to meet a beautiful Colombian woman organically, it’s important to know all about these hotspots. You also have to be mindful of their dating culture. Single Colombian cougars are generally approachable. They’re also usually willing to flirt back and get more intimate if they find you attractive. It also pays to be great at salsa or to understand at least a little bit of Spanish!

Excited to get out there and partner up with a Colombian cougar? Bookmark this page because we’ve listed our favorite places for meeting these wonderful Latin ladies below:

Where We Find Colombian Cougars

Check these destinations out now:

Spend a weekend at Miami

Colombian cougars are found all over the world, and you might be surprised at how you can still bump into them casually in different cities. In the US specifically, there are more than 1 million Colombians. New York is a predictable hotspot, but if you’re looking for a more concentrated area, Miami might be your ideal destination.

60% to 70% of people living in Miami speak Spanish, and you’re likely to meet Hispanic older women fast--including Colombian cougars. Miami feels closer to home for these cougars because Colombian culture can be prominent here, from nightclubs to restaurants.

To make you cougar search even faster, hang out at the most popular Colombian-style bars and restaurants. La Ventana is well-known for serving authentic Colombian cuisine, while Mi Pueblo has a full bar with Happy Hour to complement their tasty Latin American dishes with a Colombian flair.

What’s useful is that once you make friends with Colombians of any age here, they might be able to help introduce you to single older women. Miami might be known for its beaches and tropical ambiance, but it’s also a great place for finding a Colombian cougar who might be your match!

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Party away at Carnaval de Baranquilla

Are you willing to travel all the way to Colombia to meet their gorgeous cougars? The best time for you to go is during the Carnaval de Baranquilla. This four-day carnival attracts both locals and travelers from all over the world.

Earning an award from UNESCO, Carnaval definitely makes for an unforgettable experience. It’s held in Baranquilla, which lies along the country’s Caribbean coast. With a motto that’s translated as “those who live it are those who enjoy it,” you can expect the festival to be full of optimism and celebrating.

Because it lasts several days, activities are varied. But music, dancing and parades are major features. The carnival begins with the mayor temporarily giving the authority to the queen of the festival. From there, it’s time for you to enjoy, let loose and get to know Colombian cougars in their element!

People mingle together during Carnaval, from eating together to partying, and strangers can turn quickly into friends--or even potential romantic interests, once you’ve caught the attention of a Colombian cougar. Ask her to show you around, and you might be seeing more of each other even after the festival.

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Achieve your fitness and dating goals with cycling classes

You might know that Colombians are huge football fans, but you probably don’t know that they’re into cycling too! Aside from dancing, outdoor cycling and spin classes are among the favorite ways of Colombian cougars to stay fit. So these can be your ticket to meeting more of them.

Colombians make up an unusually large number of competitors in international cycling events like the Tour de France. They win a lot too, earning plenty of cheers from the other Colombians in the audience!

This isn’t surprising because Colombia’s landscape is great for cycling. The scenery is stunning, with diverse plants and birds to keep cycling lively. Colombia is home to major mountain ranges too with steep slopes, making for interesting uphill and downhill paths.

While you can encounter Colombian cougars cycling out in the open, it’s more efficient to go to cycling studios instead, especially in cities where plenty of Colombians and other Hispanics live. Depending on the studio, you can usually get a free pass or at least a discounted class ticket for your first time. Look out for a hot Colombian cougar and be ready to approach her once you’re on break!

Dance all night at salsa clubs

Salsa clubs are a huge favorite among Latin American women. The music is loud, and the dancing is erotic. Miami is a great place to find salsa clubs where you can meet cougars. But other cities also have salsa clubs or clubs with salsa-themed events. Many Colombian women get more sensual with age. So these clubs might have a larger demographic of older women than the typical nightclubs.

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Attend Latin music festivals

If you love Latin music but can’t dance to save your life, you can meet Colombian cougars at Latin music festivals. These are located around the country, and they offer up live music on many stages. Most festivals take place in the summertime, when it’s hot. This ensures that the mature women wear some seriously sexy outfits. You can enjoy the music around the festival. Grab a beer and then try out some of the Latin food.

Once you have had a little of everything, it makes it easier to strike up a conversation. If you’re new to the Latin American music scene, it’s a good idea to brush up on a few of the popular artists before you go.

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Shop at high-end kitchen stores

Stores like Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma have all sorts of great cooking tools. Many mature Latin women love to cook. When they watch a new YouTube video that requires new ingredients and gadgets, they go to these high-end stores.

You might want to wander the aisles, particularly around the equipment designed for making Latin American food. If you find a Colombian woman shopping for a cast iron skillet, ask if she knows a good recipe for arepas. It might be the best way to start an authentic conversation.

Colombian cougars love cocal coffee shops

Many Colombians grew up on café con leche as a kid. This helped to develop their love for coffee early on. They drink several cups a day, every day. While many have coffee makers at home, they also enjoy socializing at the coffee shops. Guys who haven't quite figured out how to find cougars with ease in their local areas need to check out coffee shops.

You’ll find these older women enjoying cups of Colombian coffee served black. Grab your own drink and hang out for a bit. It’s a great way to meet women, have a relaxed conversation and possibly enjoy a Latin American pastry, too.

Do your grocery shopping at Latin food stores

Many Colombian cougars love to cook. They learned from their mothers, who learned from their mothers. It’s a family tradition to spend time in the kitchen. They often use ingredients that aren’t in common grocery stores. This means that they have to frequent the Latin food stores to find what they’re looking for.

Regardless of where you live, it’s a good idea to find where the Latin food markets are by you. When they serve up hot food, that’s a bonus because it means that the women who enjoy Latin food but don’t like to cook will also be there. Start off by getting some food in your cart. Then be on the lookout for a beautiful woman who catches your eye.

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Dine-in Latin restaurants

You’ll find Latin restaurants in every major city in the US. Even if you can’t find a Colombian restaurant per se, there are still going to be ones that offer up Latin American food. Many women from Colombia enjoy the food from their native country as well as food from Venezuela and Peru.

Many restaurants also serve a fusion of flavors instead of just focusing on one cruisine. This works to your advantage as you can find such foods as Asado Bogotano and changua. The more authentic the restaurant, the better chance you have of finding a beautiful Colombian woman to start a conversation with.

Visit Club Prana

Club Prana is a nightclub Ybor, Tampa, Florida. This community has a large Latin American presence and there are many different cigar bars and Latin food establishments all around. But when you want to dance and drink, Club Prana is the place to go. They play music from Cuba and Latin America. Many Colombian cougars also go here after work to dance and let off some steam.

You might want to take a seat at the bar and watch for a while. Once you see a woman, offer to buy her a drink.

Explore a rum tasting

From Cape Coral, Florida to San Diego, California, there are rum distilleries throughout the country. Colombians love their rum so much that their traditional cocktails usually include a shot or two of rum. The best way to meet a woman who knows her rum is to go to a distillery for a tasting. Many offer free or low-priced tastings to help you try the different flavors of rum.

You might find yourself sitting next to a beautiful Colombian woman who can tell you all about the best cocktails to make with rum. From there, get a conversation going and don’t leave until you get her number.

Take a cooking class to meet a Colombian cougar

Cooking classes are a great way to meet Colombian cougars, as long as you don’t go on a couple’s night. After all, you want to meet as many single women as you can! Lots of restaurants offer cooking classes for different cuisines. Since many Colombian cougars already know their native dishes, you might find them in other classes. These ladies might want to learn how to make French pastries, Japanese kaiseki or even traditional Italian pasta!

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Go to a Margarita Festival

Margarita festivals are a summertime staple in the US. One of the largest is the Houston Margarita Fest, which happens every year. Latin American music stations come out to play music and live bands and DJs play Colombian music.

Colombian cougars will be out there dancing, sipping margaritas and having fun. They let loose and enjoy themselves at festivals like these. And they might be bringing their friends, too. This makes it easier for you to find an older woman who enjoys herself and knows what she wants.

With tons of flavors of margaritas, there’s bound to be one that you like. You might want to offer to buy a woman a margarita or ask her what one she recommends for you. No matter what, it’s a place to go to have some fun.

Sip Cocktails at La Pequena

La Pequena is a Colombian restaurant in Brooklyn, within the Jackson Heights neighborhood. They’re known for their authentic fare, including salmon, shrimp and beef liver. They use some of the most authentic ingredients, so they attract lots of Colombian cougars. These mature women will sit at the bar and enjoy a frozen sangria--the restaurant’s signature drink. They also have a happy hour, so many professional women will come here right after work.

This is a place you can visit any day of the week. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night, expect it to be busier. That means you might have to get there earlier to stake a claim on a spot at the bar

If you're looking for additional guides for meeting cougars check out these as well:

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